Sagittarius woman born in the year of the rooster: personality characteristics and compatibility

Sagittarius woman born in the year of the rooster: personality characteristics and compatibility

Women born under the constellation Sagittarius in the year of the rooster possess unique abilities to surround themselves with decent people. These are gifted talented personalities, predicting the development of the most difficult life events. They are sociable, open by soul, extraordinary, dynamic, welcome guests in any company.

Character features

Possess a purposeful character, always confident in themselves and their actions live a full life. In the goals delivered, reach the desired results than they deserve respect for the relative environment. At the same time, the Archers do not pursue the goals to achieve fame, rather – this desire to see the world, the thirst for knowledge, communicating with new people.

Women of this sign are capable of enthusiastic people, and for this one word, a look or smile. The exceptional gift of conviction, given to them the nature itself. Everything else will make the ability to show its determination, infusion, efficiency and business qualities. The priority in life is the desire to exist in the halo of the goals and opportunities. Perhaps this is the main feature of the Archers born in the year of the rooster.

Having achieved the desired, charming – Sagittariy rushes for new impressions. And it doesn’t matter what it is or who will be another superide. The main thing is the dynamic development of events that bring internal satisfaction, which gives the feeling of risk, adrenaline and euphoria.

As another opportunity to keep the bird – happiness in your hand.

In relationship

Of course women – Sagittarians flatten male attention, they love gifts and recognition. Men are interested in them, only as another victory. The desire to achieve male recognition is a frequent incentive for numerous novels at a young age.

The feeling of sports interest loses its relevance when the desire to acquire family appears, feel the joy of motherhood, create a quiet reliable world.

A compatibility horoscope will tell you how to pay attention to what signs of the zodiac:

  • A unforgettable short-term relationship is possible in a pair with bright fiery. It will be a love romance, filled with passionate confessions, gentle meetings and the desire to spend the rest of life together. Relationships can also end with lightning times, as started, due to the appearance of a new object of adoration from both partners. In this Aries and the twin are incredibly similar to each other, and the separation does not affect further communication. They are able to maintain friendships over the years.
  • Bright self-sufficient girl – Sagittarius will pass the calf from the first minute of communication. In a moment, he will be ready to get a star from the sky, spend on the Milky Way and give the whole world. In such respects, it underestimates the seriousness of the intentions of the Taurus, he seems to her too strict, enthusiastic work and accumulation of capital. At this time, you need adoration, admiration, recognition of her individuality and talent.

  • In the Union with the twins Woman Sagittar will have to give the palm of the championship to his beloved person. Only in such conditions it is possible to develop further relations. Both sign are bright, purposeful, possess a sparkling sense of humor, common interests, attitude to life values. For them, the family is a reliable fortress in which they are looking for a peaceful, peace of mind and happiness.
  • In the Union with a man – cancer is waiting for disappointment. For her – this is a man with another planet. He is careful, constantly in a state of thoughtful and choice, it is not able to take spontaneous solutions. For Sagittarius, he will not be able to become a person for whom she will come true with his interests and will strive to extend the relationship.

  • Relationship with a man’s lion woman will be preserved as a sense. Both signs have one hundred percent compatibility. They are confident in themselves, physically developed, constantly in motion, strive to achieve new peaks. They are able to understand each other with instantly. Never quarrel on trifles, and solving solutions are transferred to a slight household joke. They are united by love for travel, the desire to know the world around the world, charity, love for animals and family values.
  • In relations with the Virgin there will be some difficulties. Men of this sign Woman – Sagittarius will seem too active, possibly vulgar. He is more suitable for a calm gentle partner, able to take care of the warmth of the home and educate children. Virgin is not easy to rise, they are hard to decide on new affairs. Such relationships can not take place, as partners are not able to find points of contact in communicating and interest.
  • Scales will be able to become a reliable friend and business partner, but no more. Excessive emotionality, indecision, scrupulusity and pedantry of this sign are invaluable qualities for conducting a joint business. For close communication, the characteristics of the nature of the scales will seem to the shooters too complainant.

  • In the Union with scorpion, both signs will have to learn to give up to each other, otherwise they will expect an inevitable parting. The reason for the rupture can serve as sharpness, ambitiousness, partner’s pickiness. Both signs have similar features of character, the scorpion dominates the desire to command circumstances. And if a woman will have emotional resistance, he can turn modern life into a series of quarrels, disagreements, lies, jealousy and deception.
  • In the love alliance with Sagittarius, there are interesting, extraordinary, filled with events of relationships. In Tandem, there are two temperaments, endowed with thirst for life and the ability to look at the world widely open eyes, but each of them, at a certain moment of life, should go their way, which does not intersect with the interests of the partner.

  • Characteristic of the Union with Capricorn does not promise a happy relationship. Capricorus conservatism will be on the path of Streltsov, thirsty experiments and new impressions. They will be bored together and monotonously, which will invariably lead to the search for new relations from both signs.
  • Communicating such a man as Aquarius, Woman Sagittarius will feel complete freedom of action, protection and care. Both partners extraordinary personality capable of adventurous experiments. Couple can live to deep old age, keeping mutual, loyalty and love.
  • Astrological sign of fish is the opposite of the opposite, but such a union can take place in the case when a woman needs to take care of a beloved person. Opposites, as you know, are attracted, and the ability to create a smooth harmonious union appears.

On the eastern horoscope

Maximum compatibility on the Eastern Horoscope in Streltsov – Petukhov is with the signs of the zodiac, born a year of monkeys, horses, rats and tiger. Caution should be careful when communicating with goat, cat, pig.

They are incompatible with a dragon, snake, dog and a bull.


Sagittarius – Rooster – unnecessary straightforward, fair and pathologically responsible. It requires such an attitude to life from their relatives and loved ones, sometimes not understanding that such a life position is not characteristic of other signs of the zodiac.

Its intolerance, emotionality and quick-temperedness harm the career and serve as the cause of most misunderstandings in privacy. Adorable beauties of this sign must be learn to restrain their claims and a great desire to achieve a goal, by all means. Otherwise, to launch the salute of your victory, it will be in proud loneliness.

Inability to give up, compromise, categorical is the weaknesses of the sign with which he is secretly fighting throughout life. Being confident in her rightness, she is able to show rare stubbornness, sometimes losing favorite people, work and career.

In profession

Sagittari – Roosters do not tolerate the routine work, choose a profession that satisfies life position, makes it possible to build a stunning career and achieve a high social status. They are attracted to political activities, science, modern technologies, international relations.

These are gifted teachers, mentors, great science fiction writers and musicians.

Summing up

Woman – Sagittarius, born in the year of the rooster – Military Amazon, endowed with brave and uncompromising features of character. This is a wonderful loving wife who keeps relationships, not allowing a random quarrel to break the family world. Sagittarius – a unique person, loving mom, a beautiful mistress, a faithful friend who can come to the rescue in the most difficult situation. Keeps a positive way throughout life.

Read more about Sagittar woman you will learn from the following video.

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