Compatibility of dragons and roosters in friendship, love and work

Compatibility of dragons and roosters in friendship, love and work

Compatibility of signs on the Eastern Horoscope greatly helps in choosing a partner. At first glance, it may seem that an independent dragon and a loud rooster – not a couple. However, these two signs have excellent compatibility. Each of them is a solid independent person and stubbornly moves to the goal. The key to the happiness of this union is the ability to find a compromise in relationships and show respect for each other.

Character features

A man born under the auspices of a bright bird possesses a sociable and friendly temper. He instantly becomes the “soul of the company” and is open to dating new people. However, the rooster is subject to constant change. He does not accept comments and likes to win the dispute victory. In everyday life, not additive enough, however, the disorder in the apartment is able to bring it out of spiritual equilibrium.

The emotional component of the character of a man born under the patronage of this sign, sometimes prevents him in making fateful solutions. In this case, a wise woman Dragon comes to the rescue. It possesses the inner force, to independence and requires respect, as well as a reasonable “worship”. In alliance with a rooster, she ranks leader, not forgetting about respect for the partner.

In love

The compatibility of the dragon woman and the man of the rooster especially pronounced in their personal life.

Union can be called harmonious and bright. They coincide on temperament.

However, the dragon woman is inherent in a bright and rich lifestyle, while the rooster is inclined to calmly measured pastime.

This feature of characters often leads to a rapid clarification of relations. Those at least misunderstanding quickly “destroy”, comes complete mutual understanding. For example, women born under the sign of the Earth Dragon have a good temper and prefer merry sites home dinner in the company of a loved one. As for the water dragon, the sign symbolizes freedom and triggering. Such a partner will constantly demand bright emotions and shifts of residence. But if a man manifests patience and wisdom, the Union with a similar partner will be strong, emotionally saturated.

At the same time, both partners are quite pragmatic and calculating. This helps them correctly calculate the family budget and even postpone cash with a joint recreation. In everyday life, Dragon and Rooster give preference to a large number of animals in the house. Both parents with warmth and concern are children. However, their upbringing can not be called overly soft.

In intimate life, the dragon and rooster are magnificent lovers.

They rushed into a love ohut and keep a passion to deep maturity. Conservative, but an impressionable man cock discovers new faces in intimate relations with a relaxed partner who patronizes a fantastic creature. The diverse intimate life of partners is the key to their long-term relationships.

but Incorrect in such a union hurts on the pride of the dragon woman. She is unlikely to forgive a frivolous rooster. In turn, he is also not able to find the strength to forget about such a betrayal. Thus, treason in this union is unacceptable.

In business sphere

Dragon and roosters relate differently to professional activities. A woman born in the year of the fire hero of mythology, is close to work in the following areas: politics, finance, jurisprudence and medicine. She easily takes important solutions and stubbornly moves to the goal. A man rooster loves to lead, however, does not possess the “iron” exposure. He often makes decisions on the call of the heart and does not complain the spontaneity. Such a feature of nature sometimes leads to a conflict situation at work. However, the rooster thanks to the smelter and the intelligence is able to quickly smooth out “sharp corners”.

Women born in the year of the Dragon, from the young age manicate the leader and adore to be in the spotlight. Like in love relationships, an independent young lady does not allow the presence of rivals at work. She prefers to be surrounded by fans even in professional activities. Also, such ladies carefully follow their appearance and do not have discomfort in the company of unfamiliar people.

In friendship

Fireless dragon and emotional cock will make a harmonious friendly duet. In such a tandem, the first acts as a ideological inspirer. Both sign trust each other and can not be in a quarrel for a long time. Especially this compatibility is manifested in relations: the head-subordinate.

While in a friendly relationship, both signs will not show cruelty and principle in the work environment.

The woman-head, born under the sign of the hero of mythology, will show condescension to the subordinate and will help him understand with the problems that have arisen. Despite selfhood, Dragon appreciates friendship and can instantly respond to a request for help. Roosters also value a friendly relationship and will not tolerate betrayal.

Useful advice

According to the eastern calendar, the dragon and rooster are wayward and decisive. Save the harmony in such an alliance will help the following recommendations of astrologers.

  • The lady, who patronizes the fire-haired character of ancient mythology, should show patience and excerpt to the partner. He will not be able to constantly endure her soldiers and comments. Harmony in marriage will help achieve mutual understanding and excerpt.

  • A representative of a strong half of humanity, born in the year of birds with a beautiful plumage, should not constantly fight a woman for the “palm of championship” in family life. He is enough to give to understand the partner that he is ready to accept her independent character. Thus, a union with a woman dragon will be calm and happy.

  • Male roostech is important to understand that his woman needs constant attention and care. It is not only about expensive gifts and decorations. Even the smallest pleasant surprise is able to raise the mood of his beloved.

Note that the dragon and rooster do not tend to change their habits throughout life. In this regard, both signs must take each other with all the “pluses” and “minuses”, trying to constantly find a compromise in love relationships.

On the relationship of dragons and roosters, you can learn from the video below.

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