Woman Scales in love and relationships

Woman Scales in love and relationships

The girl born in the period from September 24 to October 23 is influenced by the control element of the air. Cute Sign Sign Representative Like everyone without exception. Light and serious, doubting and purposeful at the same time, it seems to be worn out of contradictions. However, they do not interfere with it to build harmonious relationship with a suitable partner.


The representatives of this sign of the zodiac usually cause interest to their person not only among representatives of the opposite sex. They are smart, open and pleasant in communication, have many interests and hobbies. Men manits her extraordinary character and non-femininity. Woman scales as if fluttered in life, so it is not surprising that they are often in love with one glance. Her tender attractive smile longwest in the soul.

She always monitors himself and can give care for several hours a day. And externally, the result looks very natural, as if scales and do not make an effort to exhaust its beauty. In their clothes, their preferences change. Love for the refreshment of the wardrobe at this sign is just amazing. The girl can walk in a stunning dress and on the hairpins on Thursday. And the next day will put on a free T-shirt with trousers and comfortable shoes.

It is difficult to designate all the qualities of these versatile women, so interesting and unpredictable. With all the external light, the girl born under the constellation of the scales has a male type of thinking, not alien to the logicality, often takes part in disputes for the process itself. It is characterized by rationality and prudence even at the very young age.

Woman scales are interested in many things and has a wide range of topics for discussion. In her head, large amounts of information are always stored, which it can use at a convenient case. In others, such specials appreciates and sincere interest to it. And from a man will always wait for care and loyalty.

Since the youth itself, such a girl knows what it expects from life and surrounding. Choose a profession when the peers are still moving in doubt, it is not difficult for it. In life, she goes boldly, with optimism and unchanged faith. Sometimes it is doubted about the correctness of the choice, but this concerns only minor things. In the global sense, she enters unmistakably. In general, scales are almost immaculate in all and prefer harmony in all spheres of life. Personality and emotionality are also inherent in this sign, but they are qualitatively different than, for example, under the influence of fire elements.

Woman scales usually have many acquaintances, as it is easy to converge with everyone. She is valued for the ability to keep the tongue for the teeth, and therefore they trust many secrets. Colleagues without fear to be incomprehensible to appeal for help. And relatives can gladly trust her their children.

What a man needs?

Such an unusual and beautiful woman needs a calm, reasonable, who has everyday wisdom partner. He must have outstanding progress in some area. To behave is worth it is quite restrained, not to rip the rapprochement, otherwise you can simply move a seriously tuned girl. At the same time, you need to try to be constantly unobtrusively near, showing your willingness to support at any time or simply split together the joy of success.

The best partner for her – a person is somewhat older in age, which will be able to appreciate her mind, natural beauty, versatile interests and their own unique look at everything. He will lead her in life and will be ready to listen to rational advice, because it understands much. It is suitable for a person who is ready for partner relations, because a woman’s scales will not be able to tolerate rudeness, dictatorial tone and pressure.

The perfect companion is born under the sign of the zodiac Aries, Taurus, Leo, Scales and Capricorn. With a man, another harmonious relationship will be a very harmonious relationship if the satellite will restrain his alentability and do not bring workers to home. When winning the lady of the heart, it will be necessary to show the inherent Aries perseverance, otherwise the woman will think that you are not interested in it.

Taurus with his luck and ability to get sufficiency literally from all will become a wonderful pair of purposeful, loving successful men woman scales. Their family couple will admire everything around. All minor misunderstandings, among themselves, they will be wisely able to solve lovely.

Bright man lion – just a dream girl scales. He will be able to give her a worthy position in society and become an interesting companion who will sincerely admire the spouse. The only problem can be hot tempering of lion. It is worth it to be softer to your second half and not disturbing loud disassembly her spiritual comfort, which she tries to spread on all home.

With male weights will bind common interests, goals, lifestyle and views on the world. It is difficult to submit two people who are more suitable for each other. If they meet, then the union will arise for life.

Woman weighs polluts the attention of the forever busy, hardworking Capricorn. She will be able to create a family comfort of the home focus for him, to which he will strive after labor feats. This couple can work perfectly together. The main thing at the same time is not to transfer work relations to the house, and in the service do not compete and do not fight for the championship, because both, in fact, are in one big boat.

With a frivolous twin, it is hardly formed at least some kind of relationships, despite the relationship of the controlled elements. Such a man is too inconstant, unreliable and, in general, does not have the qualities that the woman appreciates the scales for a serious relationship. But just good friends for nothing to do with obliging conversations they may well become.

With cancer, conservative and enough closed, there may be very complex relationships. To succeed a pair you need to learn more to talk to each other. And the man of cancer is more likely to go out of their cozy shelter, because tactful and cautious companion does not at all threaten his peace of mind.

Aquarius and Scorpio possess medium compatibility with a woman with scales. To be together, both spouses will have to do a great job on oneself. Will need to learn restraint. Less than manifestations of egoism, caustic comments and unreasonable aggression and a big degree of confidence in each other only strengthen relations.

Fish will be able to become a good friend for weights like Virgo. This combination of couples and in work will be acceptable. Such colleagues will be able to support each other and reconcile to replace without prejudice to the workflow.

Signs of love

Understand that such a woman is in love, just enough. If she is confident in his beloved, he will not be shy to demonstrate him his attitude. She will not play “Cats-mouse” and play sophisticated prey. Although it may arrange some checks. If you deserve her trust, you will get a faithful woman who surrounds care and attention in love.

She will try to like its object, will give advice and ask for help. Award and fervent gratitude, of course, will be a response to the knight’s actions of a strong man. Pour the path to the heart of your loved one, it can try and cooking his favorite dishes, because it is a good mistress and strong in cooking.

Love behavior and relationships

In love, a woman scales manifests itself as the most charming representative of the beautiful floor. Will try to please and please your man. In turn, will also require care and understanding of their numerous needs. She is quite demanding to a partner and will evaluate many qualities: from appearance and friends to intelligence and material security.

Will not immediately reveal the girl scales his heart. She will need persistent, attentive and patient guy. Most likely, he will have to withstand a number of tests and checks. This representative of the sign quite appreciates itself and will not waste his precious time on a unworthy man. Maybe she will delay the moment of proximity to the wedding, as it refers to intimate relationships very serious. At the same time, you should not be afraid of low libido or coldness of the future wife. It’s all right with this. It just manifests it to be another test of the future satellite on seriousness of intention and respectful attitude.

She is very purposeful with his youth and knows what he wants. Therefore, not ready for the semi-dimensions in choosing a satellite, because it will be for it once and for life. If it has not yet decided, you can notice the flirt on her side with other men. This is her ordinary manner of pleasant communication and nothing more. Such a woman is very faithful and prefers confidence in a marital couple.

Her house will be a real fortress, protected and at the same time grocery. There is not a shame to bring friends. At least in the family there will be one child, because without the heir, in her opinion, there can be no full-fledged.

What gifts love?

It is best to know about women’s hobbies, before giving a gift. She will appreciate. Often such good owners do in their free time with needlework or prepare. A wonderful gift will be a good sewing machine or a modern gadget for the kitchen.

Parfumes of scales also love, but they have too refined taste for fragrances. To please certainly give a cash certificate and provide the possibility of such a difficult choice being beloved.

If you decide to choose a jewelry, then this should not be jewelry. Only natural stones and precious metal in the form emphasizing your good taste. If the preferences of the companion in this are unknown, it is better to stop your choice on a modest gold ring with a small diamond of a classic cut shape.

Practical woman Scales flowers, of course, loves, but as an independent gift will not appreciate. A small elegant bouquet will be able to become a pleasant addition to the main presentation and pleasant words.

Give gifts better not immediately, and gradually, and not only on holidays. Your lady of the heart will appreciate the present without reason, presented with the sincere intention to please her. The main thing when choosing – to pay the maximum of the attention of the person being beloved. You must show generosity and consistency, as well as attention to her hobbies and interests. The scales are moderately romantic, so they will not be pleased with the sunset on the river with a bottle of cheap champagne.


How to conquer?

Like this girl can be strong, endowed with intelligence, confident and firmly standing on her legs. He must be wise and kind, to have a good sense of humor and able to allow his woman to live in prosperity.

The girl scales itself are very well maintained, so you can conquer her only followed by a man. She can’t tolerate nonsense. To fall in love with her can be gallant with light aristocracy in manners young man. She probably will notify one who communicates easily, produces a good impression on others. Men’s education and level of intelligence also play a big role in meeting.

Although material wealth is very important for women weights, seduce them with one money impossible. She is smart enough and everyone considers it very seriously as a potential husband. Therefore, it will be able to keep a worker for a long time, checking the seriousness of intentions. In addition, she will not be able to be with a common person, if he has rude manners or low intelligence. Such a girl loves to communicate on a variety of topics, discuss the latest news.

To achieve such a girl to pay attention to her and make gifts better without reason. And the compliments will want to hear not only on holidays, because, like most of the most beautiful sex representatives, the scales have the property of “love ears”. Successful compliment its appearance or acute mind will add you weight in the eyes of the interlocutor. If you have enough close relationships, and you live together, you are more often thanked the woman for the care of you, delicious dinners and comfort in the house.

Women weights like leaders who succeed in any region of a man. She wants to have a strong satellite shoulder. And the best manifestation of such quality is the public success and financial security of a man. It is also important for her in love with a man showing his care readiness to fulfill everything without exception to her request. So she checks the truth of the senses of cavalor. The girl will always demand a lot of attention to himself, but will repay you the same.

The path to the heart of a woman scales can be paved and with the help of gifts. It is very important that they were expensive and high-quality, selected with great love and attention specifically for the girl. Purchased to sleep or baubles will not please her, although the tactful lady of the scales and will not show the appearance that something did not like. With the same favor, these women take any gifts. But if they did not like, then we will definitely be worn or use them.

The best recognition in love will be your interest, support and readiness will always come to the rescue, attentiveness and understanding. Girl Scales will not appreciate the pompous phrases and ardent confessions. Do not like it in the behavior of the man and rudeness, unceremoniousness, the increase in voice is not even at her address.

How to hold?

Woman scales like an air sign, very impressionable and in love. It rarely brings relationships before rapprochement and with the disappearance of the man in a few days can easily switch to another. This does not speak at all about her frivolousness. Just she does not feel the connection and attention to himself, and therefore forgets about a person. After all, this rational person can not afford relationships without reciprocity. In addition, not bound by the obligations of marriage (the only ones who consider serious), she also considers himself free.

To keep this light girl next to him, you need to give her a lot of attention, to surround care and solve all the life difficulties. To help will be patient, friendly character and balanced behavior. It is worth remembering that in the relationship the girl scales are quite diplomatic and flexible, but at the same time will always put their convenience and interests in the first place.

How to return?

The only reason, perhaps, on which a woman’s scales cannot forgive, it is treason. In principle, the sign has a rather flexible character, and its representatives are rarely parted with a permanent partner. Therefore, if your companion leaves, there must be a pretty good reason for this.

To make up after a quarrel, you should not wait too much time. Otherwise your half may seem like you forgot about it. Apologies should not be formal. And it is better to make a banal bouquet of flowers, and some important thing for both act. Your companion must understand that you really realized our guilt and repented deep. In any case, with proper perseverance and desire, you will most likely be able to establish contact and restore mutual understanding with a beloved born under the sign of the scales.

On the compatibility of women Scales with other signs See next video.

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