Child Capricorn: characteristics of girls and boys, suitable names for children

Child Capricorn: characteristics of girls and boys, suitable names for children

Little man born in the period from December 22 to January 20, – Creating a serious. Loneliness for him is not in a burden, it does not require constant attention in relation to his person and, as a rule, does not show violent joy and does not suit a cape.


Moms and grandmothers are often disturbing the fact that their child eats badly, since the little Capricorn does not differ in enviable appetite. The presence of foreign people of little cacuracials is alarming. In their society, they behave modestly and restrained.

Sometimes it seems to parents that the physical and mental development of the kids are lagging behind the peers. However, there should be no reasons for excitement in this regard: at one time, the children of this sign of the zodiac will be able to surpass everyone, because it is purposeful and persistent since childhood.

Little Capricorns are unratocked, sometimes ascetic. Do not require higher comfort.

In the infancy and early years of childhood are subject to various diseases, have fragile health. Kids have problems with teeth, joints, spine: It is important to obtain a sufficient amount of calcium. Often, accidents happen with kids, as a result of which bone fractures may occur. But with due attention from parents to nutrition and recovery of children, the problem of health can be solved: reaching the age of puberty, the teenager becomes stronger, viable.

For kids from early childhood, it is important to create an atmosphere in which love reigns, mutual understanding, openness. Children of this astrological sign are capable of independent knowledge of the surrounding world, and the positive example of the worldview created by the parents will help the child to become more confident, an optimistic man who is not afraid to express its emotions.

Consider the age stages of a child born under the zodiacal sign of Capricorn.

  • From 0 to 7 years. A deep, piercing look of the baby creates the impression that something is available to him unknown. He looks like an old man’s magnificent life, who climbed all the secrets of the Universe from the Last Life. To achieve the age of a schoolchild, this insight gradually leaves. New interests appear, more terrestrial related events.
  • 7-12 years old. Usually, the young Capricorn – a supporter of compliance with the rules and will not openly rebel. But he can look for the rules and norms acceptable for him and in certain matters will be resisted. Parents should be prepared for issues of type: why follow so, and not otherwise.
  • 13-18 years old. In the period of puberty, argue with a teenager, trying to instill its point of view, – ungrateful case. For him, an attractive system of beliefs with multiple rules is attractive. You can only help that the child understand the depth of order, according to which his life occurs. This will help him in life: a sense of internal security will appear, he will learn how to understand what people will be able to help reveal the potential.

Features of children

Capricorn in infancy refers to the category of carappowers who do not disturb mother whims and it is its main characteristic. Putting his child in the cradle in sight, mom will be able to cook and borsch, and the kitlet is stripped. Toddler undemanding and patient. He seems to not want to deliver the hassle of adults with his problems, understands that they have enough of them.

Can take a long time to play independently, not involved in this process nor adults or peers. The object of the game may not necessarily have toys, but also a variety of things: Mine kitchenware, grandfather bolts and wardings, own wardrobe items. Do not wait for your miracle, resting on the sea, will rush with a scream in a wave or protest that you drive it out of the water ashore. Rather, the best entertainment for it will be a bucket and a blade. He quietly, sitting on the shore, will bury me, build a tower.

In the kindergarten team will not pay attention to, organize games, shout and climb into a fight because of a faced toy. Usually among the peers behaves removed, taking the role of an outside observer. Calm and slowness – the zone of his comfort.

The school also does not seek to be in sight: he never expresses the desire to participate in a school play, but if the teacher himself gives a role, learn her to the nazube and make everything necessary with feeling and arrangement. It’s his attitude to work, so studying, as a rule, seriously. Showing interest in certain subjects, focuses on them. Often gives preference to accurate sciences, but there are also humanitars.

In the wellness camp there will be not a star of discos and events, however, even if the stay there will be no soul, it will not ask for ahead of time to go home – the started should be completed.

For the sake of fairness it should be noted that some young representatives of the Capricorn sign are achieved by the goal not to be worn, puffed as a locomotive, but by manipulations and whims.

Capricorn persistent in achieving the goal. To do this, he will choose the means providing the result, and any ways will achieve it. It does not matter: Global is a question in the form of obtaining 1 swimming discharge or the current interest associated with the acquisition of wireless headphones for which a teenager is ready to abandon school lunches.

Here, of course, it is important to remember the existing ethical and moral norms, the idea of ​​which is obliged to give parents, because the achievement of the target at any cost can not always be justified.


Usually friendly with sports, it is often achieved in it certain success. Does not have a huge number of friends, but with those few who took his heart, retains constant and loyal relationships. For this sign, an important aspect is the financial question: he likes to have money, make them earn, keep and spend. Thinking about the choice of profession, young Capricors calculate what income can bring this field of activity.

The boy is dedicated to those who love. He is ready to take on the burden of long-term commitments towards another person. It plays against him in case of unsuccessful personal relationship. In this case, he may need help close people, parents.


At an early age attached to the family. Does not have discomfort in the company of adults, with ease with them communicates. It does not mean that she does not play with children. Children’s games need it. For example, she does not mind teasing boys.

As well as representatives of the opposite sex, often attracts those who have no qualities inherent. An excellent man can choose in the girlfriend I will avid triochnitsa, and the skin is a fat. Function of the mirror for such a girl can be close people, and those with whom she barely familiar.

Daughter-Capricorn It is important to develop intuition, which is not easy for her. However, if she acquires the ability to recognize intuitive messages, it will make it easier for their lives in many areas.

Born in the year of the dog

Kids such an astrological combination are distinguished by responsibility and organization that gives them the opportunity to cope with any tasks. They are valid, smart, possess a solid character. A sharply respond to criticism, so parents or teachers should avoid categorical statements to the work performed by the child: in order to indicate the shortcomings and achieve the desired result, the tact should be applied, softer formulations.

From an early age, the kids are formed a powerful character. Distinctive features are honesty, gratitude, attentiveness. For a boy combination Capricorn-dog is characteristic of reasonableness and calm. Excessive emotionality and sensitivity are possible. In the future, such qualities can contribute to the appearance of a thoughtful philosopher.

The girl of such an astrological combination is sharply feels and worried about what is happening. But does not allow itself whims, whining, because it has a hard inner rod and the desire for leadership.

Tips for education

Since Capricorn is often in a voltage state, the first priority of moms and dads – to bring up and teach their son or daughter to rejoice, showing his own example as well to be cheerful and optimistic. If this is not done, the child can be closed in his close Mirka.

For little Capricorn, a positive psychological atmosphere in the family is important. Should not find the relationship in his presence, swear. Parents must remember that it is not worth ridiculating their child or rushing it in the process of performing certain work. Should be very patient with such a baby.

For the boy, support and participation of loved ones are important. The best stimulus – praised for the achieved result. And let the young athlete took the third place instead of the expected first, he should know that this is valuable for relatives.

It is impossible to compare it with others, talking about one or superiority over it. This is a direct path to neurosis, psychological problems, affected self-esteem.

As noted earlier, the Capricorns stubbornly go to the planned horizons. And parental participation in helping the child to choose the right direction will be quite to the place. Children who received the support and understanding of loved ones at the right moment, grow large, confident people who know how to plan, realize the conceived and obtain the result.

The girl born under the sign of Capricorn, disciplined, neat, has its own idea of ​​the order. If she once thought out his order storage order, any attempts of mom to arrange them in their own way, will cause her protest. Female Capricors have a sensible heart, but constrain their emotions because of the desire for independence.

The kids of this sign of the zodiac can not suppress perseverance in mastering the object of lust. If she seeks to study Chinese, but she is bad for it, it’s not necessary to discharge, prohibit it better to support, and the result will not make himself wait.

It is important to build trust relationships with my daughter from an early age. Praise your daughter for any success. A sense of confidence that parents can give will help her in the future to implement the most bold projects.

How to call a child?

Choosing a name for a boy born under the sign of Capricorn, should take into account his distinctive features of character and strive to strengthen the positive potential of this sign.

Here are the best of the options for male names for media of this sign:

  • Askold (Scandinavian) – has a developed imagination, wound and sensitive, very patient+
  • Benedict (Lat. ) – confident, volitional, able-bodied, hard character+
  • Bronislav (Slav. ) – has decisiveness, independence, perseverance+
  • Gennady (Greek. ) – solid and accurate, but at the same time not deprived of sensitivity+
  • Ilya (Dr. EU. ) – practical, is serious, balanced+
  • Miron (Greek. ) – Volve, but at the same time cautious, not deprived of+
  • Svyatoslav (Slav. ) – distinguished by practicality, purposefulness, activity+
  • Eduard (GMM. ) – Practical, purposeful, persistent.

Girls who were born under the zodiacal sign of Capricorn, do not seek early to show femininity. But, possessing sophistication from nature, to an older age becomes incredibly attractive.

For representatives of this sign, you can offer the following list of names:

  • Alexandra (Greek. ) – independent, purposeful, strong will+
  • Bella (Dr. EU. ) – seeks to get new knowledge, has a generous character+
  • Valentina (LAT. ) – responsive, focused, collected+
  • Isolde (Celt. ) – independent, categorical, decisive+
  • Love (Greek. ) – responsible, is of a firm character, knows how to feel deep+
  • Hope (Greek. ) – patient, responsive, seeks to achieve the goal+
  • Olga (Scandinavian) – cautious, active, self-confident+
  • Sofia (Greek. ) – serious and diligent, capable of experiencing deep feelings.

More about the features of the child’s education of Capricorn, see the following video.

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