Capricorn woman born in the year of the Snake: Characteristic and Compatibility on the Horoscope

Capricorn woman born in the year of the Snake: Characteristic and Compatibility on the Horoscope

Snake is an exclusive mind and resourcefulness in Chinese astrology. Such women are also known for their speed, charm and decisive methods of thinking and planning. When the astrological influence of this creature is combined with a Capricorn sign, a person is considered very smart and purposeful.

Characteristic personality

The personality of the Capricorn snake is usually determined by determination in everything that she does, not being too attentive in relation to the other. If the Capricorn snake ever turns out to be indecisive, it is a sign of weakness. The ladies are extremely bold under normal circumstances, so when they begin to fluctuate, it indicates that not all is well. This happens after much disappointment.

Snake Capricorn has the perseverance of a typical Capricorn, but it is completely adorable. This combination means a brave and passionate personality. Women are intellectual, they are innovators, but rarely brag about their achievements, as they are deprived of egoism.

Camera snake born under the sign are significantly different from their fellows in the approach to achieving success. Instead of climbing the top in a slow and sustainable pace, prefer light and fast work.

Like their animal namesake, representatives of this sign love to patiently wait for the opportunity to disclose. In the same way, as a deadly swamp beast sits in a fixed silence, waiting for the victim to be mistaken in calm water around them, those who were born under this sign are an example of patience, tricks and perseverance. Success to them come not because they scrupulously move forward, but because they are accustomed to melting, waiting for the moment to express themselves.

While others can interpret this approach as lazy or lucky, since Capricorn-snakes are usually obtained by what they want, it works only for representatives of this sign.

Women born in the year of the snake have very specific tastes and love to get exactly what they want. This often leads to the unattractive behavior of representatives of this sign. Can be frankly sniffing and vain, when other people’s tastes do not approve. No, women are not trying to be rude, just do not understand, do not hide their true feelings, and what they think. Happens, manifest themselves overly removed, indifferent.

The most important life lesson for them is to find a balance between all sides of life. Having a tendency to excessively focus on one thought or faith, representatives of this sign must learn to combine their intelligence and activity with instincts and passions to get the most out of life. There is also a tendency among the Capricorn-Snakes to excessively appreciate the wealth and success of others. Attempting to impress with their successes and wealth, most likely will lead to an imbalance of a person.

Negative traits

Capricorn-Snake Woman is very stubborn, fearful, apatic, indifferent. She does not like to listen to the tips of others. She is quite passive, wants to see it cold and worm. Very worried about the fact that others talk about her. When it becomes suspicious, fearing, which loses control, signs of genuine aggression appear.


Girls choose professions where intelligence and endurance can apply. Capricorn snakes are accurate in their thoughts and actions, and believe that everything should have a goal. In working situations, this dedication and accuracy can be very useful as a motivator for others.

Such a woman is extremely hardworking and will steadily work on its path to the top. She tends to choose the usual professions that can give her power, status, security.

Loves to work hard and get the result, and her endurance and email helps where others pass positions.

The most suitable profession:

  • the medicine+
  • politics+
  • sport+
  • business+
  • banking+
  • Military craft.


These people, as a rule, do not like the company, and often spend time alone. They will most likely prefer the sounds of silence, especially when they want to focus or fully relax.

Capricorn snakes are quite easy to live if they give enough space for loneliness. They prefer comfortable residential premises, but not too fuss.

This is a woman who has no reason to lie, if only fear does not overflow her common sense. The only thing that can make it act instinctively – panic fear.

In general, she lives on the “Eague OKO” principle, and although it knows that all debts are returned, in case of strong anger can take justice to their hands.

Anger and the need to return debts with incorrect partners – those few situations in which the representative of the sign is inclined to lie. Nevertheless, it will soon make her feel guilty. Therefore, women try to avoid such provisions by all.


In relations, women will look for a partner who corresponds to their intellectual level, but does not exceed it. They are particularly related to the fact that they are surrounded. They need relative souls that can challenge and stimulate intellectual. These people are loyal and, as a rule, show a flirty character exclusively to a partner.

In the field of love she is very enthusiastic and brave. Woman Capricorn is not easy to fall in love, does not spend time on flirting. Love is a very serious question for her, and it should not be joking. She is very confident in his abilities, but it may take time before she starts moving.

Girl discriminating and observant, she is waiting for a while to get information about his partner, and will never allow themselves to fall in love completely. It happens very romantic and emotional, like any other person, but can be quite shy in the expression of emotions.

She wants to know a person in detail, she needs to show his emotions. The partner must be open, with an excellent sense of humor. She likes the guy who is successful, honest and traditional. She deeply respects a man who puts his family to first place.

The sign of the sign is extremely severely sexual strength, enjoys in bed and highlights sex as a tool for communication. Compatibility is possible only with a person who will always give up, a great option will be a male male. Horoscope claims that it is not bad for character with Sagittarius and Capricorn.


In the life of the Snake-Capricorn prefers to take the brazers of the board to their hands, leads the household and instructs them. Many people do not like it, so it matured, children often begin to conflict and leave the father’s home. She wants to know everything and about everyone, control every moment and master the thoughts of their loved ones. Sometimes such behavior becomes the reason that the woman remains alone.

To understand this woman, you need to find a way to respect it, but not to perceive seriously. This is a very difficult task, because the girl will try to convince you that she is tough, strong, and that there is nothing, with which she cannot cope in life.

In fact, the woman of the snake is extremely sensitive, always takes everything as a personal problem, and sacrifices his own profit for other people. If it does not turn out to be the victim, there is a chance that it will take responsibility for the life of the rest, and this is what you can not allow.

What looks like?

    Capricorn woman has a good physique and stamina to look always attractive. Her eyes deep, sensual lips, long nose, and cheekbones are well expressed.

    She also has an exciting and charming smile, which is often praised. Woman has slender ankles and small legs that give her a light and fast gait. She is very picky in what it looks like, so always cares about himself. Her earthly beauty bright and invigorating.

    In the video below you are waiting for interesting facts about the female Capricorn.

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