Woman Virgo, Born in the Year of the Snake: Characteristics and Compatibility

Woman Virgo, Born in the Year of the Snake: Characteristics and Compatibility

Woman Virgo, Born in the Year of the Snake – an interesting and intriguing personality. From nature, it is endowed with the external and “inner” beauty, well-developed intuition and analytical thinking. Personals belonging to the Union of Vid-Snake, often lucky in life. Thanks to these qualities, most people of such a tandem achieve all goals for their life path.


Men’s and female qualities are combined in the V. Snake. To the first of the prudence, the calculation and ability to maintain “common sense” in any situation, to the second – the well-developed “sixth” feeling. These features allow a woman to be not only attentive to small things, but also to focus on intuition, which rarely fails.

The basic qualities of the character of a person belonging to the Snake-Virgin Union are as follows:

  • Clearance and ambitiousness+
  • punctuality+
  • accuracy+
  • Congenital intelligence+
  • Pedanticity and cleanness+
  • Communicability.

Snake-Virgo Woman – Friendly Nature. She will never weave intrigue, gossip on the backs of their friends or provoke scandals. On the contrary, this person will try to smooth in every way to smooth out sharp corners, because he does not tolerate negative energy.

Virgo, born in the year of the snake, has some flaws in character. For example, it is distinguished by. If someone is offended, she will remember this and at any opportunity will try to take revenge. Also these women are incredulous. They rarely when they are completely “opening” before anyone. As a rule, this is a time proven friends of childhood or native people.

What a man she needs?

Girl Virgo-Snake as a magnet attracts men of any age and status. The reason for increased attention becomes its optimism, ease in communication, stateness and natural charm. However, such a girl will never lead to the words or material wealth of his boyfriend.

First of all, it must comply with a number of its requirements:

  • to be punctual and responsible in all matters and endeavors+
  • have a tidy appearance+
  • Difficult accuracy+
  • be an intellectually developed person with whom you can support the conversation on any topic+
  • have material wealth, but not to be trans.

Vero Snake Need a Brought up and intelligent man. First of all, the workers have such a woman will evaluate the appearance and manners, and even then – the quality of character. Among the numerous fans, she will give preference to someone who will be distinguished by kindness, loyalty and reliability.

Love behavior and relationships

Snake Woman, belonging to the Constellation of the Virgin, almost never falls in love with first sight. To his potential chosen one will look closely, weighing everything and against. To the opposite sex, the woman is very critical. If a man does not fit most of her demands, she immediately rejects all courtship, without giving a second chance.

Virgin Snake will never start to start a novel, if even a moment becomes a meal in its development. She is not an amateur “superficial” relationship, because it appreciates both its feelings and feelings of a partner. The main thing for her in the Union is loyalty, dedication and reliability. This woman will never betray and do not deceive. She is a connoisseur of deep feelings and sincere emotions.

Usually Snake Virgo Quickly finds its ideal thanks to charm, charisma and eloquence. Many men are ready to change in order to be close to the representative of this tandem. But not every guy can withstand his elect. The fact is that in the relationship of the Virgin Snake perceives his soul mate as a property. She does not want to share a beloved man with anyone: Whether relatives or friends. Snake Virgo will be all forces to seek the guy all his time devoted only to her, surrounded by her constant care and attention. Because of this demand, the first marriage of women is often unsuccessful.

In the family life of the Snake Virgo shows herself as a beautiful mistress and a good mother. This woman will always meet her husband with a delicious dinner, smuggled with shirts and order in the house. Where she is warm, comfort and comfort.

If a woman stops controlling his beloved and allow him to have a personal space, her family life promises to be long and happy.

Career and attitude to money

Thanks to the power of the Spirit and the decisiveness of a woman belonging to the Deva-Snake Union, she often achieves big career success. She will be able to become a reliable partner in business at the expense of his honesty and selflessness. Complete energy and new ideas, this woman is often inclined to manage people.

Snake Virgo was born under a happy star. It is accompanied by luck and luck everywhere. All this helps her to succeed in any start and achieve its goal. Thanks to Fortune, she often meets with influential people or any discount turns out at the right time in the right place.

Virgin Snakes usually do not feel in finance. They attract money from everywhere. Again, their natural luck contributes to. If a woman will achieve certain heights in his career and get big amounts, she never spends money wasted. Occasion and economy allow it to competently dispose of money.


    Woman Virgo-Snake has good compatibility with a partner belonging to the same zodiac tandem. Great chances that she will be able to build strong, long and happy relationship with a man’s male, born in the year of the snake. This is the perfect union in which both partners will show themselves only with the best side. In a relationship, a man and a woman will understand each other with a half-clow, listen and hear, feel each other at a distance.

    Also, the Dragon, Rooster, goat or rabbit on the Eastern calendar, and a zodiac – Virgin, Taurus or Cancer. This tandem has an average compatibility with a snake, a bull or horse, born under the constellation of Aquarius, Scorpio, Weighs or Capricorn. Snake Virgin is absolutely not suitable tiger, dog or pig.

    Middle and minimum compatibility does not indicate communication doom. If a man and a woman in a pair will support each other, make compromises and strive for the development of relations, the chances of the addition of strong and friendly union are great.

    Features of the character of a girl born under the sign of the Virgin, look next.

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