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Recently, an interesting alternative to classic sledding is gaining popularity – Skating on inflatable tubing. This new type of entertainment loved not only children, but also many adults.


Inflatable Sledge – Tubei (people – Wathers, bagels) – rapidly slide through the snow, and the riding speed is significantly higher than when sliding metal or plastic sled, which leads to the disorderly delight. And adults do not mind immersed in bright emotions, rushing from the hill “with the breeze” and remember the nostalgic moments from childhood.

The Russian production company Nika entered the market in 1998. The product range consists of a household group and children’s segment. Novelties of goods for winter entertainment – Tubei from Nika, have become a worthy solution for funny winter fun with riding brains.

Company “Nika”Releases Tubei from tent fabric with impregnation PVC. By strength, such a material is inferior to multi-layer PVC, the products are poorly transferred strong frosts (below -15С), but it is much cheaper than similar models of other firms. For the European part of Russia, where in recent years there is a predominantly faint frosty climate with snow-covered winter, Tubei from Nika is quite an acceptable option. When operating on smooth descents without small shrubs and non-snow gravel Vatrushka production company “Nika” will serve not one season.

Still need to say that towing the Tubei “Nika” on uneven roads by any vehicle and ride on slings with problem surfaces (rods, dry, pebbles) should not be because The strength of the casing for such use is insufficient And it may be damaged.

The assortment of the tubes of Nika, a variety of models are presented: there are children with a back, there are laid out colorful patterns, ornaments or plots from cartoons, there are models of the “Classic” series and many others. From the most popular tubing you can call:

  • Nika TB1K-110, Made from autotane PVC 550, diameter in pumped form – 1100 mm+

  • Nika TB3K-85, Top – Oxford 500D, bottom – autotent PVC 610, diameter in pumped form – 850 mm+

  • Nika TB2K-95 (with butterflies), Made of fabric with colorful prints in the form of butterflies, diameter – 950 mm+

  • Nika TB2 / TC with Pattern “Three Cats”, The upper part is made of Oxford 500D fabric, bottom from the Avtotent PVC 610, reflective elements are applied on the casing, produced by a diameter of 70, 80 and 90 cm.

All models have an excellent slip, reinforced bottom, strengthened cape ribbon seams, reliable ergonomic handles, comfortable towing cable, bright modern design.

Criterias of choice

In modern retail chains, a huge range of tubing, of which it is not quite easy to choose the best option. But in order to “do not get lost” in such a variety, It is necessary to familiarize yourself with the main criteria for choosing brains.

Material of manufacture

Tubing durability is directly determined by the quality of manufacturing material. Safety and reliability depends on the inner chamber and external coating (Case).

For the external coating, the most reliable and durable material is considered Multilayer polyvinyl chloride (PVC), And the bottom of high-quality cheesecake should be made of Reinforced PVC Lavsanna Thread. Top models of winter tubing can be complemented with a strong plastic bottom. On such tubings they ride in low-level areas, where the snow cover is shallow cover, and in some places there are barely covered gravel.

There are budget models from polyester, nylon or awning fabric with impregnation PVC. Such materials are less durable than multilayer reinforced PVC, but at cost available to almost all social sectors and can be used for several years in regions with a mild climate and high snow cover.

Boutiluccule is considered the best material for the inner chamber.


Comfort and convenience when riding. Middle The dimensions of the tubes range in the range of 70-150 cm. The choice of the desired size depends on which “katalger” will use the chest. Obviously, an adult will simply not fit into a small-sized tubing and will be clinging for the surface of the slide, risking to get injured, and the child in too big the cheese will be difficult, and it is impossible to reach the side handles-holders.

Specialists in safety of children’s entertainment recommend adhere to a simple rule: For solitary ride, the diameter of the tubing should be equal to the growth of the child or be a little more (for riding a group this rule does not work). Can be focused on the following recommendations:

  • For children, 10-11 years will fit the cheesecakes with a diameter of 80-90 cm+
  • If alternate riding of children and adults is planned (increasing 175 cm increases), it is better to choose a universal model with a diameter of 100 cm+
  • The child is 11-13 years old, the middle tubing with a diameter of 110-115 cm is quite conspicuous, while in the sitting the child should be free to get free to the handles+
  • If the child is one more early to ride a slide, it is better to purchase a model for joint riding with a diameter of 120-150 cm+
  • Do not take a 2-meter model, may arise with control.

Additional accessories

Here it is necessary to take into account the following moments.

  • Inspect the inside of the cheese. Well, if the technical hole for inserting an inflatable chamber closes with a zipper or lacing. This is a reliable, durable version. Velcro models are less durable, as the velcro is spoiled from snow and moisture.
  • Check for a cable with a ring designed to bring a boat to a slide to re-descent. Without this “little things” pleasure from entertainment will significantly decrease, since it is extremely inconvenient to move the cheesecake without a cable.
  • Pay attention to the handles – they must be placed at the same height.

High-quality handles are rope options mounted in an external coating, or pens from multilayer cocked PVC.

Review reviews

You can find a lot of positive customer reviews:

  • High speed skating, causing bright sensations similar to Extreme elements, which is important for winter fun+
  • Little Weight – Children easily cope with the rise on a slide without adults+
  • The presence of a towing cable with a comfortable handle+
  • relatively low cost+
  • Beautiful bright colors and modern design.

From negative points:

  • There were cases when the diameter of the model did not correspond to the declared manufacturer (turned out to be less), although the pressure in the inflated chamber has already reached the meaning recommended in the instructions+
  • The inflatable camera in size did not coincide with the outer coating (the camera is less than the cover) – such reviews may not be subject to, since such an impression could appear if users did not pumped the chamber until full filling+
  • Nicky has no high-strength models.


Tubing – high-speed skating, so You can not neglect the safety technique. Before descent, you should always check the track – there may appear glass fragments, large garbage, other foreign objects, randomly obscured by someone.

Children should ride only under adult supervision. It is impossible to ride standing, jump and jumping during the descent. The angle of slope slide should not be greater than 20?.

High-quality models of the Tubes “Nick” are reliable and safe, almost without risk damage during the descent.

So that sledges served as long as possible, it is necessary to ride only in specially designated places, and after the winter season, disassemble the tubing, dry and remove to properly storage until the next season.

About how to inflate the tubing correctly, you can find out below.

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