Woman Cancer: Characteristics, Compatibility and Mascots Sign

Woman Cancer: Characteristics, Compatibility and Mascots Sign

When they talk about women crayons, the image of a romantic and good girl with cute features of the face and a clear smile appears immediately. It seems it is difficult to find disadvantages of the owners of this sign, so sunny and pleasant are they in communication. It is necessary to make sure whether the owner of the Cancer sign has such qualities. Perhaps, in their meek smile, some mystery, which should be solved.

Psychological picture

Woman Cancer is considered one of the most mysterious representatives from all signs of the zodiac. Keep a dialogue with her always nicely, she willingly listen to all your secrets, but will not share their plans.

She can be entrusted with any secret, and not be afraid that someone else knows about him, since this information from it is no longer pulled out even ticks. She hurts his friendship and will not enviously gossip behind his back in colleagues or girlfriends. Woman Cancer is always trying to smooth out sharp corners, to get away from an unpleasant topic, trying to watch the situation do not leave due to control. If this happened, she can directly say about his claims to the opponent and not to see or be silent. This is its essence.

Representatives of this sign are excellent psychologists and can conduct a dialogue with any person. They will be able to quickly calm him, encourage and send to the right channel. Cancers may externally stay calm and restrained, but are very wounded and offended, and they will not communicate with people who are tuned unfriendly. In such cases, cancers are closed in themselves and simply waiting for the moment to go.

The mood is often changing. Such a change of mood is due to the fact that cancers are inextricably linked to the Moon, the managing sign. When changing each lunar phase changes and their mood. By the way, changes in mood are subject to both women and men of this sign. These ladies are solid and inner rod, although it seems weak and unprotected. They stretch men, trying to conquer them. For women, cancer is important to take care of her and admired her.

Sign representatives love romantics and believe in friendship, loyal love. They are very feminine, men attract their external image. Women crayfish possess special charm, they have nice features, well-groomed and graceful hands. These are well-groomed ladies who regularly take care of their face and body, care about him, buy expensive creams, oil and cosmetics for themselves. They prefer to wear natural fabrics, silk, lace underwear.

Such women can immediately determine their elegance: choose tender tones in clothes, prefer long hair, followed by regularly.

From early childhood, throughout his life, can turn in the clouds, dreaming of something unattainable, often scrolling situations from the past in order to understand how it was necessary to enter a particular situation.

According to astrologers, on how correctly the name is chosen for a child depends to a certain extent, its future. The name given is true will protect against life adversity, and contribute to the achievement of heights.

Girls who were born under these signs worth calling certain names. For them, the names are good for them: Julia, Yana, Olya, Diana, Emma, ​​Elena, Sofia, Lisa, Lida.

Positive and negative sides

Women born under this sign will be happy all their lives, but only on condition that mutually loved. If this does not happen, you may not live a very happy life.

Positive traits should include the following advantages.

  • Love for home coat. These women are excellent hostess and try to maintain order at the proper level.
  • Responsibility.
  • Punctuality.
  • Maternal attachment to children. They spend a lot of time with children, they know all their secrets and protect their babies from trouble even when those already adults.
  • Are faithful friends throughout.

Women crayfish love to travel, they like change. But love to visit familiar places to not feel discomfort from possible inconveniences.

    Their negative features are:

    • Self-copy+
    • Sugiability+
    • Hot temper+
    • Potion+
    • There are capricious+
    • can quickly and basely annoy+
    • There are insufficient.

      The representatives of the described sign are often unsure of themselves in their own. If obstacles arose on the way, then they are not always willing them overcome. Thanks to constant hardworking, they are often able to achieve large heights, and then begin to safely go across, neglecting difficulties.


      Girl Cancer belongs to the category of people who never leave friends in trouble, always come to the rescue. For this girl, it is important to have a house in which people who love her and loved her.

      In love

      To feel happy, a woman born under this sign, it is important to have only two things: protection and love. She can give their chosen one with love and attention, but must be sure that he is a reliable support and protection for her. This is a sensual woman picking up in choosing chosen. Men attracts their cute appearance, they try to care for them with special sophistication. For girls cancers, stable relationships are important and not fit for one night.

      For the girl unacceptable first sex on the car seat and fleeting. She will not bind her fate with a married man. It is unlikely that you can find a woman of cancer, which would grow novels at work, for her it is unusual. Intimate relationships will give her pleasure if the elect will be gentle, gentle and listen to all of her desires. For meetings with beloved, a separate room is suitable, in which the pair will be comfortable. She likes romantic dates that partner organizes on the seashore, where there will be no one around, only night and a huge moon.

      An ideal option for them will be a predetermined date. To do this, you should put the room with roses, light aromatic candles, prepare good wine and turn on beautiful music. All this will allow you to relax and spend time with pleasure.


      A woman born under the sign of cancer can flirt with many men, but it makes it quite restrained, as it does not want to lock the available. From his chosen one will require selfless devotion and wait for constant confirmation of how much the desired and beautiful for him is. She will be able to forgive his chosen some of his shortcomings, but will never live with an aggressive man or with those who do not pay due attention.

      These women become excellent owners. In their family nest will always be everything in prosperity: both love, and kindness, and care. All households will always be fed, shoes and dressed. For such a hostess, it is important that there are always money in the house. The skillful mistress knows how they dispose, and will not throw on the wind. It will be nice if her husband supports her in all their homework, and will not pass money.

      If the husband has health problems or money, this woman will never throw him. This is due to its mental qualities, as well as because of the concern to stay lonely.

      In friendship

      From early childhood, girls have a lot of friends, some of them will stop true for many years. Part of friends remain aside, as many begin to get involved in gambling, and for cancers an excitement inadmissible, they will never play gambling, and will not lower their money, hoping to earn a million.

      They do not become the discoverers, and will not conquer Everest, but, most likely, just go on a little journey, but if there is comfortable.

      The cancers have a very kind soul, and they will always stand on defense, if a weaker gets offense. But more often they will hope that the trouble will disappear by itself and help will not need. If this does not happen, then give the hand of help and remain faithful friends.

      More often a representative of this sign is friends with people who fully support their interests, they should be like-minded people. Friendship their strong and remains so for life. Perhaps this similarity of interests will not meet even between relatives.

      In a career

      Choosing a career, woman cancer wants to get stability. These ladies often choose creative professions, often reaching large heights and making very successful steps in moving through the career ladder, as they are very conscientious and diligently perform any orders. Colleagues respect them and listen to their comments and recommendations.

      This lady will try to arrange this workplace so that it is cozy and comfortable. Photos may be awesome, antique things and other baubles can be placed. And although the woman of cancer often loves his work very much, when choosing between family and career, will give preference to a cute home hearth.

      If it is prescribed to a guideline post, it will be able to quickly find a common language with employees. But with men it is more difficult to establish relationships. She can often perform someone else’s work because of the fear of ridicule in their direction, even if she is the head of this company.

      Relationships in the team will develop depending on which the zodiacal sign will belong to its boss or subordinates.

      What a man she needs?

      A representative of the Cancer sign believes that deserves a man who would understand her with a half-clow and pokakal her whims.

      • Its chosen must solve all the problems arising. For a woman of cancer, it is important that care is surrounded by care, and I don’t want to engage in small troubles. After all, it has a satellite, which everything will welt.
      • In her ideas, this is a kind man, sensitive and sentimental. She does not like the showful courage, and more, it does not accept aggressive behavior, especially in relation to itself.
      • For her, very important quality is loyalty, so it requires from his companion the same, because he herself dedicated himself.
      • Her partner should be attentive, guess her desires and incarnate them.

      Compatible with other signs

        Women born under this sign have a calm, soft and flexible character, and can get along almost with everyone, what the reviews of representatives of other signs say. However, they are more suitable for men born under the sign of the fish, Scorpio, Virgin and Taurus.

        If we consider the horoscope of the sign, then the best pair for these ladies are considered fish, it is with them a complete mutual understanding. Partners will inspire each other for new accomplishments, and support ideas. Representatives of these signs have a particularly developed intuition, so they are easy to guess the mood and desire of the partner.

        Cancer relationship with taurus, can also be strong and harmonious. But, representatives of such signs should be borne in mind that in the case of emerging misunderstandings, they should be discussed immediately, rather than send a conversation to a long box, otherwise a major quarrel may occur.

        It may be a good scorpion marriage with cancer, as partners intuitively predict each other’s desires. Woman Cancer never changes his chosen one, although the male Scorpio is often very jealous. Happy family life can live and representatives of ma and cancer signs. They find each other what they lacked them, because both love to create a comfort in the house, they always have order in matters and things.

        Relations between partners who have similar signs may be tense. However, if a man cancer fully undertakes to control and takes care of the parent, such a couple can live a happy life. Marriage can undergo a crisis when both representatives are simultaneously starting to fall into melancholy.

        The worst options for crayfish is a partnership with water, twins, firing, weights.

        Amulets and wubbles

        Cancers are under the influence of the moon, so amulets should be on the form of falling on the moon, that is, to have a round shape, or have the shape of a crescent, without superfluous convexities and irregularities. This talisman should not be too cleaning and causing.

        If we talk about the colors bringing good luck, then the lunar shades should be attributed to them. For them, green and blue shades will be successful. They should purchase a lunar stone that will bring good luck. Thanks to him, you can learn how to make decisions in difficult situations. At the same time, the lunar stone will attract good luck. According to many, this stone contributes to healing from many diseases, including spiritual. For a woman, cancer will also fit, topaz and leisure.

        Sign representatives worth paying attention to emerald. If we wear this stone, you can get rid of depression. Ate wearing decorations with emeralds you can get rid of insomnia and anxiety. Emerald contributes to the strengthening of family bonds, love and harmony is restored in the family.

        To protect against possible disappointments, these adorable ladies should pay attention to pearls.

        To the stones that the cancers do not have to be worn and wearing should be topaz, onyx, lapis and grenades, as those are capable of attracting negative energy. If we carry these stones, then it is possible that luck will not always be near.

        One of the faugs that are suitable for cancer is a heart symbol. If you hang a heart pendant, she will protect representatives from negative. Thanks to the wearing the girl’s symbol, they will quickly find their soul mate and establish good relationships.

        An excellent facing for those who were born under the sign of cancer are the suspension with the image of cancer, crab. Thanks to them, people born under this sign increases intuition, they begin to develop spiritually, the strength of the spirit rises. Before using the water charm, it follows the day to put into a glass with water to charge the necessary energy.

        It is worth paying attention to the talismans made in the form of a crescent or a round moon. Such a talisman will help girls who are looking for their chosen. Ladies born under cancer sign are more suitable for silver decorations or white metal.

        Sign representatives should be put in the room aquarium with fish, turtles, snails. Thanks to this artificial water, they will be fueled with energy, as well as get rid of their fears and direct thoughts in the right direction.

        Famous representatives

        People born under the sign of cancer have similar features, are very sentimental and emotional. These ladies love home comfort and will be true to their chosen.

        This is evidenced by the facts that are convinced of this.

        • All signs of the sign have excellent intuition, they notice many little things.
        • You should not play them feelings, as they perceive everything seriously, and will be very worried if someone breaks them the heart, or will be incorrect.
        • They love to give their friends with gifts, especially without reason. For them, it is important that those feel happy.
        • Adore when they love and belong to them with tenderness.
        • Will sit quietly and calmly, but only until they touch them. If you hurt cancer, he immediately gets his claw and reciprocity.
        • They often change the mood. His emotions are trying to restrain that it is not always possible.

        • Meritally appreciate friendship and can catch it to the rescue at any time of the day and night.
        • Sign representatives do not want short-term relationships. If you have a novel, then it should be serious and long.
        • They are houses, and most comfortable feel at home, surrounded by loving people.
        • If they have trouble, they will close. These people need time to come into yourself and calm down.
        • Inalienable features of character are considered compassion and empathy. They very thinly feel the mood of the interlocutor, sympathize with him.

        People born under the described sign have inborn magnetism and special charm. These are people of creative professions that deeply feel the human soul and can convey all her shades through their talent. Very often they become actors, poets or artists.

        Among women crayfish a lot of famous representatives.

        Famous people born under this zodiac sign:

        • Meril Strip, which was born on June 22 in 1949. This is a wonderful actress, who remembered the audience for a huge number of film. Films are most famous: “The Devil wears Prada”, “Iron Lady”, “Mamma Mia”. Meryl Strip is a very impressionable nature that does not tolerate ridicule or subtods. For her, the most important is the love of loved ones.
        • Mirey Mathone. Date of her birthday July 22, 1946. This famous singer sang in different countries, and became the first performer who received permission to speak in China.

        • Pamela Anderson, She was born on July 1, in 1967. For many, the fact that Pramela Pramebablushka was interesting by the origin of the Russian. She was very flexible and plastic since childhood, for the flexibility of success in sports, she was visible in the school “Rubber ribbon”. Later began to be filmed for famous glossy magazines. Her first photo was on the cover of the magazine “Playboy”.

        Despite its popularity, Pamela loves to spend time in his own home, hiding in it paparazzi. Although it doesn’t like to work too much, but does everything to create a comfort in his nest.

        From domestic celebrities and stars, it should be noted: Anna Akhmatova, Lyia Ahacedzhakov, Zhanna Aguzarov, Jan Poplavskaya, Diana Guriskaya, Alsu, as well as Nonna Grishayev, Ekaterina Gusev, Anna Snatkin and many others. All of them are people of creative professions and, fully, showed their talent.

        About how to make a woman’s cancer happy, look in the following video.

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