Snake Woman: Description and Compatibility

Snake Woman: Description and Compatibility

Snake Woman Always attracts not only men, but also women. It is distinguished by intelligence, freeness and ability to achieve the goals. Description of the nature of such ladies will help to get better familiar with them and find out with whom the serpent is the best compatibility in marriage.

Appearance and nature

Every year, according to the Chinese horoscope, is called in honor of a kind of animal located in a certain element. Based on year of birth, a person will have certain features of character.

Black water

Also such a sign is called a blue snake. He belongs to 1953 and 2013.

Woman born at this time is characterized by sensuality.

She is ready to sacrifice its temporary resources for the other. It is typically without regretful to violate the rules, also does not like strict discipline and planning.


This element includes a serpent woman born in 1965. Such ladies are able to make unmistakable actions and always choose the right path. They are able to focus on something one and work every step. Snake loves rest, always enjoyed every moment and can create a calm personal life.

Yellow earthy

In the authority of this snake is 1989. The girls of this year are distinguished by a secretive temper, a tendency to slowness and slowness.

Such a girl without difficulty can build her career, gradually moving towards his goal.

Also, a similar lady is characterized by hospitality, loves to create around himself comfort and will be a good wife.

White metallic

In honor of this snake, 2001 is named. Personalities born at this time have a rapid response to any shifts surrounded. They prefer passionate relations in which there is a risk. They need real feelings and sincerity.


Eastern horoscope calls the fire snake 1977 year of birth. Characteristic of such an element speaks for itself: Snakes are distinguished by a combat temper, love to compete, easily calculate actions a few steps forward. If a woman is engaged in a favorite thing, it is purposeful moving forward and always achieves success. In a relationship with the opposite sex, the snake shows devotion and is ready for everything for his beloved.

The snake looks always attractive. It is constantly working to ensure that the body is in good shape. Vitally important to such girls feel confident, so they carefully follow their appearance.

They should all be flawless: nails, hair, decoration, makeup. Visits to the hairdresser are frequent and obligatory procedure. Snake woman loves experimenting with his appearance, often changes style in clothes. Work on oneself gives her pleasure and all the procedures she makes with great joy.

Women born in the year of the snake possess their own characteristics, at the expense of what attracts not only the opposite sex, but also other girls. You can select the following characteristic features of such a sign.

  • They know how to communicate. In this ladies, upbringing, culture, intelligence, elegance and ability to discovery surrounding. Snake knows how to show his advantages, skillfully masking the shortcomings.
  • Such nature will always behave friendly, easily find contact with other people. They can support a secular conversation, but not a big and noisy society.
  • Girls have a good intuition that trust. Girls do not need advice from other people, because they themselves can know how the situation goes and how it is more correct to do.
  • To achieve conceived, such a person is ready on a lot. He will not neglect intrigues, deception. It is impossible to calculate in advance how a woman will behave in a particular situation, so most often she wins victory.
  • A woman born in the year of the snake may be angry and offended. Failure is able to bring it out of equilibrium, some ladies attach great importance to small things. If someone snake does not like, she will hide feelings and feel free to express everything that he thinks.
  • Snake is the most causing sign. It can be a deadly enemy or a sure.


Not with each man snake can get along.

If a certain sign is suitable for it, others can lead to constant scandals and reproach.

Despite the fact that the energy of this sign attracts many, it is worth knowing who the female snake gets better with whom.

With rat

Such relationships risk to end failure. Despite the fact that both people have similar interests, the rat will be very tied to a woman and can perseve themselves at risk.

With bomb

Relationships may develop if both partners have common views on life. If a man is able to take such an alliance in his hands, the snake will be able to safely work and enjoy life.

With tigrome

Unwanted relationships, since such people will not be able to get along and understand each other. Tiger is not able to perceive the wisdom of the snake.

With a rabbit

With a snake rabbit can build a good relationship.

Often you can meet a couple, between which feelings broke out at first sight.

To marry to be successful, both partners must control their emotions.

With dragon

Rarely relationships can be long-term. The dragon does not like to be under the constant control of the snake, and she does not like restrictions. The Dragon man is waiting for him to love, care for him, but the snake will not make such actions, as it is completely absorbed by the work.

With Snake

A similar marriage may be accompanied by problems, since the Union is characterized by two extreme states: unconditional loyalty or frank hatred. Since both partners love to flirt, they will attempt to neutralize each other.

With a horse

Such a marriage is not always lucky, since the horses tend to show their love until it experiences love.

When her feelings go out, she can leave.

Snake is capable of acting in the same way.

With goat

Since the goat of the Transzhira, the snake must have its own means to exist. Only in this case the couple will be able to live together, but still there will be quarrels between them.

With a monkey

Such relationships are also accompanied by problems. The union can only be saved if the partners appear to be prudence and have common goals in life.

With a rooster

Good and promising marriage can be a snake with a rooster. Both partners will understand each other, will be able to find a common goal and strive for her.

With a dog

Together live them will be enough.

Initially both people get involved in each other without noticing flaws.

Then the woman will begin to show the instincts of the owner, and the man appreciates freedom.

With pig

Pig can be a good friend of the snake, but for the novel they have a lot of contradictions. Male Caban will annoy the snake with his naivety, and that by the partner of the partner with household intrigues and underwent.

Work and career

Thanks to its wisdom and secrecy, women born in the year of the snakes are able to achieve great heights. The mind makes it possible to develop in any field. Especially good, similar identities find themselves in science. They are easily given such an area, as they are not inclined to risk and can work without turning hands over the task. The desire to be the owner of expensive things and ambition also contributes to the material component of the snake.

Extension, high abilities, a tendency to calculate and planning allow the snake to spend the minimum number of forces, getting the maximum benefit from its actions.

It will be metiches to any task set, no matter what she does: Chooses clothes, it works or communicates with people. Cunning, manipulating facts and ability to avoid troubles also helps to succeed.

Long-term snake projects do not like. But if she takes a job, he will bring it to the end. To get a profitable project, position, she will be able to do a bad opponent, bribe other people and even resort to deception. When a woman seeks a leadership position, it will highlight high demands for her staff. Your team of lady considers it necessary to teach everything that will be required to work. On the development of the team, she will not regret the resources.

Snake will always find a common language with his subordinates, works well in the team and will not interfere in the personal life of their colleagues.

And if you ask for help, it will always help.

Love and family

A man who wants to be with a woman of this sign is obliged to differ strong and volitional temper. Material consistency will help him succeed. In the relationship, the lady acts as a skilled manipulator, can overcome the psychological terror of his partner. Softness it will begin to show only in more mature age. Some partners do not stand and run away from their beloved before the wedding, since the young snake does not allow breathing his half.

After marriage, the girl will do everything possible so that her marriage is strong and reliable.

Often in the family are born a lot of children: in this way the woman binds its half. Her husband chooses a long time, often she has too high demands.

She chooses not only with a heart, but also by the mind. Usually draws attention to intelligence, consistency, refinement of taste and craving for music. Her partner should skillfully communicate at different topics. Almost every snake is draft. She will not be able to share his partner with anyone. Husband should only belong to her. This feature is the biggest problem that often spoils the relationship.

Astrological signs of the zodiac

Ladies, born in the year of the snake, are distinguished by their singularities, depending on the astrological affiliation of their sign of the zodiac.


Snake-Aries can always control his emotions, has the skills of manipulation over other people. She will take only the position that is beneficial for it at a certain point.

The lady will not risk his interests, even if it comes to close person.

Woman will always move forward, distinguished by purposefulness, courage, attractive appearance. In relationships with her will never be boring.


Such ladies always focus on honesty and justice. It is for them the main. All relationships they will build on the data components. Snake Tales achieve a lot in life, tend to achieve their goals, are able to use their qualities.


The twin woman, which was born in the year of the snake, is characterized by brightness and individuality. She can do several things at a time, characterized by numerous talents. However, she quickly rushes into new cases with head and quickly burns out. The relationship will be expected only to support and will not listen to any criticism, even if it is constructive.


A woman has a complex character, but still achieves its goals.

Women like to realize themselves as a person and the cash side of them does not care.

Snake-cancer gradually achieves the goals.

a lion

Nature, born in this combination of signs, constantly care about their own self-development, work on bad features characterized by landing and pragmatism. Such women are emphasised, leadership. They often achieve a high position in society and are valued for their mind and good education. Conservatism does not allow them to easily change something in their lives, they always value tradition.


Virgin Snake is the lady that is distinguished by success. They often find themselves at the right time and in the right place. They strive to remain with them, develop in different spheres of life, but they best have a creative direction.

Such women differ in life and friendliness.

They will not initiate a scandal, try to develop relations on harmony. Ambitiousness and self-confidence allows them to achieve conceived.


Such personalities are able to present themselves to others. Able to competently regard their capabilities, but only the most profitable are voiced. Refer to the category of pragmatist theorists, they can not only make a plan, but also stick to it. Woman can inspire another idea, but herself is not able to fulfill her in need. It also peculiar to it with sensitive, which can turn into obsession.


Such ladies appreciate the professional qualities of others and do not allow the presence of other women in their lives.

Scorpio Snake is a progressive person who is able to influence fashion trends.

A woman will rarely stop on the achieved and will always be desired. The peculiarity of this combination is their impermanence in relations.


The nature of such personalities has a lot of contradictions. They laid a rod that will allow you to achieve any goals, along with melancholy exposure. They love loneliness to receive inspiration from him. Such women can make the creation of new projects that will bring big money in the future.


Elevated hard work – this is the main feature of such a combination.

Women are not able to live without work and always find something to do.

Innovation, rationalism, the ability to notice the main thing in any things greatly facilitate their life.


Snake-Aquarius is always in search of something new. In their nature, they are pragmatists, they can calculate in detail each step and get moral or material benefit from it. Ladies born in such a combination are distinguished by multi-faceted talents and are able to realize themselves in different fields.


Such a combination has created great speakers and leaders. These women love publicity, scrupulously relate to the method of achieving goals. They differ honesty, do not tolerate hypocrisy. The character laid great stubbornness, ladies constantly prove the correctness of their opinion.

About the compatibility of people born in the year of the snake, look next.

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