Woman Scorpio, Born in Rat Year: Characteristic and compatibility

Woman Scorpio, Born in Rat Year: Characteristic and compatibility

This article tells about the girls sign of the zodiac Scorpio, born in the year of the rat. From it you will learn about the peculiarities of the behavior and the characteristics of the nature of such women. Also here are recommendations on interaction with the surrounding, which will be useful to representatives of this sign themselves.


The lady of rat-scorpion for its nature is spectacular, extraordinary. The spiritual world of such a girl is chameleon, which is transformed every second. It seems to be kept and thoughtful, but uncontrolled emotions and contradictions work inside it. In this case, the external balance and modesty prevent it from expressing their own experiences.

Act scorpions love openly and sharply. The disadvantage of attention they are not deprived. By nature, girls are sexy and attract the views of young people, charm and light flirt – their main trick when meeting beautiful men.

Such girls own leadership qualities, act rapidly, but neatly, thoroughly thinking about solutions. Suddenly faced with an argued criticism, the rat’s female quietly will take the opinion of the interlocutor, but it is impossible to foresee her emotional reaction, because the nature of scorpions is selfish and hot-tempered.

Purely personal excitements and their own emotions of the girl do not spare on a universal review. They are characterized by closure, categorical and prudence in the election of the beloved. Sometimes due to secrecy Girl sign Scorpio is not easy to actively maintain a conversation with interested people. It is difficult for her to acquire new acquaintances.

Personal feature of women born in the year of rat, is a huge hardworking and assertiveness. Because of the career stairs, they are moving firmly, overcoming even serious obstacles. Despite perseverance, to achieve large heights in self-development such ladies often interferes with their quick temper.

Complicates the task and unwillingness to establish contact with others.


In love

Caring, love and tenderness – the primary moral qualities of the scorpion girl next to the partner. It is curious that despite its independence, such women get pleasure from the moments spent with the family. Close to them – source of energy, motivation and forces.

Choosing a man, such girls carefully weigh positive and negative moments. The house for them is an important part of life. Easy to build a strong link with a rat-scorpion can be those people who are willing to openly express feelings towards her. Important moment – the ability to establish mutual understanding.

In work

A prosperous career for the personality of the Year of the Rat – the opportunity to realize their own ambitions and the goals. They are strong, independent women. To achieve success, they need to work hard, and in some situations – find reasonable compromises.

Notorious quick temper, straightforward, adamant concepts are the main obstacles to the professional success of scorpion women.


Family happiness is the work of both partners. Making a choice, Woman Scorpio will consider all possible sides of existence with chosen. This helps the girls of this sign to recognize whether a man decent is near.

The male of the scorpion-rat, by nature looks like a woman of this sign. Therefore, the union between the two identical signs of the Western and Eastern Horoscope expects a constant struggle for the absolute championship in the family. It will be difficult for them to give up each other. However, there are passion and complete sexual satisfaction with each other in bed.

Most compatible Girl Scorpios with: Aquarius, Tales, Virgin, Fish, Capricorn. Marriage with a representative of one of these signs will be comfortable and harmonious. Potentially, relations with Sagittarius, Oda, Scorpio, Lvom and Weights may be. But with representatives of the sign of cancer such women to associate the life of the stars do not recommend.

On the eastern horoscope women born in the year of the rat, young people who appeared in the year of the bull, monkey or dragon are suitable. The likelihood of successful relationships with satellites, born in the year of rat, dogs, goats, pigs, snakes and tiger.

Low chance with men who were born a year of horses, rabbit and rooster.

Tips for scorpions-rats

Focus, hardworking, independence – beautiful moral features that nature bestowed. But in some circumstances it is worth looking for ways to solve pressing problems not independently, but together with colleagues or family. Learn to silence at the right time, do not arrange fruitless conflicts. At the same time, try to actively show the initiative when it is necessary.

Try to keep away the ill-conceived actions and questionable financial transactions. Setting priorities and life goals, count personal forces for their materialization. Do not care for all classes at the same time. Work in a temperate, balanced rhythm.

Read more Scorpio Woman You will learn from the following video.

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