Woman Lion: Characteristics of the zodiac sign, suitable gifts and talismans

Woman Lion: Characteristics of the zodiac sign, suitable gifts and talismans

This woman can admire and love, envy and jealous, hate and deify. What exactly will not be able to remain indifferent. Bright charisma in combination with seductive appearance and versatile talents allocate a lioness from among other signs of the zodiac.


Woman lion among other signs looks most noticeable. Nature generously awarded her talents, inflexible will and purposefulness (features, more characteristic of men), decent manners, special charm and charm. As a result, such girls have a stable success among representatives of the opposite sex.

According to reviews, it is very bright in all characteristics sign. Its very clearly can be determined if an important planet was involved in the horoscope, such as the Sun, Mars or Mercury. In their character there is no halftone: only black or white, yes or no. They are very unequivocal and categorical both in the perception of the surrounding and in their judgments about him and, accordingly, in behavior.

Fiery lions are born in the hottest and prolific summer months in the period from July 23 to August 22, ending the circle of mysterious crayfish and predatory. This is the fifth sign of the zodiac circle, located under the dominant influence of the Sun. This planet determines all levels of life of its ward: from love for tanning and a large number of light sources in a housing to quick-tempered, fire, constant disasters and wars, which lions often around themselves and provoke.

Representatives of this sign of the zodiac should be remembered about its very strong totem animal, which retains its activity throughout the year. This is one of the strongest mammals planets. Ancient awarded him with all imaginable forces and abilities. A very distinguished animal among many cultures was considered sacred. It agrees with the Space Energy of the Sun, which gives the power of everything alive on the planet Earth.

An important point in determining the characteristics of the personality – a decade, in which a person gets along the date of birth. Each of them, in addition to the Sun, corresponds to its dominant planet, also providing a noticeable effect on the sign.

First decade (July 23 – August 1) is under the influence of Saturn. This is prone to mystic lioness, not tolerant coercion. They drink their authority over people and circumstances and are inclined to do nothing when making decisions.

In the second, most favorable for Lviv decada (August 2 – August 12) Persons are born under the influence of Jupiter. He gives a sign of wisdom, prudence and so necessary at certain moments restraint. Born during this period, it is characteristic of some snobbery in the manner to behave and when choosing clothes.

Third decade (August 13 – August 23) Under the influence of Mars, militancy makes a sign and strengthens many characteristic features for him. Such women have multiple times of glory, life force, striving for power and high assessment of their own.

This is a male, active sign, with clearly directed Energy Yan. That is why many of his representatives are rightly accused of male character and warehouse of mind. However, such words sound for them as a compliment. This is a sign related to fire, characterizes enough quick-tempered and passionate representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. Their motto: “I command! »Such women are rarely listened to someone else’s opinion and often go to their goal for all obstacles, just destroying all obstacles with its powerful energy. They may take into account the opinion of only a person experienced in some kind of area, which is an authority in their own eyes.

Metal, appropriate zodiac sign – Gold. And its shade must be golden or reddish, but in no case is not white. Stones are only natural: diamond, ruby, emerald, topaz, tiger eye, amber.

Lion flowers – Peony, Chrysanthemum, Sunflower, Rose and his wild rose hips. Trees close to energy to sign – cypress, poplar, cedar.

Suitable color scheme consists of black and all shades of fire: red, yellow, gold, orange, purple and scarlet.

Character features

Not everyone has a royal appearance, but the ambitions of the king of the beast possesses, of course, each. Although the lions in well-groomed and the ability to file themselves even with a very medium external data not to find equal. They always carefully monitor even when the crisis comes in their life. And the worse they have in the soul, the more so brilliantly they look. Throw makeup allows you to hide for a kind of mask sensitive soul of kind lioness. But even a few close friends are known about her qualities. After all, the queen can not afford to be weak.

She should always be perfect to nail tips. There are a woman lion periods of recession and depression. But she, like the legendary heroine of the film “Worked by the Wind” Scarlet O’Hara, can not be in despondency for a long time. “I’ll think about it tomorrow,” here is her motto for this case. And indeed, it is better to go to bed with a fresh head, because a full dream like nothing else affects the female beauty. Therefore, even after a minor falling, the lioness quickly comes into shape and goes on with proudly raised head on envy of ill-wishers, who even have a lot of beautiful generous lady.

Its fundamental features are the desire for secular society, erudition, pride and inability to make compromises, crystal honesty and generosity king beasts. It is very self-sufficient, demanding to people around and to themselves. A friend chooses the most devotees, loves sociable and interesting, with an excellent sense of humor of people. She does not understand women’s friendship, she has several friendships for various types of leisure, but most often she is friends with men.

What is she in love and marriage?

A real lioness can experience truly bright and passionate novels, but its desired goal sees a family. Dreams of a large clan with a lot of offspring that will be gathered on weekends and invariably ask the wise council. Therefore, in satellites of life, such a woman will choose the one who can help the incarnation of her dreams in reality.

It is always surrounded by a crowd of fans, just adores male attention, compliments and expensive gifts. She does not hide his requests that often representatives of strong sex are adopted for mercantilism. In fact, this woman, so much time and strength paying out the exterior of the secular manners and the acquisition of an external gloss, which has gained an excellent education, active and interesting, simply does not consider it necessary to spend the precious time of his life on losers.

She needs a real leader in life, smart, generous, charming and bold man with a sense of humor, which she will respect. Without this, the marriage union does not make sense. Naturally, the future husband must stand firmly on the legs and allow his wife to live on a wide leg. Otherwise the lioness simply will not be able to fall in love. It does not mean that it is completely devoid of romanticism, just a paradise in a hut is not for her. A man should be successful at least in something that she could look at him from the bottom up. Ideal if the husband is older and more experienced, will be able to become a kind of mentor for such a woman. Lion is simply uninteresting to perform the role of mommy with infantile husband, it will not be and build relationships with those who earn less of her.

But, providing such a girl with carefree calm life in prosperity, you will get a faithful, decent wife and true mother of the family. Woman Leo is one of those rare specimen, which, thanks to its energetic, he has time to work, take care of households and look good without prejudice to some of the sides of his life. Of course, with good enough, for cleaning it is likely to invite the housekeeper. And it will be quite justified, because for the cost of the hour of your work, most successful liones can hire a whole cleaning brigade. But in the ability to prepare and love for this process, you will not refuse an excellent hostess. She herself loves to eat delicious, so the family often will enjoy complex dishes, baking and homemade.

In love, lioness are divided into two types. Some cold enough hiding their inner fire. They clearly hide him so as not to be deceived, do not believe the words of empty men. For a long time they can wait for the only one who will appreciate the dignity and will be able to build it on a pedestal. In marriage by calculation they, however, are often unhappy. The crisis comes after 35 years, then the lioness is often welcomed by his first in life, rushing into it, as in the outer with his head. If this does not happen, the uneasy tenderness and passion, it can submily at expensive hobbies, shopping, entertainment.

Another type of youth is very in love, may have several bright and prolonged novels. She gives partner to himself without a balance, but as soon as he cooles passion, she begins to see his true advantages and disadvantages. At the same time, the lioness can feel empty, and the relationship exhausted themselves. By many samples and mistakes, she will choose in satellites in a rather mature age just a reliable and kind husband who will admire a successful wife and will be able to become her friend.

Suitable professions

Women Lions are good literally in everything, for which they take. They are valued for mind, sociability, optimism, energy, will and dedication, the ability to perform complex tasks. But only her not every work will have to do. The best will be the option with the possibility of career growth or work in the Laksheri segment, where it can rotate in the world of wealthy and famous people.

Lviv distinguish high leadership qualities and ability to manage people, so they quickly knock out from their team to higher positions. Be subordinate and carry out the routine work they are unbearable. If a woman lion can not get out of the heads and receive a decent payment for their work, she will prefer a risky way of businesswoman. So it is easier for her to implement his ambitions, because the lioness got used to count only on himself. She tolerate can not depend on someone’s opportunities, hates incompetence or poor quality assistance.

If your head lion, consider that you are big lucky. She is ambitious and cares not only about their success, but also about the promotion of the company. Get ready for complicated tasks and processing that will be paid well. Should not be expected from such a manager of clear orders. You will be given a task, and the path of her solution of the lioness will leave your professionalism on the spontaneous. Point to everyone what and how to do, it means to humiliate the professional dignity of the employee. She will gladly adjust the possible errors and indicate the shortcomings, can give a couple of valuable tips. But to redo job employee will have to.

Lion Woman likes to be the center of attention, she is inherent in some theatricality. It is not afraid to perform in front of a large number of people and has excellent communicative abilities and oratorical data. Such a girl can succeed in acting profession and show business and in everything related to the field of entertainment. With due money grip and commercial abilities from the lioness, beautiful mentors and coaches are obtained in various areas of knowledge.

Zodiac sign representatives and pronounced abilities for learning foreign languages. The possibility of their successful work abroad or in a branch of a large international company.

Leadership qualities and ability to communicate with people of different social layers allow a woman to become a deputy, a politician, businessman, a public figure. On this slippery path, it is important for her to remember not only about his ambitions, but also about the essence of his ministry of a certain mission. After all, the main qualities of the lioness, patronized by the Sun, is faith and true. When evading this, the luminaire can punish the most brutal failures.


The lionesses should especially carefully choose an amulet, consulting only with its inner feeling for this subject. Sign representatives believe in mysticism. A successful talisman can really bring them a sudden good luck and give positive energy, become a charm and inspire a significant business.

Any images of a lion, eagle, ladybugs, swan are suitable as an amulet. Also solar symbols (various images of the sun): paintings in the interior, sunflower plants, bamboo with its inexorable pull-up and inexhaustible force, fiery colors. You can use and happy for the fiery sign of the number: 1, 5, 9,11.

Especially important for lioness Choosing high-quality natural stones in jewelry. Properly selected, they will bring good luck and smooth the negative characteristics of the sign. Do not wear other people’s decorations or purchased in Lombard, for receptive energy lion it carries a lot of danger. The exception can be done only for the grand jewels of the grandmother, who tried and in life to help, and after the guardian angel could become. It will be better if you knew your relative personally. However, if you do not want to repeat her fate in something, then it is better to give up from wearing such jewelry.

King Stones Brilliant as if created in order to emphasize the greatness of Lviv. He personifies power and strength, helps in successful contacts and charges the power of a strong personality. If the lion for some reason does not have a noticeable charisma (which is very rare), then you should not wear decorations with this mineral, they will only take the insufficient sign of the sign.

Known as “Sun Stone” Heliodor is useful for whose profession is related to science and teaching, as the intellectual ability of the owner accumulates. And the lions can bring good luck in the personal life and achieving family harmony.

Golden topaz helps hot-tempered signs of keeping emotions under control, empowers wisdom. There is a belief that this stone can even help solve cunning plans of secret enemies.

Tourmaline useful to wear lions creative professions. He dispels fears, eliminates temporary uncertainty and contributes to the development of creative directions of consciousness.

Amber is a versatile talisman for a lioness. This yellow shades of a stone, as if imprinted the sun’s ray, gives only a positive mood, enhances the energy of the sign, eliminates melancholy and protects against ill-wishers.

What you can donate?

When choosing a gift for a lion woman, his elitism and high cost. Fur coats, dear jewelry, gorgeous bouquets of flowers out of 101 roses, – these women are not from those who are from modesty and feeling themselves obliged to refuse expensive gift. Moreover, the lion girl believes that it is worthy of not less than the royal honors and the most expensive gifts in their definition. It will not appreciate the bedroom plants in a blue or skish bought in the nearest stall a soft toy. The case is not at all in mercantility and notorious greed. She likes to give no less than getting. And it does it always thoroughly, with a great taste and not taking care.

An excellent gift for a girl Lerl will be expensive gold jewelry with natural stones. It will also appreciate the brand of the manufacturer, and the number of carat. Do not be afraid to buy too large jewelry: lionesses love catchy brilliant things. You can give an unusual design item from silver, which will be equipped with a branded certificate and issued in a limited quantity or even a single instance.

Designer aromas will be a good acquisition for the donor. The lionesses love perfume and, as a rule, hold the whole strategic reserve at home. At the same time, preference is usually given by sweet, heavy or oriental spicy fragrances. To make sure not to make a mistake with the smell, provide the ability to choose the most gifted, giving it a certificate for a generous amount.

If you are familiar enough, you can please your favorite beautiful clothes. Women Lions prefer expensive fabrics and natural fur. Clothes should be bright, in fiery colors or brilliant. An excellent choice can be a set of scarlet designer linen or python leather boats on a heel.

By moral, you will have to the Lerl woman and everything connected with the symbolism of the sign: souvenirs, paintings, written accessories in shape or depicting a lion or cat. Loving impressions of the lioness will appreciate the ticket to the elite spa or on its concert, show.

If you do not know the taste of your girlfriend well, you can make a gastronomic gift. The main thing is that it is elite, in a beautiful package and did not harm the flawless figure of the lioness, which she is so carefully. It can be a collector wine, a set of expensive rare spices, brought specifically for her from Spain, an armor box with Belgian chocolate. Whatever a gift you choose, it should reflect the impeccable taste and high demands of the lioness.


Among women Lviv have a lot of famous, public persons. They all have bright charisma, solar positive energy, not leaving anyone indifferent, who at least once heard their name. These are American actresses Kate Bakinshail, Charlize Theron, Mila Cunis and Sandra Bullock + Russian Model Victoria Locking + Star of the Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev + Singer Whitney Houston, Jennifer Lopez and Sofia Rotaru + Successful Writing Daniel Styl + TV presenter Julia Vysotskaya.

Who will make a lion woman in marriage, look in the video below.

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