With whom a cancer will be able to create a harmonious couple?

With whom a cancer will be able to create a harmonious couple?

The most sensitive zodiac sign is cancer, since the life of his representatives depends on the phases of the Moon. Such people are easy wound, decisive and possess charisma. The main line of cancers is that they can subordinate others to achieve personal goals, but despite this disadvantage, they turn out good leaders and excellent partners in family life.

Characteristic of the sign

Cancer – Emotional Sign, His Element Water. Men and women of this zodiac are extremely frank in relation to people and are endowed with the ability to understand the mood and feelings of others. Their feelings themselves are rarely expressed. This is due to the mechanism of their psychological protection. Starting from early childhood, cancers produce a special system of blocking, which in the future helps them to protect the soul from wounds and suffering. They are tied to the family, especially to mothers.

The representatives of the sign are considered to be leaders not only in personal relationships, but also in a career, so in life they always correctly select useful associates and companions. Offend or deceive cancer is impossible because he is a congenital psychologist and sees people through. Often they are surrounded by absolutely different people in nature, about which they love to take care and build long-term relationships with them. Cancers are able to retain children’s naivety and liveliness for a long time, they often overflow emotions related to past places or events.

If you hurt the pride of representatives of this zodiac, they will have difficulty survive the love collapse, separation and failure in business. To avoid astrologers to avoid both men and women to be far-sighted, careful and maintain self-esteem.

Compatibility in Love

In the amournal affairs, cancer is able to build an ideal relationship, not only physical proximity with a partner is important for them, but also romanticism with sensitivity. Prior to the start or adoption of courtship, the representatives of the sign are reflected for a long time and everything is analyzed, because their choice should be correct and continue with a long and serious connection. During the in love period, cancers show the most tender feelings and discuss questions about how their “family nest” will be equipped with their future satellite.

At first glance, this may seem unusual, but thanks to such a foremost a robust base for future marriage is created.

Compatibility of a woman of cancer with representatives of a strong half of humanity depends on who the last of them is on the horoscope.

  • Aries. Union in love is compatible by 80%, but, unfortunately, it is rare, since both elects live in different worlds. Aries Aries is too self-confident and does not tolerate any restrictions, and a cautious girl cancer, on the contrary, tries to set the frames and follow in the life of clear rules. Although, on the other hand, such an extraordinary couple has a chance for great love if Aries will hold a maximum of time at work, and his beautiful lady will dedicate himself to household.
  • Twins. Such relationships can be called “harmony of contradictions”, since the man twin comes up with a beautiful cancer only 70%. Fidget-guy lives freedom and has nothing to do with a girl who got used to sit “in mink”. As a result, there will be many offensive and scandals, but if the woman does not “cut” and close the second half into the angle, then proximity is possible.
  • Crayfish. Both signs are like-minded, therefore the success of their union is 80%. The girl together with the beloved will be willing to attend parties and go out into the world, and after confidence in the partner, he will change the stormy life on a calm family hearth, filled with love and harmony. So that the relationship has not turned into a habit, cancers will have to constantly look for diversity.

  • a lion. This union does not provide for family bonds, but most likely carrying practical and clear distribution of responsibilities. Lion’s man is unusually sitting at home, as he loves to shine in society, but if he is seriously interested in the lady of cancer, the chosen will willingly show respect and passion for her. So the woman has every chance to become happy.
  • Virgo. These relationships can be called perfect. They begin with a long dating and lapping to each other, often such a union resembles friendship. If the male of Virgo is to apply maximum efforts for joint welfare, and his companion is responsible for the comfort in the house, it will be possible to avoid quarrels and household cavity of the Virgin.
  • scales. The relationships of both signs will become emotional, “bakery” period of a couple can delay for many years, and even for life. Partners are much more comfortable to live with their parents and just meet, because in everyday life there will have many rapid disassembly and quarrels. Cancer experiences his problems silently, and scales, on the contrary, makes them for a general discussion.

In addition, the guy scales in the gusts of a bad mood can bring the girl of cancer to tears, but her ability to extinguish the problems “in the embryo” will save the situation.

  • Scorpion. The relationship of signs of the zodiac is considered fragile, but even after their rupture of partners, bright memories will definitely remain. The handsover of Scorpion literally attracts the magnet to the magnet of Cancer, they are very good together and even after many years of walks and meetings, they will not bother to each other, constantly opening new features in the character of the elect. However, the Scorpio in its nature is a fighter who needs to always go ahead and seek the goal, and homemade Mrs. Cancer appreciates only homemade comfort and comfort. Therefore, the representative of the powerful sex may mentally hurt a girl who, in turn, will set offense inside.
  • Sagittarius. Such an union is rare, as a couple of absolutely different worldview. In addition, the guy Sagittarius to the latter will pull the moment of the onset of a serious relationship, and the wise girl is cancer, on the contrary, chooses a satellite of life carefully, and it will stop her. Of course, love for signs is possible, provided they learn to make concessions and understand each other.
  • Capricorn. Similar combination of constellations promises good choice of satellites of life. At first glance, the relationship will seem not too passionate, but it will not prevent partners to have the same goals and give the second half the real happiness. Between the Capricorn and Cancer there is no war for leadership, so a beautiful lady with great joy will take the championship to her man. As a result, the pair will never be scandals and misunderstandings.

  • Aquarius. Such a man is perfect for a girlfriend Cancer. They are drawn to each other thanks to good sexual compatibility, but in everyday life partners will have difficulty, since the conservative hostess will hardly understand the creative and free elect, who are completely satisfied with the frequent meetings – he is not ready for a serious relationship. So that lovers get a chance to a real and solid connection, they will have to learn to share hobbies and hobbies.
  • Fish. These relations are an interesting union of two dresses and dreamers with a rich worldview. They perfectly understand their halves, so rarely quarreling. In addition, cancer and fish are excellent lovers, only incorrectly distributed duties in everyday life can sang such idyll.

As for men cancers, they are very gentle, charming and this conquer representatives of beautiful sex immediately.

Their relationship with women other signs of the zodiac also depend on the horoscope.

  • Aries. These girls since childhood dream of a brave prince on a white horse, which will take them into paradise and will give the ocean of happiness, and cancer with sensitive nature, and indeed can cope with it. He will charm his beauty from the first minutes and will lay down to himself. Of course, love at first sight partners are not guaranteed, but it will appear later, after two chosen one will open with positive qualities.
  • Taurus. Couplies usually begin at work or study, since home cancer is difficult to meet in such public places as clubs and bars. The guy, as a rule, acts as a contemporance and never behaves defiant. Lady Taurus, on the contrary, loves to be in the spotlight and manifests himself bright. If she likes cancer, it will begin to give him signals, regarding the man as a call for active actions. And after a few minutes after acquaintance, both partners will be enthusiastic conversation, on the part it will seem that young people are already found not one year. Initially, lovers are waiting for a bouquet-candy period and enjoying each other, they away from others will perfectly spend a joint time. But the panicer of cancer when even the easiest problem itself will begin to exaggerate and look for decisions, the calf will calm him and will give an infinite tenderness.
  • Twins. The attractive and active girl of this constellation is able to conquer cancer without much difficulty, without leaving him a chance to avoid a stormy novel. She will do everything in order to pull cancer from his “home mink”, and will make a soul mate happy. Attentive Cavalier will appreciate these efforts, and a love attraction will appear between the pair, which eventually can turn into a solid alliance.

  • Crayfish. Since both representatives are considered unpredictable (then merry, then capricious), only a common desire for care can combine them. In the first time, young people will behave touching and cute, without ceasing to admire each other, but then they will want to get rid of excessive control and get personal freedom. In such respects, a bright passion, moments of disappointment, long-term pauses and intrudes, but if loving will be able to combine practicality with romanticism in the Union, then they have a chance to be together forever.
  • a lion. Such a union is built on mutual understanding and concessions, so the lioness needs to abandon pride, and cancer – from manipulation. Partners are easy to find a common language not only in everyday life, but also in bed, while the unusual aggression of girls and their tendency to leadership will attract men.
  • Virgo. Between these signs it is difficult to see emotional bond and passion, it is most likely friendship. Cancer and Virgo helped each other well and perfectly spend time together. Both partners show jealousy, although doubts about the fidelity of the second half are in vain. Such love is characterized by a constant circulation of events, but it will give her strength and stability. The only problem of relations is considered to be the syntitude and selfishness of the man of cancer.

  • scales. Passionate feelings between the pair flare up instantly, but too serious cancer, such intrinsic persons will not arrange. Woman, thanks to his activity, will be able to reveal the love of life in the chosen one and “pull” his outward “from the shell”. Despite the fact that cancer is sometimes capricious and cold, it will not give up his caress and care. Everything will spoil only the tendency of guys to the insult.
  • Scorpion. Lovers have excellent prospects for ideal relationships, while the role of the leader will take into their hands the scorpion woman. Thanks to powerful energy, it will be able to derive peacefully angry cancer from depression and a chandra. Both elects need emotional communication, but beautiful sex representatives need to be learned to communicate in such a way as not to touch the touchy satellite. The man, in turn, will give way to beauty, speaking a reliable defender from any problems. Such sincere and strong feelings will only be envied.
  • Sagittarius. Women of this constellation are becoming independent early, after school, they are trying to free themselves from parental care. But once having met on his vitality of courageous cancer, they will completely lose their heads and plunge into a love story. Chosen one will give his beloved warmth and custody and take it as a native.

  • Capricorn. The most difficult relationships between cancer and Capricorn, although a couple will try to save them, but because of a different worldview, their chances are small. Cancer used to live in fantasies and illusions, and a woman is a realistic. Therefore, constant conflicts and misunderstandings will serve as a split in the Union.
  • Aquarius. Such relationships can be called comfortable. Cancer with people converges difficult, but with a girl auver he will feel himself “in his plate”. Both expect a pleasant pastime, which over time will turn into something more. Their connection is like a novel from the book.
  • Fish. According to astrologers, this is one of the most ideal unions. Both signs of the zodiac can not only fall in love, but also love to truly. Harmony always reigns in their relationship, because even in conflict situations, partners find the “golden” middle. Mutual support and understanding will provide a long connection.

Perspective of family life

For marriage, cancer is considered an excellent chosen one, since it turns out the perfect wife or husband. This zodiac sign relates to homemade comfort. Cracks – caring and loving parents, between them and children there is always mutual understanding and harmony reigns. The main thing in life for such people is the house, while he must act just as an ordinary dwelling, but a safe and cozy place with a beautiful setting. The representatives of the sign are trying to always take a good solution and choose a reliable partner in satellites in satellites, with which it is easy to establish relationships and harmony.

Being a good family man, cancer creates an unusual design in the house, decorating it with small fountains or streams. Often in housing you can meet aquariums, because for it the best situation is associated with the water world. It is undesirable to live in a close apartment where it can become too picky and hysterical “creature”. Children in such people often appear unplanned, as men and women are not constantly ready for such responsibility. When kids appear in the house, the life of cancer changes: it turns into an ideal parent and trying to keep his child in a short leash.

Huge chances to build a good family with cancers are available from scorpions, calf and virgins, it is undesirable to associate an alliance with Capricorn and Aquarius.

Relationship in friendship

People born under the sign of the zodiac cancer, in friendship can show three roles: patron, prichapala and friend. Despite the ability to communicate, they have a limited circle of friends, as the cancer choose them carefully. Most often, such ties are originated since childhood. Such people rarely can be found in the buddies of the Aries, who used to lead and demand protection in return. There is no disagreement with Taurus and the twin, but if the cancer hop offense, the friendship will come to the end. Perfect Union with Lvom: He willingly take a cancer under guardianship and get a lot of praise from him.

With other signs, friendship looks like:

  • Sagittarius – openness, adventurism and honesty+
  • Capricorn – the relationship between the old man and the child+
  • Aquarius – just an interesting communication and pastime+
  • Fish – Mutual consolation of each other, with the one who will first begin to complain and cry, win.

Interaction in work

Cancer can be both the boss and subordinate. In the first version, he is a man of intuition and mood, so his staff will need to be foreformed and attentiveness. The head is constantly looking for hidden notes in subordinates to overcome, therefore, if the chief is nezlybit, the employee may remain without work.

As for the cancer, which occupies an average link in a career, he does not tolerate patronage of himself, and low salary and rudeness from the authorities will make the representative of the sign of Haltur. At the same time, the cancer is used to working on conscience and responsibly refers to their duties.

What kind of man is suitable for a woman of cancer, look in the following video.

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