Woman Scorpio: Psychology of behavior in love

Woman Scorpio: Psychology of behavior in love

To create strong bonds with scorpion, you must try to very much. As a rule, representatives of this sign choose the partner solely themselves. If a man has a strongest desire to captivate and interest scorpion, then he needs to understand that then it will be impossible to escape from her influence. These are attractive, sexy and strong women who literally attract their magnetism.

If such a woman is offended – she will revenge, and the revenge will be very sophisticated. Before contacting such a lady, think well how serious you are in your intentions.

general characteristics

A woman of scorpion is quite often called the mistress of his fate. This is not surprising, because such ladies can keep in their hands and under their control literally all. They infirmly fall in spirit, never despair, and besides, they have tremendous resistance and great persistence in achieving the goal. Scorpio is a winner. The girl of this sign can cause admiration, and sometimes even some fear of its energetic force, she can achieve conceived and firmly standing on their feet with various troubles.

Description of this sign says that the scorpion woman is strong, but it is very sensual, it is in this that its main “raisin”. Add this great popularity in the opposite sex – it turns out a truly rocky woman. Scorpio is always successful in his career, most often it does not depend on the monetary question, so it is often becoming the main miner in the house.

Do not even think to lock the lady into a golden cage, putting in four walls, it will absolutely definitely not be a housewife and will not leave a career in order to devote all of himself to children. She likes to work, so a woman will never give up professional self-realization.

Sometimes there is a feeling that the ladies of this sign will never ends, they will no longer in work, but they all turn out on their home field. Come in the evening after a hard work day home, it can easily cook a delicious dinner and remove the apartment to perfect cleanliness. Stubbornness she does not occupy – many can only envy her purposefulness. It never retreats from scheduled tasks. And this applies not only to the business sphere, but also interpersonal relations.

Of course, on the path of any woman, sometimes there are obstacles and there are failures, however, it never gives up and after any fall gets up and only stronger starts to climb up. For the sake of conceived, she will include all its charm, affection and even coarse flattery – such qualities are not to taste, it is about such that they say that she will “go on the heads”.

In love these are real owners. Perhaps this is an incredibly jealous sign, however, demanding from a partner of impeccable loyalty, they themselves will not seem to look for entertainment on the side. And one more quality inherent on women scorpions – they are extremely vigorous. If someone wants to offend scorpion, he will always regret his act, because it will be a fairly unexpected revenge, continuous and certainly poisonous.

Signs of love

When Woman Scorpio falls in love, her chosen one will be difficult to guess. This is not the one that will silently love and hide their feelings and intentions. Herself never gives in vain promises and does not tolerate this from his partner, so if such a girl took a step towards – be sure that she is absolutely sure in his own feelings. The man in this situation is worthwhile to give a beautiful lady to “win” yourself – it is better to behave slightly removed, without imposing, but at the same time good-naturedly and with great respect.

Similar inaccessibility only will be launched a lady, she loves to pick a partner independently. However, this does not mean that a man should calmly wait, and certainly impossible to demonstrate a deliberate coldness – then the Girl Scorpio can at some point to decide that its purpose is unworthy and sharply cool.

If you really intend to “surrender to the victor’s mercy”, then you pay the time to your chosen – arrange her small surprises, take luxury places and give dear gifts.

What a man she needs?

To conquer a similar woman, to be simply not clear enough. A strong woman chooses men to themselves – it is suitable for manly and charismatic representatives of a strong sex, but at the same time respectful and attentive. Girls Scorpio always pay special attention to the general appearance of a man. According to his clothes, perfume, shoes and accessories ladies instantly might understand and evaluate the solvency of the potential lover. Stability principled for such women, so a man must impress the successful and held person. If wealth is small – you can not even try to achieve the location of such a lady.

No need to charm his beloved by oaths in its eternal and unearthly love and excessive emotionality – any manifestation of tenderness such girls take for weakness.

It is necessary to care for scorpion beautifully, but act rather intelligence, wealth and decency, and not primitive flirting. The petty man will never attract the attention of scorpion.

The woman appeared under such a sign is characterized by male features of character, it is tough, self-sufficient and from their partner wants to see the same features. Her partner can not be too weak. Despite the fact that scorpions are pretty vapor and empathizing in the depths of the soul – they still will not live with a person from a feeling of pity, because the weak nature causes the ladies only dislike.

The one who wishes to create a strong union with a scorpion woman must be extremely honest, false and insincerity of the representative of this sign are calculated instantly. If a person at least once was caught on a lie – the lady will not even give him a single chance to correct his mistakes. Another connection or any deception is not forgiven, the scorpion breaks the relationship instantly.

Scorpiors are extremely passionate nature, they love sex and are waiting for a partner of real passion, so you do not need to overestimate your abilities in this area. If the partner does not give it sex in the required quantity and quality, it often becomes the cause of the gap, even if the man is consistent and intellectually apparently.

Scorpio woman can make a couple far from every zodiac signs.

  • Aries, Like Scorpio, is characterized by severe sexual energy and high emotionality, so such a man should not be made of great effort to conquer the scorpion woman. However, to keep it, he will have to control his words and actions.
  • Taurus. This sign knows how to satisfy women both physically and morally, he is caring, but at the same time he does not climb into the soul and does not try to look for stains in the sun. Such features like all the most weak floor representatives without exception.
  • Twins – the opposite of scorpion, but it is precisely this and entails a similar girl. To attract scorpion a man is enough to be yourself – charming, playful and easy.
  • Raki give a woman spiritual warmth and calm. However, so that this union is harmonious, it is very important that the scorpion does not have a single occasion to doubt the reliability and sincerity of their partner.
  • a lion Maybe a good partner, but only if it starts to demonstrate love and romantic attitude, without requiring the rapid manifestations of feelings in return.
  • Maiden Do not even try to take advantage of such responsibility as building relationships with a scorpion woman. These signs rarely can achieve mutual understanding, they have too different views on marriage and love.

  • scales. These men themselves do not seek to conquer scorpion. They are alien to the girl strife, these signs have too little common points of contact. Men Scales are simpler, and scorpions are too skeptical. The only relations that are possible between them are sexual, not passing into a stronger connection.
  • Scorpion. Despite the generality of characters, men and women of the same type are few compatible with each other, they are too closed to create a durable trust marriage.
  • Sagittarius. This man has every chance to conquer the heart of scorpion – he is smart enough, self-sufficient and courageous. The only thing that can spoil relationships is an excessive sociability of Sagittarius, if the girl notes that her companion began to pay more attention to another woman, he will immediately fall in her eyes.
  • Capricorn – Very positive nature that try to keep your beloved under control, it doesn’t like independent scorpion at all, so such a union is most often advocating for failure.
  • Aquarius. This sign, on the contrary, should always be ready for the fact that his personal freedom will be regularly limited, this is a very unpredictable sign, which its impermanence often causes jealousy partners.
  • Fish – This is too independent sign, which is used to “sailing” wherever he wants. In such a partnership, a woman will constantly direct his man that not everyone likes.

Relationship behavior

    Family life with a scorpion woman sometimes resembles a volcano. If you dream about a idyllic family picture – then you should not choose in my wife such an energetic and impulsive partner. A woman has a constant thrust to change, it tend to show impulsiveness and splashing his negative emotions to.

    The house prefers to be the head of the family, organize life and way of life, solve all the problems arising, engaged in all household concerns. It is very good for her, she can hold a lot at the same time under control, she has enough abilities and opportunities, what to do, redo and constantly invent something new.

    At the same time, its business activity from this cargo caring does not fall in any way, the representative of the scorpions always finds the right time for meetings with their friends, for traveling and career growth. However, with all this few of the home knows that Scorpio thinks and how he feels, her inner experiences are always hidden from relatives and loved ones.

    Even for his beloved person, born under this sign will always remain a mystery. It should not expect that she will open the soul in front of him, besides, almost certainly in her life really have secrets that she is not going to make public. No need to think that it is definitely treason – there is no reason, just by nature scorpion loves everything around to turn into a secret.

    As a mistress of this woman, perhaps there are no equal. There is nothing forbidden for her, such concepts, as a chipornity, pressure and conservatism of her not known. From an intimate life, she wants to get a maximum passion and emotions, so he herself shows its partner the whole range of feelings and a storm of energy. Women of this sign are characterized by an exceptionally high sexual temperament, which is why it is important that the partner has the same needs and expectations.

    Sex for scorpion is the source of energy, so the partner’s satisfaction does not least affect the fortress and reliability of family bonds.

    Tips for psychologist

    How to like?

    To conquer the heart of scorpion – the goal is not simple. To be more accurate, it should not be conquered, you should simply meet all the criteria that this woman can appreciate. As a rule, partner she always chooses herself. If it happened – then get out of its tenacious hugs will be quite difficult, almost impossible. The main thing is that the man should not even be a hint of false – she is depleted for many kilometers. Such a girl is not at all the one that can be seduced by the compliments, which she will be thoughtlessly believe, and he loves scorpion not at all ears.

    Should not be fed under the beloved, If the partner is always and to please everything with his girlfriend, it will automatically record it in weak and non-characteristic personalities. However, if a man starts tirelessly demonstrate his superiority – he also does not achieve success.

    Such a woman is looking for a man to become a man who needs an equally strong and self-sufficient person as she herself. Her partner should be equal, but not exceeding – still scorpions like being the only star in the family chaise.

    Any banal courtship costs to immediately set aside, a plush toy or a romantic meeting with candlelight she is unlikely to appreciate. Your first date should be extraordinary, unforgettable and, of course, expensive. Scorpio does not tolerate boredom, the partner should be able to cheer it up and support the conversation on an absolutely any topic, and not only with his lady, but with other people. Keep in mind that such ladies are smart and erudite, they are easily calculated “gaps” in the formation of their companion and, of course, do not forgive them.

    It is very important that the man pays all his attention to only one, scary jealous scary, so all your most innocent views, movements and thoughts should be addressed only to her, one wrong step – and you lost such a woman.

    No need to think that the girl of this sign does not like colors and compliments at all. She is still a representative of a weak floor, so nice words do not leave her indifferent. But it is no less demanding to the compliments themselves than to the satellite as a whole. Praise her and admire – but only for business and, most importantly, sincere.

    Speak her warm words not from time to time, but constantly, the woman feels the need to be delight. If you promise something to this woman, think well, can you execute it, because it does not make men who do not hold their word, and it is exactly the acts that she considers the best compliment. Many believe that such a woman is cold and impregnable, but it is not.

    In the depths of her soul, she craves to be fragile, tender and vulnerable. It is important for her that they always care about it, so try more often to offer her help, and even better – just help immediately and without unnecessary words. Believe me, this ratio of Scorpio will appreciate much more.

    How to hold?

    Fall in love with a scorpion woman not so simple, but it’s even more difficult to keep. She has a number of requirements for the satellite, and any act on his part can be truly fatal. Keep in mind that a woman of this sign should not be criticized – no negative statements should come to her. Do not even begin to make decisions for it, and even more so it is to tell her what to do, otherwise the poisonous staging can not be avoided.

    Never limit the degree of its freedom – she needs time for himself, girlfriends and for work. It is not worth seeing more, the wife remains faithful to his partner, and any prohibitions will only cause the most bad reaction.

    As for other women, here is the Council one – try to not even think about them, do not communicate and definitely do not give reasons to doubt you. Scorpio is sufficiently jebted by itself, and if a partner suspects in treason, then becomes truly terrible in anger.

    A loving woman will do a lot for her man, never take it as proper, appreciate all her actions, Thank you for them, only in this case a woman wants to prove your feelings again and again. Do not attempt to invade your questions in her personal space, do not try to remake it, if she wanted to be alone – just leave her for a while and let it go with thoughts, and do it silently.

    Keep in mind that women of this sign are used to occupying a leading position in partnership, do not try to “get around” it, you will not come out of this anything good – it’s always easier to agree with the scorpion than to try to prove something to her. Well, of course, do not forget about the intimate side of life. Sex is a physiological need for scorpions, give her a lot of sex, and then you will get in return much more.

    How to return?

    From the outside Woman Scorpio quite often affect the lady prone to illogical actions. It’s not so, in practice every word, review and solicitably thought out. Therefore, if your lady told the relationship “no”, it always means that the way back is cut off. You could not keep this girl and hardly ever return. Such is the psychology of scorpions.

    If a man did not meet her trust, then the girl goes not just like that. She tends to hide offense and remember for quite a long time, sometimes she even has a desire to revenge, so that the deceiver felt the same pain. At the same time, scorpion as no one adheres to the opinion that “revenge is a dish that is served cold”, so the blow can be applied when you are not waiting for it at all.

    You should not return it if she sobbed, neither sentimental memories, nor eloquent oaths and attempts to talk, nor promises.

    However, no wonder for scorpion compared with Phoenix bird. A woman can fully burn existing relationships in order to later create new ones – so dare and, perhaps, this extraordinary woman will return to you.

    Features of the behavior of a woman born under the sign of Scorpio, see the following video.

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