Woman Taurus-Dragon: personality characteristics and horoscope

Woman Taurus-Dragon: personality characteristics and horoscope

Woman Taurus-Dragon is an extraordinary person with a strong character and unique charm. All these qualities help her firmly and confidently move to the target target. In the article, we consider what the characteristic of its horoscope is still talking about, what is its strengths, and what compatibility with other zodiac signs.


In order to better know the woman born in the year of the dragon and under the sign of Taurus, you need to study her horoscope as carefully. It can be a structural Chinese horoscope or some other. The main thing is that with its help you can learn the strengths of this woman, as well as its weakness.

The main feature of such a girl in her natural charm. She is able to easily charm anyone who will be near her. After communicating with her, everyone remains under a strong impression. This quality helps her in many areas in life.

Taurus-dragon is a woman who is always in search of something interesting and new. She is always ready to learn something, strive to get new knowledge and skills. Such women love to change and always ready for various experiments. This applies not only to appearance, but also work.

If a woman born in the year of the dragon will understand that she is waiting for a new promising job or what it will be better in the new city, then she will throw old work without much thinking and will move to a new city.

Another feature of her character is that the Dragon Taurus never loses taste for life. At any age, she is interested to learn something unfamiliar, travel and so on. This feature of the character helps her be always in the center of attention and be “his” in any company. With such a woman interesting and children and adults. She can calmly ride on the hill along with the baby, even if she is already sixty. This quality and makes this woman special and immediate.

You can say with confidence that a woman born under the sign and a year of the dragon is a real optimist. So that it does not happen in life, with whatever difficulties fate, it never despair and everything looks through the prism of optimism. By the way, these girls, women are perfectly able to convince others that everything will be fine, charging everyone around with their inexhaustible optimism.

With such a woman is always easy to find a common language, because it is always good, generous and very good-natured. But there is one drawback in the Dragon Tauron – this is inconsistency. Sometimes, despite all these positive qualities that are so attracted to those surrounding, it can be rude and even somewhere arrogant. If this woman gets angry with something or someone, then at this moment it is better to be away, and not to come across her eyes, otherwise you will drastically change your opinion about her.

Despite the fact that it is easy to remove it, and she is very terrible in anger, there is another plus dragon – these women are very late. She very quickly forgets the resentment, ceases to be angry and literally through a few minutes later again ready to be kind, sociable and affectionate.

Love and marriage

In love, as in ordinary life, these women can be completely unpredictable. Thanks to its natural charm, these women never have a deficit of attention from male. Back in school years, they are always surrounded by fans who are ready to go to all that the lady Dragon-Taurus drew attention to them.

This girl always turns out to be the focus of men, wherever she came. Of course, it does not always like to other girls and often causes them a feeling of envy. But born under the sign of the Taurus simply does not pay attention to such trifles. The girl bathes in universal male attention, happily takes gifts, bouquets and compliments. It is worth noting the fact that with all this is not so easy to conquer her heart. This woman does not tolerate banalities, so a man will be difficult to conquer her attention with a simple trip to the restaurant and a banal bouquet.

Of course, she will gladly agree to dinner, take a bouquet and a gift, but it’s not even worth thinking about the continuation.

To win the heart of the Dragon-Taurus to it, you need to look for non-standard approaches. If you are from those men who know how to surprise, ready to arrange unusual dates and long care for a long time, then as a result, such a woman will be your. After she responds with reciprocity, it is worth remembering that in a relationship with such a lady you will have to adapt to it. To adapt to her character, lifestyle and so on. Otherwise, she will very quickly get tired of being close to the man who does not fulfill all her whims.

But if the lady Dragon-Taurus fell in love, then it will be a completely different woman. Then it becomes affectionate, dusty, gentle and very trustful. In a state of love, this woman is ready to go for anything for his chosen one. This often enjoy fraudsters and alphonses, leaving the love of the lady alone and without money. Taurus-dragon, experiencing such feelings, rarely thinks about the consequences and does not control itself.

It is important to remember that this woman is very important that relations are built on complete trust. In relations and marriage, she tries to be honest in all and the same requires instead of his partner. If, in response to his sincerity and kindness, the woman’s dragon woman does not feel reciprocity, it will be deeply disappointed in her chosen one and will dramatically stop all. It is worth remembering that such a woman will never forgive betrayal.

Many men naively assume that after marriage and after the birth of a child, the Dragon will become another. Many believe that the motherhood will awaken in her tender feelings, and it will become less demanding to others. But actually it is not. Of course, the birth of a baby has a positive effect on her and she really will be a caring and loving mother. But this will not affect her relationship with his spouse. It will still require full confidence and reciprocity in everything.

Career and Finance

Thanks to its communicability, charm and analytical warehouse of mind, a dragon-Taurus woman will be able to achieve great success on the chosen field. This woman always knows how to clearly set a goal and knows exactly how it is necessary to behave, on what to work and in what direction to achieve your. She is a real strategist who always has a clear action plan.

Such a woman always achieves her goals. It rarely happens that something begins to go not by her plan. She knows how to calculate everything a few steps forward, so surely moves up the career ladder, leaving behind all colleagues behind.

Sometimes they can prevent stubbornness. But if we bring her weighty arguments, competently explain that it is not direct, the Taurus-dragon will easily change its opinion and will change tactics in the work. But it is important to note that it is very difficult to convince it, as it is always confident in her right.

Since such women are inborn leaders, they never have problems and difficulties with finance. Whatever activity choose a Taurus-dragon, she will succeed, and will always live in prosperity.

As an employee, this woman is distinguished by stealing and honesty. The bosses love and appreciates such employees. And for colleagues, she is the best friend, adviser and assistant. She rarely envy colleagues, probably because she is always ready to come to the rescue and does it completely disinterested.

In the event that this woman seeks big heights and holds a leading position, it does not change its principles. The leader is hardworking and fair. Dragon Taurus will never allow her workers to work random. They are always and everyone got used to keep under control.

Compatibility and recommendations

In order for a woman-dragon woman who is very confident in himself and his charm, a harmonious relationship could build, she should pay attention to men born a year of monkey or rat. It is worth mentioning that men born in the year rats are strong and cunning personalities. It is such a satellite of life that will give Dragon-Tent all what she dreams about. He will be able to easily adapt to her character, and next to such a man, the dragon will be able to show weakness. But the partner born in the year of the monkey will be able to make this woman truly happy. Such men always know how to find an approach to women. We can safely say that they feel and understand the female soul.

There are great chances to build a harmonious relationship with a man who was born in the year of the snake. But there is one obstacle. Such men themselves often require much attention to themselves, which may not like the Dragon, born under the sign of Taurus. A good relationship can be a partner who was born in the year of the dragon. But only if the man is much older than her.

It will be more experienced and wise, and will definitely give everything that the dragon-Taurus woman dreams about.

It is categorically not necessary to build relationships with a man born in the year of the bull. Updated Taurus and the same stubborn bull will not be able to exist next to each other.

So that in this life it is easy to achieve goals, astrologists recommend to the calves born in the year of the dragon, to reduce their stubborn as much as possible. If you want to be happy in your personal life, then it is not necessary to actively strive for power and lead your second half. Men do not like when they indicate what to do. They love soft and proclaimed women, and the Taurus Dragon, if desired, may well be white and fluffy.

Read more about Women-Taurizes you will learn from the following video.

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