Compatibility of Virgin and Capricorn in Love and Family, Friendship and Career

Compatibility of Virgin and Capricorn in Love and Family, Friendship and Career

Earth signs of Capricorn and Virgin a lot of common. Their views on life are in many ways. In accordance with their elements, they both firmly stand on Earth. Union of people, one of which in the zodiac circle Capricorn, and the other – Virgo, is quite possible. It can pour out a prosperous and sustainable marriage or wonderful friendships.

Characteristics of the signs of the zodiac in love

The compatibility of the Virgin and Capricorn in love is largely due to the generality of their characters.

The virgins can be allocated as follows:

  • Goodworking+
  • desire for material security and order in everything+
  • patience+
  • Indement+
  • Restraint in feelings+
  • Excusancy+
  • Ability to analyze.

Capricorov can be called such features:

  • Emotional restraint and definite close+
  • rationality+
  • Goodworking+
  • Pottleness+
  • conservatism+
  • Striving for success+
  • demanding to yourself and other.

Love and rationalism – things as if incompatible. But the same view of the world makes a woman and a man of these earthly signs clear for each other, and this is the first step towards a love relationship.

The girl and the guy as representatives of these signs find their happiness already because they understand each other without unnecessary words. Both of them are not supporters of noisy companies and will be quite pleased with each other’s society, in which they will get all the chances to get acquainted better.

As far as they are compatible, these two will understand depending on which degree of rationality will be able to appreciate each other. Considering that representatives of one and other signs usually do not lose the ability to think clearly even in the period of emotional lifting, each of them is quite capable of estimating whether the partner can give it the feeling in terms of feelings.

Their love is only stronger if they allow you to play our passion and ease in relationships. But this happens rarely. Each of the participants in the pair often unable to “release their emotions to the will”.

Although if someone from the side it seems that such a love alliance is the connection of “two superstars”, then it is not at all. For permanent fire warming it and her, they need to avoid suspicion and pick-up in relation to each other and through the fingers to look at the disadvantages of the partner.

Everything else will apply.

Perspective of perfect family life

Marriage of Virgin and Capricorn is distinguished by stability. If the Woman is combined to the Union Capricorn and Male Virgo, then no one come to the head of them about finding a partner to replace, even if the family sometimes there is a misunderstanding.

It is difficult to imagine something more thoroughly than created on the basis of a reasonable approach and even cold calculation. Such a family is usually a cell of society in its classical understanding: with dinners and dinners in a strictly allotted time, with a careful attitude towards elders and with strictly distributed duties. Husband and wife business prove their mutual feelings, hardening does not bother hands.

Children in such a marriage are paying great attention and care, but do not leave without control and siblos acts include strictly.

Friction in such a marriage may arise due to the eatenity of the husband of the Virgin, with which he belongs to all sorts of trifles. Wife Capricorn is not always clear. It often seems to her that the spouse is watching the time where there is no problem, instead of moving forward. For Capricorn, the details of what is happening – the fact that if necessary, you can move aside, if only the goal has been achieved.

Considering that representatives and the other sign of the zodiac are capable of taking careless to the details, disputes on economic or relating to family perspectives of the topic may continue for a very long time.

Marriage of women of the Virgin and Men Capricorn is close to the perfect. In the family with a working husband and a wonderful mistress, which is also always calm and well maintained, almost never sorry. In their house usually reigns. Children are looking at and well brought up.

But from the side of the husband in such a family may seem unnecessarily strict, and the wife of deprived of flirtiness inherent in most women. Only over the years she becomes romantic and allows himself to openly show their feelings, and her spouse Capricorn begins to look at the world easier. This can make a new emotional stream in their lives.

Such people do not tend to start looking for adventures on the side. For this, they are too careful and soberly assesses the consequences. Such a “unplanned development of events” can happen only if one of the partners did not have enough love. If the spouses get wisdom not to hide their feelings, as they used to do it, no threat to family well-being will arise.

Behavior in friendship

Virns are characterized by modesty and on contact are not very good. The circle of their friends is not too great. And all this is practical, responsible people. Capricorn can enter their number. In the Virgin, he will attract the ability to give delight advice. This sign is not only practical, and therefore is able to offer a good way out. He also has good intuition.

This is a great combination of advantages that will highly appreciate the girlfriends of the Virgin – Capricorn. Although, possessing such qualities, it can start dispose of Capricorn. So that these relationships are sooner or later not exhausted, they must have continuous development.

For the Capricorn, friendship is of great importance. With friends and girlfriends, years later, representatives of this sign are trying not to lose touch.

In the friendly communication, Capricorn is not inclined to “break the bone absent”, and indeed the empty edge he does not tolerate.

For virgins, the reliability and decency of Capricorn in friendship is very important. In addition, the external restraint of such a person lies deep soulfulness – an indispensable quality for maintaining true friendly feelings.

If the Woman of Virgo and Capricorn woman converge in friendship, then, most likely, their work or common relatives. Capricorn will always impress communication with a lady that does not seek to flirt with him, and he will, in turn, infiltrates the seriousness and prudence of Capricorn.

Woman Capricorn and Male Virgo in friendship appreciate conversations in a relaxed atmosphere, quiet sharing and predictability of events. They are satisfied with communication without excess emotionality, although truly warm such relations are not always. A representative of a strong sex and would sometimes be a consolation from the side of the friend, but it will rather begin to practice a way out of the situation, than to pour emotions to a friend who do not solve anything.

Interaction in work

Capricorn and Virgo – equally hardworking signs. They know how to create an appropriate opinion about themselves in the team. This pair can be entrusted with responsible tasks. Both representatives of the zodiac circle are quite stubborn and purposeful to achieve the goal. The motor in this tandem will be Capricorn, and his partner is able to develop the proposed beginnings and bring them to a logical completion.

If the Woman Virgo and Capricorn Woman and Capricorn are converged on the business field, you do not need to wait for bright creative solutions. But these two have the same approach to business. They will not have to discuss the strategy of possible actions for a long time to understand the intentions of the second side.

Both are ready enough to take up the project to see the result of their efforts.

Tandem Women Capricorn and Men Virgin also works with great return. The hardworking of the strong half is complemented by the ambition of the ladies of Capricorn, which will not allow too long to delay the colleague on the details of the process. But it must be borne in mind that neither the one nor another representative of the earthly element is distinguished by adventure inclinations and the desire to risk, so the present breakthrough does not expect from this pair.

If in the workplace, the head – Woman Virgo, and the subordinate – the man Capricorn, this alignment can be called good. Responsible and thoughtful Capricorn can correctly understand the demands of his boss and fulfill them without comment. But this state of affairs does not happen long. Capricorns are prone sooner or later to occupy senior positions, and the Virgin prevent them from turning into full force.

When the situation is reverse (subordinate – Woman Virgo and the boss – a man Capricorn), then this is the best alignment. There is no doubt that representatives and one, and another sign in their place. Each of them feels “in its plate” and achieves excellent results.

Child relationship and parent

Parents and children of two signs of land usually do not experience great difficulties in communication.

Child Virgo will feel great next to her mother born under the sign of Capricorn. These are two sensible person. One of them does not have due experience in life, only and everything. But even in childhood, Virgo, like his mother, would like to appear in the eyes of another responsible person.

Such a child and mom are inclined sometimes to fall in spirit, but they know exactly what self-organization, accuracy and caution. Mom Capricorn without difficulty will teach a child to the fact that any things in the house have a strictly reserved place.

And that these things need to appreciate, belonging to them, respectively.

With all the seriousness of the relationship to any cause and mother, and the child is able to treat what is happening with humor. They are not boring alone with each other.

Mom Capricorn with her ambitions usually wishes her to hit her deva to life in life to put high planks. And she is aware that I escaped him to hardheet, prepares for him a suitable springboard for a jump in a secured future.

At the same time, the child, looking at the efforts of the parent, since the Small years it realizes that the comfort that his mother created is the fruit of labor, which means that the work is always worth a fee.

He is usually shy and it is quite satisfied with the place behind his back at an energetic mother with her “Cozernia” by the savings capable of turning the mountains on the way to success. Sometimes such a parent can start “moving” his child in a given direction if she decided that it was promising for him, or would help realize their own dreams.

This approach can lead to the fact that the child will begin to feel the feeling of guilt in relation to the mother due to the fact that he imposed on it is not necessary or he has no strength to achieve what is required.

Mom remains to take maximum sensitivity to help a small maiden raise the level of their self-esteem and do what they require at the proper level. Although the intelligent mother of Capricorn will not think that everything disappeared if her son or daughter chooses his own way. Capricorn’s ability to be a pusher will be useful in any expense and where the child truly wants to show himself.

Dad Capricorn child Virgo is often perceived as a person who manages the house and enjoys universal respect. Secretly such a baby would like the father to praise him more often. Otherwise, he focuses on his life principles and seeks to take them.

Such children rejoice in the ability to do something with the dad, despite the fact that it is strict in assessments in relation to their achievements. Father Capricorn from the Small years inspires the child to the Virgin that all the successes come, if you go to them, adhering to the proven line. If you retreat or try to sail against the current, it threatens the loss of reputation and time.

Virgo with her prime character and so ready to agree with this. She would be glad if Dad Capricorn was more open and not so serious – it’s sometimes tired of her. In addition, the Father Capricorn must be aware that his child, taking into account his in the horoscope, risks to remain limited in development, if it constantly concentrates his attention only on what is rational and practical. Creativity should not be canceled, even if it does not benefit explicitly.

Fathers Capricori are satisfied, if they see how their kids are stubbornly engaged in studying. But often they want even more. And the child seeks to keep up with the success of the Father. This eventually helps him really succeed in life. But the virgin will lead to this.

Mama Virgo from the Small years inspires the child Capricorn, that the responsibility has a great importance in life. And he responds with all their might: helps her around the house, it is well studying at school and almost does not make confused children. Such boys and girls often behave almost like adults. They know that Mamino’s desire for order deserves respect, and will not do anything that he will deliver extra efforts – Mom has enough worries.

Friction between the mother and its offshore begin if it is in its characteristic maner begins to criticize him. Already sufficiently demanding Capricorn, it grows hard. So that such a child has grown clamped and deprivable confidence, the mother should more often encourage him in a word and celebrate even the most small successes.

No matter how difficult it was to show affection for your child, she should not forget about the importance of this. It is necessary that the little Capricorn will receive such signals from it quite clearly.

Virgo’s father is pleased if his child is Capricorn knows how to behave culturally and learns well. It is not childish great ambitions and bold dreams and admire the parent at all. This dad will make every effort to ensure that his serious serious heir, aimed at success, was able to realize.

The ability of the Virgin to adapt to the new much higher than that of Capricorn. Therefore, he is able to adjust the child to change, if you have to go to another school or take the appearance of a new family member.

Child Capricorn and Dad Virgo as a whole feeling perfectly in each other’s society. Father managed to convey the thought to his child that he can rely on it.

And this is very important for the young Capricorn.

Eastern horoscope

To determine how much the Virgin and Capricorn are suitable for each other, it makes sense to attract East (Chinese) horoscope to the aid. He gives an idea of ​​the nature of people depending on the year of their birth. So, well combined between the Virgin, born in the year of dogs, and Capricorn, which appeared in the year of the Tiger. Also for Capricorn Tiger will be a good choice will be Virgo Pig.


If the combination of the Western and Eastern Horoscope leads to the deep conclusions about the combination of Capricorn and the Virgin by the whole chain of conclusions, then the usual life proves the rightness or inappropriate ideas about this on the experience of ordinary people.

Many girls of the Virgin celebrate how difficult it is to live with Capricorn. Such men sometimes behave unpredictable, maybe neither to block them in themselves. And the reason for the reason is almost impossible.

Despite the fact that the companions of Capricors celebrate their responsibility and hardworking, few people can boast the great financial achievements of their husbands. Although, judging by the reviews, the kindness and the dedication of these people have a much greater value for most cases than money.

Read more about the pair of Virgo and Capricorn you will learn from the following video.

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