Woman Scales Born in Cat Year: Psychological portrait and compatibility

Woman Scales Born in Cat Year: Psychological portrait and compatibility

Women Scales born in the year Cat, careful and silent. When they feel comfortable and safely, can be willing to share their own feelings. They have always a limited number of friends. They are hard to make compromises or do what they don’t want.


Smart enough to learn from other successes. Loneliness gives them the necessary concentration. These are introverts that have overestimated standards when choosing a life satellite. Prefer not to change partners, but to stay on one, sometimes even may not notice its flaws, if they really love. Moreover, the right of the second half will defend, even if the wrong.

Rarely annoyed, do not like to participate in debates with others. Sometimes this woman can be very controversial, for her professional success is essential in life. This is one of the most peaceful and patient women represented by various zodiac signs. Nothing can bring it out of himself or knock down.

Any problem situation is resolved in the shortest possible time and with maximum efficiency, if it is under the control of the scales. In addition, born with talent for ingenuity, the girls of this sign are sociable and inquisitive. There are pretty picky, so they are not allowed in their lives.

Women of this sign are very weak and vulnerable when it comes to solving complex and urgent problems. In addition, tragic and dramatic events shake their self-confidence and willpower. If you manage to outline a new future and strive to achieve a goal, then over time they can feel happy.

Endowed with great ability to manage and give orders. Do it not only at work, but also in the family, where they try to clarify their demands. Emotional outbreaks lead to the fact that the woman becomes nervous, the psychological portrait changes, it begins to shout, for each occasion annoyed.

She needs a person who will calm her and arrange life in the manner necessary for her.

Friends and rest

Such women know how to enjoy, postpone in the direction of care and problems and truly enjoy life. Love to stay in a familiar environment where can feel comfortable, without external pressure.

Ladies are able to properly organize their time and activities with benefit.

Best features:

  • friendliness+
  • equilibrium+
  • tolerance.

However, when a difficult or insurmountable situation appears, the scales will not throw all the forces on its overcoming, and will postpone the decision for later. In general, women of this type are trying to avoid similar situations in life.

If you want to look at the real emotions of the representative of this sign, then put it in an uncomfortable position or start threatening. This man hates to show his feelings in public, as joining conflict situations.

Relations and family

Her house is a temple, carefully organized and adapted to their own needs and desires. Change anything inside, I don’t care what to completely destroy the comfort and calm of the cat. That is why it is impossible to do this under any circumstances. If such a situation still arises, then the problem should not be serene and careless. The main emotions of women will be aggressiveness and irritability.

Raise the mood will help love, romance, good and loyal relationship with partner. Girl scales in response to care will give support and understanding, will calm down. Sometimes they show cold, but everything is just because the second half did not justify the expectations. The perfect couple in her understanding is when people understand each other from the first word.

Excellent compatibility is presented with the following combinations of signs in men: twins Baran, Sagittarius Dog, Aquarius Pig.

In relations with children, scales cats give all themselves. They dedicate their upbringing all their free time, and sometimes even ready to free it for a child. Will play and have fun, but if the child is nahuligan, a woman will certainly find a fair punishment.

Stress and unloved duties kill them slowly but right. They want a little more freedom than they actually. Possessing a huge power of perception and observation, such a lady will notice absolutely everything, even the most imperceptible detail.

And all the collected information serves as a material for further solutions and plans. When rabbit scales begins to act according to plan, then it makes everything scrupulously, efficiently, rationally. If it seeks success, does not shout about it to the whole world, and quietly rejoices his victory.

Characteristic of a woman born under the sign of the scales, look next.

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