Child Cancer: Character and Features of Education

Child Cancer: Character and Features of Education

A child born under the sign of cancer always reminds her home comfort, warmth, peace. At the same time, this zodiac is managed by water element, which indicates the emotionality and sensitivity of the kid. Child cancer very much needs emotional support from his loved ones, especially parents. Otherwise, he, as a real cancer, closes in itself and retreat backward. Knowing the nature and features of the education of the baby of cancer, you can avoid all the pitfalls in a relationship with your chance, while keeping confidence in yourself.


Kids crayfish – very sensitive personality. From early childhood, they are able to adopt the emotions of others, pass them through themselves, perceiving as their own.

It is important to know that a good-natured and responsive baby cancer is very susceptible to aggression and criticism in the family. Therefore, parents should maintain the atmosphere of peace and harmony, love and well-being, so as not to hurt such a young and subtle nature.

Back in preschool age, you should introduce your child with books. For cancers such an occupation complies with its nature. Children of the water element love different stories, it does not matter whether they themselves read them, listen or invent.

With each life stage, the cancer will be more and better developed by the intuitive perception of the world. They will be perfectly understood the language of gestures, body, hints from others.

Kids crayfish on the sign of the zodiac possess a similar character and no difference, a girl is or a boy. However, their peculiarities are still present in behavior, which is important to consider when upbringing Chad.

Boys Water Element are calm, sometimes tend to close themselves, but at the same time they are proud and sociable. The cognition of the world occurs according to its own rules and directions, so make such a son to do what he doesn’t like it, will not work. From an early age, the baby cancer exhibits in all caution. Seeing a new attraction, he will not run it, as other children can do it, and the feeling of fear can be guilty.

The boy first examines everything well, thinks, and then take the final decision.

If, in childhood, the child has a disorder in the family, then such a boy can grow insecure in himself and even a compacon. All because of its sensitivity and varying.

Girls Cracks, like boys, are very reasonable and very wounded. More to the baby love to spend time at home and with relatives, appreciate their things, so reluctantly share them in the sandbox with others. They also do not like when items in the room are placed without their knowledge.

With girls you need to communicate a lot, because there is a tendency to fall into the despondency, even despair. Cancers It is important to pronounce that they are worried that in the future they were able to help, support, console.

Appearance and Health

Zodiac sign affects not only the nature of the child, but also on his appearance. Baby crayfish from birth possess “lunar” features: their face is rounded and very gentle, the hair is soft, slightly curly, and sometimes even curly, eyes are big, expressive, more often blue or gray. The appearance of the representative of this watermark is distinguished by the grace, softness, refritch. Very rarely when they have expressive cheekbones and small round eyes.

The figure also reflects the effect of water elements.

The weight of the body of a small cancer can vary throughout his life, but in most cases, thin natures have the same “thin”, a slim figure that attracts the attention of others.

Gentle crayfish do not have impeccable health. Due to their emotional susceptibility, the most vulnerable is the nervous system. Emergency, stress, nervous voltage – all this can affect the psycho-emotional state of the kid. As a result, the child may suffer from insomnia, neuroses, and at an older age he can develop depression.

Special attention to parents of crayfish should be powered by their chad. The stomach kids is the same sensitive as their nature. They love sweet, so you need to carefully follow the storage places of sweets, cakes and other sweets. If you do not limit access to such a food, there may be overweight problems in the future.

In eating, the children of water elements are often picky, so moms and dads often persuade them to eat. However, the appetite and the choice of products affects the emotional state of children. If the child is upset or distressed, do not need to make him eat. Eating only in calm state so that in the future to avoid problems with the digestive bodies.

Tips for education

Parents of kids crayfish should remember that in communication with their children you need to be careful, because it is thin and vanity. If the child has personal experiences, you can not laugh on them, even if it seems that they are very minor. Otherwise, a small cancer closes in itself, and trusting relationships will not be afraid at any age. Better to support your support, show love and show understanding.

Strict need to be moderately. Raise the voice, criticize, constantly comment is not recommended, however, all that the baby wants, too. Since the watermark has a strongly developed feeling of compassion, it can be said that the child made it unpleasant to her parents, offended them with his behavior. Should more often approve of his action, repeat what is he is talented and smart.

But the rude words will destroy the inner calm of Chad, will make it restless and closed.

But parents should take into account not only the characteristics of the baby cancer, but also their sign of the zodiac, as well as its compatibility with the representative of the water element.

Mama Aries gives little cancer with confidence, demonstrating this line on his example. Taurus lands a dreamy little baby, gives him the opportunity to feel a reliable shoulder nearby.

A little more complicated by the crayfish with mom twins. Active representatives of air elements and wounded watermark nature often look different and the same thing. Here both need to learn to listen to each other.

Parents and kids crayfish is the most successful combination. They are sentimental individuals, family and compassion. Like no other, will understand each other perfectly.

Mom Leo in this union will demonstrate all his talents, self-confidence and strength of the Spirit. Cancers will be useful will learn this, but the parents of the fiery element should not suppress their children or rush them with the decision-making. They will succeed, but they need to think a little.

Cancers will be comfortable with their virgins, but both of them can not be lost in despondency or irritate. Moms Weighs and Children Cracks may simply not understand each other, so they are worth building trusting relationships and learn not only to listen, but also hear.

Spripions and crayfish have a thin psychological relationship that remains throughout life. But the Archers may hurt a sensitive child, offend a rough word. They need to develop softness and tact.

Moms Capricorps – landed nature, so they often make emotional crayfish can only be released, which can bring them out of equilibrium. Understanding will also be absent between Aquarius and Cancer. The first are led by reason, the second – feelings.

There will be complete mutual understanding and harmony in the family between fish and cancers.

Both – Watermarks, Emotional and Dreamy.

Consider the eastern horoscope

His imprint on character, behavior and appearance imposes not only the sign of the zodiac, but also an oriental horoscope.

Cancer on the zodiac and rat along the horoscope gives their owner of attractiveness and charisma. Such children love attention and gifts from the surrounding. The effect of the horoscope on zodiac can lead to the fact that the kids will suffer from frequent mood drops: from tears and compassion for fun and laughter.

Such a child needs his own room to sometimes he had the opportunity to stay alone with him.

Baby Cancer Bull is a bright and purposeful person, however, he becomes as such thanks to support and encouragement. Sometimes a soft and gentle child can exercise its rigidity, and sometimes rudeness. Such children do not tolerate critics, comments, afraid to be incomprehensible. These feelings can make them even more closed and vulnerable.

Cancer born in the year of the dog – very devoted to his family personality. True, if there is a violation of their family peace and harmony, they can become capricious. Such children have a very developed feeling of compassion, however, even in this they should be taught not to overstate the borders, otherwise the feeling of pity will exceed all other emotions.

The contradictory combination is cancer and tiger. Insecurity and sensitivity from the zodiac compensated for leakage and determination from the horoscope. Such guys doubt almost everything, but they know how to make the first steps, if they know, for which they are committing them.

Cancer and rabbit (cat) is the most harmonious combination in astrology. Such personalities are very cute, kind, possess a rich inner world, endowed with a sense of beautiful and artistic taste. These features from childhood highlight them among other children. There are a lot of friends from such kids, they are often named after them, and those, in turn, will gladly come to good-natured guys.

Cancer-monkey – affectionate, attentive, sensitive, but at the same time unpredictable child. Such children can not always make a decision independently, so before the parents there is a challenge to inspire confidence in their forces and opportunities.

Cancer on the zodiac and the dragon on the horoscope give the kids to the friendliness and charming. They are attentive and responsible. These guys love to fly in the clouds, a lot to fantasize, inventing their perfect world. It is not worth destroying, but it is necessary to help them notice a reality, building plans, embodying everything in real life.

Cancer and Snake – Charm. Kids with childhood confident, have their own taste and style. The tendency to the depressive states is, but not so pronounced as in other combinations.

Child Cancer, Born in the Year of the Horse, is distinguished by sociability and cheerfulness. If you inspire confidence in my abilities, such a baby will be less injured and susceptible to criticism. Such children can keep their emotions in their hands, so you can not immediately understand how in fact they are experiencing inside.

Cancer Goat will always bring the work started to the end, while he will have a pursuit of ideality all his life.

Good behavior, excellent assessments, the right relationship in the family – this is what the child will seek.

Cancers-roosters do not always respond to comments. Often they are irritable and even selfish, so parents should gently adjust the shortcomings in the nature and behavior of such children.

Baby Cancer, Born in the Year of Pig, loves to be in the spotlight. Ease and cheerfulness leaves no time for depression or despondency.

So, knowing the features of the zodiac and horoscope, parents will be easier to find a common language with their children and establish relationships with him.

More about the child Cancer you will learn from the following video.

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