Compatibility of dragons and dogs in different aspects of life

Compatibility of dragons and dogs in different aspects of life

In a pair of signs of the faithful dog and the fire dragon, problems quite often arise. In almost all areas of women and men of these signs, misunderstanding. According to astrologers, their compatibility is quite doubtful. Read more about Compatibility of men and women Chinese signs of dogs and dragon Let’s talk in the article.

Compatibility of a dog and women dragon

In a pair, a dog – a dragon both partners look differently on the same things – in this and the reason for their disobedness lies. So, If the dog is more practical dog, takes care of material and appreciates everything spiritual, then the dragon prefers to soar in the clouds, without thinking “about the earth” – for him is more important success and glory.

In friendship

According to astrologers, an understanding between a man-dog and a dragon woman is difficult to achieve, almost impossible. Both signs are prone to the manifestation of aggression in relations. However, over time, friendly communication still can strengthen – this indicates the emergence of mutual sympathy, attraction.

In principle, the Dragon and Dog born in the year can make friends, and this connection will last for many years. True, the girl will need to temper their heat.

Also for the benefit of both will go common hobbies.

In love

Oddly enough, but in love relationships both signs feel quite comfortable. If the next stage of the relationship falls on them with a serious burden, then romantic communications gives more freedom. The guy with a girl communicate a lot, spend time together, while leaving forces on favorite classes. She is a lover of crowded places, extrovert by nature. He is – rather, the household, but will be happy to make a company of his companion.

Woman Dragon will often prefer events at home with a beloved. In such places she feels in its plate. However, the partner will not always like it, so it is important to listen to a man. Otherwise Love Compatibility Couple Dog – Dragon will decline. As a result, the guy will have thoughts about finding a more obedient, homemade girl.

It turns out that the price of the freedom of a woman born in the year of the dragon is relationships with beloved. There is a choice in front of it – to suppress personal desires or go through life alone.


On one territory, two spouses will not get enough sleep. A man like the head of the family will demand from his own woman doing homework. He wants to see her efforts to arrange housing, guidance and order, because for the representative of the dog’s sign House – the main, safe place in life.

He always needs order, comfort. However, the freedom-loving Dragon girl does not consider cleaning and cooking something important, it is better for her – to declare itself in society.

As a result, the spouses read often quarrel, where a woman puts a man to a place by moving his own marital duties on him. In relationships begin misunderstandings, compatibility is significantly reduced.

For a man-dog, such a woman behavior is in-disability. Therefore, over time, he begins to look closely to a more economic nature who knows how to listen to the chosen.

Dog – by nature very patient, therefore only from one unwashed circle nothing will happen, it will take some time to make decisions.

Astrologers assure a pair of a dog – the dragon is not reliable.

Another story is possible – for example, the spouse seeks to success in his career. In addition, she is obliged to her husband. He, in turn, admires, proud of it. All this acts on the partner positively – it becomes softer, begins to listen, go for concessions. This scenario of marriage guarantees calm, harmony in the house.

Truth, Not every man can adore a woman who does not get the same in return – he also needs support, admiration. In this case, according to astrologers, the representatives of both signs will suit free type of relationship.

Compatibility of a male dragon and female dogs

Such a couple can not be called perfect.

Both partners have a strong character that does not allow to make concessions in anything. Their nature consists of general qualities – straightness, perseverance, independence. That is why it will not be possible to identify the leader in this pair.

However There is something unifying a Dragon Guy and a Dog-girl – the desire to create an ideal relationship. However, a different worldview will be slightly destroyed by the compatibility of the current pair.

In friendship

These two are too independent to sacrifice all sake of spiritual proximity. The acquaintance between them is easy enough, however, on the ordinary conversations and greetings on the street does not go. Representatives of Chinese dogs and dragon signs cannot conflict, because for swearing needs at least some points of contact, which there are no.

Astrologers argue that these two can only become buddies, no more.

In love

To create harmonious relationships, the desire and willingness of both partners are required. An important factor is complete intimate compatibility. Sexual connection helps to avoid large quarrels, and also strengthens the Union.

Astrologers assure, in this pair do not need to deepen into the motives of each other’s actions – it will keep the peaceful atmosphere between them.

Dragon Guy and Dog’s Girl should adhere to the principle of “live today’s day to enjoy every moment”. This approach to life will create a truly easy relationship that likes both. On astrological studies, in this case, the compatibility of the Dragon pair – the dog is at least 90%.

However, in the end, communication without obligations will begin to take someone from partners. Talking, clarification. A good development of events will be a mutual decision to marry, otherwise disinterested in each other people will break out.


Being in family relationships, the stubborn dragon and the dog seek leadership. Independent nature does not always manage to listen to each other, come to a compromise.

Frequent misunderstandings threaten the destruction of family relations. Therefore, the high compatibility of the Dragon pair – the dog in this area is extremely rare.

However Spouse, born in the year of the dragon, tries to pay more time to the beloved, the urban about her satisfaction – in financial and sexual terms. In addition, the Dragon Guy is a good, faithful partner. If a dog-dog sees a real support in him, it will stop bending his line, will become the perfect spouse, the keeper of the home hearth.

Tips of astrologers

Representatives of the signs of the dragon and dogs should be understood that without the true feelings to build relationships will not work. Every partner strives to be heard, understood – it is important to take into account when marriage. Of course, without mental conversations in this pair can not do, but the stubborn characters will let them know.

Tensions and stubbornness will still accompany the man and a woman in love, friendly relations. To preserve a strong union, only true love is needed.

The main difficulties in the love pair of the dog – the dragon are as follows:

  • The dragon is too active, in priority – work, public recognition+
  • The dog is often worried about trifles, as well as some aspects of life puts above.

The compatibility of dragons and dogs is not too high, but if you wish and the efforts of two partners, it will be possible to create a full relationship. The main thing is mutual sincere feelings.

The following video shows the Eastern Dragon Compatibility Horoscope with all signs.

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