Woman Gemini in love: Streets of the zodiac sign and signs of love

Woman Gemini in love: Streets of the zodiac sign and signs of love

Women born under the sign of the twins, mysterious, unique and attractive. They seem to keep a certain riddle who many men just crave to solve.

general characteristics

Girls twins are emotional and love to show their feelings. A vivid expression of both sympathy and antipathy is only the vertex of iceberg. They are not afraid to express their feelings with foreign people, relate to the opinions of others.

The opposite side of this manifestation of emotions in women is frequent mood jumps. A few minutes ago she talked, laughed and rejoiced, and now it is silent.

By nature, the twins are sociable, easy to come to contact, and in the company they often act as start-up and initiators of various events and madness. This lightness is attractive for many, so the representative of this sign is almost always the focus.

Despite the ease of character, the twins are very valued friendship, and loyalty for them is not an empty word. They are devoted friends who will support in a difficult moment, listen and extend help hand.

Gemini will never reveal the secrets trusted them, as it will be regarded as a betrayal.

Beautiful sex representatives related to this sign of the zodiac are famous for solid and determination. Gemini girl, especially born in the second decade, will make all important decisions. She can ask the Council, recognize your opinion, weigh all the arguments, but the final decision will still accept.

Freedom is very important for twins. If your chosen refers to this sign of the zodiac, then limit its movement simply does not make sense – in this case, the relationship will not live for a long time. For her, freedom is important in all its manifestations – in life, work and work.

But love for freedom does not mean windiness in relationships. As mentioned above, loyalty for such girls is very important.

Rutin, boredom and monotony make them just fade. Household problems are tightened, so they try to diversify their lives in every way. Sports, Extreme, Creativity, Travels help maintain interest in life.

Secrecy is also an integral part of the twins. In order for such ladies to be fully opened, you must earn their trust.

Perfect partner

To the selection of their partner, the girl will be responsible and serious. She will never only lead to external beauty.

This does not mean that they are indifferent to the appearance of the partner, not at all. Just appearance not in the first place. The guy for such a girl must respect her, be a good friend, lover and partner.

In this regard, self-sufficiency is very valued. If a man is independent, solves the problems and questions himself, without otting them to a partner, he will become a suitable option.

Intellect and the presence of a sense of humor will become important factors in finding a partner.

If the partner does not differ in mind, the flat is joking and does not seek anything in life, he is unlikely to interest the girl twin.

In order to charm your parent, you need to be able to enshrine paint and diversity. Spontaneous trips, small, but pleasant surprises, compliments and ability to support the conversation will help you believe it.

Do not limit her freedom. If you constantly jealous such a girl, not to release anywhere and do not give self-realized, then such relationships are simply doomed to crash. It is important to respect personal freedom in relationships.

Signs of love

If your chosen is a girl having a sign of the Zodiac Gemini, then to win it, you will have to work hard. But how to understand what you liked?

These women have a wonderful sense of humor, they like to sink in conversations. So it is not surprising that first of all they will be interested in merry men who are not alien humor.

The girls of this sign must be confident in their partner. A man must be supporting and friend. Weak and brown men will not interest such ladies. Character force, calm and stability – these are the qualities that attract twins. Being very impulsive, sometimes sharp and emotional, they need their “quiet harbor” in the face of the partner.

If you like this lady, be sure that it will not hide it. Calls, phone messages will be just the beginning, but it is worth it to prepare for the fact that the girl can invite on a date. And in an unusual place. Gemini do not need to organize a night walk on the boat, call the club, quest-room, to a noisy party.


Twins Woman often is a mystery to those who surround her people. She is charming, easily turns a conversation, can charm from the first meeting. Ability to file yourself, listen to the interlocutor and to respond to his problems make girls of this sign of the zodiac beautiful friends.

If a person comes to the girl’s twin for help, he will receive it. Help can be a useful advice, the opportunity to speak, in analyzing the situation and a specific action plan.

Verily for twins – not empty word. They try to be true themselves, do not suffer. But if it happened, and the paths of people diverged, then such girls prefer to immediately break the relationship, they will not endure to change and betray themselves.

Despite the fact that the woman born under this sign is often in the center of widespread attention, she rarely admits close to itself.

Gemini prone to impulsiveness. Solutions takes quickly, relying on intuition. They wish to have time and immediately, so it is difficult for them to concentrate on one thing.

Monotonous and monotonous work suggests boredom to the girl, causes irritation. So all new and unexplored attracts and manit. If there is a long and tedious workflow, which is clearly uninteresting, a woman will find a thousand and one way to distract.

And only the assemblence and hard inner censor helps qualitatively, carefully and, most importantly, to finish the work on time.

In relationship

In love, the female twins will not tolerate when it is too tied to themselves. She needs a support, trusting relations and equality of partners.

She will always appreciate stability and warmth. If you managed to arrange such a girl to ourselves, and she trusted you completely, then in a pair will kill comfort and glad, constant hugs and kisses.

Since the twins do not tolerate the routine and monotony, then and their partner will not let you get bored. They will try to diversify the usual weekdays – travel, joint walks and dinners, sports and watching favorite TV series.


If you managed to conquer a woman twin, then you will get a faithful friend and a beautiful life satellite. Despite all the windiness and in love, such a girl will be true to you.

But it is worth remembering that the girl will not devote himself only to the family. Thanks to her freedom, she will not leave personal interests and careers. However, they have a great combination and family and their hobbies.

If the relationship exhaust themselves, and the feeling of love will fade, then the twins will prefer to disperse, while maintaining good friendly relations.

In the bed

In sex for twin girls are important foreplay. She likes to explore the body of a partner gently and with feeling. The girl is an experimenter and is not afraid to open new horizons in bed. It can simultaneously combine several actions. It may be, for example, passionate kisses and simultaneous stimulation of erogenous zones.

Such a girl can be gentle and appeal, or, on the contrary, will take the initiative to his hands and starts to ask the pace of action itself. Emotionality that is inherent in this sign will only become an additional advantage.

She is unpredictable, sexy and male. The element of the game, which is introduced into the usual sex life, excurses both partners.

If partners are open and trust each other, they are waiting for the mass of new pleasant sensations.

Tips for men

To win the girl born under this sign of the zodiac, it is necessary to understand what compliments she loves and what gifts to her soul. Consider some of them.

Favorite compliments and gifts

For any female representative, the compliments said in its address are important. No such a girl who would not like they. If the lady says that he does not like compliments, then, most likely, she just smells.

Like any other girl, she loves compliments that belong to appearance. Speak your choices that she is beautiful, it looks good, that her clothes are amazing. Try to notice the changes in its appearance – a new hairstyle, another makeup, a pretty dress.

Make the emphasis on the fact that your beloved is very smart. As a rule, the twins appreciate the intellect of the partner and they are trying to keep up with him. They are smart and constantly studying something new.

Show her that she is important to you not only as a favorite, but also like your friend. Believe me, they will appreciate it. It is worth talking more often about her advantages, emphasizing them.

Your chosen definitely loves gifts. When choosing a gift it is based on its desires, and not on generally accepted standards. In terms of gifts, twins of capricious, although they do not show it.

  • Since such girls are nellows, they will taste various techniques and new gadgets. If you give, for example, a new camera or a good e-book, then your partner will clearly appreciate.
  • You can give cosmetics and perfume, but it is very important to know the tastes and preferences of the ladies, since it is easy to guess and buy not the thing.
  • Buying accessories you will find yourself in win. Stylish watches, all kinds of rings and bracelets – this is what you have to do.
  • Gemini do not tolerate the routine, so they are experiencing a constant craving for something new. An excellent gift will be a gift certificate for a new event for her. These can be foreign language courses, trading pottery, certificate for sewing or massage courses.
  • In the novelty they will be extreme. It is important not to overdo it here and take into account the specific interests of your partner.
  • From home appliances Your chosen one will prefer those gadgets that make her life easier and expect precious time – a multicooker, a double boiler, various blenders, and even electric kettle.
  • Definitely you should not give a girl money, she can earn them and herself. Money will not remember as a gift. It is also worth avoided gifts in the form of “dust collectors” (figurines, figures, toys).

It will just dust on the shelf.

To attract attention

Attract the attention of your chosen easy. If you want to like the girl of this sign of the zodiac, then it should be actively communicating with it, talk, look for points of contact. It may be common acquaintances that will present you, the same interests and hobbies.

Ladies immediately see when a person is trying to build one of himself who is not really. Need to behave naturally, joke and smile. Gemini to the shower open and smiling people.

It is important to show your selected that it can rely on you. She will never bind her life with a man in which the uncertain. Show her that they are ready to become a faithful companion and support for her.

Woman twin will like a calm and strong man. By virtue of his changeable nature, they prefer the “reliable rear”. Their chosen must calmly relate to mood drops.

How to fall in love?

Conquer the girl of this sign although it is not easy, but it is quite possible. She dreams of a man who will be for her at the same time, husband and lover. Because of these requirements, it is not easy to conquer her.

The girl really appreciates the intellectual education of the partner. Stupid men, even very beautiful, it is simply uninteresting. To achieve your chosen, you should be able to support a conversation. Read more, develop.

Woman twins do not tolerate boredom. Surprise, pool and having fun. Novelty in the relationship will be the key to success. For this, it is not necessary to turn the mountains. Sometimes it is easy enough to spend time together – go to the movies, visit the restaurant or go to nature.

How to seduce?

Seduction of any woman – a whole science. Gemini are no exception. They are picky, capricious, love when the partner exhibits fantasy.

Such ladies adore compliments, beautiful words and tenderness. Pleasant words, caress, praise helped conquer your beloved.

Consider her mood. If your girl is not configured on tenderness, then believe me, it is better to avoid. If, on the contrary, she is gentle and gentle with you, then hug her, stick and kiss. At such moments, she just adores an embrace.

Always be honest and frank with their chosen. They do not tolerate lies in the spirit and immediately see it.


Hold the girl of this sign is almost impossible. She is freedom-loving and does not like when she is forcibly tied to himself.

In this case, it is important to prevent such a situation when you have to keep a girl.

Always remember that the twins above all set freedom. This freedom concerns all – creativity, actions, choice, life. She should not feel that anyone oppresses her or limits. Give her freedom, and she will be immensely grateful to you.

Do not lie to it. Any lie destroys the relationship. And the twins are able to tender the missing mile. It turns out the partner once, the girl will completely stop trust, any information and any action will be questioned.

Reconciliation and refund

In people born under this sign of the zodiac, there is a feature quickly annoyance and quickly reconcile. They are hot-tempered, and at the same time departing.

At the same time, the twins are quite patient. But it costs this cup of patience to overflow, then they immediately leave, silently and irrevocably, chipping all the ends.

To return the girl twin is possible only in the rarest cases, so it is important to prevent the breaking of the relationship. You need to make it up with your chosen one in time, bring our apologies and show that the lesson is absorbed and more this will not happen.


The girls of this sign of the zodiac are very practical. If they break up with one partner, they will not be sown and find another. In terms of relationship, they adhere to the thoughts that they live only once, and you should not spend our lives on an unnecessary partner.

After a divorce or parting a girl to drown out emptiness and pain, quickly delve into the whirlpool of life – get acquainted, work, communicate.

To the former they almost never return. But in case they were really expensive, they will try to keep friendly relations.

Compatible with other zodiac signs

Perfectly suitable for twins Representatives of the following zodiac signs:

  • scales+
  • Scorpion+
  • Sagittarius+
  • Capricorn+
  • Fish.

Bright, but unstable will be relationships with authentic, twins, aquatic and tales. The union with such signs of the zodiac will be durable if partners will take into account each other’s interests. It will stay on the balance.

The least compatible with the twins of the Virgin, Lions and Cracks.

In these pairs, someone must give up to the partner, otherwise the Union does not last long.

Tips for psychologist

If your elect refers to the sign of the Zodiac Gemini, then remember that it is important to be completely frank with it. People who lie our beloved and change, then usually remain lonely.

On numerous reviews and opinions, women twins freedom-loving and emotional. If you take into account her interests, respect her, you can charm the girl twin, and she will answer you.

Psychologists also advise partners to maintain internal stability, develop together, attend useful courses and interesting events.

    Additionally about the woman Twins, see the following video.

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