Bull and Rat Compatibility

Bull and Rat Compatibility

Entering romantic relations with a partner, everyone is interested to learn compatibility on the Eastern Horoscope. After examining the character of the chosen and knowing which conflicts can occur in a pair, you can avoid many mistakes and create a strong and happy marriage. Consider the prospect of love, friendly, working relationships on the example of bull and rat.

Features of characters

People born in the year of bull are distinguished by high intelligence, practicality, light mercantile. They know how to earn money and some may seem to be stupid, but this is not at all so – bulls work exclusively for the sake of improving the well-being of the family and for their second half and children they don’t feel sorry for the time or forces. The representative of this sign is devoted to his family and vermin.

Often, bulls look solid, for them it is intended to always follow the rules and use good manners in society. They are stubborn, stubborn, somewhat conservative and very hardworking. To achieve the goal, this person can work for several nights in a row, however, earnings are important for him, and the increase in the kull’s career ladder is not interested. This is not the person who becomes the leader in the team, and indeed, the bull always prefers to remain in the shadows and in no hurry to attract the attention of others.

Of the minuses of character, you can note the denial of all new. For example, Solving the task, the bull will follow the traditional path, rejecting modern decision methods. Of course, he will achieve success, although it could cope with more operational and simple alternative way. In relations with the opposite sex, representatives of this sign lack romanticity, and in general they are guided by the mind, and not feelings.

Rat, unlike bull, seemed more charming in society. She knows how to be the soul of the company and the start. With a bull, it is united by purposefulness, but if he goes to the target in accordance with the rules, the rat takes the top of the cunning and trying to find light paths in everything. These are very energetic people, they have the most developed communicative and organizational abilities, however, very often the society of the rat is haunted by mercantile goals – it tries to have as much useful ties in different areas of life.

Similar with grade quality – practicality, economic, preference of mind feelings. On the professional field of rat prefers to work head, and not by hand. Rats – skillful manipulators, nature in them is embossed egoism, for them it is characteristic of everyone to look for benefits and dissolve gossip. And if the bull has thrift, then in rats this quality flows into pathological stiffness and passion for the accumulation.

Friendship compatibility

And bull and rats can be good friends, but they have different views on friendship. For example, For bull, strong reliable relationships are important, and the rat is more interested in short-term friendly connections. All the friends of the rats are more reminded of familiar with whom it is interesting to spend time, but to substitute the shoulder, as the friends of the bull, they will not be able.

Therefore, between these two signs, friendly relations rarely arise, their communication is either quickly ends, or develops into a novel.

Relationships in work

If the friendship is impossible between them, the working relationships may be very successful. Usually in this tandem, the head becomes a bull. He will greatly build management, and his hype of the colleague will become a generator of new ideas.

Bull will thoroughly think through all the moves proposed by the rat, to direct its enthusiasm in the right direction, not allowing the profit from curiosity and thirst for profit to be involved in unprofitable projects.

Love relationship

The bull and rat binds the feeling of reality, they do not twist in the clouds, do not spend time on useless romance, look soberly on things. Bull in a pair becomes a carrier of stability and confidence in the future, and the rat opens up new perspectives in front of his partner and is looking for alternative ways to solve the problems. This union may be quite happy in love, as both are not afraid of difficulties.

It is impossible to call someone from them a pronounced leader. From the part it seems that the main parties occupies a bull, in fact, the rat is able to control the actions of his elect and adjust all the way it is beneficial to her. Bull – too honest and straight line to see in his beloved intrigue and manipulator.

The rat, seeing the nobility of the partner, trying to packed as little as possible, it feels that it is in a reliable rear and without its intrigue.

Despite the lack of romance, the rats and bull can not be called quite compassion. Bull – Elimination of reliability, rat – emotion generator and temperament. Miscellaneous ideas that come into mind energetic rat is always under the power to satisfy the loving bull, so both feel comfortable in the union with each other. The conflict may occur if the rat is too fond of manipulations, and the bull continues to fill on boring conservative thoughts.

A bull woman is looking for a reliable satellite of life, and a rat man may well become. True, this young person will have to truly adapt to his serious chosen, but thanks to the ability to adapt to any conditions of a man’s rat, everything will turn out. The bull woman will not be a scare on the words of admiration for his beloved, the rat will be flattered. It is important for a man to remember that it is impossible to manage his woman in the open. Noticing how its actions are controlled, a bull woman can scandal to respond to these attempts of a partner.

Usually the leader in this pair is a lady, she is trying to re-educate his frivolous hero, and the rat skillfully pretends that she succeeds. To keep relationships, a man’s man stands as little as possible to criticize the vulnerable beloved, born in the year of the bull.

Union Men Bull and Women Rats are even more harmonious. The rat knows that its chosen one needs, and trying to satisfy his needs, especially since they are not so high: manifestation from partners of care, tenderness, maintenance of order in the house. Wise bull will work as much as his favorite wants. He is not difficult for him to fulfill his professional duties, if earnings followed this, thanks to which his woman’s woman can realize himself. In the case of an apology quarrel, they come from the side of a quirky rat, the bull will not go first for reconciliation – and in such a situation again both silent harmony.

The disadvantages of the Union refers to the stubbornness of a bull, which is not ready to change for the beloved. Also, the problem may arise from the side of the rat rat, which can sometimes betray a chosen.


Fat relations Men Rat and women bull have good prospects. Bind yourself to missing marriage both do not hurry, but try to enjoy life before the onset of certain age. Such an approach to the creation of a family combines rat and bull and makes their future marriage strong.

Spouse Bull becomes a beautiful mistress and a good mother. Her husband born in the year of the rat, you have to make money, and for the sake of family, he can even get a few jobs. We don’t have any waste, so material wealth in such a family will always be. True, sometimes the spouse is too stupid. If he spends on something money, then it is always high quality things.

In a pair, the head of the bull and the wife of the rat, the head of the family becomes the head of the family. This union will also always live in prosperity, as the spouse is able to earn, and his chosen is able to save. The tricky rat always tries to create a feeling of warmth and comfort in the house, so that her tired husband returned home with pleasure. She is a good mother, and in this pair both parents will spend a lot of time with children.

Quarrels may arise due to the lack of sensuality in marital relations. Both need to occasionally show a romantic gust to strengthen the marriage union. In addition, her husband in this pair should be more sensitive to his spouse, which loves attention.

Intimate life

Bulls and rats have excellent compatibility in bed. They both are not against experiments, and disagreements in an intimate plan arise rarely. The most frank ideas more often belong to the rat, but the energy and temperament of the bull can satisfy any of its desires. They both know that the partner love most, and are ready not only to enjoy, but also give His beloved.

Insensible bull in life expresses his emotions into bed, restrained in everyday life, the rat is also disclosed in sex before the partner, so sex often becomes solving conflict situations.

More about the nature and compatibility of the rat See the video below.

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