Compatibility of dragons and monkeys in friendship, work and love

Compatibility of dragons and monkeys in friendship, work and love

For many centuries, people have constantly damn the mysterious world and mysterious phenomena. All residents of the Earth always wanted to know their future and predict the coming events. Switching the doors to the uncharted mystical and star depths of the world help the predictions of Oriental Provons, which are engaged in the preparation of both annual horoscopes and personal. Due to the high percentage of reliable information, Eastern predictions have gained immense popularity among residents around the world. Before the conclusion of any affiliate or professional union, before the start of the new, as well as to determine personal compatibility, astrologists recommend consulting with the stars.

Features of characters

Dragon and Monkey Union – Source of Harmonious Relations. Both signs have calmness, the ability to listen and hear the interlocutor, adequately respond to criticism and make the right conclusions, and not shy their feelings and know how to express affection, love and gratitude. According to Eastern mythology, the dragon personifies financial stability, good luck, material wealth, energy strength and longevity. This sign gives people non-standard and creative thinking, energy potential, as well as leadership qualities.

    On the life path of the dragons constantly meet enviousness and ill-wishers, to fight with which they are prevented by excessive sincerity and gullibility.

    Slightly adjusting the character of a person born in the year of the dragon can element of this period, which happens the following types:

    • Metal – provokes loneliness and lowers internal sensitivity+
    • Water – adds spiritual harmony and the desire to lead the right way of life+
    • Wood – awakens elevated interest in art and the desire for all the cases started to bring to a logical completion+
    • Fire – promotes the birth of honest people who have practically no sense of tact and delicacy+
    • Earth – adds rationality and contributes to the most accurate distribution of vitality.

    The dragon has the following main features:

    • a high self-evaluation+
    • incredible charm+
    • sincerity and excessive gullibility+
    • Ignoring sorrow games and straightness+
    • Increased sense of responsibility and desire to move through the career ladder+
    • desire and ability to manage subordinate+
    • Justice+
    • Maximum confidence in their forces+
    • Communicability+
    • The presence of charisma and inner attractiveness+
    • The presence of a thin and outstanding sense of humor+
    • Comprehensive development+
    • constant desire to learn something new and interesting.

    Monkey – a funny animal, the description of which was completely conveyed to an astrological sign. People born this year possess a mobile and inquisitive mind, as well as constant thirst in obtaining new information. Despite his impatience and no effort, monkeys easily achieve success in his career. When drawing up a portrait image of a person, it is necessary to pay attention to the element of his year of birth and on the character traits that it adds, namely:

    • Metal – stubbornness, self-esteem, sociability, pragmatism and passionism only by their interests+
    • Water – emotionality, sociability and ability to find a way out of all situations+
    • Tree – pedantry, sequence and leadership qualities+
    • Fire – variability, impermanence and unpredictability+
    • Earth – modesty, not publicity and closeness.

      Monkey has such basic features as:

      • Playing and Zador+
      • Dirls and love for manipulation+
      • artistry+
      • sociability+
      • arrogance+
      • Ability to benefit from any situation+
      • High intellectual abilities and the presence of an inquisitive mind+
      • Change masks depending on the situation+
      • Egoistic and perception of only their problems+
      • Permanent holiday wishes+
      • incredible mobility and permanent generation of new ideas+
      • Virtual managing people+
      • Independent decision making+
      • Complete lack of complexes and grips.

      If the ways of life of these signs crossed even for a short period of time, it will never be afraid and lead to the appearance of strong relationships, both friendly and love, harmony in which will help to implement their most intimate dreams. The long-awaited meeting will definitely happen due to the energetic of signs and their reluctance to sit at home. The leadership positions immediately capture the dragon, which will give to understand the monkey that it is impossible to play with him and joke. Despite stubbornness and wayward, the monkey will submit to a partner because of fear of his loss. Dragon will comprehensively evaluate the erudition and the moving mind of a partner who will never help him solve any conflict situation in the world. Despite the large number of points of contact, the pair may encounter with certain difficulties that are caused by excessive hobbies, as well as the implementation of routine home affairs. Both signs do not make much attention to the solution of household problems that constantly accumulate and provoke conflicts.

      Male Dragon is a smart, straightforward, understanding and educated partner, which is frivolously refers to material intimidation. Idealistic ideas about the parent interfere with the guy quickly meet your family. In the search for partners, the Dragon is often fond of representatives of the opposite sex both in noisy parties and on ordinary walks.

      Despite the desire to find the perfect companion, the guy can easily forgive all the flaws of her beloved.

      Woman dragon – arrogant, which feels better than others. If a competitor appeared in the field of view of the lady, then all its forces will be aimed at eliminating. Most leaders’ women belong to this sign. Routine home sessions do not cause enthusiasm for a woman, its task to earn financial resources to maximize their housing and for a comfortable life to all family members. The choice of satellites for the life and partners of the lady is suitable very thoroughly and scrupulously, so not all signs seek her attention. Exception is a monkey man.

      Monkey girl – impulsive and unrestrained person, which applies the maximum amount of effort to arrange a homemade hearth. Her flexible mind is able to find a way out even of the most difficult situations. A monkey man is an active and cheerful person who is always in the center of any company and is able to support any conversation. This person is reaping representatives of the opposite sex with its ability to beautifully care and flames say compliments. Among the huge number of fans, the guy scrupulously and Pedantically chooses the most decent partner. The effect on the character also has a combination of year of birth and astrological, which corresponds to the birth date.

      Friendly relations

      Male Dragon and Woman Monkey – signs that have sussuctive intuition, so they always choose the right to communicate. Due to the presence of a large number of points of contact and general interests, they have an increased level of compatibility. In this relationship never boredom and routine. Their friendship is preserved for many years and never gives cracks. Flexible string of monkeys will allow her to smooth and clean all sharp and painful moments.

      If the dragon learns about the secrets of a partner or his double life, the relationship will instantly stop and all of his attention and energy will be aimed at solving only its tasks. Friendly relationship between a male monkey and a woman dragon will be harmoniously only if the guy agrees to engage in a secondary role, and will fully submit to the welfre nature of the partner.

      Due to the large number of common interests and love for entertainment activities, relationships will always play bright colors, and partners will retain interest in each other.

      Joint work

      Male Dragon and Woman Monkey are ideal business partners whose ideas complement each other and become a source of financial profit. The preservation of material values ​​is better to entrust the woman who will prevent non-targeted waste of money, and the embodiment of new ideas is better to take a man on the shoulders. If the partners are sitting in their chairs, and will not fight for the place of the boss, their firm is awaiting success. The opposite situation will be formed if a man will be born in the year, and a woman will be a dragon sign. Harmonious partnerships will only be distributed with the right distribution of duties. The masterful role should take a woman, but the control over financial flows must be fully held on the shoulders of a man. Only if the monkey trusts the dragon, the joint work will bring not only pleasure, but profit.

      Love relationships

      Male Dragon and Woman Monkey – a harmonious love alliance in which they complement each other complement. Charming, immediate and witty girl, near which fans and friends are always located, will immediately fall into the field of view a man, and Magnetically will hold his attention. Sleeping sympathy will quickly turn into a stormy novel in which the woman will become the goddess and the muse. The joint life of two signs will be held in the atmosphere of romance and passion. In love, both partners will not adhere to the framework and established boundaries.

      To create a durable relationship in marriage, the capricious monkey likes and need strong and volitional dragon, which will be a stone wall for her and protects against the vicissitudes of fate. A woman in turn will be a muse for a partner who will not only inspire feats, but will support despair per minute. The leader in this marriage is a man, all the requirements of which should be unquestioned. This position does not frighten the tricky partner, which will not enter into an open conflict, but will not make it difficult to infringe.

      This union has great prospects to become durable, reliable and durable. Partners and intimate relationships can boast perfect compatibility, which will always be filled with tenderness, sensitivity and pleasure. It will always be present due to the lack of sexual compression and conservatism.

      Treasies are not peculiar to this pair due to the constant knock and the desire to receive new sensations.

      In the event that a man is born under the sign of a monkey, and a woman in the year of the dragon, the situation is a little different. The beginning of the novel will be stormy and bright without prospects for a serious continuation due to the windy behavior of the monkey, to recognize the true person of which will not work from the first time. Only completely confident in his partner man becomes a good spouse and family man. Further relations will be built on mutual understanding and trust, and the sermost will always be decorated with interesting ideas of monkey. Even sexual relationship will always be diverse and fascinating thanks to the moving mind of a monkey. Palm Championship in sex Dragon will safely give partner, which will never regret.

      Despite the fact that many ironically belong to predictions and horoscopes, astrologists recommend not to ignore this information, which in most cases contains the necessary and useful data. Over the past years, there has been a persistent tendency to increase confidence in Chinese horoscopes. To get a finite positive result, you should not ignore and relate neglecting to astrological information that was going for hundreds of years.

      What is the compatibility of dragons and monkeys, see next video.

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