Bull and Horse Compatibility

Bull and Horse Compatibility

People born in the year of the bull and horses can create an alliance in which the relationship in which develops by the most controversial scenarios. After all, they, as they speak in the people, “from different tests”, but sometimes it combines strongly and for many years. I wonder what In love, relationships can be doomed, but business cooperation can become strong. Sometimes a family that has a big business project, long keeps together because of the common cause. But as soon as it goes into the background, the horse with a bull becomes strangers.

Features of characters

What the characters of the representatives of these characters differ, and that they will be common, consider further.


It is a stubborn, hardworking, one-piece person. He knows how to work, and the best time for his professional achievements considers winter. In summer, his activity goes to the decline, he gets tired, and great if the bull’s vacation is for the summer.

In childhood and youth, these are very dreamy people who in between real affairs, study and household responsibilities love to fantasize. Fantasies are so closely merged with reality that the bulls forget about the invented and disappointed in people who managed to fall the devices from their own dreams.

It is believed that frequent bulls live stable, but a little monotonous life.

She is not cloudless, but the people of this sign have enough strength, will and hardworking to overcome the problems. If he copes with them, he will be easier for him in a new life stage, more pleasant. Together with the difficulties of the bull learns to appreciate what has. And ourselves – including.

This is not always fair to themselves. They are afraid of critics, although do not show mind. They are prone to senses, and in those areas where their tactics of behavior can only be envied.

In the family they will be loyal and responsible partners, will love and indulge children, But the sexual temperament may not be enough. They love to play fervor lovers, but in fact feelings for them are more important than physical enjoyment.


These people are spectacular outwardly, they are not indifferent to how the surroundings perceives them. They like fashionably dressing, for the sake of beauty they will endure not one diet. They are sexy, noble, know the price. But what they do not have enough coolness.

Horses pay a lot of attention to emotions, sprayed into small critics and worry because of dissatisfaction even practically foreign people.

They are sociable, know how to joke, can arrange to themselves. But the constant desire to control the situation often does not allow them to relax. And all this can be accurate with self-confidence and inner force.

In the depths of the soul, these are vulnerable and restless people who hide away these qualities. It is difficult for them to open, it is difficult to meet our internal problems to meet our internal problems, why are those growing with a snowball.

They are influenced by impermanence, mood change, long doubts in the right choice of life satellite. They can be cute and causing in the family, but before bedtime they do not give peace of mind that they chose in the spouses of the wrong person. Prone to dramatization, but solve problems know how. Do not like to argue, with difficulty make a choice, easily acquire emotional dependence, they value physical freedom.

Union between signs

Consider how relations will develop in various variants of combinations.

Male bull and woman horse

These are conflicting personalities, which, however, often pay each other. Such a couple will be noticeable – they are bright outwardly, they like the spectacular image that they create together. Since they, indeed, stand out from the crowd, this feeling feeds their ambition. And only on this external factor, their relationships can hold out long.

Woman in this pair is flexible, emotional, sensual. She does not like Routine, prefers creative classes or rare professions, focuses on its “features”.

But men like it to men: the uncommonness of the girl nourishes them and some way demonstrates their own exceptionality.

Relationships will be long and promising if sex in them does not occupy a leading position. A horse woman is usually important passion, she will miss it in a rapid cooling bull. But if she is looked at himself if sublimation occurs through self-expression, career or creativity, she will agree to sexual lull.

This union can be successful if the man is older and already may have been married.

The girl in such a pair is allowed to be frivolous, not very mandatory. A man will appreciate her for external effects, she will inspire him like a muse. He will even close his eyes to the fact that it is not very economic. But if the muse will load and lose its charm of “fine natures”, he will disappoin to it.

Relationships can be tied up quickly, the man bull is not ready to conquer a interesting girl for a long time, but she does not slow down with response signs of attention. Their difference will be the first months only to pour oil into the fire of an ongoing novel. If this is a random connection, relationships can be even more interesting – they will have more sensuality than those who are systematically held a bouquet-candy period.

There will be a good and durable marriage if the bull has a matter of life in which he is worthwhile and which brings him good income.

Only one thing is required from his wife – loyalty and sincere carelessness of her husband’s successes. There will be a long marriage if the woman’s horse is ready to study only by the house and comfort, and the husband is a real household.

Problems can overtake a couple against the background of financial differences. They will not be able to negotiate in family spending and savings, the bull reproaches the partner for unpaid bills, and it cannot remember where the money went, which husband left her to pay the communal. In such a family, a break may occur and because of the secrets accumulated from spouses.

Devotion is very important for bull. If he finds out that the wife hides a lot that her friends know much more about her than he himself, he will be crushed.

And she will not forgive the stable and volition bull of his secrets: a descendant woman understands that it is the end that she loses his location.

Man horse and woman bull

Literally from the first minutes of communication, these people can feel that there is a special energy connection between them. They are fed by this feeling, and it works like “pink glasses”: enthusiastically to each other, they do not want to see the true portrait of a partner at all.

Relationships will develop on a more successful scenario, if a woman assumes leadership.

If a man is inspired by his chosen, he considers her smart and insightful, his perseverance and hard work will be better support for her. From this may be promising relationships that are built on mutual admiration.

The main thing is that the partners do not compete. If a woman bull at a certain point seems that the chosen one does not show due zeal to work, that she begins to pull everything on himself, it is the beginning of the end. It is easier for her to forgive treason than laziness and reluctance to develop.

The main thing is that the partners do not compete. If a woman bull at a certain point seems that the chosen one does not show due zeal to work, that she begins to pull everything on himself, it is the beginning of the end. It is easier for her to forgive treason than laziness and reluctance to develop.

If the husband is trying to squeeze his wife, and especially begins to instruct work on work, marriage is doomed. The bull woman loves active and bright, it can be a paddle on flattery and compliments, because the very clumsy itself is. And if the husband is ready to answer her requests, she will forgive him other flaws.

To the Union of Women’s Bull and Men Horses folded well, it is necessary that the spouse is ready for transformations, development, the ability to risk. If the wife is patient and ready to take control over himself, the marriage will hold on, and the difficult moments of the couple will successfully overcome. But if people stopped communicating if everyone has accumulated complaints about the spouse, if they stopped being friends, this union fades.

Business and Career

According to this union, this union can be very good business communication. They honestly relate to the point, know how to delve into the details, do not give hands at the first failures.

Short-term business projects will bring good dividends, but long-term cooperation to a lesser extent promotion.

The horse will crush the bull with its energetic and impatience, and he will never be able to explain to her that you need to be able to wait, and that “harvest is important to collect on time”.


The chances of make friends with representatives of these signs is not so much. They rarely understand each other. It’s one thing when relations are built on passion and charm, quite another – open and honest friendship. They look at the world differently, and the horse will quickly get tired of stubbornness and the principle of bull, and he will not be able to terms with inconsistency, capriciousness, the emotion of the horse.

But friendship can happen if it is already experienced people who have learned to understand and take themselves. In such respects they will feed each other.

Bull will learn spontaneity, risks, the ability to externally present itself, ease in relation to whose criticism. And the horse will be fascinated by perseverance and hard work of the bull, its modest attitude to its own talents and readiness to take for large-scale projects.

Compatibility of people born in the year of bull, and people with a horse mark are far from perfect. But these unions can gain strength and long-term, if each person from a couple knows well, realizes its own shortcomings and is ready for compromises.

The following video presents the characteristics of the relationship between people born in the year of the bull, with other signs of the Eastern Horoscope.

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