Child boy cancer: character, tips on the selection of name and upbringing

Child boy cancer: character, tips on the selection of name and upbringing

The signs of all aquatic elements on their nature are very sensitive and attained, they need support and approval, while ready to help in any difficult situation. Water sign of cancer – no exception. People born under this sign have magnificent empathy, tranquility and purposefulness. Today we will tell you what to raise in the family of a boy of cancer, this thoughtful, dreamy and sometimes closed in my own crumb.

Sign of water element

As not all water is bourgeois and uncontrollable and not every water sign impulsive and unnewned. Cracks are similar to lakes and ponds somewhere in the midst of quiet forests and a chapset – quiet and uniform, gentle and enveloping, but with their dreams and secrets. The characteristic feature of this sign of the zodiac is to sail downstream, staying away from the outstanding speed and dangers of the outside world. For them, the main thing in life is a sense of security and security from external stimuli. Water for crayfish is not a stormy river, opening the way to new accomplishments and discoveries, and a kind of firm, from these “new products” enclosing.

Monotonous and stable life for cancer – by itself a reasonable ideal for which you need to stick. Craks do not hurt anywhere and are not in a hurry, preferring a smooth and consistent study of themselves to the rapid pace and the surrounding world.

All these factors make wonderful and loyal family mans who are capable of supporting internal comfort and comfort in any house throughout life.

Description of character

Strong emotionality and dreaminess, which gives this sign of the zodiac children, can play with them the evil joke – boys crayfish usually grow extremely sensitive and gentle. They require much more attention to themselves and their problems than the rest. Delicate character makes cancers very susceptible to the influence of the external environment. Such children can be a frequent object for ridicule in kindergartens and schools, children can periodically dream nightmares, and in dark corners of the rooms will be made by terrible monsters.

But do not think that these factors make cancer in a problem child. The main positive feature, which was given the stars of such a boy, can be considered a huge attachment to loved ones. And this attachment is not at all unilateral – cancers are always ready to help their relatives, in a similar way thanks them for manifested care. Such a child always will be happy to help you in home everyday and take care of the upbringing of my little brothers and sisters.

For small crayfish how the air is important to the right atmosphere in the hometown. In a happy and prosperous family, these children grow extremely ignorant and clever, unfortunately, understanding. But if the cancer feel at least the slightest dislike in his direction or notice the same hostility between the parents – it is likely that he will climb in himself. Bring the child from this state then it can be very difficult.

Emotional characteristics

Like all the signs of the zodiac, the cancer has its own positive and negative sides. In this case, we will consider the characteristics that are more characteristic of the boy.

So, the pros or favorable features of the character and behavior are.

  • Empathy and sociability. These features allow cancer to make friends. They are very prone to empathy and perfectly feel the desires and motives of other people.
  • Developed creative imagination. Such children are rarely distinguished by special talents in the team, but they are much more percussion and love what they do. With due diligence, it can grow into a serious passion, which will be able to bring enough earnings in the future.
  • Exacerby sense of responsibility and independence. Craki boys – one of the first signs, who already from early school classes seeks to earn their own money. They are extremely diligent and able to set ambitious, but fully achievable goals.
  • Sensual and romantic nature. These are inborn features that allow cancer to have great success from the opposite sex.

This means that such boys often have friends and among girls.

    Cons of character for which close attention should be paid when upbringing a cancer boy.

    • Mintitude and fearness. Screams and crying in the apartment where little cancer are growing – the usual thing. But do not think that children do it to pump parent. Although boys are capricious sometimes without visible to the reasons, they do it just because really a lot of things are afraid. To avoid these problems, parents should pay more attention to their child, to point out to him what can be afraid, and what is not worth.
    • Sensibility and tendency to conceal their true feelings. For cancer, whether it is a boy or a girl, the beneficial effect of parents is extremely important, and first of all, Mother. With cold and unavolent parents, this child will feel extremely cowardly and closed. In the fight against this disadvantage, parents should sometimes be distracted from household fuss and talk to a child for souls.
    • Relative misappropriate. Like a tender and non-examination sign, boy cancer does not like to share with other sweets, homework or even money. All property belongs only to cancer, and claim her very few.

    Character and upbringing at different stages of growing


    At birth, cancers differ not particularly large weight and as small growth. When looking at this crumb, I want to protect it from the whole world. Even being very small, such a child excellently catches heat facing him and love. That is why, as a rule, the mother always remains for the boy of cancer – the same sensual, gentle and patient to its frequent whims. Only in her society he can feel calm and protected.

    Already at this stage, cancels are able to actively show their empathy, which can be useful in the settlement of many family conflicts or conflicts between peers, and prevent the cancer to adequately assess the situation by the influence of other people. In the choice of food, this sign can be extremely elected (like most children), cancer is not those who can have one and the same porridge or soup day.

    And very often, these whims are moving all the borders, forcing parents to buy a bunch of sweets, which, in turn, can badly affect the weak stomach of cancer.

    Preschool age

    A difficult stage in the upbringing of a very small cancer is its dispatch to kindergarten. Such children are very painful experiencing long parting with their parents and may experience serious problems in the institution of friends. And if in the future contacts with peers can be soldered, the parents of the boy of cancer will need to be able to listen to his whims about the reluctance to leave the house. Moreover, such a child can see the disregard in such a frequent sending it to kindergarten. He is unlikely to say his parents and even mother, but in secret can feel unnecessary.

    Especially sensitive children to the birth of the second child in the family. The boy cancer immediately notices the change of priorities in the care of him and about the newborn. If parents do not pay attention to this in time, in the future it can pour into large family quarrels. The little cancer in itself is a completely non-conflict child and already in 5-7 years old will try to fulfill the housework.

    School age

    Upon reaching 7-8 years, the appearance of a boy of cancer can be very familiar. Face features a little loose, eyes will become more expressive and bright. However, according to the physique and growth, such a boy will always remain strong and low. Most of the crayfish differs slightly slowed down – all because of the same weak ability to establish contacts with peers. Most of the information the child receives from parents who do not always understand the desires of even their child, not the fact that others. Therefore, the boy cancer can be poorly adapted to a sharp change of circle of communication, which happens in school.

    At school, this zodiac sign is ditched, independent and responsible, it is rarely necessary to make a homework – the child is quite capable of cope with him himself, but does not like the rigid temporary framework at all. In the team, these signs are most often calm, reasonable and are not inclined to unleash conflicts. Cancers are not from those who will be understood by the teacher – they respect the opinion of adults and listen to him. That’s just a sharp criticism in your side, such a child is absolutely unstable.

    Parents should work on this painful sensitivity, teach a boy to see in criticism tips for correcting errors.

    What a name to choose?

    It is worth understanding that the choice of the correct name is of particular importance in the formation of the nature and mentality of any person. This is especially true for sensitive crayfish, for which a strong and courageous name can become a kind of support in the future life. The year of the dog offers us exactly such names – strong, strong and sonorous. Below you can familiarize yourself with the list of the most successful names for a cancer boy, born in 2018: Roman, Maxim, Stanislav, Ivan, Stepan, Leonid, Pavel, Julius, Eduard, Makar, Dmitry, Timofey.

    Character of a boy of cancer born in the year of the dog

    2018 Dogs foreshadows newborn cancers greater sensuality and emotionality. This will, no doubt, a very multifaceted and sociable personality with a large number of friends and acquaintances. Born this year cancer will be distinguished by great dedication to relatives and loved ones. The dog is generous to the talents of the year and it is likely to give a little cancer to the skill to drawing or writing. Born this year raks will have a strong will and the desire for the accomplishment of something great. The year of the dog promises the cancer success and in the future professional simplest – born this year signs in diligence can become successful businessmen or politicians, media personalities.

    Tips for parents

      Dear parents and teachers of crayfish boys. You should understand that in your hands an unusual child – it is extremely and even sometimes very sensitive and attaining, needs to be permanent care and affection. Its sensitive nature is not prevailing by common “loving” phrases or a false smile.

      Our general advice on education such a child is very simple.

      • Attention and time. Give them to your child as much as you can.
      • Suitless. Try more often to pay attention to changes in your child’s mood, this will solve possible problems at the stage of their formation.
      • Caution. Be extremely selective in expressions and censures elected by you to raise a child. Too tough critics are able to break and close the child.
      • You must educate and teach your child to communicate with other people, however, do not forget to teach it such necessary skills as independence and responsibility.

      About how to correctly educate baby cancer, look in the following video.

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