Twin Woman Born in Horse Year: Characteristics and Compatibility

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Twin Woman Born in Horse Year: Characteristics and Compatibility

Although the twins, born in the year of the horse and are not so sociable as other representatives of this sign, they still love to be in noisy companies. The spirit of adventurism is developed in them with double power. These are women who are not able to cope with the problems on their own, they necessarily need help.


Girls twins horses can quickly make decisions, their reflexes are laid since birth. They give the car perfectly or even a heavy technique. Often travel, for a long time stored pleasant memories in mind.

Main characteristics: active, stubborn, eloquent.

These people are charming, pleasant in communication are passionate about life. Often, their main goal becomes beautiful – that’s why the girl will never get tired to strive for something new, enjoy every moment. As soon as boredom will appear, be it work or relationship, the lady will disappear forever.

In fact, they are rather stubborn and insist on imposing their lifestyle. If you are a friend or lover of this weak floor representative, it is better not to help it in anything, until I ask. May upset if you don’t leave her alone.

For the twin horses life – the sea of ​​pleasure. They love to take part in any active activity that stimulates and makes feel good.

Love to laugh, and will laugh even on themselves, if they are in an awkward situation. Therefore, for many other reasons, people want to be near them.

If something prevents traveling, the girl will find consolation in books and magazines, because he loves to read and very curious. So she avoids boredom and relaxes, not spending too much money. Sometimes it may seem insensitive, but it is not.

These representatives of the fine sex will not listen to anyone and prefer their own needs, often ignore the desires of others.

With some people, a twin horse is more solid and decisive. She is not the happiest man in the world, so she needs to fight more to get what I want.

It is important to preserve the inner rod, to show positive traits, such as generosity, kindness and decency.


In an effort to learn more, the twin horse tries more often to get acquainted with new people. This woman successfully can use the knowledge gained to solve the problem. Work where you need to constantly repeat the same actions, not suitable for them.

These are good actors that will be able to realize themselves on theatrical scene. The working environment can make more discharged.

Since they are straightforward, you can rightly call them condemning and criticizing. But it is not bad that the lady expresses his opinion. At least, be sure that everything she says is true truth. Girl at any age evaluates things, situations and people rationally.

Perfect Career for Gemini Horse: Design, Music, Dancing and Fine Arts. Can be great comedians or traders.

Since their curiosity concerns everything around, these women are rarely looped on something one and always self-improvement.

In love

In order for the representative of this sign to be caring and faithful in relationships, she needs an understanding partner. Woman idealizes his partner, so it will look for a suitable person for a long time. Will not tolerate sarcasm in his direction. To love someone, she should have a good reason. In other words, the partner needs to be perfection himself to interest the twin horse.

If it feels in the family that there is no control over what is happening, becomes evil and rigid. You need to allow the girl to lead the household, then she will be pleased.

Ideal compatibility: with a water-tiger or a dog, a ram-ram, scales-ram and airy-tiger.

Features of the character of a woman born under the sign of the twins, look next.

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