Child fish: character suitable names and tips on education

Child fish: character suitable names and tips on education

Baby, born in late February – early March – sincere, good and sensitive, possess an amazing fantasy and have good intuition since childhood. We will get acquainted with their features of character and find out how to educate little fish.

general characteristics

More comfortable children of fish feel alone, but at the same time surrounded by their favorite toys, books. They are not crying and not capricious, inconsistency is very rare. Fish – quiet closed dreamers are very tied to mom, which for many years remains for them the center of the Universe.

Girls usually have sophisticated beauty, pretty appearance, people often pay attention to them. Boys also differ from others with their elusive attractiveness, so they are often, compared to other signs, invite to shoot in advertising.

Love for music and dance manifests very early, it is important not to miss this moment and take the child to the appropriate classes. The task of parents is to support indecisive and unsure of themselves the fish so that it will be decided on classes in an unfamiliar team.

Fish loves very much when parents read loud fairy tales. They usually begin to read it early, after which they do not part with their favorite books.

These fantasies, inclined to twist in the clouds, come up with amazing stories that can eventually start recording on paper.

In adulthood, most fish are creative personals. It is important for parents to remember that the kids of this sign are unique in many ways, and it is important to maintain and develop their talent, and not to reflect. All the same fish will never become landed and ordinary.

School learn well, they have excellent ability to humanitarian and creative subjects. However, sometimes children of this sign and with excellent mathematical abilities. Pisces have a light good syllable and natural abilities to study languages, so teachers are read out by their writings, and classmates listen to incredible stories that fish can invent on the go.

Try to find a school school and class with a friendly atmosphere for a child, Since these children do not bring conflicts, fights and aggressive attitude towards themselves. Boys and girls rarely become honors – prevents congenital love for the vitania in the clouds, but they will always be good and obedient students, teachers pets.

Unfortunately, fish are not endowed with good health, in childhood painful, often allergy. Do not neglect the preventive measures to prevent diseases, always take the Cho on the sea or in nature during the holidays. Do not worry, with age, the body will strengthen and the child will go away. It is possible that the child will start playing sports.

Rise fish need to be gently, without screaming and aggression. They are very well an appeal to natural kindness, sensitivity and attachment to loved people and things. Otherwise, parents will get the opposite effect – the child will not listen to you, closes in itself, maybe even fall into apathy and depression.

As already mentioned, it is very interesting personalities with outstanding abilities. They have a sensitive character, they are inclined to dramatize. But you do not need to scold your child for this – such is their thin nature.

This is a very empathizing sign of the zodiac, many fish since childhood have elevated empathia. Well feel the mood of other people, can sincerely divide sorrow and joy, and this applies not only to real people, but also characters from films or books.

Fishes are always difficult to decide on something, because of this, they suffer all their lives. Therefore, the children of this sign love to postpone “tomorrow”, because of what they often have anything.

If you notice the indecision of your child in some important matter, try to help him take the first step, and if he is successful, it will not need further assistance.

Many of them are visuals, they are easier to remember something, presenting it in the form of a picture. Therefore, they love to watch documentaries and scientific programs – the fish informed in this form are well perceived.

Many can be upset without reason and be able to be sad. These kids are very wounded, because of the slightest resentment begin to cry. They often live in the world of invented illusions. Fishes are needed similar to them friends who will understand their inner world.


The tendency to fall into apathy and despair – the main lack of fish nature. Over time, it begins to annoy others, and fish begin to consider too capricious. The trouble is that fish can not do anything with it, and only with age, perhaps hesitate his character after hard work on oneself.

The second drawback is the inability to make decisions. These children often cannot make a choice in favor of one thing, as a result there are nothing.

Remember that small fish are strongly influenced by other people, which can not always be good. The task of parents is to follow their child, not allowing communication with those who can affect them with a negative side.


Surrounding characterize these girls as very good and cute. Usually they possess natural beauty, femininity, which manifests itself from childhood.

Girl likes to attract attention, many want to be friends with her, especially representatives of the opposite sex. Because of this, she often has many friends among the boys, and there is no time on the girlfriends. As a result, many girlfriends dislikes fish, no one will like it when the boys pay attention to only one girl. Unfortunately, it can turn to the fish negatively – in adolescence, boys continue to see only a friend in it, but do not pay attention to the girl.

The main negative feature of young fish is excessive laziness, but with age, with proper education, it may disappear. If it is able to get carried away with something, it will be given to this with hard work and purposefulness. That is why success in the career reaches in a fairly mature age.

Remember that natural laziness for fish is normal, sometimes they need a day to do nothing to gain strength and energy.

Do not hold the child at such moments, but also you do not need to delay this weekend.

Girls are especially inclined to dive into their inner world, often breed imaginary friends. They are hard to focus on reality, make independent decisions.

Fish – comprehensively developed kids, so parents are difficult to understand how talent is hidden by their daughter. Let her do everything like it, with time, the daughter will choose something one. Of course, any classes must be associated with the art – dancing, singing, music, drawing.

Most girls fit soft, gentle names with which the sophisticated fish will be in harmony.

Fish names should be associated with warm light, immersion in warm water. For example, the ideal choice will be the name of Anna or Alina.

Vera, Eva, Valeria, Irina, Lada, Lilia, Maria, Martha, Polina, Elina and other soft, sophisticated names.

One of the most suitable options – the names associated with the sea. Parents won’t lose if Marina or Marianna name.


These are soft, sensitive, vane youths, parents often do not like it, they worry that such features would come to the girl more. But you need to be careful and not to put pressure on my son, otherwise it can manifest egoism and even cruelty.

This is a closed and complex child who is hard to come to contact with others. Start a pet boy to learn to take care of others, natural empathy and pity for others.

It is important not to forget to develop decisiveness and hardness in the Son. Remember that the guy is easy to offend, teach it not to show weakness to others and be able to stand up for yourself.

Large stress will be quarrels and conflicts in the family, so you must support the Son in such situations. Fish boys grow up later than other signs, but of them grow sensitive and caring men. Enjoy success with the opposite sex, but rarely who can open their soul.

Boys are suitable for names that will reveal their energy and will strengthen positive character traits. For example, Arseny, Vasily, Vadim, Vladislav, Ilya, Nikita, Timofey, Valentine.

How to educate?

Parents must constantly help their child with the adoption of faithful solutions. Be prepared that you have to push Chado to be able to decide on some new thing, helping the development of positive qualities. Otherwise, it will be able to knock him down from the right path, and there is a risk that the grimy child will become an incorrect criminal road.

Teach the child objectively look at things. It is necessary so that he stops being a sufferer and began to depend less on the surrounding circumstances.

Do not let small fishes dive into problems surrounding. Surround children with positive emotions and impressions, they must receive them as much as possible.

Fish is easy enough to push to achieve the necessary goals. So that the child stopped just dreaming, teach it to implement it conceived. Help the fish to overcome negative features in childhood to raise perseverance and perseverance.

You must understand that small fish sometimes need to stay alone to just dream, there is nothing wrong with that. However, do not let the kids dive for a long time in the virtual world of computer games that may cause addiction. Teach the child in everything to notice positive moments and trust your intuition so that he can freely know the world around.

See tips of a psychologist about the subtleties of child education.

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