Choose a stone for a woman of cancer

Choose a stone for a woman of cancer

It has long been known that each of the signs of the zodiac there are talisman stones bringing good luck. With the help of magical minerals, we can attract love, improve health, make the inner world more harmonious. For mysterious cancers, minerals are of particular importance. In this article, we will consider in detail what stones will be able to create a cancer to create their own amulet.

Selection of mineral in decades

To the choice of your stone it is worth come true with all attentiveness. Cancers born in different decades, despite a single sign, have various traits of character and worldview. It is important to know that precious and semi-precious stones should be selected individually depending on birth time to emphasize positive parties and smooth the negative aspects of the individual.

Surprisingly how different women’s temperaments born at different times may be, because depending on the date of birth, various planets affect representatives of the sign. Let’s talk more about decades of the sign of cancer and amulets stones, which should pay attention to girls born in each of the periods.

First (June 21-30)

Planets Patrons – Moon and Mercury.

For cancer of the first decade, this feature is characteristic as emotionality. It is very pronounced in such women. With absolute external peace of mind, they can experience real dramas inside their soul. Habit to hide all feelings inside yourself and take everything very close to the heart often interferes with cancer feel comfortable and causes a lot of contradictions.

For these girls, those natural minerals are the most suitable, which harmonize the inner world and its external reflection. The best choice for cancer will Amethyst – a stone of openness, sincerity and inspiration. This mineral will emphasize the romance of the nature of the girl born in the first decade, and will help express their feelings. Also, they are perfectly suitable decorations made from such a stone like emerald, which is an excellent assistant in search of the second half.

In addition, it will help to overcome closure and stiffness, and will also save cancer from troubles and negative.

Second (July 1-12)

Planets Patrons – Moon and Pluto.

Complex and controversial nature, born in the second decade of cancer constellation, have a difficult character. They always strive for high goals and are able to give themselves without a rest for the sake of achieving a dream. Passion and emotionality give such women huge benefits: they always stand out from their surroundings with bright outfit or eccentric behavior. Such women often come by the most unexpected and interesting offers, so that they often achieve power, whether career growth or men’s hearts.

Opal – the best amulet on the sign of the zodiac for girls of the second decade. He will help preserve the strength and sensuality of its owner, at the same time fueling her vital tone and fully revealing the extraordinary inner world. And such a stone like onyx will help find a compromise with any interlocutor and make a woman more harmonious and confident, will give it possible to go to the dream, avoiding excessive emotions.

Third (July 13-22)

Planets Patrons – Moon and Neptune.

Restless and proud dreamers born in the third decade – perfect personality. Their character is most consistent with the Moonstone, which is capable of opening even the gift of clairvoyance, as the crayfish, born during this period, mysterious and are very connected with the subtle world, and, of course, develop a dream, that for cancer of the third decade is very important, because their dreams are very important for cancer have an extraordinary property come true! Mountain crystals will also perfectly cope with these tasks – the stone of purification and enlightenment. It will help develop intuition, will expand consciousness, strengthen the memory and will help to focus. In addition to the above, this mineral soothes and adds harmony, relieves anxiety.

Blue sapphire – stone contemplation. Will save from melancholy, protects from someone else’s envy, bad thoughts and offended. For representatives of the third decade, such a defender is very important: finely felt and energetically open, they are often the target for negative and negative vibrations.

Also in the necessary situations, Sapphire will add clarity of thinking and will save from trouble.

Consider the date of birth

As you know, a mysterious moon patronizes cancer, so the best amulet for this sign is considered to be the moonstone, as if created from the silver light of the night keeper. But depending on the date and time of birth, there is a private guard that needs to be worn along with the main mineral of the sign or use it to replace it in order to reveal its potential one hundred percent.

Girls born at the end of June, first of all, should be paid to Aquamarine and Rhinestone, who will help to overcome the timidity and show their characteristic romanticism. The restraint and modesty of the June cancer sometimes prevents in communication and does not fully express their feelings and share a rich inner world. Rhinestone is an excellent assistant to establish social contacts, he will reveal the nature of cancer from the new side, and Aquamarine will reward the gift of eloquence.

Women of the second decade, whose birthday hit the interval from July 1 to the middle of the month, differ in frivolous and eccentricity. Mitigate the image and soothe the internal dialogue to them will help the pearls, which will also bring peace and peace.

Also an interesting point is that pearls – the keeper of youth. He will be able to preserve the inner pads of cancer, while “softening angles” and giving beauty and femininity.

Personal guard for women whose birthday is among the middle of July, you can choose a pink quartz. He is able to temper the pride, which is a distinctive feature of cancers born at this time. Quartz will smooth emotions, will help to avoid conflict situations and, of course, fill the heart of cancer with love and tenderness, because according to the notorious Indian teaching quartz, or the “Heart Stone”, is directly related to the heart chakra anahata.

Also, it is necessary to wear the lunar stone more often, because this decade is under the influence of the night shone. Women who emerged in the period from July 13 to July 22 are rightfully the most mysterious in the zodiac circle, and the lunar stone will help to open and develop their innate abilities. Also, the mineral is associated with the mysterious world of sleep, and according to believe that it is in a dream that the Moonstone can open the door to the future.

The girls under the influence of the stone become more feminine, the habits are softened, and in the view there is a special charm.

What options are contraindicated?

Women born under the sign of cancer, you should choose transparent and translucent stones of bright shades, corresponding to water elements. Bright “fiery” amulets can contradict the inner essence and cause imbalance.

And some of the minerals are altogether dangerous for representatives of the sign, it is especially true of girls, since men are less susceptible to the influence of the energy of stones.

Consider minerals that should not be chosen by excellent cancer sign representatives.

  • Garnet – Stone with an intenteful character that can not be tamed. Impressionable cancer He is most likely to be depressed. It is important to understand that the energy of the stone goes in counterweight with the inner world of watermarks. Pomegranate, rather, instills doubts and uncertainty in representatives of the sign, so wearing it stands with extreme caution.
  • Topaz – Stone of dreamers and romantics. It is dangerous in that it can hypertrophic quality data in cancers, which are already inclined to flush in the clouds. If we often wear decorations from Topaz, raks can be so escaped from reality into the world of their dreams and fantasies, which, returning to the ground, are gorkely disappointed. Therefore, putting the topaz is only in combination with stones that are able to balance its energy, for example, with white pearls, sardonix or turquoise.
  • Diamond. He is known to be a stone amplifier, including negative thoughts. And the cancer, which is often characteristic of the feelings of longing and melancholy, with a frequent contact with the stone, most likely, completely stupid. Also a diamond, like a lactium paper, will show all the negative sides of the representative of the watermark.

  • Agate acts on cancer grazing, women begin to feel alarming. This mineral violates the internal balance of the woman of cancer and instills doubts and uncertainty. Of all the variety of agate cancer, it is not suitable for black: its energy is closer to mystical sign.
  • Ruby, Like all bright red stones, contraindicated sign representatives. Their rubies are rather repulsed than attract. Internal discomfort is absolutely substantiated: the stone has a strong energy that does not completely harmonize with the nature of the watermark. In addition, it gives rise to aggression, usually unknown by peace-loving cancer, as well as excessive emotionality and frequent mood differences.
  • Sapphire, Although it is an assistant cancer born in the third decade, not always positively affects them. It is important to know that only the mineral of the blue shade has a positive impact on the mark.

Cancer should beware of stones of yellow and orange tones: they excite the mind and instead of protection of their owners can lead to its excessive concern.

We hope our recommendations will help you choose your favorite decoration, gift or amulet. But it is worth noting the interesting feature of a woman of cancer: it has incredible sensitivity and at an intuitive level it feels what minerals and decorations are suitable for her. When choosing a helper stone, such a girl is unlikely to need a lot of advice, because it will undoubtedly feel “his” stone.

About the stones and talismans for cancers, see the following video.

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