Bull and Dragon Compatibility in Friendship, Work and Love

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Bull and Dragon Compatibility in Friendship, Work and Love

Bull and Dragon are two very strong signs of a Chinese horoscope that have a difficult character. Despite this, bull and dragon bull and the dragon compatibility are still possible. Consider how a man and a woman who were born under these signs, manifest themselves in love, friendship and business relations?

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Any union of the bull and dragon can not be called perfect. Both signs have difficult, even partly a heavy and inaccurated character that often prevents building harmonious relationships with others. In order to understand how these two signs are compatible in love, the characteristics and features of each of them should be considered.

In Eastern Astrology, the Dragon is considered one of the most mysterious and mystical signs. People born this year, from childhood pulls all unusual. They have a rather difficult, explosive character. Women and men, born under the Dragon sign, possess natural magnetism, thanks to which the opposite sex is easily conquered. Almost all of their decisions dragon takes, guided exclusively to his intuition. If someone came to the soul and mutual sympathy arose, then the dragon will not think for a long time, he will begin to actively act.

As for the bull, we can safely say that this is a more rational animal that has the power of will and always achieves the goals. Representatives of this sign are very serious about both love and family values.

House, family and family well-being – this is the main thing for them. Bull will never go on their feelings and act spontaneously. He thinks any of his own action, plans and only after. Representatives of this sign always seek to keep any situation under control. In personal relationship they want to take only leading positions. In relations, Bull appreciates sincerity and devotion.

These two strong signs in something similar among themselves, therefore the relationship between them develops very rapidly. But if everyone has exercise egoism and wait for concessions only from the partner, the relationship will quickly end. Dragons attract such qualities as the stability and reliability that bulls possess. Bulls, in turn, stretch to representatives of this sign because they cannot remain indifferent to their natural charisma, optimism and internal force. Both signs appreciate each other devotion, honesty, sincerity, willpower and sense of justice.

In this relationship, the bull will always surround the dragon with its warmth, love, care and kindness. He will do everything possible to ensure that the relationships are perfect. The dragon in this union will bring brightness, romance and positive.

Sometimes in the relationship, the bull lacks new sensations, the dragon will easily cope with this task. In addition, born in the year of the firewood animal, possess very strong intuition, which allows you to predict the desires and mood of the partner. Such quality helps dragons to avoid conflicts in a bull relationship.

Despite the fact that there may be almost perfect relationships between the bull and the dragon, the difficulties still may arise. If the fire-haired beast something will not arrange or something will not go according to plan, then it becomes extremely emotional and even aggressive. Such a changeability in the mood of the dragon may seriously scare bull and make him think about whether it needs this relationship.

Born bull-bull – real households, they prefer to be in a family circle, rather than depart. But the dragons love to be the center of attention, love to attend various events, parties and regularly go to visit. Therefore, if you do not support the Dragon Initiative, he will soon become boring in such respects, and he will begin to look for new sensations on the side.

If the dragon and bull want happiness and harmony in the Union, they should learn to listen not only to their own feelings and desires, but also to the desires of their partner. Both should learn to show flexibility in certain situations, learn to control the emotions and hear their halves.

Friendly relations

Representatives of both signs perfectly understand what real friendship is, they really know how to be friends. Between the dragon and the bull, the most real and devoted friendship, which is written in books. Here both signs will complement each other, thanks to which the relationship will grow harmoniously. They will be able to develop in each other certain qualities and will always be a reliable support and support.

The only thing that can overshadow this ideal friendship is the principles of morality, which are guided in this life the one who was born in the year of the bull. His highly oral views on life and friendship sometimes interfere with relationships. Not feeling reciprocity, the same return and heat from the dragon, he can just turn around and leave. As a rule, dragons can appreciate loyalty, so they will try to prevent conflict situations between them or misunderstanding.

In addition, not to spoil friendly relations, bull and dragon need to learn not to interfere in each other’s personal relationship. They can be perfectly friendly, to communicate like pleasures, but do not move the permissible borders, give advice when they do not ask about it. If you observe these simple rules, then friendship every year will become all stronger.

In work

In the event that both are passionate about one thing, and interests and views coincide, they can be perfect business partners or just colleagues. Bull is very easy to work in one team with a dragon, as they are in many ways understand each other. Both signs possess a strong and volitional character, which allows them to move forward with confidence and seek the goals. The only misunderstanding may arise between them if both want to take a guidance position and will strive for leadership. Go on concessions for the benefits of another person – this is not in their rules. Therefore, seeking power, they may forget that there were once fruitful and quite friendly relations between them.

In the event that they stop competing among themselves, and instead will decide to work in a pair, together will be able to achieve very large heights. The main thing is to learn to divide the rights and duties equally, then there will be no controversial situations.

Due to its openness, sociability and ability to find a common language with everyone, the dragon will be able to provide an affiliate union with useful links and acquaintances. Bull, in turn, will be able to establish the work process, thinking all to the smallest detail and calculates all possible risks.

On the compatibility of dragons with other signs in the next video.

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