Monkey Women: Description of the character, achievements in the career in love

Monkey Women: Description of the character, achievements in the career in love

A woman born in the year of the monkey has such contradictory qualities as cunning, independence, kindness and secrecy. As a result, a rather unusual, but attractive for those surrounding a combination.

general characteristics

A monkey woman is interesting for others who themselves are not always able to understand what is the source of attraction – its sparkling emotions and the mind or a thoughtful trick. In any case, people like to communicate with her, because the beautiful monkey will use all its resources: artistry, wit, energy and emotionality. It is not surprising that in most cases such a woman is in the center of attention of any society.

A monkey often knows what he wants from life since childhood, and her intuition and enterprise helps on this path.

Causes of failures are usually the result of the change of the mood of a woman, and not some third-party influences. She does not particularly seek career, but is a good organizer, which contributes to success in the work. Nevertheless, the family and the house she always puts in the first place. According to the Eastern Horoscope, 1992 was the year of the Black Water Monkey, and 1980 – metal. Symbol of 2004 – a wooden monkey, followed by the fiery in 2016.

Character on zodiac signs

It is worth staying on each zodiac sign.

  • Monkey-Aries is a bright leader for which not only public recognition is important, but also achieving all new heights. Woman able to insist on his own and remains true to her own interests. Active and straightforward nature is able to find a common language with many and bring any situation to compromise.

Its characteristic feature is emotionality and rather sharp change.

  • Monkey Tel Do not accept other point of view and is distinguished by enviable stubbornness. Thanks to this, women are likely some problems with communication, especially when the monkey begins to impose his opinion. However, over the years this problem is usually eliminated. Comprehensively developed Taurus is able to support and help, but this quality comes to him already in more mature age.

  • Monkey twins – high-speed, contradiction and original nature. She is constantly changing the mood, she rapidly changes the hobby and meets new people. She is all the time in finding new spectators and amazes those around him with emotionality.

At work, it manifests itself as a creative and responsible employee, but only in the case when the profession turns out to her soul.

  • Monkey-cancer It looks vulnerable and closed, but in fact, all the habits and habits of bright nature are just hiding under the mask. Cancer has many ambitions and excellent imagination, which, however, is supported by common sense. Such a woman is smart and unpredictable.

  • Monkey-Lev – a mental man whose distinctive features are generosity and concern for others. She constantly craves new emotions and impressions, good and devoted, so it has a lot of friends and buddies.

A negative feature of a lion, however, is a constant desire to express their opinion or impose the right position.

  • Monkey-Deva lives only in its principles and listen only to himself. Woman is a good organizer and has the necessary hardworking to achieve goals. Nevertheless, quite often the monkey “falls” from the measured lifestyle and indulges raid and merry.

  • Monkey-scales does not think yourself without communication. She tends to risk and rarely think about the consequences, so quite often “sticking” into unpleasant situations. Charming lady quite rarely succeeds in life, but only because it is not adapted to cooperate and always seeks to find only their benefit.

  • Scorpio Monkey has an extremely complex character. She is selfish, has the power of will and can act until the end. Since such a person loves to control everything, the issue of power becomes dominant in any way.

  • Monkey-Sagittarius is an excellent organizer and supervisor. Highlighting and assembled, it reaches significant success and without problems implements its own talents. The overestimated plank in relation to others often leads to problems in personal life.

  • Monkey-Capricorn lives in constant voltage due to numerous contradictions tearing it from the inside. Permanent work on yourself can give it harmony, so success in all spheres of life.

  • Monkey-Aquarius has well developed intuition, and originality is harmoniously combined with practicality. Such a woman has a non-standard look at any question that, together with a developed intelligence, constantly attracts attention to it.

  • Monkey fish – sensitive and well “reads” the inner state of those surrounding her people. It combines artistry, intelligence and charm, as well as the ability to adapt. Such a fish is able to cope with any task.

Manifestation in business sphere

Monkey without fear takes for any new business.

She is not a particularly responsible employee, but in perfectly gets in people and establishes contacts.

Although her inclinations can lie in different areas, preference is often given to working with roads or generating weight gains.

Love relationships

In love, a monkey seeks to translate the candidate and bakery period to a full marriage, so, taking into account in love, quite quickly get married. As a rule, such relationships are ends, but already in the following woman exhibits greater caution and purification. The monkey is difficult to build a relationship, as it craves leadership, but not every man will agree to obey her. If the partner manages to conquer the lady of the heart, then it shows the willingness to change, show flexibility and find compromises. To build harmonious relationships, a representative of this sign, you need to look for a strong man, clearly knowing what he wants from life.

Since the monkey is quite easy to relate to life, loves entertainment, laughter and fun, her partner should be understood and take such behavior, and it is better to even join it.

Conflicts in the Union may appear due to the abundance of the representative of the beautiful sex or its self-confidence.


As a rule, a woman born in the year of the monkey does not arise special problems in personal life. Its brightness, naturalness and inborn femininity attracts many men. It is best for her satellite of life belonging to the similar elements, clear a monkey and possessing a similar character. The sign of the zodiac should belong to the air or earth element and ideally, be a fiction, scales or ibex.

Good compatibility in a monkey woman with ramps, calves or lions, but with aquatic or good relationships to expect not to be expected.

As for the Chinese horoscope, the relationship of monkeys and rat is practically perfect. A man and woman have similar looks to life and goals, in addition, they are quickly interested in each other. The rat attracts the charm and the resourcefulness of the monkey, and she, in turn, will highly appreciate his strategic thinking. The fortress of such a union will give the desire for joint development. Since the spouses are “watching one way,” they are happy to jointly sell plans and conquer new goals. In most cases, such interaction leads to the organization of a successful family business, in which the monkey is a generator of ideas, and rat – a reliable performer. Conflicts of spouses are quite successfully eliminated by the mutual sense of humor. In general, the rat and a monkey, entering into marriage, can expect joint personal growth, career successes and strong feelings.

Monkey and dragon can also build a very successful union. Artistic and original woman will become a real muse for his chosen one, and he, mooring, will take on the role of the responsible family leader. The relations of two people will be filled with passion and bright emotions. The talents of both partners will be allowed to successfully implement numerous ideas. The dragon in this sense will be the initiator of projects, and the monkey will assume such duties as inspiration and support.

Two monkeys are capable of creating strong and stable relationships. Since the spouses possess a similar character, they will be able to understand each other and move in one direction. Nevertheless, the union, filled with passions and adventures, can meet enough pitfalls on its way. Alternatively, a bad joke can play a desire to live alone and do not think about the future or “tugging the rope” for leadership in a pair.

Bull and monkey, in principle, form a good pair, but only after a fairly long period “wipes”. At the beginning of relations, probably frequent conflict and rather serious quarrels, and often the cause will be provided by “obsolete” identities of both partners. Bull will not understand his shaver, and she consider it a real despot. In addition, disagreements may arise on the financial soil after all the monkey is characterized sometimes spending money without thinking that he does not accept bull.

Monkey and tiger hardly long last together. Being by nature both leaders, they will quickly start annoying each other and refuse to give up. Moreover, the tiger may feel humiliated when his partner will begin to qualify for equal rights. Financial sphere for representatives of these signs is also a problem. Monkey and rooster will also not be able to create a strong and happy union. Rooster is busy with his position in society, so it is not able to give a monkey the opportunity to express. Such relationships have a chance only for the distance and in the presence of strong feelings.

Woman monkey and male rabbit, He is a cat, create a prosperous family subject to compromises and a certain work on relationships. The rabbit must provide a monkey needed freedom to express emotions and the satisfaction of ambitions. As a rule, he does not confuse him when the spouse occupies a more prominent position in society and, if necessary, it can even take advantage of its authority and connections. Rabbar partners in such a pair will be the achievement of common goals.

The relationships of monkeys and snake are quite complex and even heavy due to the difficult temperaments of both spouses. Calm, but the innerious snake does not understand, therefore it does not take the unpredictable behavior of the monkey, and when she purposefully displays it from equilibrium, begins to limit her freedom. As a result, love goes out, and the opposition begins, during which both people demonstrate themselves in the worst light. Monkey and horse to form an alliance can, but it will be quite difficult. The opposite of characters will lead to numerous conflicts, because a honest horse will be shocked by a cunning monkey intrigue.

Preservation of marriage in this case is possible only when you are ready to search for compromises.

A monkey pig is able to organize a prosperous marriage due to similar inclusiveness and preparation of priorities. It’s not true to expect a woman to take the role of only a housewife, although it is possible, and what Men would like. Much better in the Union has such a distribution of roles, where the wife becomes helper and support for her husband. Monkey with goat possess good compatibility. A woman in such a couple assumes leadership and responsibility, supporting her man, motivating him to new accomplishments. Monkey with a dog is also able to form a good union, but in the presence of common interests. Woman will attract the prudence and calm chosenness, and he will enjoy her bright nature. Conflict, however, may be a matter of honesty.

About what the sign is characteristic – a monkey, look in the following video.

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