Virgo Woman: Characteristics, Compatibility and Profession

Virgo Woman: Characteristics, Compatibility and Profession

Practical, modest, loving, smart and responsive, women born under the sign of the Zodiac Virgo, reliable and observant. They introduce stability and order, forcing others to feel comfortable in their company. There are other features of the character who can have women of the New and Third Decade.


These ladies can be described as charming, witty, realistic, loyal, delicate. But at the same time, they tend to become restless, nervous and capricious. It is important for them to remain focused.

Sexuality is not in last place. With the right partner and with a sufficient number of emotions in physical contact, the girl soon discovers that its attractiveness is incredibly strong. Bans do not perceive because they contradict her nature. She needs to explain daily to himself how beautiful she is beautiful and feeling to love her body, and otherwise the girl becomes noine.

Her heart is filled with anticipation of the future, while her mind is trying to get to the truth. In search of the best world, the girl Virgo believes in kindness and does not blame anyone, except for himself, in perfect mistakes. Although it makes her martyr, at the same time inspires all those who finally prepare to take responsibility for their own life.

Woman Virgo can choose two extremes when raising children. One of them is constant, obsessive concern that forces her children to be afraid of the real world in the future. Another approach is all the forces given by the career, understanding that even with a mother, she must follow their way. In any case, the girl is important to focus on emotional communication with children to support discipline, give them care. Such a representative of weak gender will often take on too much responsibility as a parent, instead of allowing the partner to divide the assigned duties.

The whole system of beliefs of this woman is associated with the material world, circumstances and search for real opportunities. She realist, although it loves to dream a little. The direction of her movement in life should be determined by the love that she feels. Regardless of beauty and beliefs, people of this sign always move in foot with time. Very rarely changes a set of beliefs.


Virgin is quite attractive, in description they have the right features of the face. The nose and ears are small, the forehead is wide, which indicates an analytical warehouse of the mind. Leather most often pale, hair thin. She loves the smell of fresh detergent much more than perfume.

Looking into the eyes you can not noticize how clear they look at the world around. Rarely when you can see on the face of this representative of the beautiful sex, concerns or disgust. They are alert and it seems that they constantly think or solve someone known only to them.

It is impossible to resist the charm of such a girl. Even with a low growth, they most often have long hands and feet, feet and elongated head shape. Large mouth with smooth beautiful teeth. Virgin is rarely overweight, so teenagers are often reminiscent, because they have wide thighs and a small breast.

Their spine and hips do not cope with too much pressure. Can wear a white, ironed shirt, which is ten years old, but no one can guess about it. Virns love things neat, not stuck in the eyes.

Positive and negative character qualities

The greatest property of the Woman of the Virgin is its intelligence, analytical mind and excellent memory. She is a thinker who takes into account every detail before making a decision. Therefore, people of such a warehouse of character are good in dispute resolution, are wonderful business partners, analysts and strategists. Although the girl – Virgo may seem strong, it is emotionally and must follow the soul equilibrium.

At first, it may seem quiet, nevertheless rarely evades problems with solving problems, always proves its determination and hard work. Attention to detail and inability to ignore even the smallest shortcomings make a great contribution to success.

She is trying to rely on his mind, although it remains sensitive and vulnerable. Deep, understanding, Observing the representative of the Virginably solves all the problems. Her mind is really great and extremely strong, but the body needs attention, care and affection.

The girl should understand that Perfectionism is not the best trait that does not allow her to be happy.

The manic desire for cleanliness applies not only to cleaning indoors, a woman under this sign wants to clean the whole world from evil. The most important thing with which this woman should face is to find faith in what it is better than it actually. She will have to constantly remind himself about it. Has the ability to perfection in all areas of his life. Bad when it stops on what is achieved because the whole life then feels unrealized, and respectively and unhappy.

Elements and talismans

As a talisman, the virgin can advise the following forms:

  • cubic+
  • owl+
  • Grasshopper+
  • Monkey.

They can be both drawn and manufactured from different materials. The grasshopper attracts good luck, the owl helps to concentrate, take the right decision in any situation.

Made of white metal Cube stands with a wonderful guard for the representative of this sign. And the monkey contributes to the development of success in the business sector.

Since the elements of this lady Earth, she has many talismans of plants, including pine, which helps determine the true goals in life. Contributes to the development of respect for someone else’s opinion, because it is a symbol of meekness.

Behavior in friendship

She is devoted, caring and deeply emotional with her friends. The feeling of patriotism is intertwined with her ability to feel free. Very carefully refers to the choice of friends, but to earn her friendship, you need to really do a lot. This is a person who is trying to hide feelings from the outside world, thereby avoiding possible pain.

In her social contacts there are proximity, sometimes more than in her house, and it is extremely important that someone touches her heart to truly reckon with her friend. Among the friends there may be a man who is spiritually much closer to such a girl than even someone from relatives.

What is she in love?

Intimate relationships and marriage cause this woman the desire to achieve incredible vertices. This engine is its progress if the couple succeeds and not in the family of conflicts, otherwise Virgo ceases to be concentrated. She is curious, careful and does not like to act in a hurry. If it was disappointed in love or injured, then most likely will close his heart for new relationships. To feel truly happy, she needs a faithful and loving partner.

When Woman Virgo falls, probably even scared. It will be so shy, which will never begin the ratio of the first, since it prefers that the partner makes the first step. So the girl feels attractive and feminine.

Some of the representatives of this sign rationalize the things around them to such an extent that they can approach someone and even flirt, but there will be no long-term relationship with a person. Woman needed stronger, self-confident partner.

Sometimes the girl does not even know about his sensual nature and sexuality, and this is exactly what attracts the attention of the opposite sex. You can not immediately conquer the virgin, you will need a lot of time to relax with the partner. Will never discuss his sex life with other people. In intimate relationships, with a balanced solution, not relying on emotions.

The representative of this sign is a good mistress and even cheerful in trifles. Will clean the house, cook lunch, take care of children, wearing suitcases and give the tips with ease, if you do not stop it. But she should not do everything herself, because it makes partners feel incompetent, stupid, unable to take care of the family.

Women’s Virgin can trust one hundred percent. She is too smart and true to give in to grasp. Her morality and shy nature will not allow me to go. The only thing that cannot be trusted is her silence, because when she decides not to speak, becomes “dangerous” in his decisions. Most of the time does not need anyone in life, but will often compromise and sacrifice it to resist for a partner who will love.

She wants someone to invite her to date. At the beginning of the relationship will enjoy calmness. Will not tolerate aggression or perseverance in any manifestation, at least until it falls in love or does not bind to the partner.

She is caring, modest and devoted, can fix everything. This is a woman who wants to help and take part in the life of his partner so that they can build a better life and be happier together. Unfortunately, it can be captivated and imagine that it knows better what is good for other people.

Career and attitude to money

Work is always in the first place, the girl works hard, devoting himself to any case. Always copes well with documents and daily problems that others do not want to take over. Nevertheless, the purpose of her work is not to get into the trap with endless tedious details, but to free and inspire the mind, to make it achieve those heights that she deserves.

It requires an inspiring workplace where you can grow, develop and achieve the laid potential, regardless of how hard tasks need to be solved. To conquer new heights in the career, timely change, variety. Only so tea will feel not controlled by the need to try to find something more valuable for yourself.

As a boss or manager, this lady does not feel a timid and shows the best quality of the person. To achieve success, she must love the profession that chose.

It is often possible to read that Virgo can handle money that she is a responsible, reliable person who has a black day. This statement is true for lonely representatives of this sign that correctly organize their own resources and know what their financial obligations are.

Unfortunately, this attitude to the means changes quickly when Virgo comes out. If there is no control over bank accounts, it easily loses the money spent. In general, she does not well understand their value. Allow her husband to leave even to the other end of the world so that he can earn enough for her, and he will be engaged in the house and everyday routine.


Love Women Virgin – This is poetry in motion. This is a deep romantic earthly sign, which gives his heart forever.

Virgo, as a rule, is pretty picky when it comes to choosing a lover. It can lead to the fact that the girl will remain lonely. Sometimes these insightful women imagine their scenario to search for ideal relationships.

Numerous reviews indicate that the best compatibility of the Virgin with cancer, scorpion, Capricorn, Aquarius and Taurus. In the Union with cancer, both partners will find an understanding and respect. They equally responsibly belong to family values, love and order.

Truly happy this representative of the beautiful sex will feel like Capricorn. He will fully assume the obligation to take care of the financial side of relations, will do everything to not fade. Can charm the Virginia Charismatic Taurus who will be able to convince the girl in his ideality. His rage will be redeemed to prudence such a wife.

Sophisticated scorpion manitis with its attractive sexuality, his antiwear do not bring her out of themselves. In such a pair, the girl will be easy to adapt. Despite the fact that there is little common with aquer, the couple feels comfortable in each other’s arms. This is a coherent team that easily turns around the mountains and achieves success in any area.

What you can donate?

When it comes to events like birthdays and anniversaries, it is not necessary to forget the importance for the Virgin date. You should buy a gift that is useful. It can be clothes with a pleasant inscription, dishes. If you want to surprise, then my own poem will fit. But do not do in it grammatical errors.

Most women virgins have a hidden love for all types of art, the girl can appreciate painting or sculpture. This is exactly what needs to be chosen for a birthday, as a last resort, you can give flowers, but must know in advance what kind of most like most.

The girls of this sign lose their strength, seeking perfection. They can easily get bogged in detail. Health and well-being are important for the girl of the Virgin, so they love gifts associated with body and health care. Gift certificates for massage and acupuncture, as well as face masks will be very valued by it.

Books, handmade decorations – Great gifts for your beloved Virgin. Special attention should be paid to gift wrapping, as the girl does not like carelessness. She is disgusting for her, his own design will be the best work of art for her. Girls of this sign enjoy beautiful intricate carvings on a tree, embroidery.

Do not bother with the purchase of stupid gifts or cheap items for the Virgin, as it immediately throws things that do not like.

Famous representatives

If we talk about people who have excellent photogenicity, then the Virgo belongs to such. Most of them have amazing beauty. Among the famous celebrities born under this sign, you can allocate:

  • Rachel Welch+
  • Sophia Loren+
  • Lorin Bekcol+
  • Roman Bracci.

All fair sex representatives made a crazy public career and more than once appeared on the covers of fashion magazines.

Virgo woman is the perfect combination of mind and beauty. She has organizational skills that the lady uses with benefit. This is a fair floor representative used to do, and not talk.

Deep inside the creative vein is hidden, but their inspiration must be tangible because it is a landed sign.

On how to charm a woman’s woman, look in the following video.

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