Woman Virgo in Love

Woman Virgo in Love

For each sign of the zodiac, you can select at least three defining character traits. For Virgin, this is a pedantry, accuracy, demanding. These qualities are manifested in everything: in relation to themselves, to others, to work, to the house.

Concerns this and close relationship. A man who decided to conquer a woman’s woman will have to do a lot of work primarily above.

general characteristics

The representative of the sign of the Virgin was born in the period from August 24 to September 22. Elements – Earth, giving his children fertility in everything, from physical development to material well-being.

The horoscope claims that the name of the sign, personiform cleanliness and impurity, determines and its leading features. Ladies of Virgo are distinguished by restraint and modesty, but this does not have anything intensity, it is a consequence of an increased self-control.

Virgo hardworking, if something does not suit her, she will immediately cut the sleeves and takes on active transformation. Patience and perseverance helps her to independently achieve solutions even a very difficult task.

Glyph (schematic image) of the Virgin – a straight line connected to two curved, one of which is transmitted, indicates the ability to combine emotions and feelings with practicality and wisdom.

It is no coincidence that the symbol of wisdom is considered to be an observer. This talisman supports inherent inherent in its welfare and rationality, contributes to the development of intelligence, the ability to quickly navigate in the situation and make a weighted solution.

Also overalls for the Virgin are grasshopper and astra. The grasshopper helps to save moral and physical forces, as the Virgin on the way to achieve the goal often laid out without a balance.

Astra reveals the internal potential of a secretive virgin, contributes to more liberated communication and sensuality manifestation.

Virgo is not inclined to “turn in the clouds”, dreams prefers reality. Never take on faith what it is impossible to check, see, touch. Calls things with their own names and requires the same from the rest.

It may seem too pragmatic, deprived of imagination and ingenuity, but it is she who can give a real and argued council in a difficult situation. By virtue of their responsiveness, she will definitely come to the rescue.

The shortcomings of the girl of the Virgin include emergency stubbornness and rejection of someone else’s point of view. Such sometimes frankly brazen disregard for an unnecessary opinion is caused by the hostility of others and leads to difficulties in communicating.

Trust and love of Virgo difficult to conquer. She tends to hide emotions for coldness and restraint. If it opens, then more responsible and permanent person does not find. In addition, it has a rare ability to forgive those who are affected by affiliation.

Despite the external coldness and calm, this lady is capable of manifesting very strong emotions. From his chosen one, she expects loyalty and decency. Virgo is very jealous. It can have a long time with understanding to treat problems, but the moment will come when it comes to truth, and, finding a lie, disappointed and hardly forgive her.

Woman Virgo always looks neat and strictly distinguished by an excellent taste. It is usually very attractive, feminine and charming.

Intellectual and beautiful interlocutor. In relations with it there is a feeling of calm and reliability.

Preferences for men

Women born under the sign of the Virgin, very demanding about the choice of satellite life. They choose and seek to find the best.

To understand what kind of man will become the perfect partner, you need to know what qualities of the Virgin appreciate above all and want to find in close person.

  • Kindness and reliability. Ladies of this sign are very independent, but they need to know that there is a shoulder next to which you can rely.
  • Clear life position. The virgin will attract a man, firmly standing on his feet and knowing what he wants from life. From nature prone to hold a leading position, she will give way to her man, but only if he proves his superiority.
  • Intellect level. Ladies of this sign are very smart and require the same from the partner.
  • Appearance. Virgin is distinguished by innate elegance. The uncertainty and the absence of taste unconditionally pushed her.
  • Good manners. Literacy and beauty speech, ability to support a conversation, behavior in society and alone – all this will appreciate the critical lady.

The best companion will be a man prone to constant self-control, strong, confident. Loving maiden will appreciate the softness and tenderness and categorically not bring rudeness, optional and rack.

Signs of love

Critical and cautious maiden never falls in love with first glance. Understand that the girl Virgo is in love, is very difficult for several reasons.

  • She is inclined to long thought and doubts. Only by analyzing every little thing in the behavior of a man, she will decide on closer communication.
  • Even falling in love, she behaves very cool and restrained, will long to confine himself and man in the fact that they are just friends.
  • Only just making sure the decency and reliability of the person she likes, she can decide to enter into love relationships.

Unraveling a lovely virgin can be attentive, slightly a wary glance. This means that it is ugly looking at, studying the reaction, analyzes. Nazable sympathy can manifest itself in excessive cavity to the object of attention. But at the same time, it begins to surround his elect inherent concern.

In order not to torment doubts in reciprocity, Virgo can cause a frank conversation, and here it depends on a man, whether he will be able to convince her in the sincerity of his feelings.

In love

In bed, this woman is very difficult to relax, as much attention is paid to various trifles. The desire for perfection makes it take into account all the details.

In love, she often manifests conservatism, restraint and coldness. Her love may seem too calm and landed, but a man can be sure of her loyalty. Change to your partner by virtue of its deep decency, it is unlikely to be able to change.

And if a man succeeds in convincing the virgin that she can fully trust him, he will find a very passionate and gentle mistress in this woman, which will try to take him with all their might.


In marriage with a woman, a Virgin man can find a complete harmony and mutual understanding, if he can take a little with humor to treat her criticism and fade.

With this woman not ashamed to seem in any society. Always beautifully looking, elegantly dressed, with exquisite manners, an interesting and intelligent interlocutor – such a woman can only be proud of.

Family, house, wealth – these are the priorities in marriage women of the Virgin. She will gladly deal with the arrangement of a family nest, will provide comfort, purity and delicious lunch.

In marriage, its practicality, hard work and economic activity will be fully. Homemade will be surrounded by care and attention. Family life is clearly organized by: life, work, rest, accumulation – everything will be under non-primary control.

Virgin – very caring moms. They try to instill with the children who appreciate in people themselves. May be unnecessarily strict, but it is necessary to remember that it refers to itself with much greater rigor.

The husband can be confident in the custodian of the family hearth: she will always try to understand, help, can forgive much. She will become not only a gentle and devoted wife, but also a reliable friend, a companion.

A more or lesser extent can manifest a pedantry, petty and pickyness, a tendency to sufficiently tough criticism.

Family members are not worth it to be offended, it is not a manifestation of a nature of character, but the desire to subordinate to its control and bring to the ideal.

Tips for men

So, it is clear that a very subtle approach is needed for a woman. All of her comments, as a rule, have the basis, and the man even a fair criticism often does not like, he is offended or completely ignores her. To preserve the relationship, it is necessary to peacefully discuss the situation, because if the Virgo “will go to himself”, then “to identify” it from the “shell” will not be easy.

Horoscopes and everyday practices give several major advice to men, following which you can avoid many mistakes in dealing with the girl Virgin.

To attract attention

A man who decided to like a woman’s maiden is worth remembering the famous saying in which “meet on clothes …”.

The criteria in the evaluation of the appearance will not be the cost of clothing and shoes or its branded affiliation, but freshness and accuracy. Everything should be selected with taste, well sit. Restrained elegance – this is what should be the motto of your wardrobe.

In addition, the assessment will also be a haircut, and the degree of cleanliness of the shoe, and the subtlety of the toilet water.

For some men, these parts themselves are granted, but those who have not paid attention to it will have to work on themselves.

The virgin is almost impossible to charm even the most beautiful courtship. The true essence of a man she will definitely see.

Next Criterion – Behavior. Only impeccable manners, good taste, competent and beautiful speech, the ability to communicate can attract attention to the perfection of the Virgin.

Will not be able to fall in love with a girl of this sign, hoping for its external physical appeal. This criterion does not play any role for it. In the same way will not be able to impress her generous gifts. Rather, the opposite effect will be achieved, since the stupid Virgin, who does not seek to “sit on the neck” of the satellite of life and the capable of ensuring herself to ensure that it is more precisely to finance and do not tend to “dilute” simply.


Even if the man managed to draw attention to the ladies, born under this chaste sign, he will have to make a lot of effort to conquer her heart.

Begin to care for a woman Virgina with invitation to theater. This is in many ways winning. She usually avid theater. With the right choice, it is unlikely to reject the invitation and does not premict to appear “in all shine”.

On time and correctly said compliment will be here quite by the way. It should be noted that with all the modesty of the Virgin prone to vanity and very fond of compliments.

Force events in no case can. Won the girl will help only thorough and long-term courtship, the desire for long and solid relations. Decisitancy can only be shown very softly and unobtrusively, she needs to understand whether she is ready for a closer communication.

Priorities in relations should be kindness, tenderness and care.


In the event of a quarrel, it is important to know what caused the wrath of the Women of the Virgin. If it is caused by some domestic issues, mutual petty resentment, then it will be relatively simple.

Deva Peace-loving and easily forgives people expensive. Relationships will help a calm conversation without screaming and quarrels. Virgo is always ready for a constructive solution to the problem and listens to tactful comments. Sureness, tenderness and care will help to return the lost world.

But after parting connected with male treason, it will be very good and very difficult to return the past confidence. With great difficulty, she will be able to forgive the only case, but if the repetition follows, then, as a rule, disappointed maidens are not returned.

Peaceful parting

Partner women are very difficult to partner, because any close relationship is initially given to her with great difficulty, so it will be sincerely perplexed, where she was mistaken.

To part with peacefully, it is not necessary to criticize and blame, it is worth recognizing that there is a part of the partner’s guilt in parting, calmly and detail why further joint existence is impossible.

You can go to another way, somewhat ambiguous.

If a man starts to show qualities opposite to the ideals of the Virgin, then most likely she herself first will offer to part.

Compatible with other zodiac signs

A man seeking to charm a girl’s girl must take into account the individual features of their sign. Someone the features of her character seem undoubted advantages, and someone, on the contrary, will cause irritation and dislike. That is what the horoscope says.

Earth signs

The harmonious union is possible with the economic Capricorn. No one will understand and will not support the purposeful virgin, in something in time will help, and in something will be able to keep excessive activity.

Hardworking and stubborn taurus will cause respect and can become not only a beloved man, but also a friend who shares the views on life.

Male Virgo will be “reflection in the mirror”. The community of views, thoughts, even feelings will be uniting factor.

But predictability in relations, the absence of romance can cause boredom.

Fire signs

The wonderful alliance can be built between Ovant and Virgin, but only if both are able to compromise. Active and emotional Aries will satisfy their ambitions at work, and a sensible virgin to enslave the house and husband.

A wonderful relationship can also be a couple with lion, but partners will need to learn to show mutual respect. The Virgin will have to give the Lev Leverage.

Optimist and intellectual Sagittarius can attract the attention of the Virgin, but there is a risk that the point of view on life priorities will be different in time.

Air signs

In the Union with the weights of Virgo will be constantly dissatisfied with their endless doubts, dreaminess and romanticism. It is unlikely that it will understand the option and the tendency to waste, characteristic of the scales.

With the twins, harmony in relations is hardly possible. Even if mutual sympathy arises, it will soon be disappointed. Adventure lovers Twins will seem too frivolous.

For creative Aquarius, strict life planning, painted by the Virgin for many years, is unacceptable in principle.

It is unlikely that they will be able to understand each other.

Water signs

Gentle and friendly crayfish, reverently related to the arrangement of the family nest, are able to create a strong union with the Virgin. With his sense of humor, cancer will give way to the leading position of the Virgin.

Mutual passion can firmly tie scorpion and virgin. The calm and peace-loving temper of the partner will soften the complex explosive character of Scorpio, it surrounds his attention and care, and he will respond with a strong and reliable ally.

But the gentle and waters of the soul of fish is unlikely to cope with the pressure of a critical virgin. Dreamy and emotional fish categorically does not fit the coldness and pedantry of the Virgin.

Read more about Woman Virgin You will learn from the following video.

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