Bull Woman: Characteristics and Compatibility

Bull Woman: Characteristics and Compatibility

Woman born in the year of the bull – a strong person with a good heart. First of all, it takes her well-being of relatives and loved ones. In her character there is no gram of egoism. True, solving the problems of others, she forgets to ask their opinion that sometimes it gives some problems. Consider a more detailed description of the bull female in the article.

Characteristics of the sign of the bull

Bull (fiery and metallic) – a symbol of prosperity through the power of the Spirit and hard work.

For the representative of this sign, reliability, calm and calculation are characteristic

By nature, this woman is a worker, ready to engage in routine work. The surrounding will be difficult to convince it in something, since there are important features in the character – stubbornness and hardness of intentions.

However, its natural reliability and responsibility lead to the cherished goals. A woman born in the year of the Metal Bull is always ready for labor and defense, in whatever condition it is. But such a lifestyle can negatively affect the physical condition, as well as on relationships with men.

Attractive bull girl has a high intelligence, which, by the way, is trying not to demonstrate. It is inherent in logic and rationality. In addition, it looks like a modest, discreet. At the right time, the female power of the Spirit and self-confidence manifests.

Astrologers notice that for representatives of this sign it is characteristic of going with a highly raised head.

In life deeply respects the customs and traditions, trying to always act according to the rules.

Sometimes blindly fulfills the wishes of others, for which it is criticized for the lack of one’s own opinion or imagination. Nevertheless, the bull’s woman knows exactly what and how to do that in the future it brought success.

In all areas of activity, it enjoys extremely perseverance and dedication, Including where others include trick and wit. Born in the year of the fire bull, the girl does not pay attention to someone else’s opinion, she herself clearly sees further actions and the future result.

In love, marriage and family

In relations with men, a representative of the sign of a metal bull behaves too naive. It is quite difficult for her to understand all the subtleties of feeling under the name of love and emotions in general. She is not too romantic, so you should not wait for her delight from date under the moon. In addition, its character is reflected in gifts – she prefers to give something strong, durable.

Men who wish to conquer a woman bull will need a lot of effort and long-term courtship. Only in this case the companion will be able to reveal his soul, and over time, truly fall in love with. Interestingly, it looks like a true lady, and falling in love, turns completely in another person.

Conquering her trust, a man will get a faithful companion in life. Such as she will never disappoint, will always be near, hears and support. In addition, the girl bull is quite independent to ensure and even pamper oneself with everything.

At first glance, relationship with such a chosen is too boring and monotonous. However, a man can be calm for the purity of shirts, order in the house and a delicious dinner.

From such a partner it turns out a decent spouse.

She knows how to spend less than husband earns. In addition, it does not cease to achieve success in his career.

Yes, I almost perfect companion has some drawbacks. Among them should be a balloon. She remembers quarrels and resentment in the smallest detail, recalling them at the right moment. And also prefers to hide at work in the event of a strong emotional shock. Tries to retire, clicter in yourself as a result of love disappointments.

The girl born in the year of the metallic bull, patient, has an iron character, but it is not worth testing. She is able to carry everyone on her way. Fortunately, such situations rarely happen.

In relations with households there is leadership qualities, her word is considered law. Despite the fact that material values ​​in priority, the wife and mother of the bull sign loves and is proud of her family. In addition, in family relationship, it often manifests dedication – for the benefit of loved ones.

The girl born under the sign of a bull in the afternoon has a more active character, somewhere even aggressive, which cannot be said about the birth at night. By nature, she is flint, often listens to the mind than the heart. Others need to know that you should not look for an approach to her through feelings.

Tip from astrologers: Sign representatives should relax a little, see funny and simple in life – it will help to achieve inner harmony.

In general, relations with people are completed successfully, mainly due to the lack of selfishness and ability to listen.

In a career

Woman bull in nature leader, so in the work does not regret its rigidity, demanding to colleagues. Unfortunately, success in the diplomatic sphere is sufficiently difficult due to the lack of a sense of tact, respect for others. Nevertheless, it remains a very respected personality thanks to such qualities as honesty and principle. In addition, it can easily inspire its subordinates to create a new and successful project.

Among other things, regenerate qualities helping the goals – dignity and morality, however, the result does not come quickly, Since the bull business woman will never turn to a dishonest track. It is so independent in nature, that even the help without persuasion will not accept.

Astrologers argue that its conscientiousness and decency are located at the DNA level, which, by the way, can pass the children regardless of which the sign of the zodiac they will.

On the Eastern Horoscope, it turns out that adding paints and the sun in reality is a piece of food by the nature of the danger.

The representative of the Snake sign will allow the naive girl to feel care, affiliates from the partner, which is also distinguished by wisdom.

Compatibility with a male rabbit (cat)

Harmony in a pair of bull – rabbit (cat) is possible only if there is a complete trust in each other. This is especially important for the girl. The guy of this sign is usually intelligent and diplomatic, it is easy for it to achieve the location of the opposite sex. Thanks to the innate charm, the rabbit (cat) will be able to conquer the Gradual representative of the Chinese sign of the bull.

However, its chosen one is very loving, which cannot please the companion who will suffer from doubt and guess. To solve the problem, a man must pay more attention to his chosen. Otherwise, the girl’s bull will stop tolerate and declare parting.

Making sure the friendly intentions of the partner, the rabbit (cat) will cease to be chased behind the fleeting hobbies.

In a pair of bull – rabbit (cat) Compatibility in love is quite high – about 80%. For both partners it is important to create your own nest, where they can build a strong family. The main thing is the effort of both parties.

Married compatibility – 100%, friendship – 70%, business relationship – 30%.

Relationship with a man of the year goats

Such an alliance carries many difficulties and contradictions, the chances of getting down together are practically reduced to zero. The whole thing in the nature of the bull female is strong, fundamental, it will not tolerate a capricious, irresponsible man who does not feel about life. In addition, despite the iron knife, she requires a sense of security, but the partner of the year of the goat of this will not be able to give her.

In love relationships, the satellite will specifically provoke a girl to bring it to the conflict. The only salvation of this union can be an agreement where they will be able to distribute their roles. Only when mutual understanding a couple of bull – the goat has a chance to grow into a family.

Astrologers assure that relations in love and marriage can save common interests. As well as an important factor is the sexual component of partners.

The total compatibility of this tandem is only 41%. Separately in marital relations – 40%, in bed – 55%, friendship – 51%.

Woman born in the year of fire or metal bull – Nature selfless. Sometimes, helping others, forgets about his own happiness. Such as she will be a good friend and the faithful wife of a man who can earn her respect and love.

Characteristics of people born under the bull sign, you can learn from the video below.

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