Taurus woman: who she is and what a man is needed?

Taurus woman: who she is and what a man is needed?

With the help of stars, you can learn about a lot of interesting things, it is enough to know the date of his birth and look into the horoscope. Of course, 100% of coincidences in the description of the sign of the zodiac and the character of a person are very difficult to find, but the main features can be predicted with a high probability. In this article, consider the character of women born under the sign of Taurus.


This sign of the zodiac is patronized by the earthly element, so the calves are characterized by such qualities as practicality, the ability to put clear goals and systematically incarnate them. They rarely cast a thing of halfway, always seeking to bring it to the end.

“Patience and work – everything is a little” – words that you can’t more accurately characterize stubborn tales.

Woman Taurus rarely changes life installations, so she seeks to choose the failed roads. Their rationalism does not allow participation in adventures, because the outcome of risky clauses is unpredictable. Even following a specific action plan, a woman’s calf is usually trying to think over other options for developing events to be ready for everything. However, with all the staticness of character, they possess a very rich inner world.

People born under the auspices of the Taurus are rightfully considered one of the most domestic and family. This is especially brightly traced when it comes to the representatives of the beautiful floor. They are soft, patient and very economic. In their apartment, each thing has a purpose, while the general view of the interior is laconic and tastefully. As a rule, this woman does not care noisy parties and public events, she with a bigger hunt will spend his free time at home, in the circle of relatives and loved ones, and saved money will spend on the arrangement of its nest.

Externally, the representative of this sign looks pretty feminine. Usually she has a wonderful, luminous health. Beautiful neckline, soft features always attract the attention of men, which this woman is not surprised at all. Her calm and confident behavior add an appearance even more charm. The silhouette of it is not deprived of rounded forms, and if the woman’s woman does not follow the diet, it can gain extra kilograms.

With all the positive qualities of the lady, Taurus does not tolerate comments and objections. She loves everything to be on her head drawn in her head, and sincerely upset when they are trying to disobey her. If it is often unjustly offended, she can take offense, and a person will not be able to rehabilitate in her eyes.

There are many famous singers and actresses among the calves, they often have a nice voice. Among them – Natalia Oreiro, Rene Zelweger, Penelope Cruz, Natalia Andreychenko, Marina Vlad, Svetlana Svetlynaya.


The value of girls born under this sign is not only in their economic activity and anxious attitude towards the home hearth. They are real women who are not trying to compete with a man pulling the blanket for themselves. Taurus respects his male qualities in his companion and knows how to preserve the balance of energy in the Union.

After all, her ideas about the family can be called absolutely classic: the husband is a minider, his wife – his support, the keeper of the hearth and mother.

From an astrological point of view, it is suitable for satellites of the life of Virgo and Capricorn. They also support the traditional ideas about marriage and are able to make a beautiful couple with Taurus. Cancer and fish are also pretty good with her, the main thing is to be able to compromise and take some partner inconsistencies as the ideal. Not too lucky astrologers consider the union between two calves, since at least one of the partners should be more active, and sometimes capable of risk to move forward. Not recommended starfoots to enter into marriage Taurus-Sagittarius and Taurus Aquarius. The first is too unstable and independent, the second and worse – always hovers in the clouds and expresses incredible ideas.


Woman Taurus is ready to dissolve in the care of the family and the house. She enjoying guests with pleasure, treats them with a variety of dishes, creates a setting situation and demonstrates itself as an exemplary wife. Children appreciate her love and even in transition can share with their problems with their problems, knowing that it will be able to give a good advice and gently send to the right decision.

Like any insult, the flirting partner with other women she will definitely remember and will keep everything in himself, tormented from incorrect injustice. But hardly she pulls out such behavior to her man. Gradually, quiet aggression will fall into the righteous anger, and then daring to offend her person will receive a grand scandal with far-reaching consequences.

To conquer the heart of the lady Taurus is not so easy, because she prefers to decide with whom she is, and she clearly knows what he wants. Annoying seducers often tolerate defeat. Help charm this lady can expensive gifts, exquisite restaurants and a flawless view of the Uhager himself. Primitive sex, even in an extreme setting, she does not like. Much better if everything happens in exquisitely furnished apartments, with all the attributes of the romantic Night of Love. If a man prepare everything properly, then she will not shake on her affection and passion.

If a representative of this sign met his big love and a person arranges it in all, she will be predicted to him to the end. Undoubtedly, she has many positive qualities, but the husband must fit and be at one level. A man who is too relaxed in marriage with her and began to treat her virtues as properly, risks becoming a cuckold.

Realizing that the partner is not “that very”, the Taurus is able to be polygamy, to love several men at once, and at the same time it is to rush with relations with them.

Career and Finance

Since the Taurus appreciates stability in everything, money for her is very important, because they give her such a necessary sense of security and confidence in tomorrow. Our heroine is not chasing easy prey and knows that free cheese is only in a mousetrap, so it is ready to work much and hard. People who have just achieved their work, cause genuine admiration for Woman Taurus.

Most often in its sphere of interests are concrete classes with clearly prescribed duties. If this is a creative specialty, it must be associated with the arrangement, repair or design of the house, needlework, agriculture. Not bad, such a woman can show itself on the sale of property. She likes to create beautiful things. It is possible to implement in this area in the profession of couturier or publisher of a fashion magazine, for example.

But despite the craving for the beautiful, such a woman rarely becomes a “free artist”, which is creating at the destruction of a capricious muse. It is characterized by high performance and it does not regret the forces on the way to success. Her will and purposefulness can be envied – natural restraints and the ability to behave in society helps. Tales may seem too slow down in work, but they are able to truly delve into the essence of the case, without missing important trifles that others can miss sight. Becoming the boss, and this woman is completely able to the woman, it remains a courteous and friendly communications with colleagues, adopts weighted solutions and will never come with work for personal affairs.

As you know, each zodiac has 30 degrees in the zodiacal circle, and they are divided by astrologers for decades.

We give the main distinguishing features of the Tales born in different days.

The first decade (from April 21 to May 1) is under the authority of the planet Venus. For these women, starpastes are endowed with a higher sensuality than their “colleagues” on constellation. Important years in life: 16, 24, 30, 33, 39, 45, 51, 57. Such women are especially like to receive pleasure from life, stretch to the beautiful, sometimes they are trying to develop vocal and theatrical talents in themselves.

The second decade (from March 2 and 11) is experiencing a powerful influence of Mercury. Important years in life: 16, 21, 24, 33, 41, 50, 60, 64. It is a good luck in such professions as a lawyer, teacher, seller, editor, diplomat.

They are especially careful and know how to make the right solutions to promote their careers.

The third decade (from May 11 to 20) – under the auspices of Saturn. It is truly stubborn tales, but often they closure themselves in too narrow frames. But in his desire to success, mountains can roll and achieve impressive results. Important years in life: 16, 21, 24, 33, 41, 50, 60, 64. In their sphere of interest, it is recommended to include all professions associated with land, real estate, as well as management, entrepreneurship and engineering work.


The main mascot-animal of this sign is the bull, which is not surprising, because it is a “face” of constellation. Wisdom and composure gives a woman to Caltz Owl. And for particularly valued career successes, astrologers advise to get a horse figurine as a symbol of working capacity and success.

According to professional astrologers, stones as talismans should not be too active. Their main task is to concentrate and direct the congenital energy of representatives of this zodiac to the right direction.

Women Taurus very much in favor of your favorite people and the stability in love and professional relationship is important for them, so most experts in astrology recommend them to wear turquoise decorations. So that the man was devoted to partner, she can entee small pebbles of this mineral in clothes lining.

Taurus, who have not yet been tilting themselves as a marriage, looking for themselves and seeking to know, Sapphire will come in handy. He will also help to lure a secured cavalier who will help her fulfill all the dreams. Since the calves are distinguished by sensitivity and vary, they can be advised to wear green agate. It will help you to drive the sad thoughts, get rid of the Handra and strengthen its energy. Another green agate helps to sear all unnecessary and concentrate on really important.

Yashma – another natural stone recommended by our heroine. Mineral protects against negative forces, evil eye, envy, helps to attract success. Bloody Jasper is especially good for those born in the first decade – from April 21 to May 1. Eliminates its mistress from accumulated fatigue, returns vigor and self-confidence.

Coral increases the vitality of the Tales, born from 2 to 11 May. Helps to remove negative attitudes that make her doubt her. Representatives of this sign, the date of birth of which falls on the third decade, especially recommended to wear decorations with a diamond.

The stone increases the sociability of its owner, develops all the best qualities in man and gives the ability to clearly think in any situation.

What plants are suitable?

Taurus instinctively stretches to agriculture and gardening, because this is the first sign of the zodiac circle of the elements of the Earth. In her house you can often see room flowers. For her, growing plants is not just the opportunity to decorate your home and bring comfort to it, this is what helps to feel harmony and restore his strength.

There are many colors of the Talismans.

To support positive energy in the house and attract success, they are advised to “settle” the following plants:

  • Kalanchoe+
  • cyclamen+
  • Primula+
  • Tulip+
  • lily of the valley.

All of them are plants that attract wealth, but special attention of astrologers advise to turn to Calanechoe Channels. With a neat appearance, it has a lot of power. This green friend will not be just a talisman for her mistress, but also will help in the fight with many ailments. Cyclamen will help the calves to gain harmony with them, will bring peace and peace to their home.

Among the Talisman trees are called Talismans:

  • hazel+
  • oak+
  • Osin+
  • Lipon+
  • ash.

      All of them are very firmly fixed in the ground, and the Tales in a sense also have “powerful roots”, which is expressed in the reverence of ancestors and traditions. Also these trees are characterized by healing properties. Of these, you can make a small charm, which will protect the hostess from the negative and attract good luck.

      Oak, Oshness and Lipa allow these women to gain energy for great accomplishments. Ospen helps soft calves to defend their opinion, despite the head of the surrounding. Nut increases the communicative abilities of modest representatives of the zodiac sign and helps to keep forces to work.

      Happy numbers

      According to numerologists, our lives rule the numbers, and every person somehow experiencing magic of numbers.

      In every month, there are favorable days. They have to hold business meetings, financial operations and even romantic dates. 2 is the number of opposing opposites. However, he is a digital equilibrium, which means that its energy is consonant with Taurus. A happy number by date of birth for Taurus is 4. This is a symbol of a square: it is characterized by strength, stability, as harmony of four elements or four seasons. Also safely begin the undertakings that the Taurus started 3 numbers of any month.

      The main figure, defining the successful days of the Taurles, is the number 6. In addition, they also adversely and other numbers, multiple six. There are two troops in them or three two.

      According to the opinion of Numerologists, all this should be considered when appointing date of important events.

      Consider the eastern horoscope

      To more accurately tell about the personality of the woman-Taurus, you need to take into account and her year of birth along the Eastern calendar.

      Rat Taurus – a classic business woman who has time to keep home and look good in order. However, to please this “Miss perfection”, a man will have to try, because it places high demands not only to himself, but also to others.

      Due to outstanding mental abilities and endurance Woman bull-taurus can build a good career and strong exemplary family. Being very serious and practical, she will not give too much time to give her beloved and is unlikely to please his friends. Empty spending and useless pastime at parties – not for her.

      Tiger-Taurus is very brazed, but not aggressive. However, her confidence allows him to seek everything that she wants, without quarrels and scandals. The undoubted advantages of the Tager-tiger – the desire for justice and the sense of debt, erected into the rank of life principle.

      Taurus-rabbit loves homemade comfort and surround himself only truly loved ones and expensive people. In her circle, new acquaintances rarely fall, but it does not suffer from this.

      Snake loves to paint on any topics and penetrate into the essence of any question. It is difficult to deceive, because it perfectly predicts the actions of people. Thanks to the inner attraction, the Taurus born this year loves people without showing for this visible effort.

      Openness of the world and tag to communication – distinctive quality of the horse-calf. And thanks to the endurance and the absence of timidity, it reaches great success in.

      The goat (sheep) is brazed in everything as regards the business sphere, but it happens defenseless and even naive in relations with the opposite sex. This girl needs an understanding man who can support her.

      Monkey, born under the sign of Taurus, a very brisk nature and a born leader. She is not afraid to get into the verbal duel and is sure that he knows the answer to any question.

      Born in the year rooster sign Taurus slightly softens, hanging such a lady prudence and caution. Before rushing into battle, she will hold back, but if it is taken out of him, she will pounce on the enemy. Especially if you need to defend weaker or unfair offended.

      The dog-Taurus is very careful and prudent, so he plans everything to the smallest detail. In her head many options for developing events for any occasion.

      She is not happy about surprises.

      The pig knows how to plan life, but also the risk is not against. It is multifaceted and in communication shows itself from different sides. For a family – affectionate and caring, for outsiders – closed, in work – tough, with loved ones – soft and t. D.

      The lady born under the constellation of the Taurus is very attractive and can make an excellent party to any man. Excellent hostess, which will always find time to care for the house and by me, will not leave indifferent who appreciates classic family values. The main thing is to be worthy of this lady: do not bother to gifts, manifestations of caress and love.

      Read more about Women born under the sign of Taurus, see the following video.

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