Fish Woman: Characteristics, Suitable Talismans and Professions

Fish Woman: Characteristics, Suitable Talismans and Professions

Fish Fish is full of puzzles, because the fish is the most mystical sign of the zodiac, because his ruler is Neptune – Planet Tyne and spiritual searches. Fish women unlike men sign are endowed with a sharp perception of thin spheres, because in women the moon is turned on stronger, which is in men. The moon in combination with Neptune is the energies that allow you to know your own soul, so for these women, the search for vocation and real love is the main.

general characteristics

Fish woman is easy to learn about light gait and look. Their eyes are usually bright, smoky, look at fish not intently, but slide on subjects and people. In the constellation, the most common planets Venus, Jupiter and Neptune, which determine the type of women.

Mystical type

Mystical Fish Managed Neptune. This planet is a patron saint of musicians, philosophers, esoteric, shamans and psychologists. Such women do not follow an external image, preferring simple clothes, simple cutting. Such girls are working to work uniforms, long dresses, Sweaters-Oversiz, and in the summer prefer long sundresses with cheerful colors. Neptune makes these women dreamy and romantic, which allows them to engage in creativity and feel thirst for self-realization. It is important for them to see the results of their work and receive recognition of teachers, so the girls go to creative universities.

However, in addition to the main work, they still have a hobby. Fishes of mystical type are fond of horoscopes, fortune telling, positive thinking, as well as inspiring literature on the topic of reality management. Vera in the fact that the thoughts are material and the inner world affects the external, gives such women a riddle and the tendency of philosophically to perceive the vital difficulties. Hence the habit of explaining the events of life by the karmic tasks, the experience of past lives, dejauli effect. Mystery women sometimes know how to foresee the future and explain dreams.

Despite their strange character, over time, friends come to them, wanting to get advice and find a non-standard explanation of the situation.

Romantic Type

Women’s Women’s sign managed by Venus, may not be interest in poetry or literature, but they always experience craving for drawing and design. However, their true value is the search for real love and building relationships with your beloved man. These two hobbies are fine with each other. Women of this sign do not seek to move from parents – either live by their account, or find an easy job associated with art. They can be artists, decorators, clothing designers, as well as often choose such posts like a beautician, hairdresser and stylist.

Such a “fish” is endowed with a pretty appearance and has a quiet and modest character, She loves to dress stylish, but usually does not copy fashionable new items, but creates a different image. In the soul, this girl always remains the actress, she read a lot in childhood and watched a movie, so dreams of a meeting with a man, like a beloved hero. However, in the implementation of their fantasies, it passes a long and thorny path. Marriage of Venusian-type fish “know how” to emerge, which is due to the fact that they do not see the meaning in sex without love and at the first stage of the relationship literally envelop a partner with their aura, introducing it into trance.

A real test for them is a real family life. The main problem of romantic young lady is in marriage is that the husband begins to differ from the desired image, they will be reselved with him for the collapse of the ideal.

Ambitious type

One of the patron-patrons of ambitious type – Jupiter, which is in exaltation in the constellation. Jupiter in a woman causes the desire of glory from the young age, such girls dream of becoming famous actresses, artists or writers. They diligently learn at the university and purposefully go to their career goals. Professions in ambitious fish can be the most different: actress, fashion model, singer and even cosmonaut (Valentina Tereshkova). You can distinguish this type of fish by incredible luck.

They come to the Institute by chance, and get work on acquaintance. Even married they come out easily and successfully, the future husband can come to them yourself, give flowers and immediately admit to love. You can distinguish these fish by the number of incredible stories that they tell about their lives, in all these stories a role is played by luck.

However, good luck loves them for no accident, because these women know how to attach her purposefulness and desire to work to achieve success.

Health and appearance

Born under the sign of fish in Russia more often have certain external features. The first and basic is a thin physique. The body is fragile, the bones are long, subcutaneous fat is almost absent. According to Tyology, Ayurveda fish belong to Watt-Dosh. This type of figures with fast metabolism and active nervous system. The reason for this is the dominant planet Neptune, which contributes to the opening of thin energy channels in the human body, contributing to the rapid movement of prana in the body.

In addition, in the sign of fish weakly expressed moon, so their weight is often not growing above the norm. Representatives of the water element with pronounced Venus beautiful features, elegant ears and sculptural shapes shoulders and neck. The hair of the representatives of the sign bright and thin. If the hair is dark, it means that the personality is more volitional and tend to lead the teams.

The most frequent health problems with health relate to the nervous system. In what state the nerves from fish depends on how harmoniously neptune energy lives. Sign Representatives are most useful than other people, spiritual practices: qigong, meditation, yoga. And also any kind of creativity is affected by a sedative on the nerves: drawing, poetry, knitting, sewing. All these classes create a harmonious flush stream of Neptune, which soothes the nervous system. Man becomes balanced, joyful and happy.

Many fish are important to receive satisfaction from personal life. They can “dry” from unhappy love, and the same bad as if they do not reciprocate, and if they stopped loving themselves. Fish is important to have a job where not so much communication with people and where they are interested. After all, the nervous system may suffer from boredom, conflicts and stress.

Fish quickly fall in different kind of dependence. They should not use alcohol, smoking. These habits will affect the sign of the sign worse than on other.

Behavior in friendship

Women of water elements appreciate friendship, but they have little close friends, they are friends with them for many years. But new acquaintances can take her and “fish” Ready to slip out of the new company. In friendship born under the cover of Neptune have the following needs:

  • It is important for them that friends call themselves and respected their right to refuse+
  • They sometimes wish to “go to their sink” and it is important for them that they are not reproached for it + periods of solitude among fish are related to creative searches.

    In the friendship of female fish appreciate the mind, talent and ethical qualities, unnecessary or very cheerful people seem sharp. How girlfriends female fish are ready to listen and show sympathy. However, they do not want to be “vests”, they will always find a way to say goodbye if their attention is abused. And if the interlocutor requires a lot of sympathy, they just stop taking the phone. With girlfriends they are friends for years.

    Fish women are great guests. Girlfriends likes to take them mainly because such a woman loves and appreciates care. They emotionally thank for the treat and always bring something to tea, politely greets with husbands and are interested in children girlfriends. With men of fish love to be friends, contrary to Flirt, often “Fish” does not notice that a man wants closest relationships with her and considers him his friend. What is her surprise when an old buddy is trying to kiss her.

    However, the line between friendship and love from “Fish” is thin, so they can fall in love with their friends and, on the contrary, to be friends with former beloved.


    Fish women choose smart, intelligent and often rich men, although money for them is not the main thing. But so itself comes out that strong and honest men are attracted to the sincere and naive, in need of protecting women. Attract relations with a deceiver or a bad man. Fish woman can in his youth, and over the years, decency and mental quality for it become the criteria for choosing a partner. Fish sign woman compatibility with the following signs:

    • Aries attract the romantic flies of the water element with their generosity and creativity, but fish attract only charismatic representatives of the sign+
    • Fish calves can hold long in sight, since they seem suitable for marriage, for this purpose, women’s fish are strategically friendly with calves for many years + an example of a successful Union of Fish and Taurus is Lenin and Krupskaya+
    • with twins in fish compatibility is bad, because they speak a lot and are too mercantile+
    • Men crayfish enchant romantic beauties with their softness, care and ability to understand intuitive all the hidden meanings of phrases, this couple can get a long union+

    • The woman of the water element does not like Lviv very much, because they are docked on their person, and the girl appreciates in people altruism and sacrifice for the sake of love that the lion is absent+
    • Virgin seems to women of mystical type are too serious and practical, even if the male of the Virgin falls on the courtshiping, they will still meet with others in parallel or throw it at the altar+
    • Men Weights for a long time can not excite women prone to romanticism, because they are frivolous and incapable of actions for the sake of excellent lady+
    • Scorpio can cause almost mystical craving to him in a woman’s water element, she will feel that she flies towards him, as if the butterfly on fire + both signs are prone to mystery, so Scorpio will periodically disappear in an unknown direction, and then appear again+
    • Sagittarius is the man who can love with whom you can talk and even having sex + this is the perfect partner for female fish, but for a relationship with him you need money, because the Sagittarius often has expensive hobbies abroad, the relationship it will build with that which shares them+

    • Mars exalted in Capricorn, the combination of two strong planets – Mars and Venus – can create a strongest passion that will manage in love + however it is important to ensure that the male sign of the earth is married, then nothing will prevent the development of relationships+
    • Fish is a long friendly with Aquarius and recognize them better, but relationships are possible only at the initiative of Aquarius, because if he won’t invite a girl on a date, they will be just friends+
    • Male sign of fish will cause sympathy, if he is calm, romantic and strongly physically, but if he starts angry or satisfies a scandal, a woman will see himself in him as in the mirror and she will not like it.

    Intimate relations

    Many are guessing what is the secret of “fish”. She enters intimate only in a serious relationship or after the wedding, or she is capable of spontaneous romantic adventures. The attenuation of this is simple. For women, the sign of the fish is the main thing – these are their feelings. They are managed by Venus, but the planet is in exaltation, so its character is unpredictable, which determines the behavior of women’s water sign in love. Fish can experience feelings not only to their boyfriend, but also to a stranger, can spend the night with him and even break loyalty for the excitementary event. Women sign at any age ready to come up with a fairy tale for any of his novel. They tell close friends about the love dating date as an exotic adventure.

    These women do not belong to sex as a physiological need, so they are not easy to seduce them. They choose beautiful circumstances, interesting and in something unusual men. However, in the story of the girl’s sign of water about his love story there is always a drama. Fish Never try to specifically fall in love and keep, they know how to let go and do not hold onto the relationship, so the element of water is manifested in them, which gives life awareness awareness.

    The chosen one may be married, a foreigner, a rare profession representative. Fish often choose partners, inclined to go to the distance, as it allows them to create a romantic image of a man.


    Women Element Water rarely dream of family life, their dreams are more reminded by scenes from the movie or Fairy Tale. They begin to think about the family, if a man hints at this, sometimes wondering where he has such strange thoughts. Hinting on the marriage of fish shy, because in secretaries are afraid. They are independent in the shower and do not wait for financial content. This feature helps them fall in love with generous men.

    In the family life “Fish” behaves differently, it all depends on the drops of its mood and behavior of the spouse. However, even if the spouse is the perfect partner, it does not mean that the Woman’s Woman will always be happy. In family life, she needs a romance or at least a joint business. Women love travel, stop in hotels, dinner with her husband in restaurants on the seashore. Silent family life Woman is more tolerate, and not enjoying them. To keep his wife-wife in the “Aquarium” of family life, she needs to create such conditions as:

    • Equip her personal account for creative work+
    • Travel together+
    • hire a nanny or entrust children to grandmothers.

    In addition, the woman’s fish loves to cook and clean up the mood, so grief is a husband who will expect success from her in the farm. Thin Women’s Women’s Nature requires something more sublime than washing plates. Based on the above, women of the water element are married only for wealthy men, because only they can pay for their hobbies, travel and hiring housekeepers.

    Money and truth for fish is not important. With men who cannot organize them comfortable life, they remain in warm friendly relations. Women Element Water will be better to live with comfort, not having a family than to endure a boring marriage.


    In the profession in women of mystical type, a continuous and directed flow of Neptune manifests itself. They choose professions associated with a constant stream of inspiration, such as an artist, writer. However, the insight is forced to look for implementation in professions related to mysticism – astrologer, yoga coach, priest. The mystical type of fish may be hypnotized by his charisma of the boss that he will forgive him any late.

    Especially young girls of fish appreciate the leaders of a woman, their modesty, philosophical attitude, kindness and altruism subordinate.

    Romantic type fish thirsty express their aesthetic abilities, They can be designers, fashion designers, makeup artists. In addition, increased emotionality makes you choose the profession of the actress, they play for the soul in amateur theatrical productions or student movies. Women’s sign of ambitious type can choose creative specialties, but they dream of achieving heights in them and become famous for the whole world. In addition, they approach learning thoroughly and usually receive the help of parents in admission, they are incredibly lucky in employment. Usually they are promoted in career agents, directors, producers and photographers. Incredible luck raises such women and assumes fame to the heights of fame in the professions of cinema actresses, world-class models.

    Talismans sign

    Talismans for women sign are decorations made of stones that help strengthen intuitive abilities and establish communication with the moon. The fact is that Neptune and the Moon belong to the element of water, so the stone should include the lunar energy. These stones are the following:

    • OPAL is a stone for a romantic type of fish + is a transparent mineral in which the overflows of light play, it allows you to calm the ribbing passions+
    • Nephritis is a green stone for a mystical type of fish, allowing to tune in to the planet Neptune and develop intuition+
    • Moonstone – universal for all female fish, because soothes the nervous system and enhances intuition.

    Important! Women are very useful to wear rings and bracelets with these stones, the main thing is that they are fat and massive.

    Famous personalities

    Fish sign celebrities among movie actors.

    • Sheron Stone (10.03.1958) grew by a quiet and peaceful girl, dreamed of career actresses and began to go to his goal, becoming a model. However, her life path was accompanied by luck, the first role entrusted actress Woody Allen.
    • Model Natalia Vododanova (28.02.1982) Detected a representative of the agency on the streets of her hometown. And on the first casting in Paris, the fashion designer Jean Yves Gautier opened it. In the patronage of severe, the unusual luck of fish marked with strong Jupiter.

    • Actress Eva Mendes (five.03.1974) in childhood I dreamed of becoming a monk. Privacy is a frequent fantasy of fish, because the dispositor of their sunny sign is a symbolic ruler of 12 houses associated with the care of society and religious cult. In adulthood, luck made an actress famous, her first role was in the series in a couple with George Clooney, and after the first cash register, she was expected by a dizzy take off of the career.

    About what kind of fish, look in the following video.

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