Woman Scales Born in Dog Year: Characteristics and Compatibility

Woman Scales Born in Dog Year: Characteristics and Compatibility

Women born in the period from September 24 to October 22 are scales sign representatives. They strive for harmony in all, balancing different aspects of their lives. The patronage of the dog on the Eastern Horoscope gives its own characteristics of these French representatives.


Woman Scales – This is a thin and soft nature, regretting, very smart and talented. But its kindness is manifested only until their own interests are affected. She knows exactly what he wants, and never will be engaged in unusual activities. Make her do anything besides the will impossible. At such moments there is unexpectedly manifested by the unusual weight gains.

The representatives of this sign of the zodiac of Mila and sociable, attract the attention of the opposite sex with their naturalness and femininity. They are moderately and tastefully dressed, look very fashionable, but at the same time do not too much, the contacts and with other women in any collective are well. Born in the year of the dog very actively defends his interests, and can also become a defender of those whose interests suddenly coincide with the direction of her ideas. To Altruism is not a closer, but the patronage of the dog gives her the belly and the nature of revolutionary. This is a rather contradictory personality, a fighter by nature, having a strong and, unexpectedly for women of weights, combat character.

Behavior in friendship

Scales good friends: can become a cherished vest for crying, and substitute on time friendly shoulder. In manner to be friends they look like men. Carefully listen carefully (or create such an impression if you respect each other) and give several valuable advice to resolve the situation. Friendship they are breeding and with representatives of the opposite sex. Often such a partnership is based on sympathy for them men who do not risk directly care for a few woman scales, fearing to be rejected.

Respect scales and in the women’s team, because there it shows an excerpt and characteristic female qualities at the same time: Softness, kind, spiritual warmth. Such a woman is ready to help a friend, but never to the detriment of their own interests. She does not like shy in anything.

Maybe even unprincipled, because she has its own vision of the world regarding those things that make up its closest interests.

Attitude towards love and marriage

In love, the woman’s scales are very romantic, lives by Platonic feelings, especially in his youth. She is idealist by nature and is able to look for his ideal for a long time in men. Well, if my mother explains her from an early age that the ideal does not exist, otherwise she is waiting for a serious disappointment until the complete denial of relations with the opposite sex. She is constantly in search of, convincing himself, making it for the sake of family. By and large, so it is, because she doesn’t need a partner for life, she can safely exist and one.

The splitness and paradoxicalness of the character of women of the scales is also manifested in relation to men.

This bright and creative nature loves non-standard courtship and beautiful attention signs. However, it is impossible to conquer it with one romance. In a man, she also appreciates seriousness, respectability and ability to stand firmly on their feet. She needs a durable financial foundation for the founding of the family, because it refers to this event in life very responsibly.

Fall in love with poor romance she can only in early youth. If they enter into the influence of feelings in a reconcile marriage, in ten years, most likely, such relationships will be destroyed, and on the initiative of the scales. There will be no most serious reasons for this, it can lime in tricks on tricks, because in the unloved man it will be annoyed literally. Even common children will save the family, although their appearance born under the sign of the scales are very responsible and pay for their upbringing. The beneficial for such relations will be as full compliance with the spouse of the wife’s expectations.

Career and business

Women born in the year of dogs are successful on the field, where they will find the most complete use to their talents. In such matters, they can achieve significant success. However, scales work not for the sake of building a career or making big money. Rather, on the internal need to implement his creative personality, they always choose work under them.

Pravddolyness and truth seekers, women scales often find themselves in their work reporter, journalist, correspondent. They can become public figures of that organization whose ideas are consistent with its own ideas. Often, scales find themselves in the field of art in the field of politics or philosophy. For a successful career, they need a solid male shoulder nearby.

They work calmly and confidently, when they know that it is possible to do especially not to worry about the stability of the financial situation in the family.


A good partners for weights can be fiery signs that give financial stability going through life without a doubt, purposeful and confident. Well, if the negative qualities of people such as jealousy, quick temper, pride, will be softened by the patrons of the animals of the Eastern Horoscope. Beautiful couple can create a dog scales with a lard man born in the year of the goat. Their relationship will be quite reasonable and durable. The wisdom of the lion and the dimension of the scales will be able to become fundamental qualities that balance the possible moments of misunderstanding in a pair. In general, it will be easy to find common interests and points of contact. The greatest probability of a strong and long-term union will be in the event that both will get acquainted in rather mature age. So, they will be able to evaluate each other without youthful maximalism and idealism in the approach to the selection of the satellite.

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