Taurus Tiger Woman: Personality Description and Compatibility

Taurus Tiger Woman: Personality Description and Compatibility

To find a common language with a tigrome woman, you need to have a firm character. Such a combination makes a representative of the weaker sex conservative, pedantic and unstatic special. Therefore, not all people may not be understood.


The Tiger Taurus woman is sensual and very feminine. She always radiates confidence and has tremendous tolerance for the disadvantages of others. This is a reliable and calm sign capable of balanced society and give people a feeling of calm.

The representative of these signs is distinguished by the ability to wait long. This applies not only to the expected events, but also false friends. It will not be called every five minutes and scold a nonpumbed friend, but will dedicate the time for waiting for a cozy stay in a cafe with a glass of good fault.

Such a personality really appreciates sophistication and accuracy in appearance. Therefore, it is always dressed with a needle and radiates a pleasant fragrance. And if you ask than the attractive tiger tag, then you can highlight their ability to look sensually and elegant.

Financial security costs for such people in the first place. And therefore, they devote a lot of time to work and self-development, and in their surroundings there are only influential people in wealthy people. Tiger-Taurus can refuse delicious and expensive food in favor of buying a chic dress to produce an unforgettable impression at the event.

It is unlikely that such a woman will pay attention to a poorly dressed man – appearance is very important for her. By obsessive cavaliers she is able to rudely reply, not surviving for their reaction and internal experiences.

The girl born in the year of the tiger under the sign of the Zodiac Taurus is not afraid of barriers and is able to overcome any difficulties. She is always looking for the most difficult way, on which, as a rule, does not meet competitors. In addition, such a person is very conservative and not ready to radically change their habits and views on life.

These are pedantic personalities who do everything for their benefit. If they help someone, then only if it can benefit in the future. However, in their environment there is always a large number of faithful friends, ready to risk themselves for someone else’s salvation.


Tiger-Taurus woman has a soft and calm character. Men need to spend a lot of time and effort to understand such a thin nature. He sees ideal in such a girl, and therefore does everything for her location.

Tiger Taurus – very cunning horoscope. Especially combining these two signs, always counts several moves forward to achieve a pretty man’s attention. Accidentally met at the cafe, she will definitely make the inappropriate meetings continue. So a man will pay attention to the bright girl and try to meet her.

Tiger Taurus girl wants the partner to see self-sufficient and sensual nature in it. Possessing pronounced sexuality, she can interest any man. When such a woman is released, all male attention concentrates on it. The same person chooses the most elegant and beautiful companion and fills it with all his attention.

Such a lady knows how to create around himself a feeling of mystery to attract the opposite sex. It can pretend weak and stupid, but only for the man who is distinguished by courage and charisma. Rarely which partner will decide to break the relationship with gentle in nature, and therefore such a solution will always come from the lady.

Women tigers are interesting to representatives of strong sex, possessing beautiful appearance and powerful character. Such men can become perfect satellites of life, since their authority and credibility will become female attention.

Taiga-tiger girl more attracted guys on scorpions dragons that have beautiful appearance and animal magnetism. Permanent confrontation can tighten both signs in a love cycle for quite a long time.

Great compatibility with Tigrome-Taurus has a Deva-Dragon, Cancer Monkey, Aquarius Snake. But with the fish-dog of the Union will not work, as this combination is characterized by too soft and melancholic character.


Family for a tigers girl takes a special place in life. She always participates in the fate of close people and is often in the parent house. There are no secrets between daughters and parents, everything happens on complete trust and understanding. In the family, Tiger-Taurus feels like in the fortress, where the enemy is not able to penetrate.

Becoming parents, such people fully dedicate themselves to children. For them, it is important that they do not need neither maternal attention or financial support. Often the children of a woman tiger-calf consider mother to imitate and try to imitate her.

Harmony and mutual understanding always reigns between spouses. Women born in the year of the tiger under the sign of the zodiac Taurus, do not tolerate home scandals and quarrels, and therefore extremely rarely use their hardness in solving conflicts. They are accustomed to being the main ones in family relationships and independently make important decisions.

Finance and Career

Tigers-Teltsi pay special attention to the financial side of life, and therefore they build a career with special zeal. Women of these signs can achieve large heights in work and take a high post, but for this they will have to make maximum effort.

As a boss, such an identity behaves fair to subordinate and does not try to use opportunities for mercenary purposes. This boss can be characterized as a tactful and delicate person, ready to find a solution to any problem.

To achieve financial well-being, a tigra-tent must be attached to maximum strength: she needs to fight for its position and constantly prove its competence and literacy. You can not be attributed to such a girl to the balovses of fate, because to achieve success, it must work much and hard.

Woman Caltz will suit professions such as a psychologist, a social worker, a doctor or financier. But the activities associated with large physical exertion, they will not work.

More details about female Taurov, see the following video.

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