Sagittarius-tiger woman: Characteristics and compatibility with stranded signs

Sagittarius-tiger woman: Characteristics and compatibility with stranded signs

The most cheerful and sociability is considered the girl Sagittarius, born in the year of the Tiger. Representatives of this sign of the constellation are very lucky, because their fate indulges benevolence and helps in all endeavors. Such a woman is serious, insightful and witty.

    general characteristics

    The charismaticness of a strong tiger and the dreaminess of the Sagittarius endowed the girls with a complete set of positive qualities, as they control the unique combination of the Western and Eastern Horoscope. Sagittarius-Tiger woman is always in the center of attention and is a bright component of the company, it never knows depression and apathy, it is always easy for her to find a solution to any problem. Tigeritsa have a big charm, so they have many friends and fans. Thanks to the ability to communicate with them, both in the case and frank topics, but the beauties themselves do not open. Sagittarov-tigers have a lot of hobbies and various hobbies, it is explained by their high energetic and desire for continuous improvement.

    The inner world of beautiful sex representatives are rich in imagination, so they always amaze those surrounding unusual and originality. The girl can quickly succumb to some kind of desire and act unpredictably and spontaneously, without thinking about the consequences. Sagittarius are well versed in the nature of people and it allows them to make accurate calculations relative to them, using the developed intuition.

    Thanks to the established harmony in inner feelings and logic, girls quickly and easily reach any purpose.

    Women in marriage and love

    The ladies of this sign of constellation are designed for rich and carefree, because of this, they are very difficult to imagine in the form of a regular housewife, which spends its precious time on general cleaning or drawing up a casual menu. Of course, in some cases, Tigriths want to get a family and feel all the delights of home comfort, but if such and happens, they will “throw off” on the rest of the household all the duties for cooking and management of the economy.

    Sagittarius woman is pretty selectable in choosing fans, she needs not only the usual signs of attention, but also original gifts, beautiful compliments. Therefore, the husband “Tigritz” will not be able to relax, the beauty will instantly lose the attachment and interest in him, and it will be very difficult to restore the previous feelings and relationships, sometimes it is even impossible. To keep such a lady for only an active man who has a wide range of interests and is constantly moving forward both in personal cultivation and in a career.

    Tiger-Sagittarius can put a line between friendship and love, because women are not in all guys see actual sexual partners. If a male representative and will allow you to go through the permissible feature in the relationship, it will immediately be put in a rigid form. Damam-Sagittarians like men who do not limit themselves everyday life, they should always have big plans for life. Versatile interests contribute to a variety of family routine and make it uncomfortable. The woman-tiger was accustomed to be independent and over-emotional, she never hides the sadness or joy, always remains open and loves freedom without restrictions. Sagittari girls born in the year of the tiger adore sex and prefer them to do not only in bed, demanding pre-caress. So jealous gentlemen, not always ready for experiments, not on the way.

    Of the Archers, good and caring mothers are obtained, but they are very demanding and can constantly find their children a lot of classes in order to reveal their inner potential and embody their own non-efficient dreams.

    Adult children such mothers will not impose their ideas to avoid the rebellion they find compromise options.

    Compatible with other signs

    Despite the fact that it is hard to build a solid family and find a decent halm, yet there are good combinations of signs that provide smooth quiet relationships. An excellent choice for ladies will be men who were born in the year of the tiger and rats, unwanted union with a snake and fiery bull.

    The bonds of a shooter Girl with men look like this:

    • Rat. Since the nature of the two characters is different, their family relationship can work out both very happy and the opposite, full of grief. The male rat is too tied to a constant atmosphere, a home hearth and family, and Dama Tiger does not like mutual obligations, as it is free and always independent of anyone.
    • Bull. If you connect to one whole representatives of signs, then it will be “Hardening” mixture. Spouses will be difficult to live under one roof, a slow and conservative bull will never understand a tiger woman who has an extraordinary character. The partner will not withstand incomprehensible unrest on trifles, numerous hysterics of the companions and marriage collapses.

    • Tiger. Both partners have a freedom-loving character, so each of them does not want to limit responsibility for family life. With such an interesting approach to relationships, there will be a lot of problems, and quick-tempered and stubbornness will serve as a reason for the scandals. Save the situation in such a difficult situation can only sense of humor and high self-esteem.
    • Rabbit (cat). This combination can not be called perfect, but it is still stable. Sensual perception of the world and the rich fantasy of a rabbit men can become a strong jolts for Tigritis in personal self-realization and the opening of new talents. The partner will always be near the lady and will help her solve all the problems, but if he does not feel the recognition of his authority, then in the family both getting ready.

    • The Dragon. Family connections with a woman-tiger may be quite happy and full of harmony, but this is only when they can overcome disagreements. Tiger and dragon have a lot of general features in character: the desire for novelty, activity, intenitiousness and energy. To both spouses able to realize general plans them will have to stop infringe upon each other’s interests, as a result, it is possible to create a calm and traditional family.
    • Snake. Marriage is considered rather difficult, the spouses will not be able to understand each other and they have a lot of family tests to save it. The main minus in such a combination is the jealousy of the Snake Men, he will constantly suspect a wife in everything and make her stay in the “Family Mink”, the woman will not suffer, because for her freedom is above all.

    • Horse. The union of such signs is the best on the Eastern Horoscope. Partners will unite the overall desire for improvement, and the equally emotional and optimistic worldview will allow pairs to create complete harmony and mutual understanding in the family. The only problem can be minor disagreements about the organization of life, since the free tigress will not have time to keep a household due to permanent employment in the field of career raising.
    • Sheep (goat). Both a man and a woman will have to be not easy. Goat requires understanding, care and security, and a dad-tiger, which is inherent in a strong temperament and excess energy, will not be able to provide it with its chosen. Therefore, theatrical scenes and flashes of anger often occur in such families.

    • Monkey. If both partners still decide on the family union, then they need to be prepared for the fact that there will be a permanent competition, struggle and competition for a leading role in it. None of the spouses will want to make concessions that will serve as the main source of conflicts.
    • Rooster. Both representatives of the signs are considered bright and extraordinary personalities, loving freedom, they will unite attraction to novelty and joint activity. At the same time, a man-cock can constantly write and command Tigritz, which because of the too complex nature will not give way to him. Therefore, conflict situations are possible in the family.
    • Dog. The compatibility of spouses is not bad, they will connect sympathy for each other and mutual respect. Being on one “wave”, partners will be able to organize an ideal family.
    • Kaban (Pig). The marriage of these signs is quite promising and with good future. Choices are equally modern and active, openly show their feelings and easily go to any concessions to please partner.

    In addition to the above-described, the woman-shooter is recommended to build a strong relationship with authentic, scorpion, taurus and aquiet, not very desirable to tie family bonds with fish and cancer.

    More about women Sagittari you will learn from the following video.

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