Choosing a stone for a man lion

Choosing a stone for a man lion

Lion is the fifth sign of the zodiac horoscope, which begins its activity on the night of July 23 and finishes on the night of August 23. His element is the fire, and the patron is the sun itself. Almost all lions are people deprived of mysteries and halftone. If they are generous, then ready to give all their accumulations, if they are offended, then for years they can enter the plans of revenge due to any trifling. Fortunately, most often these are generous and proud people who are devoted to their family and loving their work. You can rarely meet a lion staying in a doubter or in the search for unnecessary.

Male Lion is a quintessence of masculinity and power. He is his patriarch, often big, family and while caring and soft parent. In work, he seeks to become a leader, climb as close as possible by the career ladder. Even in the company of close friends, this fiery sign prefers to occupy a leading position.

To strengthen the leadership qualities of a lion, to provide him with protection and soften his aggression, a man needs to choose the right mascots. Some of the best faiths for any sign are correctly selected precious and semi-precious stones.

How to choose by date of birth?

Despite the fact that the entire period from the second half of July and to the second half of August belongs to Lero, at different times they affect it different planets. Depending on what kind of heavenly body is actively in a given period, some traits of a man are sharpened and others are softened. For each of them, a certain stone is suitable.

First decade (period from 23.07 3.08)

In the first decade, the Lion’s man is particularly actively affected by Planet Saturn, which strengthens stubbornness and obsession with ideas. In order to turn this obsession into productive energy and perseverance, it is necessary to select amulets, including Alexandrites and Green Sapphires. Also excellent with this task can handle carnelian, lunar stone or ordinary rhinestone. At the end of the period, you can put the amulet in the wallet or put on the hand on the hand with a tiger eye, which is perfect for all three decades. He will attract a financial stream and relieve debts.

Second decade (period from 04.08 to 12.08)

At this time, the impact of the planet Jupiter on men born under the patronage of the Sun. He strengthens their pedanticity, pickiness and desire to act as a dictator. To balance such an explosive mix of diplomacy and peacefulness, it is necessary to choose bracelets and pendants with stones similar to sunlight, enclosed in a solid shell. It can be onyx or amber, citrine and opal. Also soften the stiffness of an angry lion will help Jadeit, opal and sardonix.

Third decade (period from 13.08 to 23.08)

In the last decade of the month, the royal lion is born under the influence of Mars. On the one hand, he exacerbates creativity and volitional qualities, and on the other hand, increases the militancy and fears of this sign of the zodiac. To save lion from phobias and reduce the overall level of irritability, it is necessary to pick up accessories and amulets with beryl, diamond or grenade. Excellent suitable for the last decade Blue sapphire, ruby ​​color of thick blood or jade.

Talismans and wubbles

Each sign of the zodiac has no one and not two amulet stones, but a whole scattering of various minerals. There are at least 1-2 stone champ that most favorably affects all areas of man life. At the same time, there are such amulets that improve one certain sphere without affecting the rest. Depending on which problem is to be solved, the necessary combinations are selected.

Do not forget about the aesthetic side, especially important to this fiery sign. Men lions are no less picky and capricious in decorations and accessories than women lions, so any stone must first like them outwardly.


One of the most expensive precious stones, which is an excellent faith for a lion, is a diamond (diamond). He will emphasize their majestic nature, will give the vital energy and strength to conquer new heights. Diamonds in the ring or watches will be removed by the owner from dangers and injuries, improve relations in the family and with colleagues. Best of all, the stone acts in frequent contact with the skin, so it’s good if the lion will often touch the amulet, turn it in his hands.


Amber is literally a sunny light cloth enclosed in the shape of a stone. No wonder it is often compared with flame of fire. Such a bright golden stone looks perfectly both in accessories and in the form of scenery on the desktop of the head of the Lion. This mineral allows you to eat a man’s energy man, dispels gloomy thoughts and increases productivity. In addition, he has a beneficial effect on the work of the heart, which is especially relevant for convinced workaholics of Lviv.

Not every man will agree to wear a stone-overlap in the form of a bracelet or coulon, But accessories in the form of an inlaid handle, an expensive lighter or press papier will be taken with pleasure.

The main thing is that the form of this subject is rounded and enjoyable for hands, then the lion will comfortably twist this amulet in the hands, which will increase its strength.


Another of the universal lion’s faith is Yellow Beryl, which is also called Heliodor. Of all semi-precious stones, he is closestly connected with the patron saint of a lion and has a positive impact on both the health of the man and his career. With it, it is much easier to cope with the periods of apathy and melancholy, he will allow you to collect “thoughts in a bunch” and find your vocation Lev already with youth. A small pendant in the form of a lion’s head with eyes of a golden beryl, a phone case inlaid inlaid by this mineral, or piercing is that with pleasure will be worn by any young man.

If a lion’s man has a problem in a certain sphere of life, and their own efforts are not enough to solve it, the faces can come to the rescue.

In love

Ruby will increase attractiveness from the opposite sex, increase the sexual energy of the lion. In existing relationship, he will help to return to the former passion, and lonely men will help to find their fate. Mountain crystal will help to become more sincere and open, will overcome the most important phobia of any lion – fear of betrayal. Golden green Onyx add patience and care to close and friends, make a fiery sign softer and sensitive.

In a career

Aquamarine is useful for imprisoning major transactions and important negotiations. He clarifies thoughts and allows you to better feel a lie. Olivine will serve as a faith with fraud and robbery, as well as protect the accumulation. The zirconium bracelet or ring is the most real cash magnet.

The longer the lion wears such an accessory, the greater the number of material and intangible assets he will attract in his life.

In health

In addition to the main keeper stones of a man, a pomegranate, topaz and chrysolite will be perfectly cope with this task. Pomegranate helps strengthen immunity, normalizes digestion and increases vigor. Topaz favorably affects the work of the nervous system, and chrysolit will help avoid problems with the bloodstream and protects against the loss of visual acuity.

Rules wearing

Little just pick up a stone suitable for men, the main thing – to interact with it correctly. Some ways will help strengthen the impact of the guard, while others will not have all its benefits. The most favorable form of stone for a Men Lion is rounded and oval options. Perfectly look at the product and work on enhancing the work of amulet engraving in the form of the Sun or Cabochon called “Cabochon”. Metal, which will strengthen the effect of the mineral on the lion – gold. In addition, this noble metal is a symbol of this fiery sign, and therefore it is a favorable effect on the well-being of a man.

The more often the mineral-overship comes into contact with the naked skin of a person, the stronger it affects him. Best on Lviv affected amulets in the form of bracelets, rings and necklaces. Stones in the form of keyfobs, cuffs or amulets located in the purse behave well.

You can even buy an even unprocessed piece of amber or chrysolite, the main thing is that the man takes him as often as possible.

Minerals to avoid

Alien elements for Lviv is water and, accordingly, all minerals of this sign. They may influence the well-being of men, displeasure and enhance in it anger and irritability, bring a ruin and stress in the family. Do not often contact with obsidian, amethyst or adventurine. Especially one must not purchase them as an amulet or a gift for a Men Lion. Pearl and turquoise will be bad effect. Even rare their wearing can cause bouts of headaches, a total reduction in well-being and efficiency. With caustic, it is worth treating corals and pearl – these are clean water stones that are bad for contact with the sign of fire.

Despite all the warnings, sometimes lions can wear adverse stones without getting a negative impact on them. This happens if the energy of the stone for some reason is suitable for this particular man. At the same time, in some, very rare, cases recommended amulet can cause a levion. To this not happen, it should be very carefully picking mineral. If it is possible, it is advisable to try to displacing it, understand how the stone affects the overall well-being. Before buying, you need to hold an amulet in your hands, try to feel its energy and inner glow. Ideal for a man wubble will bring good luck and calm in his life, will add to him wisdom and helps to gain harmony with him and the world around.

Review and properties of stones for a man lion look next.

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