Woman Scales born in the year of the rooster

Woman Scales born in the year of the rooster

Women scales born in the year of the rooster, patient and really do not mind waiting for their turn in many aspects of life. They are not large fans of changes, disciplined, respect the rules as no other.


Girls are ready to cope with the consequences of their actions, even if you have to pay a high price. They are among the most relaxed people among all the signs of the zodiac. Have an ideal internal balance that has no equal.

Optimistic and gentle, have a good taste. These are sophisticated nature, people always ask them to advice and ask the opinion about how to dress and care for hair. Woman says a lot and on different topics. She knows how to behave in society is always open to conversation.

Sensitive roosters – large intellectuals, can charm any. The ladies are skilled and accurate, possess an analytical mind, know how to judge the situation clearly, regardless of the circumstances.

Interested in their own appearance and in how others perceive them. For them, the most important things in life are family, health and home. Try to surround themselves smart and influential people. Words in any conversation pick up carefully before deciding to say something.

Hold all that surrounds her, such a woman is calm, she is able to understand the point of view of other people. For this reason, she always has many friends. Calm and mature, very smart. It approaches various situations with a clock, and takes tough measures only when it is required of it. Psychologists recommend not to express themselves openly and rudely, since such behavior is not typical for this sign.

If it were more observant, I would have learned to use it in your favor. This girl should feel free to be happy. It is impossible to criticize it too much because you can offend.

Do not be deceived by the cheerfulness of this lady, she is not the person who will trust others easily, no matter whether the interlocutor is polite or not. If you manage to conquer confidence a little, a woman will easily tell about every detail of the lived life. Desire to share can be interpreted as a weakness of nature, since such a revelation often leads to disappointment.

The fact that they like to say so can play against them. When something worries a girl scales, she says much faster.

It is important to remember that if you hurt it, then the lady will not pick up words and express everything that is thinking right in the face.

Career and money

Responsible at work, Petushi scales are tied to people with whom they work. Will not leave the workplace until the situation really does not require them. These women are not always interested in seeking great success, they love to make small achievements and rejoice. Very observant, patient, waiting for their turn to express the opinion.

They are annoyed when someone interrupts, because there is respect in conversation. Always show him to the opponent, such women are excellent diplomats, teachers, politicians.

The best area – sales, where you can realize the ability to talk with people and talent. Well suits the post of consultant, Call Center operator, online support officer.


As a friend, rooster scales are true and reliable, supports everyone who can in any situation. Always knows what happens with friends and is ready to offer support. But when it comes to getting well with people, the girl often turns out to be in a state of conflict. It’s because she has a completely different vision of the world. The lady will not fail even from a loved one. In her opinion, the best idea of ​​the one she offered. In fact, this is not always the case, but a woman to recognize the woman will never become.

The girl is tolerant, manifests flexibility in relations with friends.

Such a lady is confident and decisive, it does not always want to compromise when it is required.


Woman born in the year of the rooster, much can do and herself, but she needs a partner who will not sit still. More often chooses a simple guy than a beautiful, but demanding man.

She believes in true love, waiting for life to make her happy. If the lady is not able to find the right person, will not be sacrificed and compromise. Better devote himself to finding, many of the scales fall in love only once in life.

When they love someone, as a rule, a little shy and hide their feelings.

During sex, very timid, the partner will have to work hard to liberate such a girl.

Petuhi scales expect their second half will be faithful and devoted. They have the need to be loved, but will not be able to endure if the partner becomes the owner and starts to control. To courter and conquest of such a woman leaves a lot of time. Good compatibility with a damp, rabbit cancer, cock-cock, Capricorn rabbit.

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