Capricorn woman: zodiac sign characteristics and compatibility with men

Capricorn woman: zodiac sign characteristics and compatibility with men

People born in the period from December 23 to January 20 belong to the latter in the zodiacal circle sign of Capricorn. The most general idea of ​​them can be obtained in comparison with animals, which gave the name of the sign. And this will not be insulting: they go through life with the grace and caution of a mountain goat. First, carefully prove the pebbles of the circumstances under the feet, and then gradually and tirelessly climbed to the top of life success.

What she is?

The main characteristics of the girls and women signs of the Zodiac Capricorn is landiness, calcality, attractiveness, conservatism and equilibrium. They appear literally in all spheres of life. This is due to the control element of the Earth in their horoscope.

They have a difficult character, often with men’s leaderscam. Always know what they want and perform the outlined circumstances. Difficulties do not frighten these ladies with a persistent character.

Statistics and facts say that these strong and independent women need a strong partner near. They are not alien and peculiar matriarchy, but in their family they wisely will transfer the brazers of the board to their own husband, at least externally.

Career and success in the first place in a woman of Capricorn. At the same time, she has time to watch themselves and look good without unnecessary fanaticism. The practical and business approach is combined in it with a creative vest, so that the representatives of the zodiac constellation Capricorn perfectly show themselves and their talents on many fields.

Capricorn incredulous, and its location is difficult to achieve. The more deliberately you will do it, the more likely to be patient Fiasco. Does not like theatrical and posterity, and appreciates actions and practicality. This does not mean that she does not have mental gusts – just with enough early age knows them the price and knows how to curb them.

The nature

Woman Capricorn is found in everything and practical to the tips of the nails. It can be said that this is a sufficiently male sign for its purposefulness, perseverance and hard work. It gives representatives of the beautiful half of humanity a lot of problems in understanding with men.

For representatives of the sign very important material well-being. May even seem in this regard that they are mercantile. Place of work and satellite of life they choose based on maximum benefits. But in the greed, they would not blame them at all. They do not seek to get everything on a sowing with a blue cut or join the marriage Mesallians. Capricorn women work very much, because they understand that money is not an end in itself, but independence, reliable future and opportunities.

Reliability, stability, constancy are also a priority for such women. You can even say that they are somewhat conservative. This circumstance sometimes plays with them a keen joke, as they can miss new, more promising opportunities from fear lose a steady position and stable wealth.

The adorable osculatory is always striving for success and recognition, but externally, it will not be more often noticeable: not engaged in intrigues and does not substitute others. Quietly slow down, the step behind the step it goes to the intended purpose, and little can knock it down from the selected course.

Practical Capricorn alien to the clouds and the design of air locks. All her dreams have enough landed: success, welfare, strong family, comfort. It is even difficult to call dreams, rather, the stages and tasks of the life path.

It would seem that the zodiac sign absorbed a lot of positive qualities. But there is its representatives and a serious problem: they are prone to protracted periods of depression, with which they themselves are very hard. Lead them to normal arrangement of the spirit can neither humor nor good tips nor empty consolation words. The most effective in this situation, when Capricorn begins to analyze its condition and its consequences. After all, staying in a pessimistic mood, it seems to be stuck at a certain stage of its development. And in a rapidly changing world, such stops mean regress and movement back. Capricorn woman can not forgive himself such a weakness and let everything that she achieved so long.

Activities to workaholism Capricorns will never understand loafers. Laziness, they consider one of the worst vices of a person and will never be able to justify such behavior. Such representatives of the sign in extreme cases may regret the loser, but will never be able to imbued with his problems. They truly respect them only someone who achieved tangible success in life and occupies a fairly high hierarchical position on the social staircase. And the respect is not a slavery or incorrect – Capricorn sincerely admire the success of the same hardworking people who were able to achieve a lot in life on their own. They dream of learn from such lucky and adopt as far as possible their unique experience.

Women Capricorgi is very incredulous and behave very carefully, thinking every step. They may not have friends or be a very limited circle of the closest. It happens again because of their workolism. At work, they do not agree with anyone, as very busy and clearly separate workers and personal relations. After a labor day, they are also often engaged in work. They are difficult to celebrate the time in the dressing room of the fitness club or in a cafe for a cup of fragrant tea. Well, if warm friendships have survived from childhood or from school, otherwise the Capricorn risks even more to be thrown in the jungle of affairs and the schedule of life, limited by work and the house.

Family and related ties are of paramount importance for women of Capricorn. She is very hospitable and likes to arrange lush family dinners with a lot of relatives. She will certainly be collaborated with her relatives. The spouse will respect and take care of them, but also in return will require the same relationship to his loved ones.

Women Capricorps seem very closed and even worry. They are closed and may not have conventional human weaknesses and affections. In fact, they can very even feel. Just their emotional sphere, like any other, is under clear mind control. They are unusual to show their emotions with outsiders, the more weakness. They consider it superfluous and not practical.

Capricorns have a very strict and independent serious view. They will not appreciate the jokes and all the more will not be injured in order to be frightened over them. This is due to their internal sensitivity and deep vanity. After an unsuccessful joke, the Capricorn woman will not answer an evil irony and does not leave you. Most likely, in the future you just stop exist for her. At best, you will be awarded its cold and very formal greeting.

Capricorn woman is the only sign whose character does not deteriorate over time, but it gets only easier. Often they understand that they spent a lot of their time to conquer durable and comfortable space under the sun. Past them are constantly passing simple life joy. They are too busy in order to rejoice in the first mother-and-stepmach in the spring or slowly enjoy warm morning swouses.

In general, both of the Capricorn – very fortunate women and in personal life, and in work. However, there are a number of character traits that even prevent them from enjoying their lives and achieve even big vertices of success. Capricorca women often criticize others, and do it quite open and do not think about the consequences of naigted their enemies.

They love to be always right and command. Perhaps this is a valuable feature for the manager, because in most cases it is so it is, because the Capricorns are quite aware and prepared in many issues, and their solutions always have a solid logical foundation under them. But what’s the point is right, if the family suffers from this? Woman Capricorn should learn to be softer and not tolerate an edentory tone from work home.

The habit of monitoring emotions and frequent processing can lead to depressions and nervous breakdowns. Therefore, you should periodically allow yourself a rest and learn to remove the tension. It would be nice to do for this useful creativity, such as knitting or drawing.

According to external data

Beautiful representatives of this sign, as a rule, look no age of young. As a rule, slim, with subtle features of the face. For a long time to save health and freshness helps conservatism in habits and modest charm. Girls feel great and in youth do not even use cosmetics when their peers arrange experiments with a combat coloring every day.

Youth and attractiveness woman Capricorn skillfully complements the right classic outfits. They are not to face causing clothes or screaming makeup. These low fragile women skillfully attract attention to other qualities. However, the skillful, thin and on time made by the compliment of their appearance will always appreciate.

Suitable professions

Representatives of the earthly element it is important to stand firmly on the legs, so professions related to risk for life, adventures, crossings, they will not fit. Capricorn woman will not work and in position, which has no development prospects or narrow specialization (for example, secretary). But the prestigious work with low payments will also not keep it in the workplace. Capricorps are honest and noble, but not altruistic.

If the Capricorn does not see the effect of the result of the result from the attached effort, will leave such a place. Spontaneity and subjectivity, dependence on the weather and nature whims frightened by a woman of Capricorn, so she simply cannot manifest themselves on the field of animal husbandry, agronoma or breeder. Too large investment and too high likelihood of risk does not contribute so much stability and stability. In all other areas of activity, they will be very successful due to their infinite diligence in work and hard work.

Capricorns have a realistic and objective approach to everything in the world. Of these, good journalists and politicians are obtained. Also successful in sports and are just a dream for any coach: firmly go to your goal and do not fall in spirit after failures, rather, on the contrary, some missions help them next time to achieve even higher records.

Attract these women and men’s professions, even such exotic, as a pilot or archaeologist, geodesist or physicist engineer.

For women of Capricorn, work will always be in the first place. Such an employee copes well with the most complex and responsible areas of work. Confident will feel in the post of administrator or manager, lawyer, architect. Thanks to the inborn taste and the feeling of excellent Capricorn can be a great cook, landscape designer or fashion designer.

However, creative professions are also not priority for these serious and business women, because they cannot bring significant and constant income. In any case, whatever the industry is Capricorn, it should have prestige in society and bring tangible income to.

It is difficult to find a better employee in your team than Capricorn: She will come earlier and leave later, calmly, carefully and thoughtfully perform even the most routine work if necessary. But always seeks to show up their capabilities, holding for the responsible task. Of course, such a zeal should be good and encouraged also morally. If the Capricorn specialist is not appreciated, he will find a higher paying job. At the same time, it will not lose anything, but the management will find it difficult to find an equally competent, responsible, qualified and executive officer. And this is all, despite the dislike women of Capricorn to change the places, the desire of long-term and solid cooperation.

Perhaps the only drawback of Capricorn workers is that she cannot work in a team. Trusts only yourself and, rather, it takes a magnificent amount of work, rather it will trust it with the fulfillment of another member of the working team.

If your boss is a woman under the sign of Capricorn, at first you may be disadvantaged, because it is very demanding and impartial, hates lazy people and bad performers. May look cruel and inexorable manager. In fact, if you look at her work, everything falls into place.

Woman Capricorn itself works a lot, so requires the same relationship to your duties and from other employees. It is always very responsible for his team. Understands that the well-being of each employee depends on her work and from the efforts of all employees in general. She thinks, as a rule, more diligently and calculates situations a few steps forward.

In making important decisions only assumes. Maybe the head of Capricorn and listen to your opinion, but most likely does not change: it is already thought out and weighted after the collection of a number of facts and expert assessments.

There is a lot of positive qualities at the Chief of Capricorn: this is justice, politeness and subordination. Such a boss will never allow themselves to raise a voice or insult by passing. She will disaster all the work mistakes, will indicate the shortcomings, but only within the project.

Often her subordinates she perceives as a kind of family. Despite the rigidity in the work of work, will give advice or subjected at the right time. Like a harsh, but loving parent, she always gives a hand of help and will help the restful to get out of a difficult situation.

Love and family

Oddly enough, but loving relationships occupy these work not last place among the priorities. Capricorn women – faithful wives, good hostesses at home and custodian of the hearth, approximate mothers. By no means tolerate betrayal and lies. By changing at least once, it will be impossible to return such a woman. They fit the creation of a family and choosing a satellite life as consciously as to the profession.

Feelings they, of course, also not alien. Especially in youth they can cover the wave, she herself can like many guys. A woman cannot give himself a report and married love early. But then a good looks at his partner and disappointed. If there are children in the family, it will try to save the family. It’s not a fear to stay alone (she can find another man), and from habit, comfort, family stability care. Spouses do not part in this way, and a woman can start taking a man to his level.

Another extreme is possible: a representative of the sign will be long to look for a worthy man, with a high status, smart, responsible, in all equal or even above. She needs a man whom she can respect and love truly.

Seduce and lead the Capricorn woman from the family nest does not seem real. She is the perfect sexual partner, but only her husband attracts her. She knows how to get and delight, and the most traditional forms.

Her alien hysterics and rapid behavior. In marriage, she will warm the warmth, love and seems to envelop the feeling of comfort and confidence. If you really like a man, coldness and male qualities will go. Romanticity will be replaced by a change, femininity. Loving woman Capricorn can even change the style of clothing and start wearing what she usually does not particularly like.

To fall in love with her will be able to serious, confident and its capabilities of a man who has something to learn. Conquer it with romantic promises difficult, in its assessments it relies exclusively on facts. It should be a person and business man, honest, caring, kind, pretty pragmatic, firmly standing on the legs.

One of the paths to the heart of Capricorn will be able to become a carefully selected gift. He must show your care and the fact that when choosing it you, first of all, thought about the comfort and convenience of a woman. It will not appreciate a cheap bauble – a gift should be expensive and at the same time useful. It can be a decoration with natural stones, a certificate in a spa or perfume shop. Nice to give something to the house, knowing enough good about tastes and preferences of his hostess.

The optimal companion will be a rabbit or cat for her. It should take into account and compatibility on the signs of the zodiac. So, with twins and Capricorn, personal relationships will not be successful, but business is quite successful.

For marriage and romantic relationship Woman Capricorn is best suitable for Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Aquarius. Their union will be the most stronger and successful both in an intimate plan and in understanding, the unity of goals.

With representatives of other signs of the zodiac relationships can be complex and very ambiguous. A man’s fish will not understand the landed aspirations of such a woman and after a stormy novel can be disappointed at the near future.

With Sagittarius and Lvom because of the permanent competition, personal relations will be difficult to develop. Both will need a lot of patience and understanding of the partner.

Only business contacts can be good with representatives of their sign. Two workahol in the family will not be able to create a full-fledged focus warming up all close people with their warmth.

With a man with weights or cancer, a friendship will be better in mutual attraction. Will be able to provide mutual support or even cooperate at certain stages of life path. But the love alliance is likely to come to the rupture – these signs are too different in nature.

Famous personalities

Famous women born under the sign of Capricorn, this is: ballerina Anastasia Volochkova, singer Sasha Savelyev (group “Factory”), actress Alena Vinnitskaya, Marlene Dietrich, Nina Dobrev and Renata Litvinova, French singer Lara Fabian and Michel Mercier, model Kate Moss, Irina Shake, Princess Kate Middleton.

All these women are magically attractive, talented and interesting, have a bright memorable appearance and many fans around the world.

About who fits a woman Capricorn most, look in the following video.

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