Woman Twins, Born in Dog Year: Characteristic and compatibility

Woman Twins, Born in Dog Year: Characteristic and compatibility

In the nature of the women of the twins-dogs organically combine the features of the fool’s air sign and the best “doggy” features (according to the eastern horoscope). Conquer a lady that appeared on the world under the constellation of twins at the appropriate year, you can gain happiness, illuminated by its sincerity and reliability.


Characteristics of a twin woman born in the year of the dog, Includes such features:

  • Decals leader+
  • Large inner energy+
  • activity+
  • optimism+
  • Cheerful moral+
  • Non-standard thinking+
  • impressionability+
  • Calestremilla+
  • The departure of the mind when solving problems.

    The influence of the dog and twins makes a representative of these signs at the same time idealistic and realistic. Where for the change in the world around himself for the better, the dog would act alone, risking the death of brave, the common sense of twins turns on. The ability to send energy to the right direction, using these nature talents, helps such a lady to achieve results.

    Gemini-dog tries to act according to a pre-thought out plan. In her world everything is ordered.

    With such a woman nice to deal. She not only knows how to be clear, but also bribes with his friendliness, mentality, charges with a great mood. Only high emotionality sometimes brings it, pushing on rapid acts.

    This bright girl knows how to live interesting, can make an adventure even work, getting from what creates, great pleasure.

    Compensates the twin dog, the passion for several classes immediately, which take energy, not allowing to concentrate on achieving the result in something one. Although good awareness gives you the opportunity to come to your senses and adjust your actions to correct the course of events.

    Also, this woman often finds reassigns for concern where they are not. Sometimes it is too much immersed in self-analysis, missing important events. At such moments, she remains only to watch them.

    She is too hard to tear off the connection, be it a friend or spouse. And even if they gradually enter a dead end, such a woman will still endure long, just not to change anything.

    Behavior in love

    Crystrome seduction scheme will not help conquer the girl twins dog. Applicant for her heart First you need to take part with respect to her soul and freedom. But he must keep in mind that with all the external windiness, this beauty still presents certain requirements for a man. He will still have to prove that he deserves her attention. For representatives of the opposite sex, the twin dog is sometimes unnecessary picky.

    Although men can notice that the girls twins born in the year of the dogs are very demanding and towards themselves when building relationships. They try to make chosen to be comfortable, do not leave them without unexpected gifts and show their loyalty to them in every way.

    What is she in family life?

    Girl twin-dog is not those who early get married. In his youth, it is too immersed in his emotions, focused on his own feelings. Becoming older, acquires the ability to understand and sympathize to treat your chosen one, which allows you to make a relationship with it harmonious.

    In marriage will be all the forces to protect the family hearth. Quickly understands how to educate children and help your spouse. A man ready to negotiate, capable of accepting her rapid temper and all flaws, will find in her face of the most reliable friend and life satellite. Marriage will be stable and predictable.

    Attitude towards money and career

    Success in work and finance does not come to the twin dog just like that. It is always the result of the effort. Find an application and achieve certain heights such a woman can practically in any field. Although most of them are suitable areas associated with a large circle of communication. This, for example, the sphere of media or tourism.

    To get well-deserved respect and financial success, such a lady is important only to use all its abilities and internal energy.

    Compatible with other zodiac signs

    To acquire a reliable companion of life, the girl twins, born in the year of the dog, is better to search for a challenger among the representatives of the element of air. The perfect union is possible with water or weights.

    For a mature woman will be more suitable Aries or Leo. Although the scales and aquaries also remain in the lists of candidates for her hand and heart. Worsering relationships with scorpion, Verine and fish. Most badly, the twin dog will feel next to the Archelor or the same twins.

    This year for the twin dogs, those who were born in the year of the tiger, rabbit, horses are better suited. The peer is a dog – it will also be good for this lady. It will be difficult to find points of contact with a male dragon, goat and rooster.

    On the characteristics of the characteristics of the girls of twins and their compatibility, see below.

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