Twins and Fish Compatibility in Friendship and Love

Twins and Fish Compatibility in Friendship and Love

Relationships of fish and twins can not be called simple. Partly the problem is that both are dual sign, so it is difficult for them to adapt to each other because of the unpredictability and those and others.


Gemini and fish belong to the two opposite elements – air and water, which are absolutely not compatible. This largely affects the nature of their relationship. Indeed, both in friendship, and in work, and in the family both representatives feel like on a volcano.

Women twins in nature are directly, changeable, sociable, active, moving – in short, do not sit without affairs.

The girl of this sign of the zodiac is usually difficult not to notice, as the twins try to make it all forces to be in the center of universal attention. They carry themselves in life with a highly raised head. As a rule, women twins carefully monitor, trying to always look well. Even at the point of mind they seem much younger than their years.

By nature of its extroverts, the twins are charged with energy during communication, especially with the opposite sex. So, the girl twins are quite difficult to abandon the random flirting, even being in a romantic relationship and experiencing deep feelings for their chosen one. Therefore, the girl born under the sign of the twins does not pay a man who dreams of a quiet family life.

Male Gemini values ​​with their independence, because of which it is not in a marriage. To push it to this step can only a set of several factors at once. He must be crazy about his partner. It is worth saying that men twins fall in love so fast and just. Their chosen should remain mysterious and unpredictable, which is not so simple, because the twins are greatly dealt with people.

Men born under the sign of the twins, I want to constantly be in the center of attention. It is endowed with a good sense of humor, has a wide range, so it is always interesting and fun. Male Twins are not malicious and easily forgets the resentment, however, if he hurts his feelings too much, he will not forget this until the very end.

Fish woman can not always be born in beauty, but over time, natural charm, charm and femininity, with love for her care, will make it irresistible. Few people able to resist the girl’s fish. Its emotionality, naivety, mystery and the virgin burdens are so attractive that men lose their heads.

In friendship, as well as in love, a woman born under the sign of fish is completely given. Her affairs and problems depart into the background as soon as she sees that someone else needs her help. However, in return, she is waiting for the same self-dedication. The most important thing for the girl’s fish is a sense of security, so she has few friends. It will not share something intimate with a person who does not trust. Despite the sensitivity, the woman’s female is not in love and can wait for his only one for many years.

However, no matter how she loved a man, she is quite capable of changing him, it is not clear what can push it on this step.

For a man’s fish in the first place is the sensual side of life, and not material. Such people are supporting in difficult times, but they are not ready to sacrifice themselves to sacrifice themselves and their interests. Because of this, in family life, disagreements may arise, especially if a woman does not want to take household questions completely.

Being one of the most sensitive representatives, men fish – excellent lovers who can feel every desire for their woman. However, the permanent search for new sensations and admiration is perfect by no means contributes to the loyalty of such people, so it’s not worth waiting for them. It is worth remembering that if a man of fish truly loves, he will not be able to change his choices even in thoughts.

Behavior in friendship

Friendly relations of twins and fish – the best format of their communication. If in the relationship it is necessary to adhere to certain framework, take on certain obligations, then the friendship does not imply.

Woman twins and male fish can be great friends at least because both are little care about the material. They are much more interesting to discuss all sorts of philosophical topics, dream and build plans for the future. A man of fish because of his convergence from reality often feels not in his plate, as the status is not the main thing for him. Girl Twins do not care about the benefit when it starts with someone friendship. She is interested in man himself. Male fish appreciates it precisely for it.

In addition, the twins of all around are infected with their optimism, and the fish, prone to despondency and self-confidence, is impressed by. In turn, irrepressible fantasy of fish, their ability to constantly invent something new, seek unusual topics for conversation attract twins who are constantly looking for new impressions and emotions. Nevertheless, the probability that friendly sympathy will grow into something more, extremely small. These people practically do not pull each other in nor in sexual plans.

Despite the closedness and congenital modesty, the fish need from time to time to get out of the house to dispel. No one better than twins know where and when the most interesting events will take place, how to get the best tickets and use some privileges.

“Taste” with me fish, twins will have the huge service, thanks for which will not make himself wait.

What is noteworthy, a friendly alliance between a man twins and a girl with fish is unlikely. At first, the eternal involvement and ability to empathy inherent in the fishes will attract twins, but in the future it will become boring with apathetic and delicate fishes. In turn, the Pispers are afraid of the twins, since they do not cost anything strongly in the word, while noticing nothing. The only exception is when the man twins and the girl’s fish – relatives. Then the brother will take care of his little sister, and she – to take care of him and maintain.

In general, for continuous and strong friendship, this duet is not quite suitable. Too different views on life, in particular, on the friendship itself, make relationships tense.

Compatibility in Love

Gemini and fish may well coexist peacefully, but for this you will need a lot of effort from each of the partners. Both sign are dual, so you will have to get enough for two personalities, but the whole four. No wonder that it turns out not easy.

At first, as in any pair, partners are blinded by love and see each other only what caused sympathy. For example, in the Union, a woman’s female and man twins will entail her mystery, a certain closure, inaccessibility, and her – progress, easy attitude to everything, the ability to make broad gestures and beautiful compliments. In situations where the girl belongs to the sign of the twins, and the man – to the sign of the fish, she “pecks” on his mindfulness in combination with the felt force of character, and he – on the optimistic image of a laughter-laughter. But over time, the Fleur is scattered, and partners begin to notice each other annoying features.

Woman born under the sign of fish, dreams of family, homely comfort, quiet happiness. She does not consider such a state of affairs by chambers and sincerely does not understand why her chosen one is not in a hurry to make an offer, although it swings in eternal love. Male Gemini, contrary to everything, is not ready to associate ourselves. He still lives well. He does not represent that it can change this stamp, because everything is so good. In special cases, a man can explain his reluctance to move to a new level by something in life he has not yet managed to reach: I did not buy an apartment, car, cottage and so on.

Fishes living away from the material world, this is not understood, so often the relationship end in a broken heart of one or both partners.

Congenital lentils of the twins to flirting will first attract a secretive and sensitive man’s fish, but in the future will become a stumbling block. It is not clear to him how you can simultaneously play at once with several representatives of the opposite sex. Although he does the same thing, a man does not notice such a force, so he will ask from his partner to full.

To marriage, such a couple will decide either very quickly, or will not solve at all. In the future, a man without citing jealousy may require a divorce. Problems will add and frivolous fish attitude to money. If the twins can not live without comfort, then fish are solved and to heaven in the chaolache.

Secrets of harmonious marriage

So that the Union of two such different signs is harmonious, it will be necessary to work on everyone from partners. Unfortunately, even this does not guarantee happiness in family life, because twins and fish are two diametrically opposite personalities.

To begin with, it is worth saying about positive moments. Although twins and fish are completely different, thanks to this, they complement each other well. Qualities that lack one of the partners, with an excess there is in another. As a result, over time, the couple develops as a person. Fish begin to look more positively to many things, and Gemini understand that sometimes it is still necessary to have their own interests for the common good.

It is important that reckless twins learn from fish caution. If they initially acted, putting on Kon, then over time, they begin to think about the consequences and whether the game is worth the candle. On the other hand, fish as a sign with completely missing leadership qualities learn from the twins to defend their position where it is necessary. Fish are becoming more confident in themselves and can even inspire others to new accomplishments, taking responsibility and leadership.

Harmony is able to ensure the inclination of both signs of the zodiac to make romantic gestures to the partner’s address. The guy can tell the girl beautiful words, and it is from time to time to pour him dinner when candle. Pare It is important to regularly arrange such events regularly, as they are able to heat the mutual interest of lovers.

A frequent problem becomes various inexpensive and secrets between his wife and husband.

It is mutual suspicions that often lead to scandals, cooling of feelings and divorce. Unfortunately, to redo themselves from partners will not work, so there are two outputs. The first is not to pay attention to such a shortcoming and allow the partner to have his own personal space. The second is to try more to tell each other, not concerning only the meanworkers. It will keep a hint of a mystery that is so necessary and fishes, and twins as individuals.

There may also be problems due to different temperaments. It can not be said that fish and twins are incompatible in bed, but this sphere will not do without any problems. Sensual fish can repel the twin thrust to experiments, while the twins can perceive fish as too closed. To solve this problem, you need to openly talk about your feelings and desires, and in the future try to find a compromise.

Relationships at work

If conflicts can be between twins and fish in love relationships, then in terms of work they are one hundred percent fit each other. Especially this concerns the creative sphere. More closed fish are immersed deep into senses, but at the same time the world around the world perfectly feel, they have a sense of excellent. Gemini know how to find a common language with anyone. Thanks to this, they can easily create joint work, and then promote them with all possible ways.

However, not only partnerships are possible between fish and twins. Scenario “Leader-subordinate” also has the right to exist. Best when the patribution takes on the twins. Fishes need the task to be put in front of them extremely clear. Then they will be able to take all responsibility. At the same time, changeable twins are not always able to do it. As a result – misunderstanding and stress.

If the head is fish, then the twins may suffer from excessive subsidism. For twins, a creative approach is important, the ability to work in mood and the absence of a framework, while the fish are concentrated not only on the final result, but also on the details. Often such an overlooking the demanding manager cannot find a common language with the Slave Gemini Sign.

Fishes and twins should not work together on some projects and tasks that are not related to creativity and practically do not give space for maneuver.

Since they have a completely different approach to work, such cooperation will be difficult for both parties. If the fish are completely immersed in the work and can do something monotonous for a long time, twins need to be constantly switching between tasks. As a result, the fishes approach the twins will seem non-serious, and the twin style of fish work is too slow and ineffective. So do not unite these two people in one team.

As practice shows, both signs live out of material concepts, Therefore, often their cooperation ends with joint waters from the responsibilities assigned to them. The guys of twins and the dream of fish just contribute to this. Therefore, it is best to appoint someone more responsible in order for him to control the work of this couple and in time pointed them.

Causes of possible conflicts

Most often problems arise due to the fact that none of the partners want to take responsibility. Fish run into the world of dreams, encountered with the problems of the real world, which does not have serious consequences. Gemini can not afford such luxury, so they are responsible for everything.

Lack of force in the character of twins – another factor that causes disagreements. Despite all the seeming tenderness and dreaminess, the fish are able to go ahead, in spite of everything, while the twins are capable of throwing all over halfway and quite easily refuse their goal. This quality can push fish, as it will be evidence of the unreliability of such a person. Reliability and safety – what vane fish so much.

Twins pushes excessive egocentricity. It seems to them that those constantly docked only on themselves. Indeed, the fish are prone to excess self-confidence and self-analysis of the case and without. They need to control so that thoughts about themselves do not occupy absolutely all of their time, and the space remained for anything else: hobbies, work, lover.

Both signs sometimes do not want to rely on logic and common sense, following intuition or inner voice. Only often their internal voices talk about completely opposite things. Considering that both representatives of intuition rarely and they tend to trust in small, conflicts arise about what decision to accept: what seems to be correct twins or fish.

It should be borne in mind that both decisions will be correct and lead to a good result, but still it is better to pay attention to facts.

Reviews of astrologers regarding the union of twins and fish contradictory, but no specialist said that these two signs cannot coexist peacefully. A little work on yourself – and the harmonious union is ready. Partners only need to learn to listen and hear each other. Then any conflict can be solved quickly and without too much noise.

On the compatibility of twins and fish will tell Astretipologist Dmitry Shimko in the next video.

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