Woman Capricorn, born in the Year of the Dragon: Characteristics and Compatibility

Woman Capricorn, born in the Year of the Dragon: Characteristics and Compatibility

The universe stores many unsolved secrets of the universe. One of them is definitely the influence of stars on human destinies. Astrologers sincecrall try to study this phenomenon. By centuries-old observations and experiments, 12 zodiac signs were allocated and the characteristics inherent in each of them were described. Under what sign you were born, depends on the day and month of your birth. In addition to the zodiac circle, which refers to the so-called, Western astrology, there is another 12-year cycle described in Eastern Astrology. Each year was awarded the name of one of the animals that the legend came for his birthday to Buddha. Every 12 years the cycle is repeated. In this article we will tell you about what features are inherent in women who are born under the sign of Capricorn in the year of the Dragon.

    Features of the sign

    Girl Capricorn, Born in the Year of the Dragon – Personality is truly amazing. Bright, strong, having a living mind and interested in everything in the world. Energy from this lady hits the key. She loves to put a high bar and, if he does something, does it on “5+”. Its successfulness is not an accident and non-confluence, but a daily and painstaking work on themselves, permanent self-control and self-discipline. Will’s power at Capricorn dragon colossal.

    However, it is not necessary to think that this is a kind of “iron lady”, dry and hard, for which the construction of a career is the most important life mission. No, Capricorn Dragon can have fun, has a lively and sharp mind, a sense of humor, is always ready to learn something new and support the conversation almost on any topic. Around her constantly spinning wars.

    Going through the career ladder, such a woman will not stop in the middle. It possesses a very developed intelligence, knows how to calculate the options, quickly makes decisions. As a rule, Capricorn Dragon becomes either the owner of his own business, or the head of any division in the enterprise. She knows how to set tasks before the team, delegate authority. Enjoys respect and authority among colleagues.

    But this medal has a reverse side. Capricorn woman, born in the year of the dragon, does not like to listen too much to listen to someone else and rarely recognizes what happened in something. Sometimes in the dispute it can chain and show excessive aggression. The most pronounced trait of the character of Capricorn Dragon is the desire to control everything and all. She loves to establish the rules and requires that they all follow. Lovely likes to teach. This cannot but affect her relationship with other people, since not every person will erase such an invasion of his personal space and reading notations. In the family because of this, conflicts often occur.

    By the way, as for relations with the representatives of the opposite sex, everything is also extremely clear here: Such a demanding and striving for the ideal of a woman simply can not be a novel with a “mid-naughty”. She chooses a couple to them. Smart, successful, energetic, volitional and purposeful gentleman she will definitely notice. Lady Capricorn should see the potential in the chief, should know exactly what he can provide her the standard of living to which she seeks. In general, I like it quite not easy.

    But do not think that the man will forever have to deal with such a homely tyrant, forever dissatisfied and something requiring something. As soon as the family arises, the girl Capricorn Dragon will turn into a caring wife and mom.

    She is able to give her loved people such love and tenderness, which many and did not dream.

    Eastern horoscope compatibility

    Now we will try to figure out, representatives of what signs of the Western and Eastern Horoscope are suitable for building relationships with a challenge and self-confident lady.

    We are looking for an ideal pair for a dragon girl.

    • Dragon + rat. Have a good chance of a joint future, however, there is one nuance: it is very important to correctly pass the stage of courtship and “wipes”. Dragon, as we remember, always seeks to take a dominant position, so, in the case of the rat, it may not work. If they can come to a reasonable compromise, then everything will be excellent.
    • Dragon + Bull. The activity and liveliness of the dragon initially may seem calm bull excessive. In addition, the bull will also not appreciate the desire of the dragon to the deputy. But it is worth it to begin to take care of the plump lady, as she will immediately give the reign of the board in strong hands of the partner.
    • Dragon + Tiger. Relationships in this pair will be built on mutual. Tiger – a wise sign, he will not suppress the dragon, on the contrary, this dragon wants to show truly female weakness next to such a strong man.

    • Dragon + Rabbit. Strange tandem, but only at first glance. This is exactly the case when the opposites are attracted. At first it may be difficult to understand each other, but over time it is precisely the differences will lead to the construction of strong ultrasound.
    • Dragon + Dragon. But this couple, on the contrary, are too much of the same character traits: love for power, exorbitant ambitions, explosive character. Because of this, the quarrel will be inevitable. Clear dragons can only mutual respect and the provision of partner the right to choose.
    • Dragon + Snake. Very interesting Soyuz. In it, the Dragon girl will be able to take a leading position, however, this does not mean that she will have to only make decisions and bear responsibility for all. Just a kite’s guy will understand so flexibly to introduce his point of view that the dragon at first and will not notice that the solutions that she takes, in fact, “ourptany” to her cunning snake.

    • Dragon + horse. Perspective para. Sociable and bright guy Horse will definitely like no less than bright and lively girl Dragon. They will have a lot of topics for conversation. In family life, a woman with joy will give the reality braza to his chosen one, because the horse is a very rational sign and knows how to solve problems in the infard.
    • Dragon + goat. The success of this union is based on a goat readiness to behave quietly and calmly and agree to the “WORD ‘ROLE”. Goat – a sign is not conflicting, but maybe “hide” if it thinks that there is too little personal space. Dragon, accustomed to the partner’s little relationship, will be unpleasant to this. Therefore, it is very important to initially designate its position in the relationship.
    • Dragon + Monkey. The case when two very similar characters face and it is this similarity that they cannot forgive each other. Explosive signs, aggressive, seeking to dominate. Their conflicts, and they will most likely lead to a rupture.

    • Dragon + rooster. Couple has good prospects. For the dragon, life is a movement, dynamics. But even the eternal engine needs some reboot. And in this lady, the dragon will very help the rooster, which will create a calm harbor in the “family novelshka”.
    • Dragon + Dog. One of the most unsuccessful tandems. The fact is that the signs of the dragon and dogs are opposite each other in the zodiac circle and are antagonists. Their dislike is laid very deeply in the soul of each of them, no matter how they tried, signs will not be able to coexist together.
    • Dragon + Piggy. Have good prospects for creating and developing relationships. When family bonds are tied, it comes to the fact that each of the signs begins to intuitively capture the mood of another. They do everything together and eventually form an excellent family team, in which there is always mutual execution in the first place.

    Compatibility in the Western Horoscope

    Now pick up a couple for our ladies a couple in the western horoscope.

    • Capricorn + Aries. Excellent couple with promising prospects. Aries Career will be pleasantly surprised by finding what he finally found a “combat girlfriend”, which will provide him with reliable rear and keep a homemade hearth while he is busy making money.
    • Capricorn + Taurus. The ideal tandem, according to astrologers. These signs have similar looks for life, share and support each other’s interests. They will comply like two pieces of puzzle and will complement each other, constantly developing and progressing.
    • Capricorn + Gemini. Not the perfect union. Capricorn – a serious and solid lady, and a man twin sometimes behaves like a Great child. Their marriage is possible only if it is built on the foundation of great love and passion.

    • Capricorn + cancer. These two mutual thrust occurs at the time of dating. The development of relationships is slowly, but there is no way to hurry. They are happy to engage in household matters, together make decisions, are building plans. This couple is so harmonious that it may well be considered the perfect.
    • Capricorn + Lev. Two strong signs. Each of them wants to “drag the blanket for yourself”. Only in one case, their marriage will be successful – if Capricorn gives a lion and recognizes his leadership. But Capricorn rarely obeys anyone, especially at his own request. That is why family bonds of lion and Capricorn will be short-lived.
    • Capricorn + Deva. In this couple, oddly enough, Capricorn is a museum for a male virgin. He seeks to conquer new peaks and getting all kinds of material benefits that he craves to put to the legs of the chosen.

    • Capricorn + scales. Capricorn – Pragmatik, Scales – Romantic. At first glance, it may seem that a man with such a gentle character will scare and this “Iron Lady” will push. But if Capricorn learns softness, flexibility and will relax, it will understand that the union with such a guy can be very pleasant.
    • Capricorn + Scorpion. Their relationship sometimes resemble the battle. Two strong and stubborn signs in no way want to give up each other. They are interested together, they have a lot in common, but if they suddenly do not agree – an explosion occurs.
    • Capricorn + Sagittarius. Very different signs. Sagittarius with his own burden to merry and constant desire for novelty at first can consider the girl Capricorn boring and too dry. But, if he has enough patience, he will definitely “dispel” the lady and add bright colors to her life. In turn, Capricorn will be able to become the harbor, in which the eternal Wanderer Ragnik will always be happy with pleasure.

    • Capricorn + Capricorn. There is even nothing to say, except that two Capricorn is the perfect couple. They are both targetless, businessites, have the same tastes and preferences. Their tandem will be eternal.
    • Capricorn + Aquarius. Different signs of signs that can not always understand each other. Eccentricity Aquarius annoys Capricorn, the Aquarius does not understand how to be such a serious. If they can understand that truth that all people are different and do not try to remake the partner, they will be together. If not, then they are not on the way.
    • Capricorn + fish. Relationships in this pair are based on a colossal physical imposition. Yes, and in other aspects of family life, they are all right. By the way, most often the head of the family is the woman Capricorn.

    Read more about Woman Capricorn You will learn from the following video.

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