Woman Scorpio, born in the year of the rooster

Woman Scorpio, born in the year of the rooster

The combination of such signs make a woman scorpion-rooster with a strong character owner. Such women seek large heights in life, thanks to their perseverance and ability to communicate with people. For the sake of achieving their own goal, it is ready to go across.

Personality character and features

A scorpion woman born in the year of the rooster is characterized as a controversial nature, which is very difficult to understand. The characteristics of this woman’s horoscope describes it as a person who is in constant search. Throughout his life, Scorpio Rooster is trying to know himself, studies psychology, watches people and is trying to independently understand many life issues and situations. Her ability to analyze and recognize something new helps to seek certain goals that it puts.

Girl rooster scorpion from the young age begins to ask himself a lot of questions to understand why she lives in this world. She believes that every person should have its own mission on this earth. For this reason, during the life of a scorpion-rooster, he is interested in something new, tries in new areas of activity, puts numerous hobbies to understand its true purpose. Often, the woman chooses such a profession, with the help of which it can benefit other people. It is very important for her to feel necessary.

Scorpio, born in the year of the rooster possesses a very complex character. She courageously overcomes all the difficulties in this life. But it is necessary to immediately mention that most of these difficulties scorpion-cock creates for itself. This woman loves to complicate everything, loves to provoke people to conflict. In general, the representative of this sign of the zodiac does everything possible to check how strong it is moral. Rooster Scorpio does not like calm and measured life. She constantly needs to overcome difficulties, solve the problems that she herself creates.

Scorpion-rooster does not tolerate ordinary gray weekdays. TOAk only her life becomes a routine, the woman does everything possible to make bright colors and at least some kind of diversity.

In search of new emotions and impressions, she often goes on travel.

Nature awarded this woman hardworking and modesty. The first helps her to achieve success in work, and the second quality prevents its talents. Scorpion-cock is a very gifted woman, she has many talents, it is constantly self-improvement, but due to excessive modesty can not realize all its abilities.

The main drawback of this woman is that it is afraid to become happy. Scorpio-cock is sometimes afraid to admit to herself that she is charming and an attractive woman, that it is worthy to be close to a decent and reliable man. When her overwhelms the feeling of happiness, the scorpion-rooster is so afraid that he is in a hurry to get away from his beloved man. This woman tends to dramatize and think about the bad. When she is very good, then the rooster scorpion is waiting for something bad in a short time. From such obsessive fears, it is urgent to get rid of.

Work and business

Women born in the year of the rooster and under the sign of Scorpio, choose a variety of professions. It may be professions related to economy, creativity or science. The main thing for such a woman is the financial side of the profession. That is, the scorpion-rooster will never become a teacher or doctor of the district polyclinic.

Initially, she chooses only a promising job and successfully makes a dizzying career.

Working in the selected sphere, the scorpion-rooster devotes all his free time. The woman is distinguished by hard work and ingenuity, thanks to which she appreciates the bosses and envy colleagues.

Very often, these women and themselves occupy senior positions or become at the head of their own business. As a manager, a scorpion-rooster woman shows himself only with a strong side. Under her leadership, it is hard to work, since this woman does not tolerate weak and unpromising workers.

Scorpion-rooster from nature is endowed with an analytical warehouse of the mind. This feature gives her the opportunity to easily survive in a competitive environment and successfully hold on his own business.

Behavior in friendship

People from the environment of scorpion-rooster consider her an open and liberated woman. Partly they are right. Indeed, in society, she behaves quite preferably, quickly makes a new acquaintance and easily communicates with new people. From the side it seems that this woman is a real optimist, which is able to raise the mood to anyone who is next to her.

But in fact, not everything is so simple.

The scorpion-rooster has very few true girlfriends and friends. And in the fact that people after some time turn away from her, she is to blame. The fact is that this woman can not behave tactfully in relation to the other. Woman Scorpio, born in the year of the rooster, considers herself perfect and wants to see the same girlfriends next to him. As soon as she notices some lack in her friend, then there is a hurry to tell her about it. Moreover, this woman can express his opinion towards a friend not only alone, but being in society. Of course, such behavior repels the girlfriends and soon the scorpion-rooster loses close people.

If a female roosch, born under the sign of Scorpio, wants to hold the girlfriends next to him, really appreciates them and values ​​this friendship, then she should learn to be more tactful and restrained.

Attitude towards marriage and love

Girl Rooster Scorpio very often falls in love. And also often these feelings remain without reciprocity. Faced with indifference from one man, she quickly switches attention to the second. From the side of this woman may seem windy and frivolous, but in fact it is not. Just a scorpion-cock is looking for his real love and as soon as a man finds his dream, immediately becomes another. I realized that this is her man and he loves her, the scorpion-cock begins to arrange the chosenness of all kinds of tests to make sure the reliability of a person who is nearby.

A man who wants to be close to the scorpion-rooster should be ready for the fact that this girl is always and in everything will establish their rules. Such a woman dreams that the chosen is able to amaze and entertain her daily. Therefore, the scorpion rooster appreciates good and generous men who are ready to drive it into cinema, cafes and restaurants. This woman will never choose a man with a little enough.

The chosen one of this beauty should be a secured person.

Due to the fact that the woman was born under the sign of the Zodiac Scorpio, it possesses some magnetism and incredible sexuality. So there are always a lot of fans around it.But among numerous rippers, a woman chooses the strongest, reliable and secured.

Married, a scorpion woman, born in the year of the rooster, is trying to immediately create a cozy atmosphere in the house and do everything possible for the spouse to be nice to return to their nest. This woman will be the faithful wife and good mistress. Despite the fact that Scorpio-cock likes to engage in life, it is not going to become a housewife. This woman is always striving to be financially independent. So the spouse will have to support it in this.


The combination of signs Scorpio and Rooster make the character of a woman very complicated. For this reason, it can hardly find a partner for personal life. This woman should pay attention to men who were born in the year of the snake or bull. Such men seek to create a family, they do not like to enter into conflicts and are distinguished by a calm temper. It is just what is needed for a woman’s scorpion female.

As for the signs of the zodiac, the representative of the sign Scorpion is worth paying attention to the man of the Taurus, scales or aquarius. These men are distinguished by a calm temper.

They will not be painful to react to frequent change of her mood, will put up with the lack of their beloved, and will forgive her excessive emotionality.

Due to the fact that the representatives of the above signs of the zodiac are distinguished by a calm character, they will be able to influence the scorpion-rooster. Next to them will become softer, calmer and tactful. These men will be able to teach it to be more disciplined, will be able to teach it right to arrange priorities and keep themselves in their hands in difficult situations. Next to these men, the scorpion-rooster will be able to feel happy.

More about the scorpion woman you will learn from the following video.

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