Woman Cancer in Love

Woman Cancer in Love

Each woman is unique and individual. But if the representatives of the finest are born under one zodiac sign, then similar features of character can be observed, as well as the similarity in relation to a loved one. To understand and recognize the young lady under the influence of cancer, it is necessary to look at it carefully, and also to show all your sensitivity.

Characteristic and features

Woman cancer is born in order to become mother and wife – she disagrees to other “half. Therefore, such ladies rarely become mistresses or rapid novels.

This sign is characterized by such features:

  • very wounded: they are easy to offend or apply an emotional injury with a careless word or a rapid act+
  • Hypercable: They feel brightly false or injustice towards themselves or others+
  • Very feminine: prefer to create a wardrobe, which will emphasize the natural femininity of their nature+
  • With special trepid and attention relate to various trifles+
  • very sensitive and quickly offended, but fortunately they also quickly cool and behave, as if nothing serious happened. (even looking at romantic cinema with a touching or sad story, the girl can die so hard that tears appear in her eyes)+
  • This is a romantic nature, which is very important to provide signs of attention, thereby demonstrating the attitude and feelings.

    The representative of this sign likes to spend time in a family circle, she always tries to support cozy and homely atmosphere, they love to do with young children and host guests. Please note: the woman cancer will never invite a foreign person to his house, because it will associate his home with a fortress, access to only close and proven people is allowed.

    If the family of a cancer girl was not friendly or strong, then she behaves so as to change everything, that is, trying to do everything to trust the future chosen one, creating warm relationships and strong family with him.

    Featuring a high degree of emotionality, such a girl has an internal intuitive little, helping to recognize false and deception. This girl will immediately understand if the guy has only sexual attraction to her. She will stop with him any relationship, even though she will hurt from the decision. She does not perceive men who talk a lot without confirming their words in practice. A man should be at the same time sensitive and inspire a sense of stability.

    Woman Cancer highlights feelings for the fore, so she expects her man shasky and understanding. With strong gender representatives who differ in rudeness and inexpression, it tries not to keep any relationship.

    Sensing an acute shortage in love and care, the girls of this sign can spend a lot of time for watching romantic comedies or melodram, trying to compensate for the lack of experienced emotions.

    What a man is suitable?

    Woman Cancer needs a man who:

    • will protect it, take care and love, treat it with special attention+
    • It has a born sense of tact, differs in pupil: its manners should be characterized by nobility and be emphasized exquisite+
    • Configured on a romantic way and demonstrates tender feelings in relation to its chosen+
    • Provides seven material benefits+
    • able to listen, understand, support and help find a solution in a difficult situation+
    • does not give in vain promises that can not perform.

    The best partner who will choose a woman cancer will inspire her sense of security and reliability. This chosen woman is evaluated as a strong shoulder, to which she can rely on in any life situation, especially if a difficult period is observed in life.

      In addition, such a man should need a household, loyal wife and strive to have children in the near future.

      The representative of this sign is possible the perfect marriage with the man who seeks to have a strong family. Such a woman will not be interested in short-term romantic relations or dates “on the go”, since any parting woman cancer tolerates very hard.

      An ideal pair of a representative of this sign will be able to create with an independent and restrained man, which is characterized by purposefulness. If the guy is constantly Handrit, dismisses and upset over trifles, thus demonstrating weak mental forces, then, with a lot of probability, it will be rejected. If a representative of a strong sex is optimistic, knows how to make decisions with a loan for the future, then he will have to do with a woman’s cancer.

      How to like?

      If a man falls in love and experiences gentle feelings for a woman with cancer, then he needs to be patient, and also constantly demonstrate his sensitivity and care. From such a man will expect that he will be able to guess not only the desires of his chosen, but also answers to some of their questions. At first glance, this will seem impossible, but if you liked the guy, the girl cancer will make him frank hints.

      To win the heart of the girl, the guy must have a number of qualities.

      1. Through the romantic setting. Organizing an interesting or unusual meeting, a strong sex representative may hope for a re-date. Help create an appropriate setting beautifully arranged candles, a bouquet of flowers or a small gift that a woman cancer will enjoy.
      2. Be carefully. For example, you need to notice in time if the girl’s mood deteriorates. Do not be afraid to ask what happened and how to fix the situation.
      3. Show care. If you want to conquer the representative of this sign, then you need to constantly wonder if she is not tired, whether she wants to drink or eat, is not cold. These elementary attention signs significantly increase the chances of success. If you have heard a positive answer to one of the above questions, then definitely decide the current problem, because some words of participation are not enough – they must be supported by the case.
      4. To fall in love with a lady of cancer, you need to show observation. Try to notice changes in her mood, new outfit or changed hairstyle.
      5. To achieve the location of the representative of this sign of the zodiac, it is necessary to be a good listener, since these girls love to talk to souls.

        Critical men will not be able to attract such a woman, especially if the representative of a strong sex expresses some criticism or a remark towards her.

        Seduct a woman of cancer can a gallant cavalier, sincerely trying to like it. But it is worth being extremely attentive and in no case “not to replay”, because it feels “behind the mile”.

        How to understand?

        Cancer is subject to the influence of a changeable moon, so some men in relationship is difficult to understand the behavior or excessive emotionality of their chosen. But if you show patience and loyalty, seeking trust, the representative of this sign will reveal your soul to you, having told about your needs, needs and questions that bother her.

        The loving lady of cancer will be able to listen, console, sympathize and help in a difficult life situation for a man who will become its chosen one.

        In love, such a woman is distinguished by ferventness and passion, it will cherish your relationship. The representative of this constellation is able to transfer all its hidden dust in the bedroom, embodying even the most bold sexual needs of his partner.

        A little about loyalty

        Women of this sign are distinguished by loyalty and devotion, they become reliable companions in life. They very rarely change, create relationships on the side, as the woman cancer values ​​his family, taking care of her loved ones and relatives with a special trepidation, which she is very afraid of losing.

        The youngsters of this constellation can dare to treason, only if extremely unhappy in the relationship. Only in this case they will seek comfort from another man. There should be only an emergency situation that will provoke a lady to care. Woman cancer need to feel attention from her husband. If this is not, it will feel the unloved and unhappy. If at this time she will meet another man, characterized by sensitivity and attentiveness, then romantic relationships may arise between them.

        Women will try to carefully hide their treason and will break between her husband and lover, as they do not want to lose their family, and thanks to the new lover again feel like loved and desirable. Such a situation will destroy its spiritual forces.

        If your chosen one has become nervous and restless, then you should think about whether the new man did not appear in her life. And if you want to save the family, then you need to prove to a woman a cancer that you continue to love her and that you are much better than new enthusiasm.


        Women cancels are enough jealous, but with special care hide this trait of their character. Representatives of this constellation are not just jealous, they have a serious mental pain from the treason of their elect.

        Do not specifically provoke this young lady on jealousy, trying to “warm” her feelings. If the woman cancer starts jealous, you lose her trust and the more provok her distance and try to protect yourself from you. When jealousy runs out, you will witness, as an overwhelming wall of alienation and misunderstanding is formed between you. Therefore, it is better not to give these girls to jealousy.

        As belong to parting?

        Woman Cancer believes in real love to the coffin boards, so will do everything to save the relationship. She will try not to notice signs and evidence of the upcoming parting, trying to close the eyes on treason or the absence of ardent feelings. Such girls rarely make decisions first to part with their chosen.

        If the representatives of this constellation break up with their second half, they will hardly carry this stage in life, but will never arrange a grand scandal for a man. Pain in the eyes and mental wounds will indicate those feelings that the abandoned woman is experiencing, although she will not donate and ask to stay.

        From parting a woman cancer will be able to recover soon, but if he meets a new lover, then he will be able to give him all his tenderness, warmth and care, forgetting about past failed relationships.

        How to return?

        Often, the woman of this constellation is rarely breaking the relationship. But if it is offended, then you need to make all the strength to restore mutual understanding with it.

        There are several recommendations that will help return the representative of this sign.

        1. Need to apologize. Do not delay with reconciliation, because it can be perceived as indifference and will still be offended by her.
        2. Should be the most demonstrate their feelings, but not only in words. Acts should testify that you love her and ready for a lot to do not be offended by you.
        3. If the young lady has accumulated, let it speak. Listen carefully to her claims. Try to calm her, inspiring the confidence that she is the only woman in your life and is always “in the foreground”.
        4. Do not let go of a self-shot. If you managed to make a crayon with a woman, try to show attentiveness and not repeat similar errors.
        5. Do not play with the confidence of the representative of this constellation. If it disappears, it will never restore.

        Cancer Cancer will be able to return, leaving the persuasion of his chosen one, but if he is not caring, attentive and will not give her positive emotions, then the relationship will come to no relationship in the near future. The lady stops offended, but also does not want to extend such relationships more. Despite the fact that these women are very soft, they will not forgive all the time. If the representative of this constellation has already experienced the period of separation and its hope was unnecessary, nothing has changed after reconciliation, the re-decision on the rupture it will take much faster, even if there is no visible reason for the offense.

        As you can see, despite all my own secrecy, women crayfish can love and are ready to demonstrate their chosenness all the power and ferventness of feelings, but they will require the same emotions from a man.

        How to make a woman-cancer happy, look in the following video.

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