Woman Taurus-Snake: Personality Description and Horoscope

Woman Taurus-Snake: Personality Description and Horoscope

Characteristics of a horoscope of a woman who was born under the sign of Taurus and in the year of the snake, completely reveals the traits of her character. Having studied the horoscope, you can learn how it will behave in love relationships and at work. To which she personally should pay attention and what features of their character should be corrected, you can learn from the article.

general characteristics

The main feature of the Snake-Taland woman is that it is always and in all seeks justice. True and justice is the main thing for her. It is for this principle that it builds both personal and business relations.

Belly it can be argued that the girl born in the year of the snake under the sign of Taurus is a real favorite of fate and fortune, Thanks to what can achieve everything in this life. All his started things bring to the end, and all undertakings end successfully, bringing her joy and even good profits. To achieve its goal Taurus-Snake goes to various tricks and uses all its talents that Her Nature generously gave.

Despite all these qualities, such ladies are often passive. Sometimes they lack determination to express themselves at the right moment. But it is worth someone from the side of them to praise, they flourish and begin to act.

Women born under the sign of Taurus in the year of the snake, very emotional and sometimes perceive everything too close to the heart. They are always used to insist on their own and will always defend their opinion until the end. With such ladies, it is better not to argue, but immediately agree with their opinion. During disputes, it never exhibits aggression, on the contrary, becomes soft, cunning and very delicate. Such behavior of many confuses – as a result, the Taurus-Snake seeks his.

Love and marriage

In love and marriage, such women can be very happy, but under one condition. Strong and long-term relationships are always reciprocity in everything. If a woman learn to hear others, take into account the view of his second half and reckon with another opinion, it will be able to build strong relationships. In another case, men simply will not withstand her egoism and will search for themselves a partner more prominent.

Such women should not get married too early, because excessive emotionality and self-confidence will definitely lead to the divorce. But in a more conscious, adulthood, they will be able to build a strong relationship, of course, if by that time the caller will learn how to control his emotions.

Buing a strong relationship with this woman, be prepared for the fact that in your family she will be the leader. She will skillfully cope with the role of his wife and mother, in her house will always be comfort and order. Such a woman can safely entrust the whole family budget, because she knows exactly how to order them competently.

Taurus-snake very competently and correctly builds his relationship, thanks to which it turns out a happy and strong family. The second half of such a woman must be permanently listening to her opinion in everything, since her intuition rarely fails.

Full compatibility can be traced with Aries. In such an alliance, Taurus-Snake will be able to show himself, and Aries will go to her concessions. Not bad relationships can work out with a man with a man. Both love stability in everything, but sometimes it can be boring next to each other.

If a man of twin can provide its stability and be sure of himself, they can get a great family and strong marriage. Also good compatibility is possible with men who were born under such signs of the zodiac as Cancer, Lev and Virgo.


Women born in the year of the snake under the sign of the Zodiac Taurus, accustomed to luxury. Therefore, it is important for them to have enough money. They appreciate comfort in everything, love dear things and know how to earn money to ensure that all this luxury.

They know exactly how they need to behave in which direction to work to achieve the desired result. Careerists are difficult to call them, most likely, these are targeted women who are not accustomed to retreat and give up their other.

Such ladies are very practical and pragmatic, do not like and will never take risks for doubtful benefits. They are accustomed to everything carefully analyze, plan, calculate and only then act. Such women can show themselves perfectly in business.

These are competent and executive workers. The bosses appreciate such ladies, because they never refuse even from difficult work and always all perform immaculately. Despite such visible trouble-free, the woman of Taurus-Snake will never allow her to sit on her neck, she is not from those who will do someone else’s work and work for two. It uses its performance only for personal purposes, therefore, with requests to replace or help it takes better not to contact her.

They easily implement their talents in work, and in any field. Despite the fact that many snakes cannot reach certain heights in the career, they are still remembered as the best and bright workers who value and respect. Thanks to this, they seek their own, and financial well-being, the stability will never leave them.


Despite the fact that women born in the year of the snake possess natural wisdom, due to the stubbornness of the sign of the Taurus they have to learn to control their emotions. First of all it is necessary to the woman herself, as it will help her not only in his personal life, but also in his career.

Sometimes she loves to demonstrate their feelings, put off their success, their talented children and a successful husband. Not everyone likes such a demonstration around, many frankly begins to envy the calves born in the year of the snake. But such attention from the side, even with a touch of envy, like these women. Try not to advertise your personal life: it will help you avoid woven and do not get enemies.

Since such women are accustomed to independence and most often build family relationships after thirty years, astrologers recommend them in marriage sometimes to be just a woman. Try not to solve all the questions alone, by this you can offend your man.

Many questions should be addressed together in a family circle. And if you just have nowhere to give your energy, then send it to the house, in person, do it, do self-development or something else interesting.

And another advice: Learn flexibility in personal relationships, you will die listen to others and do not ignore their opinion. Sometimes someone else’s opinion is also right.

What qualities of the character possesses the girl born in the year of the snake, you can learn from the video.

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