Woman Scales: character and behavior in various spheres of life

Woman Scales: character and behavior in various spheres of life

Women born under the sign of scales, one of the most attractive for men. They have a lot of character traits that make them beautiful hostesses, wives and mothers. With them you can find a common language in friendships and at work. To make it easier to do this, you should deepen in the characteristics of the scale.


The sign of the zodiac scales include women born in the period from September 24 to October 23. They have a peculiar charisma, the logic inherent in more men, the intelligence and the mind, which are very noticeable when communicating with these ladies.

You can select the following features of the character characteristic of the representative of this sign:

  • friendliness+
  • femininity+
  • reliability+
  • sociability+
  • The ability to listen and listen to someone else’s opinion+
  • The ability to convince+
  • Weightedness and Acts+
  • elegance+
  • passion.

    Description of a woman Scales born in one or another period of the primacy of this sign in the zodiac looks like this.

    Representatives of the zodiac of the first decade (from September 24 to October 3) have its own features. They can be determined by special friendliness. They are very nice to communicate with them, because such girls have the ability to feel the shades of emotions of the interlocutor and move “on his wave”. Optimist, smiling life ever, can not but cause sympathy.

    Facts indicate that these girls have a great taste, they know how to file themselves and are always surrounded by beautiful things.

    With all the external lightness, quite seriously look at life and are engaged in their career development. It is important for them to deal with things that they are interested in and at the same time bring good income.

    To their ambitious goals, they go straight dear, no matter what nozzles. Sometimes there are sometimes highly rigid methods, although this does not agree with an external impression of these lanes. In the air and thin girl it is difficult to suspect a business wolf, which confuses any competitor in its path.

    However, if the case does not concern the career, the woman’s scales of the first decade will necessarily come to the aid of the one who needs it.

    Such representatives of the sign are distinguished by diplomatic and tact. From them you can not wait for the horseshoe games, although they will not miss the case to benefit from the developing circumstances.

    If there is a failure, it does not become a reason for deep disorder. Of all these scales you extract experience and never refuse to conceived.

    To the second decade The influence of the sign includes those who were born from 4 to 13 October. These girls appreciate freedom, think independently and behave extravagant. They can not be waiting for predictable actions. Impact yourself in a harmonious environment where they feel “in their plate”. These women are nice to listen – the ability to speak beautifully not to occupy.

    The nature of the second decade is characteristic of adventurism. Such girls easily and fearlessly change their own life, happily giving up to the power of the unknown, differ honesty and direct. Show leadership qualities that may be raised in marriage relationships, although it is not really ready for themselves. As a result of long negotiations, the right to ownership of someone else is inferior.

    Third decada Ladies born from 14 to 23 October. These are the biggest chatters among all the scales. From the side seem frivolous. It does not prevent them from skeptically to look at everything that happens, giving many things a critical assessment. For the sake of self-affirmation are ready to argue with all his might.

    Do not tolerate the gift of spent time. Try to fill every moment of your life with something useful. It is no coincidence that you have the habit of guided in our actions by a certain schedule that for ourselves make up.

    Like all scales, possess pronounced diplomatic inclination.

    Have a tendency to lead, but if they seek such heights, lose the female charm, acquiring a lot of typical male in behavior.

    Because of their vision, they are trying to do without conflict and keep balance in each of the spheres of life. Love in the celebrity attention and stay in the circle of their communication.

    In responsible moments show courage, courage. Capable of decisive actions and distinguished. Before making such a move, they think about it for a long time, how to carry out this revenge, and then proceed to its implementation.

    Intellect. It is among such representatives of the scales most of those who get married several times. Moreover, they always have full fans, including wealthy. There is someone choose. As a result of deft manipulations, these ladies easily get everything they want.

    Among the cons character of women, the weights can be distinguished by a change of mood subject to certain cyclicity. They are full of strength and tirelessly work, economic affairs in the house, then suddenly everything is thrown sharply, fall on the sofa and stop moving.

    Nearby man should just take such flaws in weight behavior. While the representative of this sign does not accumulate a new portion of energy for the accomplishment of feats, it will not do anything.

    Negative qualities include the desire to please other people regardless of whether they deserve it or not. And for the sake of creating a harmonious atmosphere for them, these women are ready to abandon themselves and lose individuality.

    Suitable names

    In order for the scales able to fully show their best qualities, you should correctly call the girl in infancy.

    It is believed that the most suitable women’s names for the scales are.

    • Agnes. Latin translates as a “lamb”. Such women behave restrained, although, in essence, emotional and deep in their feelings.
    • Albin. Translated from Latin means “white”. Woman with such character will be proud, energetic and balanced.
    • Vasilisa. From the Greek language translates as “Queen”. The owner of this name thoughtfully applies to everything, for which it takes. Differs in great pride and tend to show strong feelings.
    • Darya. Persian means “possessing good”. Woman with such character sociable. She has a big stock of optimism. From such you can wait for impulsive actions.
    • Elizabeth. From the Hebrew, this name can be translated as a “honoring God”.

    The owner of this name, born under the sign of scales, energetic, sociable and logical in its judgments.

    • Inga. Comes on behalf of the IWWI – this is one of the Scandinavian gods. His owner is characterized by hardness, purposefulness and self-confidence.
    • Christina. That is, “dedicated to Christ” (from Latin). The owner of this name is an ambitious, energetic woman who knows how to achieve the desired.
    • Natalia. Latin is translated as “native”. Usually it is fondant, emotional women.
    • Elvira. Translated from German as “truthful in everything”. Scales with the name of proud, persistent and purposeful.

    Behavior in friendship

    Girl Scales most often turns out to be a wonderful friend and for many it becomes somehow free psychoanalyst. Such regularly addressed advice. As a psychologist, she is ready to listen to everything that has booked in a person in the soul and give to understand how much it worries happening to him. This is already enough enough to the interlocutor felt relief. But after analyzing the heard, she will give a weighted opinion and will offer a way out of the situation. Usually it helps a friend to look at what is happening with different eyes.

    Another good feature that attracts friends to her is expressed in the fact that in communication this reasonable girl avoids the imposition of his opinion to the interlocutor, although it will find suitable words to convey the thought to him that considers it right.

    Attitude towards love and marriage

    Love is what a girl scales seek. She is able to captivate the representative of the opposite sex. An ideal partner considers such a man who can rely on in life. For such gentle nature, you need a strong defender, able to protect it from all problems and protect the beautiful flower.

    In relationships values ​​what has. Will not be able to quarrel with her beloved and offend him. For the sake of it is ready to abandon everything, move to another city or country.

    Being a wife, it will be imperceptibly to manage the family. She has enough wisdom of a royal crown of chapter to leave her husband, and the most imperceptibly for him to push the partner to the right decisions. Such a girl knows how to wear a mask of a cheerful hatcher, not showing the sharpness of his mind and not teasing his partner. It will build a relationship so that the husband will be ready for her for any conquest.

    Does not show excessive curiosity to the secrades. In her opinion, such behavior is deprived of nobility and tact. If it finds out the relationship, it does not increase the tone. It is easier for her to silence for a long time than to find out the relationship.

    Having survived the trouble, trying to establish peace in the family herself.

    As mother she is fair and strict. Rises in children respect for the elders, the desire for order and decent maneram. Necessary does not kiss kids. Thanks to this, independent and independent people are obtained.

    As for the intimate side of the marital life, in it the scales loves the circumstance. Never hurry and tries to create a romantic setting for intimate entertainment. In sexual games, often takes the initiative to their hands, is capable of unexpected actions. Does not tolerate rude by partner.

    The house of this hostess is filled with comfort. This woman is carefully suited to the creation of the interior, not forgetting the most small details. Pleasant music, a wonderfully decorated table and a variety of dishes on it, beautiful dishes and a peaceful situation – all this is very important for weights. With regard to the house and family – this is a woman in the full sense of the word.


    Best for a girl scales as a partner will be the representative of the male half of the twins. The variable character of this person is completely transformed when such a sign falls under the charm of the scales. This man will strive to create a family with a girlfriend, whereas with other representatives of the zodiac circle are almost unable to.

    Scales and twins, coming down in the Union, will be able to blame perfectly, penetrating mutual respect. Although to maintain a high level of mutual understanding, these people need to constantly work on themselves.

    How to confirm numerous reviews, with a sign of the lion girl scales can bring sex. In this sense, such partners are fully compatible. Misunderstanding is possible due to the high emotionality of one and another participant. Each of them is afraid of losing his independence.

    In relations with aquatic weight, the weights will be all romantic and imbued with passion. Of these relationships, unforgettable love stories are obtained. Each of the signs values ​​freedom, so no one suppresses anyone, leaving a place for personal space.

    Very well fit each other scales and controversy. This partner girl will understand with half. With the Sagittarius “Dropling” Communication can last long, but then both participants will come to the idea of ​​creating a family.

    The ability to come to a compromise and give way makes this marriage durable.

    Not bad perspectives for weights in alliance with tales or cancer. But with Capricorn successful will be more friendship, rather than marriage.

    With a milfing may be a memorable love romance, but in marriage we will have to play all the time with such a partner in the game “Which of us is better”. It may tire both participants in the pair. Although some are pleasure from periodic emotional bursts.

    A completely unsuccessful union will come out of a woman’s scales with a man in fish. These people are unable to understand each other. Scales will always be dissatisfied with a watermark who cannot designate a specific life goal. And fish who do not want to enter into disputes, silently offended. This state of affairs can not last long.

    Despite the fact that the scales are able to find a lot of common with scorpion in sexual terms, to withstand the character of such a guy girl will be difficult. Rudeness and jealousy – this is not what this woman is ready to accept.

    Is the career for them important?

    Women Scales rarely choose professions associated with large physical exertion. They are more suited to activities related to a wide range of communication, for example, in the world of art. Also of them get good lawyers and journalists, flight attendants and social workers.

    Among the representatives of this sign a lot of workaholics. Work is important for them as a means of material support. For comfort and prosperity that are necessary for weights, they are willing to pay great employment, unless the husband takes on full material support, so that the scales can completely give themselves home and children. It is also important for them that comes with work.

    Woman scales may well become a boss. Such a leader will require discipline from its subordinates, and at the same time will become weighted. None of the employees can say that their boss is unfair or dishonest in actions.


    As an overlap or amulet girl weighs, you need to purchase jewelry with various stones.

    For born in the first decade The influence of this sign will suit things with a crystal, moon stone, jashed or malachite.

    Earrings or Ring with Emerald will be able to protect the ladies, born in the second decade Scales in the zodiac. Also for them are good decorations with sapphire, zircon, topaz and ruby.

    Weighs of the Third Decade It is better to choose a diamond or aquamarine as a talisman.

    Also for all representatives of the sign of the talisman will be a scales.

    It symbolizes harmony in any spheres of life, whether it is a family, work or friendship. As the scales relate to air elements, it is better to choose a silver product – white metal.

    Flag for weights is a heart image. It means life force and protects people on long journeys.

    Wheel sign will attract luck to the owner of such decoration. The wheel removes a veil of doubt and allows you to find the right way out.

    Also overlap for a woman, scales can become flowers and other plants. For example, Rowan contributes to the development of career and success in the implementation of certain projects, the maple helps to preserve and protect the seven scales. Orchid is a source of energy for them and gives optimism, which affects all spheres of life.

    Modest marigolds are able to add harmony to the inner world of the scales, expel out of the soul of experience and eliminate the voltage.

    Lilac gives a woman the scales of confidence and attracting to achieve the goal.

    What gifts love?

    For a woman, scales are important for the gift to be presented with all his heart. It can be a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and perfume with a suitable aroma.

    She will like a chic gift type of vouchers to an exotic country or a cute decoration with natural stones. If it is a modest, but elegant thing, the scales will be satisfied with such a gift. It will appreciate the handmade exclusive thing, which emphasizes her individuality, or an interesting subject of the interior, inscribed in the style of her house.

    Famous representatives

      Among the celebrities of the old days and today Many representatives of the scales sign:

      • Catholic nun Mother Teresa+
      • Politician Margaret Tetcher+
      • Writer Agata Christie+
      • Russian poetess Marina Tsvetaeva+
      • French actress brick bardo+
      • Italian film actrix, fashion model Monica Bellucci+
      • British actress and singer Kate Winslet+
      • British actress Catherine Zeta-Jones+
      • American fashion model and actress Kim Kardashian+
      • Russian figure skater Elena careful+
      • Famous Russian singers Zemfira, Larisa Dolina, Lada Dance+
      • Famous Soviet and Russian actresses of Faina Ranevskaya, Natalia Gundarereva, Tatyana Doronina, Elena Probleova, Inna Churikova.

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