Woman Horse: Characteristics and Compatibility

Woman Horse: Characteristics and Compatibility

According to Chinese teachings, each person, depending on the year of his birth, has a patron animal, which affects his character, relationship with other people and even fate. For women born in 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, as well as 2014., such a patron became a horse.

Character features

Women who have emerged under the sign of the horse are distinguished by purposefulness and determination, any gusts of the soul and the field of heart, they always prefer practicality, orderliness and common sense. All of them are different – in many ways the difference in temperament and character features depends on what element was a woman was born. Consider what symbols are characteristic of different years.

  • 1954 – wooden horse. This symbol is characterized by kindness and sincerity. Such ladies have a wonderful sense of humor, they quickly find a common language with unfamiliar people, they are distinguished from their other horses.
  • 1966 – fiery horse. It can rightly be called a real hurricane emotion. Such women become public figures, they in any situation seek to get as much knowledge as possible and implement everything conceived in life. Women fiery horses tend to go out, are not ready to give up and make compromises.
  • 1978 – Earthy Horse. Such women are distinguished by sanity and a sober view of life, they never accept rapid decisions, always seek ways to resolve difficult situations.
  • 1990 – Metal Horse. Representatives of this sign show classic features: principle, restraint and stubbornness. Such ladies will always defend justice, will never spread gossip, in any situation they will express everything that they think in the eyes.
  • 1942 and 2002. – Water horse. These women are truly amazing, in their heads are the many ideas that they with perseverance are implemented. Such women are very concerned about the level of their own comfort and position in society, they follow their reputation, as a rule, prefer sports, love to travel.

In general, the horses women know how to find a common language with others, but at the same time there are rather stalls, self-confident and well know the price. They do not know how to control themselves, do not study it even with age, if it seems to them that someone encroaches them on their independence, may not think to smear hoof.

Women born under this sign love companies and willingly raid friends – in the society of loved ones, they truly open and begin to joke, and they do it quite skillfully, so as not to hurt the feelings of others.

It is impossible to say that in life everything is given to them simply – in order to achieve the intended, they have to work much and hard, but they are never inferior, always move forward and do not turn off from the planned path.

Woman Horse is a stone wall that, if desired, can heat, and protect, she will always hand over to the help of, will not betray and continue to love. Nevertheless, the women of this sign easily quarrel with friends and relatives, they do not know how to compromise. They are constantly changing the mood, so they can shout and in a sharp form to express everything that people think about.

Most likely, then they will gitly repent in the deed, but will not show it in humans – for everyone they will be “Iron Lady”.

These women are never inferior to their opponents, and their own right will express until the end, And they will continue to do this, even if you realize that it is wrong. In anger, such a woman is terrible – she can even kill, all: all: friends, relatives, colleagues.

As a rule, after such scenes of friends, the horse no longer remains. Fortunately, such nervous shakes are rather rare.

Horses women can conquer the most complex peaks, they never complain about health, they will be pretended by the second roles – For these ladies, it is important to always play the first violin. Justice It should be noted that they do a lot for this – constantly self-talking, engaged in personal growth, take steps up the career and public stairs.

Combination with zodiacs

The month of birth also affects some characteristics of the horse.

Aries – this is a free, freedom-loving personality. Aries sign makes them stubborn and sometimes aggressive, for such ladies is neglecting to relatives and relatives. They are afraid only one – lose their personal freedom, so even with their relatives they keep up at a distance.

Taurus – hardworking horses endowed with perseverance and prudence. Such women are much achieved in life, there are good managers from them who can force others to fulfill their orders, not touching their feelings. Horse Taurus is an unconditional leader that never goes to compromises. Partners can only come to terms.

Twins – are in a constant asset, and it does not matter in which direction they will move. It may be personal self-development, creativity, business or relationship. These women adore travels and search for adventures, to predict forever their plans are impossible.

Raki – these are very balanced horses, which are distinguished by harmony in relations. Women of this type are characterized by sensuality and vulnerability, in partnership always feel the mood of their man, understand him and try to show care.

a lion – This is a horse-rash horse with an active, irrepressive character. Sea of ​​internal strength and vital energy is concluded in it, in any situation such a woman will act in their own interests, not excluding personal life.

Virgo – this is one of the most energetic horses, and this feature is often manifested at all where it is necessary. Such ladies are rarely adjusted to the end, they constantly throws from extremes to extremes.

scales – It is difficult to characterize these women, they combine, it would seem that the incompatible qualities that completely contradict each other. These are light and cheerful ladies, but at the same time calculating, loose, but smart, most of all they value their freedom of action and a comfortable setting.

Scorpion – Excellent strategist and gambling player. Similar women usually achieve life success, because they are distinguished by endurance, perseverance, purposefulness. They always find a way out of any situation, sometimes not quite honest – such horses are ready to go through the heads to achieve the desired career growth.

Sagittarius – Unfortunately, about such women can not be said that the main feature of their life is stability. There are many barriers on their way, they are waiting for falls and ups, they are thrown out of extremes to extremes, but, despite the difficulties, they are standing through the tests and make confident steps to success.

Capricorn – This is one of the strongest signs. A woman born under it is distinguished by moral resistance and organization – it always carefully plays all the factors when making a decision and is guided exclusively head.

Aquarius – This young lady is completely unable to keep his life under control, it is distinguished by frequent mood and outbreaks of emotions – everything prevents it from focusing on achieving the result.

Fish – Perhaps the most kind and understanding horses, for which the most important – their friends and family members. Despite this, they do not forget to selfal and constantly work on personal growth.

Work and career

Woman Horse with pleasure takes for any new projects. For her, it is unthinkable to sit at home and do nothing, she is not afraid of any work, except, perhaps, bureaucratic.

Most often, she chooses creative professions or works in the media – it is there that its organizational and oratorical gift can be useful.

In the chair of the horse’s head, enjoy love and respect of subordinates. These women themselves do not like them to point them, therefore, with colleagues, they adhere to the same politics – such bosses will not stand behind their employees and control each step, they completely trust their employees, but at the same time they ask strictly.

Love and family

The representatives of the beautiful sex, born a year of the horse, are able to quickly fall in love, literally at first glance, at the same time in a state of love they are capable of the most stupid deeds. Love makes them truly dependent on the object of passion. Following his man, she is ready to go on the edge of the world, change the way of life, turn the past, change priorities and values.

That is why men are so often fighting for the heart of this lady, as it is capable of love and soul, and the body.

It may create a real paradise on earth, making happy every day. But if the spouse will create a framework that limit her freedom – the situation immediately changes. This woman requires space, and she will not tolerate.

Unhappy love can deeply hurt her, in such a state the horse often loses appetite or, on the contrary, looking for consolation in food – and in that and in another case it threatens serious health problems.

Like a woman of this sign can not every man – Only a strong, volitional, held, with good external data. Well, of course, he should be romantic – such women are very much worth courtship, because the man from the very first days should show himself from the best side.


Horse women make up not the best pair with a rat – these people have too different life values, so there is no initial compatibility between them.

Unbearably horse and with a bull – these men tend to keep their own woman beside ourselves, her desire to walk on freedom they are far from moral. The aspectness of its companion they perceive as infantility, so most often the couple falls.

A good pair is a horse with a tiger, in such a tandem a man and a woman seek great success, including in the construction of a society.

Horse and rabbit get along well, for a man such a lady is suitable. It will be a source of diversity in sensations, and for a woman, the rabbit will become a guarantor of family peace.

Alien to antagonism Horse and dragon – despite the fact that these people are out of all doubt, feel sympathy to each other, a couple of them get rarely.

It is impossible to call the cloudless and horse relationship with a snake. Conflicts often arise between them, despite the fact that the first loses the excerpt of a balanced snake, the horse is much more terrible in anger, because the future pair depends on her.

Do not always get along with one roof two horses, each of them tries to subjugate another, although if they still find a compromise, then such a couple will be extremely harmonious.

It is not bad for a horse with a goat, although sometimes between them and there are disagreements.

Compatibility between a horse and a monkey on a horoscope average – both signs are too self-sufficient and not ready to let someone in their lives too close.

Rarely a good family is obtained from a horse’s union and a rooster – these people are good only in the lungs, for no means binding relationships.

But a horse and dog family values ​​are completely converging, so their life can be very harmonious.

Horses and pigs are not worth building a family – in this pair of each participants expect constant slides and clarifying relationships.

More about women born in the year of the horse, you will learn from the video.

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