Capricorn Tiger Woman: Personality Features and Compatible With Other Signs

Capricorn Tiger Woman: Personality Features and Compatible With Other Signs

Capricorn-Tiger woman combines strong qualities of the character of two different horoscopes. This is a very favorable combination for the realization of the mighty potential of a person. From the constellation-patron of the lady received analytical abilities and rationalism, and from an active tiger – energy. In addition, the tiger smoothes the rigor of Capricorn slightly and makes a person more open and sociable.


A successful combination of a tiger and Capricorn gives birth to a person practically devoid of flaws. This is a person who can adequately hold on with a variety of circumstances, overcome adversity and is distinguished by a calm, balanced character. Such a girl does not tend to sick, betray and hypocrite. It is always responsible for the selection of the environment. Due to congenital caution, it is a little shy since childhood. The girl is not too actively in contact with unfamiliar people and holds apart.

Tiger Capricorn does not just effectively plan his life, but also willingly helps others. This generous woman is usually ready to rescue friends or relatives, taking on other people’s problems without requiring response.

Its purposefulness usually makes it possible to achieve everything that it appreciates: it is material well-being, stable work and a measured family life.

She knows how to make money no worse than men and knows them. This astrological combination gives a lady not too easy to temper, but helps it become a solid nature and respected in a person’s society. Such a woman want to keep everything under his control and any unscheduled changes she meets “in the bayonets”. His emotions tigress-Capricorn hides inside, because of what no person can understand her true attitude. Such a feature as self-controlling determines the range of interests of our heroine. Everything that concerns emotions (love novels, adventures, hobbies) goes to the background, giving way to career achievements. Tigress-Capricorn does not want to spend time and strength on what does not concern her work.

Often, even such an important component of a woman’s life as a marriage remains in second place. About vulnerability that hides under the mask of strict and self-sufficient ladies, only the closest people know. The reason is that our heroine can no problem talk about anything, but not only about his own feelings, especially with a unconscious person. With all the tendency to planning the Tigress-Capricorn is not so clarified and not ready to overplace through other for its well-being.

In love

Dame Capricorn, born in the year of the Tiger, attracts men sociability and insight. At the stage of selection of the satellite, it is unnecessarily strict, even seeing a suitable man, the girl holds it at a distance until it starts to completely trust his chosen. When you meet it, it will not be difficult to like the interlocutor, as it is honest, good and direct in communication. Hardly there is a situation in which our heroine could lower hands. She charges others with confidence that any situation has a way out, and strong women cause admiration for men.

With her, the cavalier is configured to a serious relationship and tries to meet her ideas about the ideal. She does not attract marginals without goals in life or non-permanent heroes-lovers. The qualities of the potential partner are published on the fore, how liability, the ability to keep your word and the ability to support in a difficult situation. Since she herself works actively and earns adequately, the satellite must also be “in case” – to have a good job and be hardworking.

In communication with the favorite Capricor Tigers infrequently say warm words, preferring to confirm their feelings actions. They need an intellectual ally with which there is something to talk about. Do not like pressure and attempts to drive into the framework, always seek to blow the personal space. Jealous and hate when they are forced to experience this feeling. They do not need experiences in the relationship, instead of passion and intrigue Tigression-Capricorn, a strong union based on mutual trust and respect.

A man such a lady chooses not under the influence of a gust, but carefully considering the pros and cons of these relations. If there is no longer enough in relationships, it is soft, but it will persistently give it to understand the partner. She does not particularly like to experiment, so the partner needs to be ready for a little monotonous personal life. Tigress-Capricorn is not used to showing feelings, because of this it may seem suspended. That this does not happen, she needs to be more often connected to communication not the voice of the mind, but the language of the body, and then the union with his beloved will become harmonious.

The problem in relations with the opposite sex can be the fact that such a woman craves freedom and opportunity to retire, while she herself wants to keep the life of the spouse under control.

In family

Due to tigrine softness, a woman will reveal his inner world to close people and will become “affectionate cat”. Despite the initial seriousness, in marriage the Capricorn-Tiger wife is warm and relates to a partner. Choosing a suitable man and creating a family with him, it demonstrates itself the perfect woman for married life. This is a caring mother, a wonderful mistress and akchistka.

Tigress-Capricorn is very persistent, but this pressure is not built in the extreme degree. Due to such a wise policy, the lady can get a “quiet sap” from her husband. More precisely, submit your idea so that the spouse will take it for his. Tigress-Capricorn loves his home and seeks to equip a “nest” on the first class. Sometimes she is not averse to do it with her own hands to bring even more comfort to the interior and create a warm atmosphere in it.

Relations with children in representatives of this astrological combination are often built “on equal terms”, because of which they cannot apply an authoritarian approach. With this approach, the offspring does not receive proper control and sensation of security.

In work

As you know, Capricorn is always configured to work and build a career. In this case, the tiger helps to achieve these goals without serious effort. Moreover, work occupies hardly the main place in the life of the heroine of our article. She does not tolerate lazy people, but having met them in his team, tries not to go to an open conflict. Instead, the Tigression-Capricorn simply performs its work for all a hundred, without being distracted by instructions to colleagues.

Despite the good potential and leadership, these ladies are rarely lined in the boss. All because they do not particularly like to bear greater responsibility for the work of other people. After all, often management requires hardness, solving conflicts, and this is such a nature. Capricorn-tiger tries to avoid acute situations in every way.

Employees love caperpashers-tigers for reliability. They do not supply colleagues and always perform the part of the work that they were entrusted to them. Test someone from the comrades these people cannot by virtue of moral installations. They also do not tend to get into friends or spread gossip to join “their circle”, they have so enough faithful friends in the workplace. Due to excessive hardworking and lack of full rest, a woman may experience depression and others threatening with such a rhythm of the disease.

Chef can always entrust her “men’s” cases in which analytical abilities need to be managing, the ability to collect facts and draw conclusions. Female Capricorn Tigro usually easily give accurate sciences, jurisprudence, any work requiring planning and calculations. After work, she will prefer passive rest, with a good book or an interesting film or an exquisite dinner in the household circle.

This beautiful floor representative is not a lot of female and rests little rest. Having received an unscheduled vacation, she will gladly spend his homes, getting real pleasure from each moment of freedom from affairs and work.


According to the eastern horoscope, the tiger is a sample of nobility, activity and courage. Successful astrologers call his union with a pig, rabbit, dog, cock and horse. Medium compatibility can be characterized by the relationship with the man rat, goat, tigrome, dragon, snake and bull. The least successful is the Union with partners born a year of monkey.

Western horoscope gives its classification of marriage unions. Based on it, the best partners for our heroine can be Virgin, Scorpions, Tales, Fish. A less suitable parties will be men representing the constellation of cancer, Capricorn, Aquarius, Aries and Scales. Unsuccessful stars see relations with twins, lions and firemen.

So, the tigress-Capricorn is a reliable, purposeful and insightful woman who cannot sit without work. The role of a housewife is not for her, since only having an interesting and decent job, she feels happy. At the same time only in the family, it shows all his softness and kindness. Others appreciate the representative of these signs for reliability, responsibility and loyalty to their word.

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