Woman Taurus Horse: Horoscope and Personal Features

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Woman Taurus Horse: Horoscope and Personal Features

Women born in the year of the horse can boast persistence, the ability to easily adapt to any life situation, hardly worry, resistant. Such a landed sign of a horoscope, like a calf, gives the ability to predict the situation, be more prudent, less emotional. An interesting combination of a horse and a calf gives the personality of non-realistic intelligence, vitality and at the same time moderation in all.


The main characteristics of representatives of the zodiac signs of the Taurus and Horses can be called the presence of practicality, conservatism, excerpts, the ability to self-analysis. Taurus helps horse soberly assess the situation.

Excessive restraint and excessive perseverance often take a lot of strength and do not give opportunities to look at the situation on the other hand. It creates a kind of trap from which it is difficult to get out. However, such a state lasts long, because the purposeful horse will not give the calf for a long time to sit in one place.

The horse is successful only when it is in motion. Active life position allows her to easily navigate in what is happening.

Externally, the identity of the Taurus-horse sign may seem secretive in nature, even a little “cold”. However, this is only the first impression. Just natural rationalism does not allow to break the soul to unfamiliar people.

Representatives of this zodiacal group appreciate in humans, first of all, honesty, do not bring meanness.


Despite all the pragmatic, the woman’s tavern woman is pretty sexy, attractive. If desired, it can take any man. However, due to its stubbornness and restraint, relationships may not be easy.

In love, women are quite betrayed and require the same partner. Immersing completely into the abyss of relationships, they can manifest themselves as very sensual, passionate nature capable of romanticism.

But it should always be remembered that they are not so easy and easily accessible as it may seem at first sight. Trust of such a woman still need to earn. Often, preference is given to the strongly held individuals.

Despite the bloated sense of ownership, restraint, women rarely roll scandals to their halves. However, the representatives of the finest floor are very reverent about the treason and rarely forgive them.

In general, such a woman can be described as a caring mother, passionate mistress, reliable in every sense of the partner. She appreciates comfort, harmony, openness in relationships.


Understanding the characteristics of temperament of various zodiac signs allows you to create the most strong union.

A favorable partnership will be marriage with a male cancer. In this case, a woman will support any bold undertakings of cancer. At the same time, small patterns are not excluded, which rarely be poured into serious conflicts.

Harmony in relationships with a man born under the sign of Taurus. Both balanced, appreciate stability in relationships, comfort. The disadvantage can be the lack of development in relations.

Union with a man’s male prophesies complete mutual understanding, harmony in relations. No life difficulties are terrible.

The perfect combination with a man Capricorn will provide a harmonious supplement of personalities. Relations in such a family will be strong, warm, gentle.

Partnership with a man fish will provide ease in relations, where it is the woman who will be a family rear. Despite possible minor quarrels, such a union will be saturated with interesting and bright moments.

The uncomfortable relationship is promised by a union with a man of aquatic, agun, scorpion, scales, lion, twins, oily.


Temperamental horses can “chop up a spare”, often love to be in mind. Thanks to the presence of leadership, the horse feels perfectly in power. With all this, it is able to easily engage in routine work.

Such strong dams such as organizational skills, the ability to manage people, allow the horse to achieve the highest success in management positions, politics. It has a fair attitude towards subordinate.

Woman Taurus Horse does not like to resist. She needs a team. Safe rear, financial wealth stimulate to achieve higher purposes.

Smart and calculating a fair sex is used to achieving everything herself. Often, excessive confidence in its right leads to the desire to impose their position to other people excluding their opinions.

Women Taurus-horse can choose any profession and be successful in it. The main thing is that the case they are engaged in, it was my soul or for it well paid.


Woman Taurus Horse has excellent health, rarely appeals to doctors. Often a dismissive attitude towards unpleasant symptoms leads to the emergence of chronic forms of diseases.

One of the weak points to be paid attention to is hearing, nose, throat. Physical tension should be avoided, spine.

Attentive attitude to their health will avoid visiting doctors for many years.

To restore forces, all earthly signs are useful to be in nature, more often breathe fresh air. This contributes to improved mood, enhance the total life tone.

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