Scorpio and Cancer: Characteristics of the Union of Water Signs and Possible Problems in Relations

Scorpio and Cancer: Characteristics of the Union of Water Signs and Possible Problems in Relations

Cancer and Scorpio are two representatives of one control aquatic element. It would seem that a couple is a classic example of the ideal compatibility of horoscopic signs, but even in their relationships there are their underwater stones, whether the interaction of colleagues, lovers or parents and children. Knowledge of possible problems will help harmoniously build relationships, avoiding potential sharp corners in relationships.

Characteristic of signs

Cracks are born from June 22 to July 22 under the influence of water. Their Patron Planet is the moon. She determines the mysterious nature and depth of its wards. Cracks are capable of big feelings, but they are usually hidden under a thick sheath of coldness and a few contemptuous attitude towards people. In fact, a very wounded person, kind and soft, lives under external indifference. It is these qualities and fear to be deceived, leaving for living makes representatives of the sign so carefully hide their feelings and spiritual impulses.

Born under the constellation of cancer is extremely incredulous, have a fairly limited circle of friends and do not let other people in their habitat.

This is a complicated saying: “My house is my fortress”. At the same time, crayfish truly houseite, these are the most maternity owners and skillful hosts. All that may be carried to the house to improve it, creating comfort and comfort for the whole family.

Do not like such people and loneliness, so try to get a family. This is one of the most prosperous partners among the signs of the zodiac to create a family, while a rather complicated partner for interpersonal relations. In their natural incredulsion and secrecy, their nature is not revealed immediately. Craks too deepened in itself and their experiences, which, however, are in no hurry to speak their half. The partner takes such an attitude and soon tires because you have to guess about the thoughts and mood of cancer. He can move aside, but the touchy watermark is not forgiven and can even pull the avennitive malice.

For a harmonious union, cancer needs a patient and understanding partner who will not put pressure, and with a positive will periodically pull out from the attacks of melancholy and bad mood. However, the wards of the moon are sometimes left alone with their thoughts. At the same time, the main thing is to make it clear that you did not quit them to independently deal with our problems, and are always near and able to help.

This is a sign of very emotional and sensitive natures, sometimes even before sentimentality. They have a developed intuition, thanks to which they deliberately feel possible problems and trouble in their lives. They understand that relationships will be doomed or what you should not mess with a separate person. Also feel quite everyday dangers: they do not sit behind the wheel, if they are tormented by bad premonitions.

Under the sign of Scorpio appear on October 24 to November 22, under the management of Pluto and Mars Planets. The most common horoscope characterizes these people as quite active, irresistible, courageous and purposeful. Like cancer, they are endowed with enviable intuition and emotionality. Another common feature that combines signs is the extreme degree of jealousy. It very adversely affects the relationship, especially since in most cases is not reasonable or supported by facts.

Idealism, secrecy and prosecution make the process of building relationships with them both at the initial stage and at a closer period. Scorpio will try to rolling with caviar staining ridicule or sudden checks.

They are very incredulous, no less crayfish, and big owners in relation to all who at least they are close.

In this watermark, passions and emotions with a cold calculation and sobriety are strangely combined. At the service field, such a person can achieve a lot, but in personal life it will be difficult to find a person who will be able to fully open. Because of this, a series of dubious novels and love failures occurs, after which the signs of the sign become even more incredulous.

Despite a number of negative traits, this sign is of great popularity among others, thanks to its cycling energy and Harizme. They can easily captivate the team with their ideas, and after that cool themselves to their projects. So there is a kind of changeable character, because the mood of scorpion may change ten times a day. Contracted and hot temper – the main enemies of the sign on the way of building a harmonious relationship with others. They are too intolerant to other heavy weaknesses and demanding to people, why they themselves suffer because of their hypertrophied idealism.

Compatibility in Love

We can say that both representatives of the zodiac circle are very lucky if they can meet each other at an early age. It will save the guy and a girl from samples and mistakes in unsuccessful relationships. If there are pairs that are compatible one hundred percent, then this is a scorpion and cancer. The beginning of their relationship is usually very bright. About such novels write books and remove movies. They are drawn to each other with insane force, and they are in their relationship just cease to notice those surrounding.

Due to the fact that partners and in bed are perfect to each other, they can conduct (if possible) together just a week. Then, however, a period of misunderstanding and cooling may occur. If relations are developing on this path, the pair is very important as calmly try to survive this first difficult period. Then they will be able to build long-term strong relationships.

Conquer a representative of the related element to any of them will be easy, because they literally breathe in unison. Common interests, goals and similar views on life – they are united too much, and they understand each other literally with half. Relationships in such a couple are based on the intuitive sense of the partner and its deep queries.

It is quite simple to manage to representatives of one element endowed with fantastic intuition.

Well, if in love relationship a man – Scorpio, and a woman – cancer. They will form an archetyapic model of relations of representatives of opposite floors. Purposeful and seductive male Scorpio will be able to conquer the quiet and homework of cancer with his charisma, mind and reliability. The only thing he should at first behave too persistently and assertive, as it can scare away a cautious lady of the heart.

Both in this pair have no pink glasses, and they are capable of soberly evaluate each other. Everyone sees the disadvantages of the partner and loves him with all the characteristics of the character, because even his negative parties are related to their weaknesses and are able to regret the other in a relationship, getting into his place. Such an union is attractive in that it gives both spiritual development and genuine feelings.

If in a pair, a woman is scorpion, and a man is cancer, they can get quite interesting relationships if she shifts a little wisdom. An active and restless person will be annoying the inconsistency of the partner from the very beginning, his dull mood period. In addition, it will most likely customize chosen on a business field, strive to promote it. Possible struggle for the role of the main relationship. Formally and in fact it will be a scorpion woman. This position with all the softness of the cancer will make it a male pride.

To harmonize relations, Scorpio will have to show female wisdom and push the satellite to the desired action is not so persistent and more imperceptibly. She himself will have to become softer, at least externally. The man in this duet is sometimes also listening to the aspirations and wishes of their companion. Then the combination of their strongest qualities will make both more successful. They are always ready to help each other, substituting the right and reliable shoulder.

There is a cancer and scorpion and general not quite attractive features. Both are terrible jealies, even if the second half is quite trust. They are pretty touchy and coarse, and the scorpion is offended stronger. Bring it into the bad location of the Spirit may even unsuccessfully said joke.

Craki is usually quiet and silently dig off their offense, moving away from the partner, while his fellow in the element simply waits for a convenient moment, a perceliness, in case of revenge.

Perspective of family life

If some random way of these representatives of the water element will cross, they can make a very strong married couple on envy to many. Their relationships can begin with dating in the park or on the shore of a quiet reservoir, where both love to walk, but to continue for many dozens of years. They will be closer even the general preferences at the pastime. Alien to noisy companies, both will be happy to spend time in a cozy house with their half or in nature.

In marriage in any situations will invariably support each other, no matter what happens. They clearly understand their goals and see a joint future. This union is supported by a durable material foundation, because such a tandem can make it impossible. Spouses will not fight and brave each other with their success. Everyone clearly knows his role and performs the most suitable for its forces and abilities. Scorpio copes perfectly with making money, and economical cancer increases and blew the financial resources of the family.

Sexual compatibility of spouses is quite prosper. Scorpions are beautiful lovers, passionate and sensual, inclined to experiments. Love classes – their elements. They will appreciate the subtle sensuality of cancer, which is hidden behind the external modesty and at first restrained behavior. Woman Cancer will uncover partner not immediately, but will appreciate his temptation in bed. Man Cancer has no less potential than Scorpio, but rarely able to talk about his desires and fantasies. He will be grateful to his bold and relaxed partner.

The husband born under the constellation of cancer is the perfect family man, a sample of nobility and kindness. He just lives the life of his family, her small daily needs, adores his wife and pampers children. Continuation of the kind, the preservation of traditions – for him the meaning of life. He will be with great pleasure to spend evenings in a family circle than with friends. His half, born under the sign of Scorpio, on the contrary, can be carried away, start small any meaningful intrigues. At the same time, the cancer should not be afraid of his honor – the wife will always be true to him. She will be able to file a lot of bold ideas and push them to implement them, give fire relations. The only thing you should not play is with cancer confidence.

Undermining it once, it will be difficult to restore.

Male Scorpio can be reliable, but difficult in nature satellite. Often he shows outbreaks of anger and aggression, which is very painful can be perceived by his wife. Quiet, caring, she does not deserve such behavior. And Scorpio, of course, appreciates its activities on the arrangement of general life and contribution to the general family case. He should not be neglected by the peaceful calm of the girlfriend. But for her loyalty you can vouch. Although she has success in men, but is simply incapable of betrayal, because the deepest emotional and mental attachment is experiencing its partner.

Couple easily overcomes small family troubles, just not counting it possible to quarrel on trifles. Their best assistant in the fight against misunderstanding is a good sense of humor. The ability to translate offense or a brewing conflict in a joke, it is easier to treat some things very important for this married couple. However, it is necessary to be careful here, since both very proud. It should be distinguished by a friendly joke from the evil irony, the desire to prick or ridicuing the identity of a loved one. They should not be hit in extremes, because then, balancing on the basis of a golden middle, husband and wife will be able to live in love, happiness and respect for many years.

The only weak side of such a union is the inclination of the signs of the zodiac to something very much to get involved in dependence. They need to be moderate in everything: bad habits, sex, gambling games. With a detrimental tendency of one partner with a high probability and the second will turn to his way. Immodance in all, dishonest and inadvertence in ties can destroy the family.

Relationship in friendship

Such people do not believe in friendship between a man and a woman, but it is from these signs that it exists. Can carry it throughout life, having fallen in the garden or elementary school. And it will be truly clean relationships that are not cluttered with the hopes of one of them for further convergence. Of course, it is possible that such a friendship will turn into love over time, but only with mutual desire of both.

If someone from friends has views to another, consisting of a pair, then, rather, breaks friendship, but will not break the relationship. They are very comfortable together, as you can understand each of them so much else.

Ideal if friends do not attract each other as representatives of the opposite sex.

Strong friendly relationships are possible due to a large number of time together, because their hobbies and interests are maximally similar. They feel literally on some thin level, not always understandable others. Cancer and Scorpio are very open with each other, can always say a friend in the face what you think. At the same time they will try to do it so tactfully not to hurt feelings. Ready to come to the rescue at any time, they know exactly who can count in response.

Interaction in work

The best combination of working relationships will be the chief Scorpio and Slap Cancer. Good and duet of equal colleagues of these signs. Together they are capable of much, as hardworking, are actors, purposeful and persistent. Everyone has its advantages and important business qualities. Both, working in a close tandem, can compensate for the missing skills of each other.

So, cancer need a lot of time to enter the case. He hardly makes decisions, but it copes well with painstaking and monotonous work. It will be a good financier under the CEO Scorpio. Cancer It is important that he has enough time to comprehensively familiarize themselves with the situation and drawing up his own competent opinion.

Scorpio is fast and cleft, can sketch the plan of the future project and immediately transfer it to its business partner, immediately losing interest. He is in a hurry to get as much information as possible, contacts and opportunities for incarnation of their grand ideas.

Compatibility in the business of these signs of the zodiac is simply excellent. Together they can go around their competitors, because in a pair to compete and fight for the place under the sun will not. Your energy will be sent better in the creative channel and on solving working issues. The combination of creative abilities of cancer and intelligent Rationalism of Scorpio benefit from them among many. Thanks to the ability to understand each other, literally, they save the mass of time and are able to quickly resolve any situation, because it is not necessary to prove or explain something for a long time.

Child relationship and parent

Cracks and Scorpions are excellent parents, with carefulness and trembling caring about the growing offspring. The problem of understanding with your own children can be the same character traits that hinder the harmonies and their mutual union.

Scorpions – owners who are very demanding for the child.

It comes to the point that everyone seeks to dictate to children: from choosing a hobby and a future profession to a circle of communication and friends. Cracks – too alarming parents who are literally shaking from each breeze and silence kid. They seek to create maximum comfort and comfort, providing a child with everything necessary, causing and directing his interests.

Scorpio should be crushed less on Choo and give it the opportunity to choose. Let a little man makes his mistakes, especially if they are not so serious. Scorpion Perfectionist’s desire to give all the opportunities for the sale of the son or daughter commendably, but often such a parent embodies his for some reason unrealized ambitions.

Cancer, on the contrary, is too democratic. In the desire to become a child another, it is still worth remembering about moderation. No less important than freedom and self-expression, the ability to understand the rules of behavior in society and respect for the authority of the elders.

Possible conflicts

Despite impressive compatibility, even in such a harmonious pair, problems may arise. Knowing about possible difficulties in relationships, partners will be able to work on themselves and start looking for points of contact even before the emergence of misunderstanding and conflicts on this soil.

According to spouse reviews, cancer often behaves like a hidden aggressor. He does not shout and does not insult the opponent, but is inclined to arrange emotional blackmail. Without expressing directly his point of view, such a partner will complain that they do not like it, do not understand and do not appreciate. Scorpio during the quarrel to avoid such an effect, it is necessary to show more restraint, which is not easy to sharp on the language to the representatives of the sign.

Both satellites are often mistaken by resentment, internally resting. Under external decency, they can hide the volcanoes of anger and indignation. Psychologists recommend such a husband and wife more communicate and not to conceal discontent with different sides of family life until it has accumulated to grow into a big scandal.

Despite the reasonable attitude towards the money from both, still in the family there may be disagreements in this matter. Cracks are very economical, up to me. They will not spend an extra penny on themselves, but finance will always find on the family. Scorpio is less reverent about money. He knows how to earn, but also spends.

It pertures his maternity partner, especially if the Scorpio did not agree with the spouse in large spending.

In general, cancer and scorpion, despite the minor inconsistencies, are very similar, can easily find harmony and come to mutual understanding in relationships. Durable Union will strengthen the common family business and traditions that like both signs so. With proper desire and strong love they will be able to overcome any vital difficulties.

The compatibility of scorpion and cancer will tell Astretipologist Dmitry Shimko in the following video.

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